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Sun Dec 31 15:27:07 2000 [Bill Friedrichs ]: I always laugh when I think of Don Dugan from Waukon, Ia. and Fr. Kidd's sophmore Math class. Before Fr. Kidd arrived for class, he curled up inside the lecturn and hid there. It seemed like it took Fr. Kidd forever to discover him. The continuing giggling from the class mostly gave him away. Like me, I think Don transferred after sophmore yr. 1967. Anybody know the whereabouts of either of them? Regards!
Sun Dec 31 03:40:20 2000 [chuck gillia 70-74 1/2]: hey everyone its the guy ho cant spell and that yall are ashamed of.oh well.texas says a big howdy to MARK HEBERELIN and D J.hey denis got a extra smkoe:)..mark do you think you could please verify some really embarrassing or shamefull info for me.didnt you represent campion at some place called University of Notre Dame,Notre Dame,Indiana.go IRISH go!!!looks pretty good as representation to me.not to count all of fellow school mates who went to various colleges or universities after campion.if someone needed to know the definition of FRIEND the dictionary would say see HEBERELINS.i appreciate a TRUE know why i took longeer than others to graduate and why i was lacking in learning ability but we will leave that to the LAST FEW CLASSES at CAMPION !please say hi to Mary,Greg and your little brother.i cant recall his name even though we were acquaintances while there.i still have a picture on graduation day of you mary and me.hopefully i never lose the pic or pics i have.sad to hear about joe waickman.there is a class out as well as his brothers.i am not positive but wasnt joe about as smart as they well as a very diversified person on campus.well denis its really a treat to see your name.we had our differences periodically and that was weird i thought.we were friends a while and then high in passing and then friends again.over and over.i still laugh inside when i think about it.please answer in e mail.what are you into today.did you marry and get lucky to have children or just what.?what state do you livve in?do you have any e mail addresses of other buddie who are not on here.EVERYONE be good annd stay SAFE today & TONIGHT.arrive ALIVE.not D.O.A.
Sat Dec 30 09:12:22 2000 [Denis J. Collins, Jr. 1974]: email
Sat Dec 30 09:02:55 2000 [Denis J. Collins, Jr. 1974]: Many thanks to whoever took the time to put together this elctronic place were we all can go back to and remember when we were still boys. It has been along time since I have been so deeply touched.
Thu Dec 28 15:46:13 2000 [Ed Ochylski 1971]: ...first room-mate@ Campion, as well as Mike LaChance and Joe Tradd.
Thu Dec 28 15:42:59 2000 [Ed Ochylski 1971]: HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. I just finished reading this "guestbo ok" from the beginning . Can't begin to thank you, Tom Olson, enough 4 all work which you must have put into this site !!!I Was a huge trip 2 see Mike Dosch, my
Tue Dec 26 07:47:27 2000 [Jim Williamson 1970]: Happy Holidays to all. I have enjoyed reading the messages. Tom, thanks for your work on this site. Thanks also to a classmate of my father (Jim, class '47), Aaron Huguenard for his hard work on behalf of the Campion Alumni.
Sun Dec 24 09:13:43 2000 [Hugh Toner 1975]: Merry Christmas to all the friends and alumn of Campion as well as their loved ones.A special thanks to Tom Olson...while I've never met you, I enjoy checking the site and appreciate you work.If anyone wants to contact me, they may do so at rdznlaw@Daves
Sat Dec 23 12:39:48 2000 [Cletus Althoff 1970]: Another MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! to all members of this round table. Fred, that delayed 30th reunion sounds could even be opened up for every Knight, no matter what their class. Tom, I will get you a VHS copy of the cadre after Christmas. I went down to Prairie Du Chien this morning, you warm weather folks are missing some great snow. Well AMDG and BVMH.
Sat Dec 23 08:56:31 2000 [Fred Nora 1970]: Merry Christmas to all Knights and families. To all Class of '70 - let's think about a procrastinated 30th reunion this coming year - maybe an extended stay at the golf tournament in June. Tom, thanks again for putting this site together.
Wed Dec 13 22:05:48 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Clet, if you make a video copy and make notes of any particularly cool section I will try to put a streaming mpeg of it on the site. I can handle VHS and 8mmVideo formats. No Betamax or Super8video please.
Wed Dec 13 17:25:10 2000 [Clet Althoff 1970]: For Tom Olson...I've got an 8mm film of the whole ROTC cadre marching in review (circa '67). I can make a video copy and send the clip to you if you want a copy. I'm a SSG in the Army Reserves, so there must have been something I liked about all that....oh well...DRIVE ON....ROCK STEADY!!!
Sun Dec 10 17:28:47 2000 [keough 1965]: Campionette covers have reminded me that I have one of the 'souvenir' booklets printed documenting the '64 flood. Ironically, it is one of the few things I have that survived the '86 flood of the Russian River in N. California.
Sun Dec 10 17:00:02 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: The Campionette Cover - The Campion Game - is mine and my sons favorite cover so far. It is one of the two I still had in my possession that I started the web site with. Thanks for the creativeness.
Sun Dec 10 16:57:24 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I set a side a place for pictures and other evidence of the annual GOLF outings. However aside from a report from Joe and party pictures from Pat I haven't seen any pictures of people actually playing golf or the results of any golf tournaments. The annual golf outing is open to all classes. Lacking other evidence though it would appear on the surface that it might be a bunch of smaller class reunions which of course it is also. Am I rambling!!
Sun Dec 10 13:30:50 2000 [Keough 1965]: At the risk of sounding stupid.... When & where are the 'reunions'? I've heard tidbits of golf weekends or something but have been unable to piece together any solid evidence. I'm assuming that these sacred events are not really class-specific. Anyhow, could someone steer me to a site with information about upcoming bashes?? Thanks//
Thu Dec 7 19:24:47 2000 [John Roll 1970]: To Robert Jakoubnek 1966: Hey, can 1970 grads come to your reunion? The prospect of "Norm" serving up brewskis seems too good to pass up! To Clete and Tom O., it was interesting to see the new "Ette" covers, especially "Election 68" and "The Campion Game", both of which I illustrated (I admit this without a lot of pride, as both covers are pretty crude) I wish somebody would find the best cover I did, sometime in '68', illustrating the five new Jesuit teachers, including Mrs. Voss, Rice, and Caffey, if I remember correctly, which I wouldn't bet the ranch on....Cletus, do you have that one in your bag of tricks?
Thu Dec 7 08:25:35 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Clet, I got them. Check out the updated Campionette Covers section. BTW, I also got one from Lee Staak where the front cover depicts the train derailment of 66.
Thu Dec 7 07:25:04 2000 [Clet Althoff 1970]: For Tom Olson '72; Tom, let me know if you have recieved those Campion-ettes, you should have gotten them by now. Have a great Christmas.
Wed Dec 6 20:06:41 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Thanks Lee Staak for sending your 1966 and 1969 yearbooks. I'll get to scanning them soon.
Tue Dec 5 15:34:25 2000 [Robert Jakoubek 1966]: Greetings. I'm looking forward to the '66 reunion coming up next summer. Sounds like Morgan and Wendt are cooking up a really neat time.
Mon Dec 4 12:48:19 2000 [Joe Rosenberger 1965]: Had a nice reunion with Kevin Keough 65 Saturday at the Delancy St. Cafe on the Embarcadero. Dave Marten and I met Kevin and his companion Pam, and laughed and remembered things we'd not thought of in 35 years. Kevin lives in Vegas, so we will probably all see one another again. I took a few digitals, so anyone who wants a shot, let me know and I'll send it as an attachment.
