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Fri Dec 31 21:04:31 2010 [John Duskey 1963]: Memo to Mary Smith: Yes, I knew your brother Joe. I couldn't say enough good things about him. I had heard something about "suspicious circumstances" surrounding his death on a lake when he was in his freshman year at Notre Dame University. I had heard from a Jesuit (I think it might have been the late Michael Sheridan) that the family was never really satisfied with the "accidental death" explanation--and I can understand that, because Joe was an excellent swimmer. I remember joining other Campion '63 alumni who were at Marquette University in taking the Milwaukee Transport Co. bus to Joe's funeral. Even though 46 years have gone by, I know that for your family and for all of us who knew him, the sense of loss still remains. You can contact me at
Sat Dec 25 21:49:38 2010 [Hugh Toner 75]: Hope that all the Knights and there loved ones enjoyed a Blessed Christmas and You and yours enjoy God's blessings in the New Year.
Sat Dec 25 13:05:19 2010 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: Merry Christmas to all Campion Knights everywhere - and of every year - and best wishes for a healthy, happy and propsperous new year. May God grant blessings and eternal peace to all Knights who departed this past year to their reward and final reunion.
Fri Dec 24 10:14:06 2010 [michael uhrich 1962]: Merry Christmas 1012 will 50 yrs
Tue Dec 21 10:56:01 2010 [Bill Elward 1975]: Merry Christmas to all Campion Knights and their friends and families!
Mon Dec 20 13:50:48 2010 [Tom Lochner 1972]: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!
Fri Dec 3 00:06:44 2010 [Mike Horrigan 1954]: Hey Tom, At this time of year I sure miss the old Home Page picture of Campion Hall with the falling snow and Auld lang syne playing in the background. I doubt if there is one of us who dosen't vividly remember being rushed out of bed and out into the snow to make that cold walk across the campus over to Loyola Hall for breakfeast. That picture sure brings back memories of those days. Just the other day a classmate of mine who shall remain anonymous (G.B.1954)shared with me a very deep, thoughful, and powerful rule to live by. And now that you alumni from the 60's and 70's are showing a little more grey I'd like to share his wisdom with you also. " Life is uncertain- So eat desert FIRST " Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy new Year to all my Campion Brothers.
Thu Dec 2 15:25:47 2010 [Joe Haschka 1970]: Regarding the whereabouts of Fr. Mac, I checked with a local Jesuit (my brother David, Class of '61) who says MacNellis left the Order several years ago and does not know where he went. I have one more source (Mac's nephew, who is the father of my son's school buddy). I'll let you know what I find out.
Thu Dec 2 13:57:47 2010 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Spelling is McNellis and the last I heard he was married and living in Madison.
Thu Dec 2 13:46:32 2010 [Joe Haschka 1970]: Regarding the whereabouts of Fr. Mac, I checked with a local Jesuit (my brother David, Class of '61) who says MacNellis left the Order several years ago and does not know where he went. I have one more source (Mac's nephew, who is the father of my son's school buddy). I'll let you know what I find out.
Tue Nov 30 13:48:11 2010 [Bill Elward 1975]: Hello fellow Knights. Does anyone have any information about the whereabouts of John MacNellis (sp?) the classics teacher?
Wed Nov 24 13:50:15 2010 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Sorry you keep getting the response below. The auto response to not filling in the Name field is what you are seeing. Good to hear from you though, Nick.
Wed Nov 24 13:48:04 2010 [Thomas Olson 1972]: OK, But who are you. Anonymous information will be deleted.
Wed Nov 24 13:19:14 2010 [ ]: nicholas primiano i always call the petersons 6 months early,ao i dont cancel patients,thomas
Wed Nov 24 11:44:44 2010 [Thomas Olson 1972]: OK, But who are you. Anonymous information will be deleted.
Wed Nov 24 10:00:16 2010 [ ]: golf outing june 13th.
Tue Nov 9 21:27:34 2010 [Thomas Olson 1972]: According to our records, Bob coached football and swimming for the school years 1972-73 and 1973-1974.
