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Sun Dec 30 11:52:43 2001 [Joe Bigane 65]: A prosperous, healthy and happy New Year to all the men of Campion and their families.
Tue Dec 25 12:43:46 2001 [Keough '65]: Hey, Mike Majewski, I'll be in Vegas tonight and tomorrow, too. And all next week plus the week after. Oh, that's cuz I live here, too. I know the Chicago, although it across town from me (I'm nr. Trop and Mtn Vista), but I can find my way there for a beer. Or don't you mingle w/the TRUE Campion Knights of yesteryear? Drop me a line at And Happy Holidays to all!
Mon Dec 24 21:43:51 2001 [Hugh Toner 75]: As the year ends, and the Christmas season is upon us ,I would like to wish all the friends and alums of Campion the peace of the season .
Mon Dec 24 21:43:50 2001 [Hugh Toner 75]: As the year ends, and the Christmas season is upon us ,I would like to wish all the friends and alums of Campion the peace of the season .
Mon Dec 24 08:32:40 2001 [Mike Majewski 70]: Also Leighty; hey it sounds like there could be a couple openings for copy editors at the Times. Let me know the compensation and whether you have to live in the New York area. Hey Spoon, it's good to hear from you. The thing I remember most is that you could spit the farthest of any human I've ever known. Hopefully you've put your God-given talent to good use. Hey, does aybody know how Halaszyn is doing? There was a flurry of info on the Yahoo site, but then it seemed to end. Also anyone coming to Las Vegas, give me a call. I'd love to get together for drinks or a night out. Had a great time with Wags and Hubka several months ago. I see Hubka at least once a week. There's a great brew pub close to my house called the Chicago, and we get together every Sunday to watch the Bearz. On to the playoffs!
Mon Dec 24 08:17:31 2001 [Mike Majewski 70]: Merry Christmas to all the Campion alum and their families, and here's to a peaceful and prosperous New Year.
Mon Dec 24 06:59:42 2001 [Peb ]: Looking for information on a "riot" that may have occurred at Campion in the '71 - '73 time frame where are black student (possible last named Allen) was beaten and nearly lost an eye. All replies are appreciated.
Sun Dec 23 18:35:34 2001 [Fred Nora 70]: Merry Christmas to all Knights and families. And a less "interesting" New Year
Sat Dec 22 08:17:04 2001 [Keith Leighty 70]: Hi, Joe, (Majewski, get a job or something) As far as I know the story is accurate. It doesn't say anything about special forces, which I would have understood to be U.S. troops, but says Yemeni's troops were firing on tribes in a remote region. The story quotes an Interior Minister. Dunno why a minister would have cause to make it up. But he's not named and ordinarily we don't use wire copy with unnamed sources for this very reason.
Fri Dec 21 07:32:52 2001 [Joe Haschka 1970]: Bob, I certainly remember you. I last saw Denny and his wife at the 1995 reunion in Galena IL. A year later, I got an announcement for the birth of their baby girl. The address I have for him is 5937 N. Knox Ave., Chicago, IL 40206 (502) 545-0567, office (708)894-8440.
Thu Dec 20 14:45:58 2001 [bob simutis (spoon) 1970??almost]: Just happened upon this site. Most of you won't remember me, but me and Depeder got kicked out in 69 for the fire at Kostka hall. He got back im I didn't . Sorry to hear of some of the bad news I've been looking at, but a lot of it brings back some real good time memories with a lot of good folks. Any one know where depeder is? Later.
Wed Dec 19 13:59:47 2001 [Mike Majewski 70]: Yea Leighty, I'm with Joe. If you can't trust the frick'n New York Times, who the hell can you trust?
Wed Dec 19 07:41:52 2001 [Joe Haschka 70]: To: Keith Leighty. Yesterday the New York Times ran an AP article about special forces in Yemen attacking Al Qaeda. I emailed the article to my brother-in-law who is the UNICEF ambassador to Yemen. He wrote back, "All is well here and for your information there are no special forces here. Some trouble broke out a few days ago in faraway areas but this is related to the 'traditional' kidnappings in Yemen." So Keith, what's up? I'm at
Mon Dec 17 11:02:17 2001 [ROBERT MARTIN 1978]: HELLO ALL
Mon Dec 17 05:19:30 2001 [Peter (Dr. Pigs or Piggy) Ebeling 74]: Thanks for this wonderful site and the memories. I wondered what The Camp looked like these days since they renovated it for our alumnus kids... Just kidding guys. Thanks for the pics. Sorry to here about Joe Waickman. How did he pass away? For those of you who knew Paul (P-Man) Plattis he died years ago from a motorcycle wreck. My prayers go out to Joe, Paul, and alll of you who have lost our school buddies and loved ones. Please feel free to contact me at Campion was a wonderful experience I'll never forget.