Thu Nov 30 20:34:02 2000 [Keith Rothschild 1957]: To Bob DuBrul-have you contacted the Campion Alumni Association, 340 Dover, LaGrange, IL 60525? George Braasch '54 sent me a list of the 54-60 classes. I have some old 8mm movies taken during senior week of '57. They are now on video tape and have been shown to Fr. Bill Kurtz '57 and Frs. Mehok, Corrign and Eberhardt, all of whom were at Campion then. Great site. Good way to keep in contact with each other. I'm at Love to hear from any who remember me.
Thu Nov 30 19:38:29 2000 [Bill Friedrichs 69]: Tom Olson- I have a 1966 yearbook, but no scanner. I would send it to you but they dedicated that one to my father,who was coaching football there at the time. I don't really want to part with it. E-mail me at and let me know what you need. We'll work something out. Regards!
Wed Nov 29 09:26:32 2000 [Bob DuBrul 1953]: Dick Weber: Nice to see one other from our class still alive. Bob
Wed Nov 29 09:21:24 2000 [Bob DuBrul 1953]: E-Mail address is:
Wed Nov 29 09:16:42 2000 [Bob DuBrul 1953]: I have been trying to assemble a class list using the internet. I have some leads on names, but not a lot yet. If anyone from class of 53 connects here and would be curious where our brothers are, please contact me via e-mail. jBob DuBrul
Tue Nov 28 18:05:45 2000 [Joe Williamson 72]: No, I don't know the words to the Campion song and no I can't figure out how to get the music either. I do hereby call off my Cranberry boycott as Tom Lochner did stop and see me in Wisconsin Rapids last Saturday. He did not buy me a beer however as promised, as he came up with some flimsy excuse about having to pick up his daughter from a movie. ( for those of you who may be wondering why I wanted to boycott cranberry's, Tom is Exec. Director of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers - so eat and drink as many cranberrys as you can stand) On another note, just got together again with Clem Massey tonight at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel where he is staying tonight and tomorrow night. Call him and leave a message at 920-733-8000. I think he'd like that from anyone who knows him. Otherwise, he can be reached via e-mail at: Take care and a Happy Holiday Season to all.....Joe
Tue Nov 28 16:34:45 2000 [Tom Lochner DS 72]: I hereby take back my derogatory comments about Joe Williamson. But Joe do you know the words? I don't!
Sun Nov 26 13:56:24 2000 [Bill Friedrichs 1969]: Joe Williamson, how ya doing! Drop me a note at and give me an update! Nice to see all the posts in the guestbook and the many names from the past.I've had to miss the last 2 golf outings, but look forward to making the next one. Regards!
Sat Nov 25 15:41:18 2000 [Bill Elliott 1965]: Hello out there. I got the site notice from Kevin Keough and passed it on to Jim Dixson and Lou Chiara, both of whom I have only recently reestablished contact. Dave Marten appears aware. John Hoag, Tim Barzen and others may be found at, as can members of many other classes. I also noticed my brother Bob (class of '70), so maybe he'll lurk out there for awhile. Anybody talked to Ed Ryan or Bob Wallace? I hear Dan Kunsch is in Texas and an FBI agent. Any news from '65 appreciated as it seems my memory sprang a leak some time ago, and there is little left in the tank.
Fri Nov 24 10:40:29 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Thats right. Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield!
Fri Nov 24 07:18:42 2000 [Tom Lochner DS 72]: To Tom olson, that would be cool. I believe that the theme for the Exorcist was titled Tubular Bells or maybe that was the group that recorded it. To Joe Williamson I got your message and will try to get out to buy you a beer or two so you can call off the boycott.
Thu Nov 23 10:44:40 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Tom Lochner, I indeed do have the words. I've been meaning to research how to include them in the file so we can have the little bouncing ball scrolling with the words. From what I understand some browsers can control the music with a popup or something. If there is enough interest perhaps I will hit the books again in this area. Does anyone have a MIDI version of the theme song to the original Exorcist movie?
Thu Nov 23 08:46:40 2000 [Joe Williamson 72]: Tommy Lochner - I hereby declare a cranberry boycott until you take back your derogatory comments. Also, did you get my message that I will be in Wisconsin Rapids on Saturday for my kids' hockey game? You may have an opportunity to get back in my good graces by buying me a couple of beers. As always, Joe (voted best looking in class of 72 by spouses and girlfriends of fellow classmates)
Thu Nov 23 06:29:02 2000 [Tom Lochner DS1972]: Tom, it plays. For the ignorant ones of the group (like Joe Williamson) do you have the words?
Wed Nov 22 21:21:02 2000 [Keith Leighty 70]: yep. the alma mater is there. though I had never heard it before because I usually use Netscape. Not that I agree with Joel Klein, or anything like that.
Wed Nov 22 14:42:57 2000 [Keough 1965]: The Campion Rah-Rah song works for me on my MSIE machine at work (my peers look at me funny when I genuflect, though) but I haven't heard it at home. I use NetScp usually however my home system is a duct-taped system made up from leftover parts from my previous life with IBM.
Tue Nov 21 19:59:22 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Kevin, Speaking of DeRanitz, how many of you people are getting the sound track when you view the main page on Its suppose to play the Campion Alma Mater Song. It works for MS Internet Explorer, but I am not sure if it works with other browsers and on other OS's. So any of you who do have sound enabled and are able to hear the tune played let us know how it sounds. Thanks
Tue Nov 21 16:56:11 2000 [Kevin Keough 1965]: Just read each&every msg. Seems like 'CharlesOrChuck' may have had been downing a few too many when he wrote his early-on msgs. Didn't his class include a spell and grammar check? Thank God (sincerelyyoursinchrist) class of '65 and previous were perfect. Re:derailing trains?? I remember many quarters (never found), pennies (never found), bolts (never found), etc. (never found) crushed by both north- & southbound Burlington Zephyrs and innumerable freights placed on the rails by John Tift, Jim Powers, Joe Roesenberger, but NEVER by me. I also remeber casually tossing rocks at the pendulum RR crossing warning light at the southermost corner of Campion property and bulls-eyeing it in front of Rosenberger, Powers, Tom Bolton and a half dozen Prairie cars waiting for the oncoming train. (Okay, I did that one...) Also, memories of Bill Elliott and I meeting (**girls**) by the Music Hall (remember Prof. DeRatsNest?) in the dead of Winter. I've matured since then and I have mended my ways. In fact, when I grow up I want to become a Jebbie with a JAVOC disposition...
Mon Nov 20 16:28:28 2000 [Joe O'Leary 70]: Clete- What did you have in mind? Keith- I think the only reason Clete thought I was a good roommate was because my boxing reach was shorter than his! Dodger fans haven't had much to cheer about for a long time. I'll drop you an email in the near future. I see Dudek has been on here too. He used to hit alot of pop flies to me out on the ball field.
Mon Nov 20 15:07:00 2000 [Kevin Keough 1965]: Oops, Guess I could have included an address:
Mon Nov 20 15:01:13 2000 [Kevin Keough 1965]: Wow! Great to see this! I've been checking through FOUR11 and other engines to find people (like you, Joe Rosenberger). I've been in recent contact w/Bill Elliott and will let him know of this site. I know I was one of the worst of the class geeks of '65 but hope you will all overlook that and get in touch. Am living in Vegas now and went from USAF '66-'70 to mediocre rock 'n roll drummer in Tucson to lotsa' other fun (but non-constructive) things to a computer geek (sh**! There's that G-word again) for MGM Mirage casinos in the Vegas area. Please drop me a line!! I recently came across my '64-'65 student address book. Badly damaged in '86 Guerneville, CA floods (stored there while living in Bavaria at the time) and names have brought back many good/bad memories...