Tue Nov 9 21:10:44 2010 [Tom Lochner 1972]: Just heard of the passing of Bob Vullimont who coached at Campion in the early to mid 1970s. His obit is available at the Courier Press website. Governr Lucey, my family sends their regards. My Uncle was Harry who spoke so highly of you for years. I can remember doing literature drops with him and my Dad, Donald, when you ran for Lt. Governor. My parents are both living at home in Prairie and doing well. My Dad is always happy to talk about his respect for you and receiving a phone call from you recently. Mom recalls dancing with you at social events. Best to you and your family as well.
Tue Nov 9 13:09:11 2010 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Governor Lucey - Of course I remember you as I was at Campion when you were governor of Wisconsin and your brother Greg was president of the school. You came and visited my junior year to see the play, Jesus Christ Superstar, if I'm not mistaken. I also spent my sophomore and juniors years in Lucey Hall, the dormitory donated by your family to the school. I am ashamed to say that the 1980 presidential election is the only election I didn't vote in since I became eligible to vote. My wife and I were on our honeymoon in Mexico on election day and we never bothered to get an absentee ballot. I'm happy to know that we didn't cost you the election!Your brother Greg has visited our home on a number of occassions and was friends with my parents.(My dad James - class of 47') You did many great things while in office, not the least of which was having the legal drinking age drop from 21 to 18, when I was 18!It was very nice to hear from you and the best of luck to you and your wife!
Mon Nov 8 08:25:44 2010 [Kevin Keough '65]: My brother, Jim Keough ('58) of Cape Canaveral, FL, died early this morning after a long battle with cancer.
Fri Nov 5 19:18:53 2010 [Patrick J. Lucey 1935]: My name is Patrick J. Lucey, class of 1935. If I make it to March of next year i will be 93 years old. My two younger brothers are also Campion grads. In fact both of them became Jesuits. Roger, who was nine years younger than I passed away a few years ago but Gregory who is my junior by 15 years is alive and well. He recently completed 12 years as presodent of Spring Hill College and next year is moving to Washington D.C. to serve as chairman of a Jesuit organinization that represents the 28 Jesuit colleges and Universities in the U.S. Earlier, as I'm sure many of you are aware Father Greg was president of Campion My wife, Jean, and I now live in a place called the Milwaukee Catholic Home. I have had a rather interesting career. For about 20 years I ran a real estate business in Madison but I also served in the state legislature,as Lt. Gov. and two terms as Governor. From there we moved to Mexico City where I served as the U.S. Ambasssador. In 1980, though I'm sure none of you will remember it, I ran for Vice President. The reason you are not likely to remember it I ran with John Anderson on an independent ticket and we only got about 7% of the vote. At Campion I was a day student. I have lost track of all of my class mates and I would guess that none of them are still around at this point. I stayed in touch with Harry Lochner for many years. He was a successful auto dealer in Prairie du Chien and also served as Mayor of the city. While at Campion I wrote a column for the Campionette and I believe I had one or two poems published. I would love to get copies of those papers but I suppose it is very unlikely that anything that old is still around. I'm delighted that some of you are keeping tha Campion flame alive. I will continue to read the emails as they apear in my email. Patrick J. Lucey
Fri Nov 5 19:13:09 2010 [Perran Guy Wetzel 1975]: Just saying hello
Tue Nov 2 16:05:59 2010 [Mary Smith ]: Hello Jonathan, thanks for your memory of Joe Smith. Joe drowned in St. Joseph's lake on the Notre Dame campus May 15, 1964. I will try to get your address and write to you. Thanks again. Mary
Wed Oct 27 20:02:49 2010 [John Roll 1970]: Just a quick report that the Class of 70 had a memorable 40th reunion last weekend at the Union League Club in Chicago. The Rendezvous Bar on the Club's fourth floor saw plenty of action Friday and Saturday into the wee hours, and our dinner at the Palmer House Saturday night was excellent. I'll send Tom Olson pictures soon to post on this site. Many thanks to Marty Schultz, Ed Abderholden, and anyone else who helped arrange the festivities. You all make me proud to be a '70 Knight!
Tue Oct 26 22:27:57 2010 [Jonathan Haschka, S.J. 63]: I remember Joe. Heard that he drowned under suspicious circumstances in the lake at Notre Dame????????? going to the aid of someone??????????? My best memory of Joe was when he came to the aid of another guy during a league football game when a larger guy (bully). Threw the big guy on his butt - ended the quarrel. RIP?????????? Jonathan (Mwanza Tanzania)
Wed Oct 13 05:13:43 2010 [Mary Smith ]: Anyone out there from class of 1963 who knew my brother Joe Smith?