Sun Dec 16 21:55:23 2001 [Steve Weber 1966]: So there is life in the old school after all! I do remember give "Campion a boy. Get back a man(iac)." Any maniacs from 66 out there?
Fri Dec 14 08:57:01 2001 [Keith Leighty 70]: Ah, Chateau Old Milwauke, 1970. How sweet it is!
Thu Dec 13 15:30:57 2001 [Ed Dudek 70]: Lighten up guys, will ya'? I usually buy martinis by the sixpack - can't see through the aluminum can anyway so let's lose this clarity shit, shall we? Michael, Old Milwaukee is the best, least expensive beer that you can ever drink out of a can. Let me know if you need some; I've kept several cases from the 70's - they should be ripe by now.
Thu Dec 13 14:44:05 2001 [Michael Doyle 70]: All right, stirred it shall be. Old Milwaukee, eh Dudek? I'm not even sure they sell it in L.A. Anyway, I hardly ever drink Martinis and the occasional Guiness is about as much beer as I drink. Now wine, on the other hand... What do you expect? I've lived in California for 27 years and I love to cook.
Wed Dec 12 14:22:19 2001 [Keith Leighty 70]: No, Dudek, they should be stirred. Shaking them puts air in them and that makes them cloudy. Martinis, (Mike, vodka is acceptable among serious people), should be crystal clear.
Wed Dec 12 13:16:01 2001 [Ed Dudek 70]: You guys and your chilled (and yes, they should be shaken) martinis!! I still drink Old Milwaukee out of the can to get that fresh aluminum taste. Happy Holidays guys.
Mon Dec 10 13:53:53 2001 [Michael Doyle 70]: Thanks for the tips, Keith. My wife prefers vodka martinis. I wonder if that doesn't really count. Now about the "stir gently" part. I thought it should be "shaken, not stirred." I always figured James Bond knew what he was talking about. I will try chilling stuff. I don't have to worry about drinking before class since about the only time I see the inside of a classroom is when I do a guest lecture, which isn't very often. I am one of those dreaded creatures in the university: an administrator. Some of the stuff I do could drive me to drink, but fortunately I also shrink heads and one must stay sharp for that. But thanks for the tips, I'll try it out next time my better half has a hankering for her eponymous drink (I figure someone teaching editing ought to get that). As far as how I be, O.K. I suppose. My son is a plebe (first year student) at the U.S. Naval Academy and will be home Saturday. Hooray! It's almost "winter" here in L.A., so I have to wear a jacket every now and then. There is a Campion Drive a few blocks from my house (it's a Jesuit thing; there's also a Georgetown, a Regis, a Holy Cross, a Creighton, and of course a Loyola. Nothing like coming full circle. I've even had beers with a few Jesuits and I didn't even have to steal it from their dining room! Whoops, another secret revealed. Oh well, I confessed (not the formal kind) to Andy Thon a few years ago and nothing has happened, so I guess the staute of limitations has run out. My goodness, this meandering all over the place. I must be avoiding work again.
Sat Dec 8 10:22:15 2001 [Keith Leighty 70]: Now THAT's efficient.
Fri Dec 7 15:43:10 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: You guys are making my martini sound crude by comparison. I just put Tangueray or Beefeaters gin in a glass all at room temperature. Throw in a half dozen large Habenero stuffed green olives and kiss the night goodbye!
Fri Dec 7 14:24:22 2001 [ ]: Mike Doyle, how you be? I don't have any tricks but I do believe that a good martini must be ice cold. I keep my gin in the freezer. chill your pitcher and your glasses. Use plenty of ice. stir gently but completely until water beads form on the outside of the pitcher. Strain into your martini glass, add olive. But don't do this before class! I'm teaching copy editing at New York University. Great bunch of grad students. It was my first time teaching. I think I learned as much as they did. Cheers!
Thu Dec 6 11:22:27 2001 [Bob DuBrul 53]: I am looking for brothers of class of 53 members, specifically from class of 55 - Enright, Kuchynka, Schmidt; class of 54 - Lehman; and class of 56- Maloney. Are you there or does anyone know where I can find any of these contacts. Thanks for the help. Bob DuBrul
Thu Dec 6 08:49:14 2001 [Michael Doyle 70]: Yo Keith. I'd like to hear your martini-making tricks. My wife's last name is Martini and she likes to drink one about once a week. Her sister taught me some tricks (buying expensive vodka for starters), but I think I'm still an amateur. My sister-in-law makes something she calls a dirty martini, which of course always leads to bad jokes. By the way, what do you teach? Finals on our campus are next week. On Friday when our residence halls close for the break I will be one happy shrink.