Fri Nov 17 14:02:01 2000 [Mark S. Heberelin, DO 1995]: also... sad news. Joe Waickman, '74 recently deceased from ascending/sclerosing cholangitis (liver failure of unknown cause... claimed Walter Payton a couple of years back)
Fri Nov 17 13:59:47 2000 [Mark S. Heberelin, DO 1995]: interested in reconnecting with '76 & '75 classmates
Fri Nov 17 11:41:09 2000 [Joe Rosenberger 1965]: Had dinner with Capt. Barzen and Dave Marten, talked till the place closed, moved to another and talked till they closed. Phoned Mack Clapp '65, down in LA, chatted with him. Barely got thru airplane stuff, will have to meet again to go over families and personal lives!
Fri Nov 17 10:26:27 2000 [Cletus Althoff 1970]: Sorry, not all my text went through..what I ment to say is let's produce a history of our expierences. Any takers?
Fri Nov 17 10:23:28 2000 [Cletus Althoff 1970]: Hey, Joe, you found the site...It was good to talk to you the other night, hope we can keep in touch, you were a good roomate. I don't think that the history of our school has ever been written, but I think that, these days, with the intrest in more disc
Thu Nov 16 12:44:40 2000 [Joe Rosenberger 1965]: Will meet tonight for the first time since graduation day with Tim Barzen, now an A-320 Capt. on Northwest. We'll meet in Sausalito with local resident Dave Marten '65. I just moved my family (wife, daughter, 7) to the Bay Area this summer. More to follow.
Wed Nov 15 19:32:20 2000 [Keith Leighty 1970]: Holy Cow. No recount necessary now. Dodger Blue forever. Welcome to the chatroom O'Leary. When Roll and I visited our dorm room at the 25th year reunion (Man, I had a hangover) The door was still bowed from the b-ball games we played. Did you read my earlier message about the time Althoff talked me into putting the boxing gloves on in your room in Xavier? Big Mistake on my part. Still brings tears to my eyes.
Wed Nov 15 15:27:51 2000 [Joe O'Leary 70]: Clete just clued me in to this site. It's great! Hey Keith- you up for a game of sock basketball? My email is
Mon Nov 13 18:56:41 2000 [Keith Leighty 1070]: Uh, I want a recount.
Mon Nov 13 17:19:22 2000 [John Roll 70]: To Cletus '70 and Bill McNamara "66: Derailing a train? Freshman riot? I must have amnesia, or at least have been naive during those years....actually, Cletus, the riot thing does not surprise me, depending on your definition of "riot", but Bill, I'm hoping the reference to derailing a train really refers to flattening a quarter or something similar...I'm checking that story with your classmate, Charlie H.! As for George Wendt, I would imagine his competence at intramural football and basketball must have been many pounds ago. As for Keith Szarabajka, Keith Leighty has spoken to him in NYC within the last couple decades...back when he was doing Doonesbury on stage...I personally thought he was great in that "Profit" show in the mid-90's....Leighty, weigh in with your thoughts, meager as they might be!
Sun Nov 12 15:31:09 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi John Roll, Keith was in a lot of things. On our "Notable Campion Alumni" page are links to the entire list of movies and other credits that Keith Szarabajka, George Wendt, David Doyle, and Kevin McCarthy have on the Internet Movie Database. Click on the "etal" link. And George was class of 66. Also all four of these guys are confirmed alumni from the classes so stated in the "Notable Campion Alumni" section.
Sun Nov 12 15:30:45 2000 [Cletus C. Althoff 1970]: Do any of you from '70 remember the dorm riot freshman year? The lord high executionier "Howie" Culver nailed us, and Father Dukavich(spell?) delivered the sentance of 15 strokes of the paddle down in the dungeon of Marquette Hall one black and stormy night. Who else was standing up for breakfast the next morning?
Sat Nov 11 22:25:58 2000 [Bill McNamara 66]: Thanks John Roll '70 for passing my info on to Charlie H. George Wendt was class of 66. He was in school theater productions. B and C class through the years. Also good intramural basketball and football. Anybody remember derailing a train while at Campion?
Fri Nov 10 12:16:23 2000 [John Ducey (via daughter, Jo 1927]: trying to find a source for the Father Finn, S.J. "Tom Playfair" books about Campion...and any graduates from years '26-'34 who remember the three Ducey brothers
Fri Nov 10 07:30:12 2000 [Dick Weber 1953]: Aah, sweet Medicare, we finally made it! Or am I the only one left ???
Thu Nov 9 19:11:39 2000 [John Roll 1970]: Well, of course we remember Keith... he sat next to me in "A-class" for two years, long before we realized he had any interest in acting...I definitely don't remember him acting in any on-campus productions (Marty Rhomberg, can you substantiate this?). Keith was also in many sit-coms whose names I can't recall (what was the one where he was a Russian immigrant in NYC?) and in the Goldie Hawn film "Protocol". The alumnus I want to know about is George Wendt ('65)! I noticed that this webpage does not include a '65 yearbook picture, so the claim that "Norm!" is a Campion boor can not be confirmed, much though I want to believe it....Can you picture "Norm!" at Ma's or the Dining Hall? Campion alumni, I call on you to confirm or deny this claim upon our Knighthood!
Wed Nov 8 20:05:15 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Also, on Showtime last weekend and Monday night was the movie "Possessed". It was about Fr Bowdern, S.J. I don't get Showtime and couldn't find anybody who had it. Did any of you see the movie. Was it reasonable?
Wed Nov 8 20:02:58 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Keith Szarabajka '70 guest starred on Babylon 5 last night. Do any of you guys remember him. He is in your 1967,68, and 69 yearbooks. He transfered out before his senior year.
Wed Nov 8 16:00:00 2000 [Mike Dosch 1971]: What a great site... heard about it from Mike LaChance. I still think a lot about what Tom Doyle '71 used to say: "You hate to come, you hate to stay, you hate to leave." Pretty much sums it up for me.
Tue Nov 7 11:03:39 2000 [Michael Doyle 1970]: To John Roll: No, I don't have long hair anymore. Since it is completely gray (really more like silver) it probably would look silly. I really haven't seen anyone from Campion for many years, except for the occasional Jesuit I encounter. I did grow up in Fort Wayne, but I haven't been there in years either since I no longer have family living there. It is interesting for me working at a Jesuit university. I meet lots of students who graduated from Jesuit high schools in the West. But none of them had the experience we did. Being away from home at 14, and in a tiny little town, simply is out of the range of experience of most kids today. And despite the drinking, drugs, and politics that crept in by senior year, we really were pretty innocent. Not so today. My son is a better kid than I was, though, and I suppose one can't ask for more than that. Of course, it is November and I am looking out my office window at the Santa Monica mountains, it's a breezy, clear day with temperatures in the mid 70s, so all around, life is pretty good.
Mon Nov 6 13:46:00 2000 [Keith Leighty 1970]: This story "" reminded me of senior year when a small group of us in Fr. Leiweke's religion class asked him to say an old fashioned Latin Mass. Tex O'Keefe, Mark Nicholson, and Dennie Owens are three of the class mates I remember from that.
Sat Nov 4 15:36:42 2000 [dan gellerup 47]: Great to see this stuff. Add Steve Kelly about '48 to list of personaleties. son of Chi Mayor. Also Fr Murphy who taught Geometry in '44 later became Bishop Murphy in So. America. F.J. Carey SJ died in about '97. I saw him the Summer b4 he died. Aaron Huguenard '47 is compiling a data bank of alumni from that era. Contact him or561/664-2523.