Mon Oct 11 18:16:32 2010 [Joe Williamson 1972]: I forgot to mention that Fr. Ed Vacek was also honored for his 50th year as a Jesuit and I sent him an email which he responded to and appreciated. He's at Boston College and seems to be doing well. I had Fr. Vacek, Mr. Vacek then, for French class my freshman year. I told him I can hardly put a sentence together in french but assured him it wasn't because of his teaching. He was a very good teacher!
Thu Oct 7 08:49:48 2010 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Correction - The Melk, Austria site is not in the Privatum but just below this guestbook site.
Thu Oct 7 08:43:50 2010 [Joe Williamson 1972]: In reading the current issue of 'Jesuit Journey's'I noticed the passing of Father Mahowald, who taught at Campion in the early 70's and led the foriegn exchange program to Melk, Austria, which has a site in the Privatum section. Also, Father Andrew Thon was honored for 50 years in the Jeuit order.
Sun Sep 12 17:25:29 2010 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Kevin McCarthy '32 passed away yesterday!
Wed Sep 8 12:58:58 2010 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I don't know of any off hand. Maybe somebody reading these guestbooks can offer you help. Also, sometimes yearbooks do show up on EBAY type auctions. You can set up a search function on EBAY which will email you a notice when something matches your search.
Wed Sep 8 05:22:07 2010 [ ]: I am the sister of an alumni whose Yearbooks were mistakenly thrown away. I would love to surprise him and replace them. Is there any way to get copies of yearbooks 1963 - 1966?
Mon Aug 30 08:38:08 2010 [Charles Kimberley 76]: I just found this web-site. I went to Campion for the 71' and 72' years. If anyone remembers me and would like to go over our times together please let me know. I would like to do some catching up. Hope all is well with everyone. Remember me Fred Gates?
Wed Aug 25 19:05:19 2010 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: This announcement is just a little bit late, but on Friday, August 20, Jack "Foley" Horkheimer, Class of 1956, passed away from complications related to a lifelong lung ailment. He was a celestial guide at the Miami Space Transit Planetarium and the host since 1976 of "Star Gazer", a weekly, 5 minute television show on PBS that explored and expounded upon naked eye astronomy.
Fri Aug 20 15:14:26 2010 [Matthew Micka 1974]: Mike! I just looked you up in my 1954 yearbook. So, you're actually missing a yearbook from your freshman year (1951)? Oddly enough, I don't have the 1974 yearbook, the year my class graduated, because my old man yanked me out of Campion at the end of my junior year. If you by any wild chance have the 1974 yearbook, maybe we should be trading. Because I do indeed have a 1951...
Fri Aug 20 15:04:32 2010 [Matthew Micka 1974]: Like, Mike (Horrigan), how complete is your set, like, dating from when to when? From one yearbook collector to another!
Fri Aug 20 15:00:56 2010 [Matthew Micka 1974]: Ha! I just now see that right beneath my post is a post alluding to the yearbook I just bought!
Fri Aug 20 14:58:44 2010 [Matthew MIcka 1974]: I just received in the mail today the 1958 yearbook that I bought on Ebay. It's got to be one of the great yearbooks--this huge full color professionally laid-out (by someone's father!) section on Joyce Kilmer, just for starters. One member of the class of 1960 died during the schoolyear, and TWO members of the class of 1961! (one of heart failure, the other of cancer). Fr. Halloran, who had assisted in "the Exorcism" in St. Louis ten years earlier, is in it, and there's his autograph, too, beside his photo. And I've long had a Campion Fathers' Club of Chicago card from the 57-58 schoolyear (also on Ebay), which belonged to Mr. Claude Chatel. Well, his son's in the yearbook, and Mr. and Mrs. Chatel took out an ad in the back. I have a friend in New York whose uncle went to Campion--and he's in this yearbook, too. It's all coming together slowly, the whole history of Campion, in my study. (Actually, most of the great stuff I got on Ebay I mostly got years ago.)
Tue Aug 10 08:07:08 2010 [Mike Horrigan 1954]: If anyone is interested, E-Bay just notified me that a 1958 Campion Yearbook is now up for sale.As for myself, I'm still trying to locate a 1951 edition to complete my set of Yearbooks.
