PdC Golf Tour - 2017

Class of 1969 was well represented as usual...

Bill George, John Shouvlin, Jim Trauch, Lee Staak, Bob Stoltz, Dennis Farrell, Bill Friedrichs, John Clark
Fran Root, Jerry Wagner, Brian Fox, Joe Riley Greg Miller

Guys, I attended the annual Campion golf outing in Prairie last Monday; 24 teams; weather in the 90's. Good fun!

Golfed with John Sandleback and spoke with Dave Wachter; both doing well.

George Eastman has moved back to Prairie from Texas but I did not have a chance to see him.

Visited the Campion exhibit at the Ft. Crawford museum. At the gift shop I picked up a "special " magazine issue on the "Great Flood of 1965".

Recognize anyone in the attached picture from this magazine?

Jack Dudek '65

flood 1965

Class of 1970 representatives

Jim Geldermann, Jim Williamson, Steve Bowers, Dennis Depeder, Tom Riordan, Ed Jakubas