Sat Nov 4 15:14:17 2000 [dan gellerup 47]: Great to see this stuff. Steve Kelly '48-Chi mayor's son
Sat Nov 4 14:38:17 2000 [John Roll 1970]: To Bill McNamara, you graduated right before I started, but I occasionally see Charlie Helldoerfer from your class. His younger brother Pete was in my class for a couple years before transferring back here to Dayton, Ohio. I'll pass along to Charlie (and Pete, for that matter) both this website and your e-mail address. Also, as you may have gathered from my previous message, you get your pass word by E-mailing the "webmaster", Tom Olson, at To Mike Doyle, how goes it? Since neither of us have ever attended the same reunions, it's seems weird to realize that we haven't seen each other in 30 years. I don't imagine that either one of us has the same "Beatlesque" haircuts (if not, I'm not sure you want to share picture of same with your high school son). You've probably gathered that I've kept up with Leighty, Majewski, et you ever see Halaszyn, who I think is also in LA? I was an architect in San Diego for 15 years, but moved back to my original home town of Dayton in '94, where I have my own firm. Weren't you from Fort Wayne? Do you ever see Greg Bosk? Later...
Thu Nov 2 21:10:30 2000 [Bill McNamara 1966]: How do we get pass word etc. for Privitum Campion?
Thu Nov 2 21:06:39 2000 [Bill McNamara 1966]: Email address is
Thu Nov 2 20:53:15 2000 [Bill McNamara 1966]: Email address is
Thu Nov 2 20:50:39 2000 [Bill McNamara 1966]: This is my first "Campion contact" in many years. Would like to hear from any classmates living in the Houston area.
Thu Nov 2 15:11:41 2000 [Michael Doyle 1970]: I believe "jug" is an acronym for "judgment under God." This could be a Jesuit myth, but it's what I've been told. My son is a senior at Loyola High in Los Angeles and they still use jugs. He also believes it stands for "judgment under God." And I believe it is meant to be taken quite tongue in cheek.
Wed Nov 1 19:25:41 2000 [John Roll 1970]: Just exchanged a couple E-mails with Tom Olson wherein I made reference to my brother Mark being "Jug King" in his freshman year (1969). Tom responded, what are "jugs"? Are they like demerits? I had to confess that I could not recall the transition point where "jugs" were discontinued, much less how "jugs" were even originated as a penal term. I therefore throw the subject open to the "Nostalgia Guestbok". Please enlighten us (or remind us) what the hell "jugs" (both "work" and "office" were, when they originated, and when they were discontinued. Thank you, in the name of all things Campion.
Tue Oct 31 09:13:21 2000 [Michael Doyle 1970]: It's great to see a sudden flood of guys from the class of '70, the last really great class at Campion :) I do have a confession, though. Remember Midnight Food Service, Inc.? Well, I see Andy Thon every year or so and I outed us to him about a year ago. He was quite perturbed to discover who had stolen the Jebbies beer. So, if you're going to be in L.A., send a message.
Sun Oct 29 19:28:04 2000 [Dennis Duffy 1974]: I only attended for Freshman and 1/2 of Sophomre years, but I have some great memories ... anyone remember me or form that class around?
Sun Oct 29 11:38:26 2000 [Joe Williamson 72]: Forgot to mention that I just had a couple of beers with former basketball coach Clem Massey in Appleton,WI as he was there attending former coach, Don Gosz', daughters wedding. He is doing great and living in San Diego. He and his wife Bobbi are leaving for Spain today. Don Gosz is doing great as well and continues to run his famous basketball camps around the state. Also attending the wedding were former Campion teachers Mike Drake, Clem Steele, and Zeke Des Roucher. I told Clem Massey about this site and said I would e-mail the address to him. Take care, Joe
Sun Oct 29 11:27:47 2000 [Joe Williamson 72]: Cletus, are you referring to 'Miss Baby Dumpling'?
Sun Oct 29 09:15:01 2000 [John Roll 1970]: Tom Olson, I couldn't find your E-mail address anywhere on the website, so I'll just make my request here for a password for the In Privatum...Thanks!
Fri Oct 27 09:32:03 2000 [Cletus Althoff 1970]: Keith, that was just a lucky punch...Speaking of Joe O'Leary, I still have a poloroid of him being escorted down the hallway senior year, after he had tripped over his first two (or three) of beer..he dosen't look good. I have always threatened to blackmail him with it. Question, did anyone actually ever get in to see the 300 pound GO-GO girl at the "Spit and Whistle" tavern, I heard she existed.
Thu Oct 26 19:11:27 2000 [John Roll 1970]: Dude! Haven't heard from Ed Dudek in many moons...where were you at the 25 year reunion? Now we have to do a 30...or 31, at this point. We've missed you, your absence, Majewski has made Leighty and I the target of all his insults (to be fair, Leighty has deserved the lion's share of them). Now we need to hear from Metzger, Joncha, and Lenard and Lauterbach...log on, guys!
Thu Oct 26 13:26:28 2000 [Jeanie ]: Does anyone have historic information on the high school or college? I think my great grandfather, Dan Campion, might have been a janitor at the high school or college in the 1880's or very early 1890's. He was born in 1860. Does anyone have staff list
Wed Oct 25 11:18:01 2000 [Ed Dudek 1970]: Hey guys, this is great! My Campion conciousness has recently been raised, actually exhumed, by Mike Majewski '70 and my brother Paul '68. It's good to be connected to you guys again. I'm now in Boston if anyone needs anything: Regards to Fred Nora, Keith Leighty, John Roll, Clete Althoff, and Mike Doyle, all of '70; Jerry Wagner '69, and Al Schaefer '68.
Tue Oct 24 17:28:40 2000 [Keith Leighty 1970]: Hi, Clete. I remember Senior year when you had boxing gloves in your room and you somehow induced me to put a pair on. Your roommate, Joe O'Leary, warned me that I was making a mistake. You proved him right with a combination that I never saw coming.
Tue Oct 24 12:16:55 2000 [C.C. Althoff 1970]: To Thomas Olson '72: I have found 10 copies of the Campion-ette, they date from 66-68. If you would like to have me send them to you for use on your site, then let me know where I can mail them to. My address is : 15 West Main St., Waukon, IA 52172, or you may call me at 319/568-3990 . I also have the article about Fr. James V. O'Conner's death on the Sioux Reservation after a botched robbery attempt at the rectory. For me, that was very sad news, as I had known Fr. O'Conner (J-VOC, as he was called...out of ear shot...)since my days at Camp Campion, and for me, he always represented what was "good " about the whole Campion expierence. Let me know if you want something sent.
Mon Oct 23 20:46:46 2000 [Keith Leighty 1970]: I can't help it if you have a boring bio, majewski.
Mon Oct 23 17:53:21 2000 [L.G. Friedrichs 1965]: Tom Clancy & Joe Rosenberger: Send a message with your email addresses. Mine: weston1235@aol; Others: Tom Harrington (TEH02@aol); John Hoag (HOAGJT@aol); Alan Bailey (ajbpal@aol); John Gremore (JMaggre@aol).
Mon Oct 23 08:43:51 2000 [Mike Majewski 1970]: Just received John Roll's message and looked up the site first thing this morning. This site is really impressive. Fantastic job Tom, and anyone else who had a hand in it. Too many things to look at in one sitting, but what I have seen brings back memories. Is there some sort of directory that I missed? If not my address is Unlike Leighty, I'll save you all the boring history of my life, but would like to hear from anybody out there. I noticed a message from Paul Dudek. Paul, if you read this message get your brother to contact me.
Sun Oct 22 18:08:08 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Cletus, I just reread your message and had thought you were talking about sending me a brick but now realize you were talking about sending me your email address when you get one. Thats great. And don't give up your brick!