Fri Aug 6 15:05:04 2010 [Denny Collins 1974]: I see that the class of 1973 has something going on in Chicago in Sept. Who is Tim and how can I contact him. Thanks
Tue Aug 3 09:22:34 2010 [dudek 70]: Finally re-visited the site after a couple of years - lost track with a lot of you guys. Erv, still in Boston but at Fred, Keith, Mike et al., you can contact me at the above e-mail address. Will be in touch.
Wed Jul 21 18:59:40 2010 [Erv Lauterbach 1970]: Looking to find my classsmates in the Northeast and info on this year's reunion (#40). I last saw some of you - Leighty, Senor Dan Mesta in NYC - then moved to San Diego and now back to Connecticut.
Tue Jul 13 05:37:43 2010 [Richard Dungar ]: I am sorry for the delay. I had minor surgery that was an emergency. During my parish pilgrimage, we did get a glimpse of the old Campion High School with the fence and barbed wire topping it. The Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters were very kind and hospitalable during the time we had Sunday mass and dinner there. I was sadden to read of the deaths of the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters. Finally, on Facebook, I listed myself as a friend of the Jesuits. I initially got on Facebook because of Aquinas HS and the class of 1969 on it. I put a comment on the Jesuits page about my dad & uncle graduating from Campion and meeting some of the Jesuits there. Many thanks-
Tue Jul 6 12:41:46 2010 [Joe Haschka 1970]: My brother, Chris ('72), and I made a run down to PDC on 6/12 - 13 to warm up PDC and Kaber's Restaurant for those who followed us and attended the All Class Reunion. We had the great pleasure of tossing back a couple of martinis and visiting with the Miller brothers, Greg ('69) and Gordy ('71), and the host of hosts, John Kaber. We raised our glasses in honor of Coach Campbell. Kudos to John Kaber and his kitchen, who churned out the most righteous of prime rib and filet mignon dinners. During our meal, Chris and I toasted John's sister, Kathy - a lovely girl and great friend of the Class of '70. The weather held while we were there and we hope everyone had fun. Unfortunately, the demands of our respective employment forced Chris and me back to the Twin Cities on Sunday afternoon. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Mon Jun 21 19:21:51 2010 [Cathy Mundstock MLPS 1980]: I hope you don't mind my intrusion of your guestbook! I have been thoroughly enjoying your website! I attended Martin Luther Prep School for my senior year and was in the first graduating class of MLPS. I just had my 30 year class reunion here in the great state of Arizona. We had a great time reminiscing about the old days. Thanks for all the great photos and history of the Jesuit school. I met one of your alumni, Mark McMullin of Green Bay. He worked as a bank VP when I met him in 1997. I thought he might be on your famous alumni page! hee hee. We had a conversation about our high school days, and after I asked him where he went and he answered vaguely a few answers like: It was aboarding school. It was in SE Wisconsin. I hammered him with: Was it Campion?? I went there when it was a Lutheran boarding school! Well, we share the foundation of Christ crucified as our Savior. God bless you all.
Sat Jun 19 10:31:43 2010 [Joe Williamso 72]: I hated to miss the outing this year as we had a wedding in Fargo, ND last weekend. They didn't seem to talk much different there and we didn't see many wood chippers either! I plan on attending next years outing, God willing! Was sorry to miss the tribute to Coach Campbell, a great man!
Tue Jun 8 11:15:10 2010 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I'm doing my semi-annual review of the C-K site. There were some interesting discussions late last year about Campion Monuments, Museums, Aaron retiring the Campion Forever newsletter and site, Campion Alumni Association, etc.
In case anyone missed the links on the main page at C-K there is some new stuff related to that. Aaron did renew the Campion Forever dot ORG domain so it will not go away. Aaron's Newsletters appear to still be in flux though. I know he asked once upon a time for someone to help write that. It appears that no one has come forward. It would be a shame to loose his newsletter. It has been over a year since the last one.
Schaefer O'Neill turned over CampionForever dot COM to me and I offered that up to be used as the Campion Alumni Association History Page. There you will find info about the PdC historical society and it's efforts for Campion related museum stuff.