Wed Dec 5 15:51:49 2001 [keith leighty 70]: Hiya, Ed. One class left. I'm writing up my final exam. Had a great bunch of students who were really eager to learn. I hope I did em justice. Holidays come up, man. make time for a drink or two. C'mon down to the Big Apple. Giuliani wants you to come.
Wed Dec 5 12:00:41 2001 [Ed Dudek 70]: Finally got back to check out the site. Hope everyone's well. I've been kind of busy Keith - haven't had time for a martini lately. How's the teaching these days?
Wed Dec 5 09:22:55 2001 [Keith Leighty 70]: Hi, Chris, (etal) Chris Lamal and I are here in NYC and a few weeks ago we sat on his 20th floor terrace, drinking martinis and looking south to the tip of Manhattan, where a cloud of steam and smoke continued to rise from Ground Zero. A helluva sight. If you get down this way, holler. I've taught Lamal how to mix a fine martini.
Sun Dec 2 10:59:54 2001 [Chris O'Brien 1970]: John Roll, a follow-up to your message of 9/14: My computer hard drive crashed in August and I lost muh data including the bookmark to this site, which I just now found again. I relocated from New York to Boston about six years ago so was not directly affected by the 9/11 events. We do have many friends who were affected although none who were killedin the attack. Goodto hearfrom you. I'll have to check the messages more often.
Mon Nov 26 15:23:09 2001 [Paul Dudek 68]: To Bob Peter '70. Bob, what's your brother Jim up to? Have him drop me a line at it would be great to hear from him after about 20 years. Hope all is well.
Sun Nov 25 10:33:39 2001 [Bob Peter 1970]: At mass today, the priest quoted Larry Gillick from a newsletter and I thought I might look him up on the internet. Lo and behold, I found this great site. Fun to see the old names and places. Anyone ever hear from Pete Helldoerfer?
Sat Nov 24 17:43:04 2001 [Jerome T. Kay, M.D. 1957]: Just discovered this site. Well done. I would be happy to contribute to a Class of '57 web site if there is a classmate who has the skills to se one up.
Thu Nov 22 07:04:08 2001 [Hugh Toner 75]: To Friends and Knights may you and your Loved Ones have a great Thanksgiving .anyone wishing to contact me may do so at my new that I'm getting this tech stuff down ,I promise I'll get back to you.
Wed Nov 21 07:07:12 2001 [Bill Friedrichs 66-67]: To: Tom Olson Fr. Bob Leiweke here in Milwaukee was nice enough to research and send me 24 pages of living Jesuits with their current addresses. It is only of Jesuits who spent time at Campion and it lists the years they were there and what they taught. Please e-mail me and let me know if you would like to me to mail it to you for posting. I'll need your address in Poway again. Regards!
Sat Nov 3 20:25:03 2001 [Tom Collins 71]: Tom, thanks so much for putting this together. The pictures of the Stone Garden are a kick and took me right back to when I was playing there in the Liquid Sunshine band. I'm in Ojai California these days and would enjoy hearing from schoolmates. You can email me at
Sat Nov 3 09:25:11 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: We now have the complete set of Senior Pics for the decades of 70,60,50. Now need 1939,1941,1942 and 1949 and anything before 1937 inclusive.
Mon Oct 29 17:50:22 2001 [Keough '65]: Tom, I was unable to send a note in "Privatum Campionum": Server error. Note in there about Campion Rings. I gave mine to the daughter of a Goodyear Tire & Rubber exec in LA in '68 and haven't seen it since. Has anyone seen this guy in Madison's finished product? I'm interested. (I lost my U of Ariz ring in a bar fight years later--lost the goddam fight, too!)
Tue Oct 23 01:59:25 2001 [Terry Casey 1976]: I spent only one year but had a great time. Greetings to all the people who were there at that time.
Fri Oct 19 19:35:49 2001 [John Haas 1971]: Thanks for the memories! It beats 5 rows of razor wire I saw last weekend when in Prarie
Tue Oct 9 11:48:06 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Pat, That "home movies" idea of yours sounds great to me too!
Tue Oct 9 10:13:33 2001 [Pat Finneran 1953]: This is a terrific service! Anybody know if someone was intelligent enough to grab all of Father Carey's "home movies" of life at Campion? They'd make a great video collection or DVD. I'd certainly cough $$$ to own such a great memory.