Sun Oct 22 18:06:27 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Cletus, Please do not send me the brick from Kostka Hall. I already have one which I was trying to give away at one time. I thought I had the only known kostka hall brick at the time. It is featured in our Halls Of Campion under Kostka. I wonder how many of us did end up with bricks.
Sat Oct 21 19:07:36 2000 [Keith Leighty 1970]: It appears that this site does not display email addresses, so for anyone from the class of '70 who cares to, drop me a note, I'm living in New York, married, raising two sons and coaching a soccer team. I work on the business desk at the New York Times.
Fri Oct 20 14:18:59 2000 [joe apelman 1943]: would like to hear from anyone who remembers me, and even someone who doesn't.
Fri Oct 20 11:03:00 2000 [Jerry Wagner 1969]: great stuff. My grandfather ws class of 1918 and I have all of the photos he took from there. I believe his was one of the first classes to be in Marquette Hall. HE also used to tell us of Joyce Kilmer's speech at Campion just prior to Kilmer's going to Europe where he was killed in the war. I passed thi onto my brother Paul (70) and Steve (73) and my uncle Bob Castellini (59).
Fri Oct 20 08:41:52 2000 [Cletus C. Althoff 1970]: It's nice to see that Keith, John, and Fred are still alive and kicking. Did we have a 30th year class reunion? I'm interested in obtaining a group picture from ones that were taken at the formal dinner at the 25th reunion, as my camera was non-operational. I'm still living in Waukon, IA, so I still see whats left of the "old school" when I go the Prairie. I still have the brick I saved from the Koska Hall fire. Thomas Olson '72, I only have computer access through the High Schools I teach at, but when I obtain an E-mail address I will fire it off to you. Thanks again for what you all have done.
Thu Oct 19 20:31:40 2000 [Keith Leighty 1970]: Every time I see pictures of the campus I am reminded that those four years were the most important four years of my life.
Thu Oct 19 19:08:13 2000 [John Roll 1970]: Paul Wagner "70 just turned me on to this site today...great job! I'll pass it on to some other fellow alumni I've talked to lately, including my brother Mike '73, plus Marty Schultz, Tom Martin, Keith Leighty, and Mike Majewski...Interesting coincidence that classmate Fred Nora, whom I haven't seen in 30 years, just left the previous message a few hours ago...I'm not in Pensacola, Fred, but maybe this will lead to us '70 grads keeping better touch.
Thu Oct 19 17:07:49 2000 [Fred Nora 1970]: Appreciate the effort to create this page. I often reflect on the Campion "experience" as seminal for me, good, bad, twisted, or neutral. Keep up the good work. Are any alum/readers in the Pensacola area?
Wed Oct 18 21:30:44 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Speaking of yearbook help. Does anyone have access to a 1966 yearbook and a scanner. This rare bird is missing from our collection altogether.
Wed Oct 18 21:29:36 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Thanks George, One area I am sorely in need of help on is the 1969 yearbook. My 69 yearbook was damaged in a Iowa Flood at my mothers many years ago. All the pages are stuck together and virtually useless. If someone with a 69 yearbook has access to a scanner I would like to get the Senior Class Pics pages scanned at 75 DPI. I will do the cropping here.
Wed Oct 18 20:21:32 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Cletus, send me your email address using the link on the front page.
Wed Oct 18 08:01:19 2000 [Pat Mower 64]: Joe Rosenberger - where exactly is "overhere"?
Wed Oct 18 07:57:00 2000 [george schultz 1969]: Lee Staak just advised me of this site. It looks great. I did not have time to read the prior messages in detail but this looks like a great all classes site to stay in touch. We are composing an e-mail distribution list for our class, but have not gotten anymore sophisticated than that. Many classmates expressed an interest in this type of a central exchange. How do we plug in and contribute to its evolution?
Tue Oct 17 12:25:14 2000 [Cletus C. Althoff 1970]: Thanks for the site. Just checking in for any one else from '70.
Tue Oct 17 11:11:56 2000 [Joe Rosenberger 1965]: MEMO FOR Tom Clancy, '65: Hey, Clanc, I'm over here.
Mon Oct 16 04:38:45 2000 [Alan R. Schaefer 1968]: Great work...Let's all help this site along.
Thu Oct 12 09:17:51 2000 [Michael Doyle 1970]: So how does one obtain a username and password to access the In Privatum?
Wed Oct 11 20:15:17 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Schaefer, I noticed that you were in the In Privatum about the time you made your entry here about the database. But I see that you didn't access the database. Perhaps you didn't scroll far enough down the page to see the links. Try them out. If you want to fill in some information, let me know and I'll set you up with the credentials to do so.
Wed Oct 11 20:13:34 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: We are looking for closeup digital photographs of the class rings from each class. Side view, Top View and axis view. The photos besides being Nostalgic are going to be used in the Campion Web Ring as it is currently envisioned. Any volunteers!
Wed Oct 11 19:31:20 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Where we really need the help is in the area of data entry. If we could get a rep or two from every class who could spend the time entering the data on their classmates we could get the database filled up pretty quickly.
Wed Oct 11 19:29:14 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hey Schaefer, Where have you been hiding? No need to spend any effort on such a database/registry. It already exists on this site. Haven't you ever visited the In Privatum Campianum? We have hundreds of alumni in an extensive database. There are many privacy issues for many alumni members who don't even want info available to anybody outside of their class. This is understandable and we are making every effort to keep it that way. However, all email, url, and ICQ info is available to everyone who has access to the In Privatum. We have hundreds of current addresses and phone numbers over all the classes which don't show up because they do not have an email address.
Wed Oct 11 09:54:43 2000 [Schaefer ONeill 1972]: Hi everyone, I am working on setting up a campion registry / database for our group which will provide a NO-FEE access for all of us. Hopefully we will then be able to find each other without the junk mail. Peace...
Sat Oct 7 00:11:32 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Thanks to Bob Bush '46 we now have some Campionettes from the mid-1940's. The September 1945 issue has the Knights Conclave Officers including David Doyle, James Williamson, Skall, Schlaff etals. Check it out in the Campionette Covers section of the site.
Thu Oct 5 14:53:49 2000 [Bob Valeri 1956]: Keep up the memories of a great life-event
Mon Oct 2 10:48:49 2000 [THOMAS A. CLANCY 1965]: WHO'S OUT THERE?
Mon Oct 2 10:45:47 2000 [THOMAS A. CLANCY 1965]: WHO'S OUT THERE?
Mon Sep 18 13:45:12 2000 [Perran Guy Wetzel, IV 1975]: Looking for classmates from class of 75 & 76
Thu Sep 14 16:15:19 2000 [Joe Williamson 72]: Boy, talk about response! Judging by the time noted, it took you 3 minutes and 23 seconds to reply to my request, Tom. You are certainly on top of things, at least in regards to the web page, and are to be commended. Keep up the good work and I'll keep my critiques to a minimum. Joe.
Wed Sep 13 19:48:48 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Stale! That's Nostalgia! I remember lot of stale crackers, stale cookies, stale cupcakes, etc etc... Seems like we couldn't keep anything fresh in those dorm rooms. And what about those dang stale jockstraps!
Wed Sep 13 19:45:25 2000 [Joe Williamson 72]: Would someone write some more message. This web site is getting stale. Later.....Joe
Wed Aug 16 19:09:56 2000 [Paul Nigro 58]: That was a retorical question to be added to the list. I'm not telling
Wed Aug 16 19:07:57 2000 [Paul Nigro 58]: Do you know who put an M80 - in the toilet bowl in '57?