Tue Jun 8 10:21:15 2010 [Thomas Olson 1972]: If someone would like to send in pictures and other information for our Coach Campbell page, I'll try to get it put up quickly. We are short of information for several other coaches as well. Maybe this will be the year of coach updates. Thanks guys.
Tue Jun 8 10:17:46 2010 [Thomas Olson 1972]: While I don't golf I do encourage everyone to try to get to PdC during the Golf Tour weekend. One doesn't have to golf. There is plenty of opportunity for camaraderie and fellowship amonst Campion alumni. Alas, it is another year that I can not personally make it. Bummer!
Tue Jun 8 05:56:09 2010 [Tom Lochner 1972]: Who plans on going to the All Class Golf Outing this coming weekend? Will Joe Williamson be making his annual appearance at Pete's Hamburger Stand? The event is dedicated to Coach Nick Campbell who passed away earlier this year. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
Fri May 28 09:17:31 2010 [Jim Bishop 1958]: Doug Grim, Jim Bruce, Rev.Dennis Hickey, Jack Koelsch, Gordy Quinn, Steve Welter, Ed Gormley, Mike Homer, Jim Geisler, Joe Mascari, Jim Metzger, Ed Burkhart, Luke McGargill, Mike Kline, Tom Reedy and myself will attend our first reunion in Prairie since 1968, June 11-14...Steve Welter has coordinated activities in Prairie including many cocktail parties, a ride up to Wyalusing in a 50's vintage cattle truck, a cruise on the Mississippi, golf, a tour of the prison, and more. On Sunday night we will join the all-classes golf dinner in downtown Prairie and then the tournament on Monday...wish there were more of us, but we have a solid core with some excused absences. It will be fun!
Mon May 10 11:21:33 2010 [ ]: I'm looking for Kevin Cocroft "78" Anyone know where he is??? My all girl h.s.(Sacred Heart of Mary) used to take trips up to Campion for the weekend and that's how I met him. Great times!
Sun Apr 25 14:28:23 2010 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Was in Boston this weekend, and naturally visited Cheers (known previously as The Bull and Finch Pub, 84 Beacon Street, north end of the Boston Common) for a brewski. Prominently displayed was George Wendt's new book, "Drinking With George" published in 2009 by Simon Spotlight Entertainment (Simon and Schuster). There are actually two bars there, the original which is downstairs in the basement and the bar from the TV show set - take your pick, the beer flows v. well at either place. Check out the book on Amazon dot com - allows you to read pages from the first chapter/GW's baby picture is there, it's also available via Kindle.
Wed Apr 21 05:54:47 2010 [Tom Lochner 1972]: Just heard that Jerry McCarthy, biology teacher at Campiion in the 1960's until its closing passed away on April 1 in Oconomowoc, WI at the age of 74.
Tue Apr 20 21:39:50 2010 [Mike Horrigan 1954]: Tom Olson; do we have any BBQ sauce left over from last year or did the earthquake you had down there shake it off the shelf? I'll be up the road at Pala this weekend , give me a yell if you have time.
Mon Apr 19 14:30:26 2010 [Derick Kelly 2005 (PdC High)]: Hello all again, I'm looking for help on finding a score. I am doing research in my spare time for a future History of PdC High athletics website I would like to do. Well I've just been looking up football results for the most part (as they are the easiest to track in newspapers since their schedules are smaller than other sports). Well I have all but 6 of Prairie High's football results since football began at the high school with the 1925 season. One of those scores though I can't find involves a Campion - PdC matchup. I am looking for the result of the 11/26/1942 football game at Campion between Prairie High and Campion. I'm pretty sure I checked Prairie High's yearbook at the public library the last time I was home and it was not in there and I see that Campion didn't produce yearbooks in 42-43-44 because of the conservation effort during World War II. I've tried the Courier microfilm and they didn't report the game (although they did talk about the game beforehand). I know its a bit of a long shot but if any one has that result, could you please e-mail me at djkelly @ Also if anyone has any scores from Prairie High and Campion basketball and baseball contests, feel free to e-mail them to me. I have come across quite a few in my research but I haven't really gone to far in depth yet. Thanks, Derick Kelly.