Wed Oct 3 09:15:00 2001 [Keith Leighty 70]: Two songs keep going through my head right now. Bare Wires by John Mayall, and Political Science, by Randy Newman. Not necessarily in that order.
Sat Sep 29 11:15:43 2001 [George Dorsey 1955]: Contact me at
Sat Sep 29 11:14:40 2001 [George Dorsey 1955]: I'd enjoy hearing from anyone I knew at Campion, from any class year. We are trying to locate all of our '55 classmates. -George
Sat Sep 22 07:29:04 2001 [Clet Althoff 1970]: Glad to see you are OK, Keith...and Joe, my unit has not been deployed, but things could get interesting...who knows. I'l say this much, I'm proud to be a soldier (always was, even when we all had ROTC.)
Thu Sep 20 16:29:36 2001 [Keough '65]: To this Donahoe guy ('70?): I'll be passing through Beatty about midday on Sat, 06 Oct on my way back home to Vegas from N.L.Tahoe. Are you up for a refreshment w/an older Campion grad? Lemme' know here if you can and let me know which 'hotspot' I can find you...or email me at
Wed Sep 19 18:38:51 2001 [ 1969]: ARTHUR W DEVINE, CLASS OF 1969, CONTACT ME
Wed Sep 19 18:37:39 2001 [ 1969]: ARTHUR W. DEVINE WHERE ARE YOU?
Mon Sep 17 09:44:02 2001 [Keith Leighty 1970]: I've posted a message from Chris Lamal (who's having a techincal problem with the site) on the Yahoo Campion site.
Sat Sep 15 20:46:46 2001 [Keith Leighty 1970]: Greetings all and tnx to Joe, Ed and Jelly Roll for their inquiries and upates. I've posted a rather long note on the Yahoo Campion group site ( about this week's events in New York. I encourage all of you to do the same. And now, for a glass of single malt. kel
Fri Sep 14 19:08:26 2001 [John Roll 1970]: Ed, don't worry about the single malt scotch- I think Keith's got that covered....I sent a rather frantic e-mail to Keith on the evening of the 11th, and was also reassured that he and his family are OK... I should have Tom Olson post his return e-mail, because it was striking (being a journalist and all, Keith has a knack for graphic description). Most striking to me were his comments that upon returning to Greenwich Village where he lives, it was so deserted and quiet that he actually heard crickets for the first time. Anyway, to second Ed, I hope that Chris Lamal, Paul Downs, Chris O'Brien and any other Campion grads will keep us posted on how they are coping with the aftermath of this horrible thing.
Fri Sep 14 08:00:03 2001 [ed Dudek 70]: Heard from Keith Leighty ('70) yesterday. He and the family are doing well but need to deal with the proximity of the disaster. He's working (NY Times) a little harder these past few days helping to document what's happening. He probably could use a bottle of single malt scotch though. Also, there are several other Campion grads living in Manhattan; hopefully they'll check in with us.
Thu Sep 13 22:17:02 2001 [Doug Mainor 1978]: Hey MATT Duffy! Glad to see another last class up here. If you are interested in contact, email me at Have not heard from anyone from our class in years. Other than those that stayed in Prairie du Chien like me and my brother James. Sadly James passed away in 1979, asphixiated while building a house (starting his own construction company with his best friend)
Thu Sep 13 17:07:58 2001 [Joe O'Leary 70]: Anyone heard if Keith Leighty(Manhattan) is doing ok? Been worried about him. Cletus- Sounds like Uncle Sam might have a mission for you soon!
Mon Sep 10 19:48:51 2001 [Bill Elliott 1965]: Hello all! Long time no see. It's been a busy summer, but I finally found the time to build a website for my calss. Actually I cheated and used a development program found on my new computer to compile the site without knowing anything about how it should be done. The results are available at www.campion1965, and Tom has graciously agreed to add the link to this page. Anyone seking information on members of the class of 1965 are welcome to look there. Anyone with information about members of the class are implored to impart same here or directly to me. You can use my contact page on the site! Hope to hear more from any contributors. Thanks!
Mon Sep 10 19:19:27 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: OK noowww! All you 53 guys. Thanks to George Dorsey '55 we now have the class of 53 class pics and the yearbook cover.