Mon Aug 14 13:45:59 2000 [Dick Vorwerk 1952]: Be good to hear from some fellow alumni.
Mon Jul 31 09:27:16 2000 [Michael Doyle 1970]: I have Ignatius on the brain and decided to hunt around for Camion web sites. And why would I have Ignatius on the brain? I work at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles as Director of Student Psychological Services and just returned from a workshop at Santa Clara University involving about 300 student affairs professionals from the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the U.S. One of the attendees was Fr. Andy Thon (Mr. Thon way back when) who is now V.P. for Student Affairs at Marquette. Just got a bit nostalgic, I suppose. Anyway, I'd be curious if any of my classmates from the class of '70 live in the L.A area. I'd enjoy hearing from you all even if you don't live in la la land.
Sun Jul 16 16:54:13 2000 [Paul Kramp 72]: Hi Guys. Just stumbled across this site ,,, shure does bring back the memories. Don't know how many of you will remember me though . I am from the class of 72 & was at Campion my fresh. & soph. year. I'd love to hear from any of you from 72 that remember. Oh , B.T.W. ,,, I saw a entry from my old cohort in crime Glen Able . I know you have to remember me . Anyway , be glad to hear from you'all . Paul Kramp ,,, 72 rocks for ever ,,,
Sat Jun 24 10:16:44 2000 [Paul Dudek 68]: Obit for William Kelley, Campion '37,,2669,SAV-0006240133,FF.html
Sat Jun 24 09:43:20 2000 [Paul Dudek 68]: Obit for William Kelley, Campion '37,,2669,SAV-0006240133,FF.html
Sun Jun 18 19:28:18 2000 [Tom Brodzeller 1955]: Tom Brodzeller '55 -My e-mail address is
Sun Jun 18 19:27:11 2000 [Tom Brodzeller 1955]: I have been living in Phoenix the past40 years -retired for some time and am active in Prostate Cancer Support --be sure to get your PSA blood test with your annual medical check-up. My Brother Robert Brodzeller SJ ('48) is at Creighton University were he is a chaplain.
Fri May 19 21:50:46 2000 [Cary Gillia 1977]: I attended Campion only 1 year, 1973-1974. I have many pleasant memories. Is there anyone from that same year visiting this site? Please e-mail me :
Sun May 7 11:39:28 2000 [Larry deLorimier 1948]: You list Fr. Bill Sullivan among your "Notables". Bill did perform Bill Gates' marriage ceremony but I think he would be much more noted as a "S.J." and President of Seattle University for 20 years and now Chancellor. Your Campion Nostalgia site is fantastic. I believe our Class of '48, the BEST of campion's classes:), should be better represented than we are. I can only blame our age during this computer and technology era which has passed us by. Some of us will try to get something to you. Keep up the good work. It's amazing how Campion has stayed with so many of us over all of these years.
Sun Apr 23 19:04:47 2000 [Bob Muhs 38]: 51535-9406; Tel: (712) 778-2466; FAX: (712) 778-2467; e-mail: curc@)
Sun Apr 23 19:03:11 2000 [Bob Muhs 38]: Kalb, Howard E., director of Creighton University Retreat Center, 16493 Contrail Ave, Griswold, IA
Sun Apr 23 15:14:25 2000 [Dale "Bob" Scherer l938]: Would enjoy hearing from guy like Bob Muhs, and Tom Casey, also if anyone know where Father Howard Kalb is (Creighton University ?) I think also his email address, Thinks its grand that SOMEONE (Tom Olson) (Class of '72) had the fortitude to start up the Campion Knights once again. What is the matter with you guy from the Chicago enviorns, Mam you literally supported Campion in the 'Olden days". So you who know someone who went to Campion contact
Mon Apr 10 15:14:02 2000 [Tom Lochner DS 72]: Hey Gene you may be on to something. have not heard from you since 1972. Don't see too many of the town bombers when I get back to the du. Most from our class disappeared. Send me a note at
Sun Apr 9 00:20:48 2000 [Gene Stender DS 72]: Despite my previous message, which implied that we should all "get over" our high school memories, I was quite moved by Bob Muhs' ('38) message. Is it possible that Campion alums have something in common that transcends class, race or age? Is it possible that society itself can find such common ground? Is it possible that those crazy Jebs might have had the right idea all along? BOO-JWAH Mister Stender! How do you KNOW that a squirrel has no soul?
Fri Apr 7 09:17:08 2000 [Robert (Bob) Muhs 1938]: Looking over the website brings back a lot of memories for me. Apparently I'm one of the oldest, if not the oldest alum that is still around. In my days at Campion things were quite different than what I am seeing described in various letters, memos, etc that are appearing on the site. For one thing, we were never allowed to go into town or west toward the river. Sat and Sun ( after Mass ) we could hike south or east. Wylusing was a favorite in those days. East we could get to the hills where there was good skiing and sleding in the winter. St. Mary's, the girls school was a few blocks north and on the main road to downtown - we had two "dances" with them each year. Just barely touch! I remember Mr. Murphy, a prefect when I was there. Big on almost all sports. Stopped back to see the old school when I happened to be going thru Prairie in about 1949. Mr. Murphy was Fr. Murphy and the pres of the school. His main comment to me was that Campion wasn't getting the kind of student these days that had been there with the group I was in. The only other contact I've had with anyone from Campion was in Hsian, China, in 1945. I was the base adjtunt at the time, and in one of the 8 holers I met Brophy, who was driving P47s around. Haven't seen or heard of anyone else since then. Good work on the site, Tom, keep it up! Bob
Thu Apr 6 06:54:28 2000 [Charles P. Meehan 1950]: In our next mailing on our class' 50th, I will include info on this web site. Bill Powers ('50) sent me an e-mail telling me about thii site. From what I have seen, Tom Olson has done a remarkable job. Many thanks.
Thu Apr 6 06:49:17 2000 [Charles P. Meehan 1950]: The Class of 1950 is holding its 50th anniversary at The Weston O'Hara Hotel in Rosemont, Il. on Sept. 8.9&10th, 2000.
Mon Apr 3 09:03:11 2000 [chuck gillia 75]: you can please all people some of the time,sticks and stones,rubber and glue etc. Facts are facts and if the enrollment page is viewed by anyone,its apparent that the decrease in popularity of families sending their sons to Campion ,started in the area of the mid 60.Anyhow,I don't live in the past and I don't think anyone does that is on this site.Since the place is closed,it seems simple enough to me to talk truthfully as well as remeber the past without being nailed to the cross like I murdered someone.If anyone can't be open about themselves,thats PHONY and I am not.If yall want to continue your comments ,I am all eyes.I really don't take offense ,but I do get a little baffle.Someone said lets get along,well,I can.I have negative things about my life there,but I also have a lot more positive aspects that yall are not even aware of.If yall met me at a convention and did not know my name,we would more than likely all be having fun etc.
Wed Mar 29 14:49:09 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Of course, I am referring to the Campion Playhouse production!
Wed Mar 29 14:48:07 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: BTW, for those who do not really know; Tuber Delight is non other than the star of Jesus Christ, Superstar (as I feebly recall) Mr. Larry Dunn '72. Maybe Larry would give us a diatribe on how he came to be known as Tuber Delight.
Wed Mar 22 20:32:06 2000 [Dick Weber 1953]: This could be a great guest book...let's be civil!!
Tue Mar 21 20:32:07 2000 [Glenn Abel 71 or 72]: I was at Campion 1969-70. Played in a band called Soul Image; roomed with our drummer, Rich Smith. Lots of drama for a boys school; what a place! Hello to my old pals (well, they're certainly old now.)