Mon Apr 19 10:57:11 2010 [Paul McCullough. 1970]: Richard, speaking of Sinsinawa, you may wish to offer a condolence and a prayer for the souls of two Sinsinawa Sisters, working as high school teachers in Cape Coral FL, who were killed in a car collision with a drunk driver last September. The accident occurred on U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail); a third Dominican nun (the Sisters' high principal)who was driving survived the crash without serious injury. The other driver, a 60 year old man, had a blood alcohol level of .228; he was charged with manslaughter and facing 15 years in prison. The deceased Dominicans were remembered widely in the Archdiocese of Venice FL as well as back at their Mother House back at Sinsinawa. I am sure they are still greatly missed. I recall several dances at Sinsinawa while at Campion in the late 1960's, a lot of fun at the time. (I'm in Naples FL several times a year, learned the news when I was down there Dec '09).
Sat Apr 17 11:07:51 2010 [Richard Dungar ]: Tomorrow, my parish the Cathedral Parish will be taking a pilgrimage to Prairie du Chien & Sinsinawa. Hopefully I see where Campion HS was located. I will also say some Hail Marys in memory of the faculty, staff & alumni of Campion High School and the Society of Jesus. Many thanks-
Fri Apr 16 00:39:31 2010 [Mark Bodnar 1975]: Sorry for the lateness of this notice. Darryl Eartly '75 passed away in July of 2008 in Cleveland OH.
Sat Mar 20 04:41:01 2010 [Richard Dungar ]: Dr. John 'Jack' Keating died. The obituary is in the La Crosse Tribune March 20, 2010. He graduated from Campion High School. There is a connection with Aquinas High School. 2-3 of his sisters are/were members of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration-one of them the late Sr. Jeanne Keating FSPA-Sr. Chiara- was my music teacher when I was at Aquinas HS. Thanks-
Wed Feb 24 05:41:36 2010 [Jim Bishop '58]: Steve Bahl '58 passed away Feb. 10, 2010...thanks Steve for being such an active member of our class to you dying day...prayers.
Wed Feb 24 05:38:50 2010 [Jim Bishop '58]: The Class of '58 will be holding a reunion in Prairie du Chien June 11-14, Jim Bishop for details and room reservation info.
Tue Feb 9 12:09:22 2010 [fred Gates 1972]: As Dean of Students at Campion from 1970 thru 1973 I talked frequently with Coach Nick Campbell about many of the Campion students. We would share thoughts and concerns about individual Campion students frequently. Coach Campbell was a good and caring person. I remember after I left Campion Coach Campell called me to let me know that the Football team would be in St. Paul, MN to play one of the Catholic High schools (can't remember if it was St. thomas or cretin).At any rate, Nick said it would be great if the team were able to have a meal after the game before the bus trip back to PDC. I called Nick back the next day and gave him the info on a smorgasborg at a restaurant 1/2 mile from the game site. "Thanks, Fred, great follow-up! You, of course will join us. Oh! One last thing, am I going to have to pay out of our meager football budget, or is our gracious former Dean going to pick up the tab? Nick had a way. I will miss him and he will be in my prayers.
Fri Jan 22 08:45:35 2010 [Sean Campbell ]: Coach Campbell was my father. I just wanted all of you to know that he cherished the time that he spent patrolling the sidelines at Campion High. While going through his things after the memorial, I found several items of Campion memorabilia. Among many things were a "Campion Lives" t-shirt, a Campion Alumni sweater, several progroms from various football games, and an article clipped from The LaCrosse Tribune describing the 1967 Homecoming victory over Aquinus. Cheers to Dan Lipke for giving a fine toast at the Sawmill the night after Nick's passing.
Wed Jan 13 09:56:26 2010 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I haven't seen Coach Campbell in years. I wish we could have been a better wrestling team for him. I remembered we sucked pretty bad that at one time he offered a letter to anybody who could just get a single pin for the season. NADA!
Wed Jan 13 09:35:10 2010 [Joe Williamson 1972]: I am really going to miss Nick as we would always rendezvous at the Sawmill when I would arrive in Prairie for the annual golf outing. We'd have a couple of beers and talk about the old football days. He was a great guy, as nice as could be! God bless Nick Campbell!
Tue Jan 12 17:08:21 2010 [Bill Friedrichs 1969]: Just got the word from Dan Lipke that Coach Nick Campbell passed away recently in Prairie du Chien due to complications from diabetes. God rest his soul.

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