Tue Mar 21 17:01:31 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Bless you my sons!
Tue Mar 21 16:17:02 2000 [Joe Williamson 72]: OK, sorry to Tom for referring to him as a fossil, but I felt I had to respond with something for the swipe he took at our wonderful class. I was in a hurry and it was the only thing I could think of to quickly get back at him. As Tom O. pointed out, we are all approaching the fossil age. My dad, class of 47 didn't like my comments either. Take care and my apologies again. Joe
Tue Mar 21 07:24:13 2000 [Thom Seliga 61]: Any other fossils from the '61 era out there?
Tue Mar 21 07:23:09 2000 [Thom Seliga 61]: Now that that is said - - - - - my apologies to the class of '72 for my error. It should have been the class of '75 that I meant to offer my sympathies to!
Tue Mar 21 07:20:53 2000 [Thom Seliga 61]: I guess age is really gaining on me! First time I've been called a fossil!
Mon Mar 20 18:47:59 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Geeee!! guys. Can't we all just get along!!! Joe, I sure hope you know Thom personally well enough to call him a fossil. I personally like fossils and I think we are fossils too considering Campion JHS is almost an extinct breed. Now make an act of contrition and repeat your mantra three times.
Fri Mar 17 08:40:00 2000 [Joe Williamson 72]: Note to Mr. Seliga: Chuck Gillia is NOT from the class of 72. Plus, we don't need some fossil from an ancient class criticising us. Have a nice day!
Wed Mar 15 21:31:43 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Who IS this Tuber Delight guy!? I can not find him in my little red book! Hmm!
Wed Mar 15 18:26:45 2000 [Tuber Delight 1972]: Note: the crack about Joe in my provious message is a JOKE ok??? :)
Wed Mar 15 18:24:58 2000 [Tuber Delight 1972]: Tom, again, thanks for doing such a great job on this site. It is wonderful to have so many great memories to comb through. The only problem I see is allowing people like Joe Williamson to spew their terrible and disgusting ideas all over in here . But honestly, thanks for keeping this up Tom... it means alot to many people. I look forward to seeing all my Campion brothers at our upcoming 30th reunion! YIKES! Later... Peace!
Tue Mar 14 10:59:21 2000 [Thom Seliga 1961]: Just spent a few minutes reading all of the messages in the guestbook. From what I read, I was no longer surprised at the fact that our Alma Mater had to close. It sounds like the inmates of '72 were running the asylum. Their command of the language ( if Mr. Gillia is any example) demonstrates that no one was paying attention in English class. Really sad to see that things got so bad.
Tue Mar 14 10:02:36 2000 [Charlie Englehart 1960]: Anybody hear from my old roomie Howard Culver? Looking forward to the 5 June affair. My brother Bill ('64) and I will attend, at least at Kaber's.
Sun Mar 12 18:18:31 2000 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I'm trying a little different format to allow for easier identification tracking. Also, who would be interested in inputing data from our little red address books. Primarily, I would be looking for Student Name, Class Of, Year In Attendance for students. The book also listed the entire faculty and and staff and what functions they provided.
Sun Mar 12 08:55:37 2000 [chuck gillia 75 ]: Hello everybody ! For those of you who know the following,please tell them hello for me and that it was a fun time knowing and doing things with them.I have no idea if any of these folks still live in PDC ,but who knows.Coach Roach and his son,boy oh boy could coach teach an interesting and fun algebra class.Coach Goss and his DEEP VOICE that we all would once in a while try to duplicate,without much success.By the way,who is the man who coached our varsity baseball team,I can not remember his name for anything.Talking to him or coach roach was similar to talking to your dad.Brother and sister team,Smith or Smyth "Clay" and I forget her name.Last but not least,2 other guys who were really interesting and fun to be around,Peterson and Kaber.I remember some of you being able to drive to school and that made me jealous.During the winter it was handy for skitching a few blocks as you all drove off campus.I forgot a man that a lot of folks knew only in the dining room,CURLY.Does he still live and if so,is he in PDC?For those I have forgotten or failed to mention,SORRY.
Sat Mar 11 19:49:35 2000 [Thom Seliga '61 ]: By the way , Patrick Bowlen '62 is the owner of the Denver Broncos. Patrick Nugent married one of President Johnson's daughters ( Linda?).
Sat Mar 11 19:45:56 2000 [Thom Seliga '61 ]: Pity the poor guys who never had the opportunity to experience the dorms in Koska Hall. Remember having to dump the ice from your basin in the morning? Remember the 16mm movies with the serial reels that kept you coming back? And my fondest memory was when Robert Lownick snuck into Fr. Brehm's room and changed all the caps on his paint by number set!
Thu Mar 2 23:06:50 2000 [Gene Stender DS '72 ]: My God. Here we all are, arguing about jebs and THE race riot like it happened yesterday. Maybe high school WAS the high point of our lives? Hi Tom; say hello to all the "day bombers" for me.
Tue Feb 15 13:01:29 2000 [Gerald McDougall '49 ]: Never did learn how to type
Tue Feb 15 13:00:55 2000 [Herald McDougall '49 ]: Re the poll question abnout the dorms in Kostka and Lawler, I was in both of them and all I can remember is that they wer COLD. Vut Carl Reinert (SJ) seemed to think that was "good for the soul" And one else rememver Fr. Reinert or Fr. Schutte?
Tue Feb 8 18:48:37 2000 [Joe Williamson ]: Hello fellow Knights! Did not intend to start WW3 with my previous message about the Jebs owing an apology. Merely wanted to express my dissapointment in the closing of the school and especially after reading Bro. Staber's historical perspectus. But, why open up old wounds. It won't accomplish anything except causing a fight. Let's concentrate on the wonderful memories we have and leave it at that.
Sun Jan 23 07:05:12 2000 [Tom Lochner ]: The sixth annual PDC-Campion golf outing has been set for June 5 at the PDC Country Club. Most folks arrive on June 4 and attend the "gala" social at Kaber's Supper Club begining at 5:00. Information and registration is available from Mark Peterson at 608-326-6496. Respond early as the participation has been growing and could be limited this year
Thu Jan 20 16:00:56 2000 [Tom Knapp ]: Class of 1957 Where are you? I have yearbooks for '55, '56 & '57 If they would be of any use to you Tom. Thanks for sending me the Email. I was actually looking for Philip Carey, SJ. I think your reference is to Frank J. Carey, SJ
Sat Jan 15 12:42:58 2000 [Tom Lochner ]: Continued - There was a time when Campion set a higher standard for its students than others. Thatapplied academically as well as in behavior. I would agree with Joe Williamson that the jesuits who ran the school in the early 1970's to its close do owe not only the alumni and friends an apology but the community as well. I could say much more but when the jesuits at Campion put themselves and their needs ahead of theor vows to thechurch then they really should be and will be held accountable. Campion was a lot more than your few years there and because you probably were not aware of that tradition it is hard for you to understand. As a parent I would never find the situation at the school from 1972 till closing an acceptable environment for my children.
Sat Jan 15 12:35:28 2000 [Tom Lochner ]: Chuck Gillia, After looking at the various postings you have placed here on the site I would say that I am troubled that you would view the situation at Campion in its last days as any thing but unacceptable. I grew up in PdC and remeber what an important part of the community Campion was. My father, two uncles, two counsins and four brothers all graduated fromm there. I was the last in 1972. Maybe I am just a small town hick or redneck or whatever but the fact that you found it amusing to break into someone's business and steal from them as amusing is well pretty indicative of the problems that the school faced. That behavior at one tme would of (and should have been ) grounds for dismissal.
Wed Dec 29 12:03:36 1999 [Chuck Gillia ]: Joe williamson,in reply to your statement for an apology do from staff during the 70s,I do not feel that way at all.They basically gave us the TRUE preparation for college and college life.Contrary to most of Campions Military history,most people in america live a more leisure lifestyle when attending school.I thoroughly appreciate the way the teachers handled the years I attended Campion.There is much to say about both forms of education,myself,I prefer to think I would want my children in a educational situation where they do what is in THEIR opinion to be beneficial to them.Although some people including myself,did not take good use of what was offered at Campion,I feel like I graduated from a institution like Notre Dame or a School of that stature.I thank the jesuits myself and owe myself the apology for goofing off too many times.This is only my opinion and you did ask for some feedback,so please do not get upset or anything like that.Early olson mentioned terms etc or phrase we used, GROOVY,PEACE,DOOBIE,BOGART,Right On,
Thu Dec 23 19:08:52 1999 [Thomas Olson '72 ]: A short cut to this site is now Well, maybe NOT so much of a shortcut, but certainly easier for us all to remember.
Wed Dec 8 09:32:18 1999 [Pat Casey '72 ]: re: Catchphrases - 1. Elephantus non caput murem! 2. Isn't it AMAZING gen-tul-men? 3. Boojiebird! 4. Run, Frosh, Run!
Wed Dec 8 09:16:06 1999 [Pat Casey '72 ]: Hey, Tom! Great job! Haven't had much opportunity to browse the site (just finished my 5th final exam in 3 days - yeehah. Should have ample opportunity to do so in the next couple of weeks - classes don't start again 'til the 11th day after the end of the world. I still have the postcard that John Carroll sent out, and I think I actually can get my hands on it with less than an hour's worth of searching. Will advise. Gene Brooks has been kind of a clearinghouse for miscellaneous address lists & such. You might want to get in touch with him (, to assist in passing the word, and rounding up lost lambs.
Mon Nov 1 19:42:58 1999 [Joe Williamson 72' ]: I'm the third Williamson to attend Campion. My dad was from the class of 47' and my brother the class of 70'. I guess this made it easier for me having had relatives before me, especially my brother to pave the way. There seemed to be a change in philosophy among the Jesuits during my four years at the school. It certainly got more lax which is why I beleive parents stopped sending their kids there. I think the Jesuits who ran the school at the time of the closing owe those who love the school an apology. Does anyone agree with me? Is it wrong at this point to place blame? What do people think?
Sat Oct 30 19:40:15 1999 [Thomas Olson '72 ]: Mr. Lachance, It was a pleasure hearing from you.
Mon Oct 18 07:54:13 1999 [Michael Lachance '71 ]: It has been a real treat this morning to renew my memories of Campion through this web site. I have not had any contact with anyone in over ten years and it is good to see that there is some means of keeping in touch even though we have lost the grounds and buildings.
Sun Sep 12 02:09:18 1999 [Thomas Olson '72 ]: Joe, Do you have an email address for Tom Collins '71.
Thu Sep 2 15:17:56 1999 [Thomas Olson '72 ]: Hey Joe, Now there is a name I remember!
Thu Sep 2 13:53:58 1999 [Joseph Trad, '71 ]: What a great sight!! I can still remeber organizing the "blue prints" for the murals in "The Stone Garden".
Sun Aug 29 08:31:17 1999 [Mark Gomez, '74 ]: Anyone know whereabouts/email for Dr. Tom Hogan, '64?
Fri Aug 27 11:30:56 1999 [Pat Mower 64 ]: Re-Fr Carey, He died a few years ago at Rockhurst in KC. Great Page, Keep up the good work! Go Knights!
Tue Aug 24 15:44:17 1999 [Ray Nemecek 68' ]: What ever happened to Fr Carey SJ ??
Sun Aug 22 11:29:57 1999 [Charles or Chuck Gillia ]: A few may remember the RIOT one year from the REDNECK locals who came to campus one night.I watche Glenn Young and saw him get hurt in the eye.Then I watched TOM CAINE OR kane pick an asshole up and throw him against a tree.That blew my mind.I never knew he was that strong.What a bad situation for a few days there afterwards.Stupid ass, racist ,mother f______ rednecks from wherever they came.Once again I after the fact , agree whole heartedly that we did not support our BLACK BROTHERS at CAMPION the way we treated ourselves.Yall were right , and my HAT is OFF to YALL. rednecks
Sun Aug 22 11:23:19 1999 [Charles or Chuck Gillia ]: 24 years later I agree with all my BLACK freinds from CAMPION.The music was too one sided and we missed out on some of the best dance music as well as SLOW DANCE COP a feel type of dancing that we could have done at CAMPION in STONE GARDEN.RIGHT ON is what I say to CARMEN Fuller,and all the other men.I jam all the time to oldies now in my early 40s.Barry White,Commodores,EARTH WIND &FIRE,what a group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,SLY STONE OR Sly and the FAMILY STONE,etc.
Sun Aug 22 11:18:27 1999 [Charles or Chuck Gillia ]: STONE GARDEN,What a MEMORY!Thanks again Tom.The guys one year had me put on a rubber mask of TRICKY DICK,NIXON during a co-ed weekend dance where ROGER HAWKINS JOE DELANEY TONI ALTIMARI and I forget who else were band members,played music for our DANCE.During various times that night they had me up on stage.OH < another member or stage hand or something was BILL ELWARD OR EDWARDS,sorry BILL I do not remember for sure.I do remember you also had a brother there .Any how,some of the Gils at the entrance that night got scared SHITLESS when I came around the hallway corner,they screamedd out loud,believe it or not.I do not remember who was working the door that night,but I bet they remember this.I laughed my ass off behind the mask when those chicks screamed.
Sun Aug 22 11:11:53 1999 [Charles or Chuck Gillia ]: Does everyone who was at Campion remember when Mat Sloan,(comparable to DICK BUTKUS) got hurt real bad in a away football game north of us.Well I do and me and Mark Hagenbach had just finished playing a golf tournament prior to it.I do not remember if Mark snuck off from the game with me,but,when I got back that is when I found out about it.I honestly do not recall at ALL who snuck off from the game with me.Any how,if any one knows how to reach Mat,who was from Iowa at the time I knew him,please tell him,I AM PROUD to have a PICTURE of him on my left and Hagenbach on my right on GRADUATION DAY.TIME for a FOOD fight.REMEMBER the butter stains on the ceiling in the dining room.Wasnt that called LOYOLA HALL?
Sun Aug 22 11:05:11 1999 [Charles or Chuck Gillia ]: THANK YOU,TOM for setting this site up!This site set my adrenalin on on rush,Wow what RUSH,and I do not mean the RUSH we 70s guys used to talk about from doing various drugs.This is really stimulating mentally to see this GREAT site.THANK YOU over and again.
Sun Aug 22 11:02:13 1999 [Charles or Chuck Gillia ]: Did anyone other than me and a friend,kick in the wire cage of the laundry and sewing room in the first level of the school.Then steal all the candy we could carry and then be stupid enough to leave the wrappers in our garbage can in our room.That is how we got caught.
Sat Aug 21 01:55:22 1999 [Thomas Olson '72 ]: Thanks Mark, I received the materials you shipped.
Tue Aug 10 17:28:59 1999 [Mark Gomez,'74 ]: OK Tom, let's get this website rolling!!! Go Campion!!
Tue Jun 22 03:33:06 1999 [Thomas Olson '72 ]: The message box scrolls automatically like a ticker tape.
Tue Jun 22 03:32:16 1999 [Thomas Olson '72 ]: Hopefully this simple guestbook will be adequate for the few people who arrive at this sight. Thanks guys.