Wed Sep 5 12:15:58 2001 [Mike Majewski 70]: Hey Dudek, you really did start a flurry of activity. Had the opportunity last week to spend some time with Donahoe. He is now living the life of leisure as a retired Nevada Highwaypatrolman. So if any of you are visiting Death Valley look Donahoe up. The Death Valley coment is literal. He is going to stay in Beatty NV., pop. 1632, about 120 miles NW of Las Vegas, on the other side of the Nevada Test Site, which is the NV entrance to Death Valley. Obviously, he's still as crazy as he was at Campion. I asked him if all the old men at the drugstore are going to start talking about him and laughing at him behind his back, and he said they already do that. Well, he is driving 5 hours up to Reno once a month to apprentice with some guy who repairs guitars. Just thought you guys would like to know that one of our own is becoming one of those old crusty colorful caricatures you see inhabiting dusty, one horse, desert towns.
Wed Sep 5 11:42:25 2001 [Matt Duffy 78]: Just found this site. Glad to see there is Campion Site. Anyone from the last class comment on this thing? By the way, I will be in Prairie this weekend.
Wed Sep 5 08:18:00 2001 [Dennis Casey FOC]: Leyden info. for Becky -- the Leyden family to which you refer are from the Youngstown/Boardman area of Ohio. I don't know about Geoff, but his younger brother Mark was in the class of '74 with my brother Tim and they each went on to graduate from John Carroll University, a Jesuit school in University Heights, Ohio
Wed Sep 5 08:15:48 2001 [Dennis Casey FOC]: Leyden info. for Becky
Tue Sep 4 12:17:09 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Oops!, I think Jerry was suppose to be listed as managing the Bears when they won the super bowl.
Tue Sep 4 11:59:15 2001 [Ray Hackett 59?]: In your notable grads u have Jerry Vainisi as a coach for Chi Bears he was never a coach but was in the front office his older brother was associated with the Packers in 1957 we had a terrible varsity football team so they took all the big fat guys from the leagues and put them in varsity line to try and plug holes Jerry being one of them!
Sat Sep 1 16:22:09 2001 [C.C. Althoff 1970]: Hi Ed,...of course I had to be "high fashion"....I had to make up for the lack of "high grades"...Oh well, over the years I've wised up (a little bit).
Thu Aug 30 14:28:42 2001 [DOUG Mainor 1978]: Check this LINK for Reunion.
Thu Aug 30 11:41:15 2001 [Mark 'Jake' Wetterau 1968]: Great Web Site! So..... When's the next reunion?
Thu Aug 30 11:03:27 2001 [Ed Dudek 70]: For you '70 grads; Mark Criqui '70 can be reached at Hopefully he'll visit this site soon. Clete '70, you were always fashion-conscious. Good luck.
Thu Aug 30 08:45:36 2001 [Geoff Lyden 70]: Spent a weekend with Denny Owens and two of his sons. Denny lives in Portland, practices law and has put his four boys thru a Jesuit HS. We Visisted Brian O'Malley in Milwaukee. Two girls and a boy. I'm in Toledo managing the family gas business. Becky ( 7/27), thanks for inquiring about me . Drop me a note ... glyden
Thu Aug 30 08:19:24 2001 [Tom Rink 1964]: To Bob Widman: Bob, Don Knapp from your class still lives in Prairie. His number is 608-326-8794.
Wed Aug 29 15:44:17 2001 [Doug Mainor 1978]: Anyone ever hop the train to town, or ice skate down the river?
Wed Aug 29 15:12:11 2001 [Douglas Mainor 1978]: Hello, member of the last class of Campion. Memories are dear, friends are long gone.
Wed Aug 29 11:39:08 2001 [C.C. Althoff 1970]: Like Ed Dudek, it has been a while since I have been here for a visit. As for Jim Halaszyn....hey "HOLY MAN"...don't vapor lock like that again, that only happens to old gausters, not young studs like us. I reenlisted with the Army Reserves for 6 more years in May, and I am waiting on orders for a full time position with a local Combat Engineer unit near Waukon. I have been teaching, but I am looking forward to getting back with Uncle Sam full time, at least I won't have to worry as to what clothes to wear to work.
Tue Aug 28 13:04:07 2001 [bob widman 66]: i am an attorney but not computer literate in sarasota . my number is 941 484 0646
Tue Aug 28 12:56:11 2001 [bob widman 66]: would like roster of classmates with addresses.will be in prairie on bike trip from mpls. to st louis around sept 11 and would like to call old friends.
Tue Aug 28 12:56:06 2001 [bob widman 66]: would like roster of classmates with addresses.will be in prairie on bike trip from mpls. to st louis around sept 11 and would like to call old friends.
Fri Aug 24 21:24:07 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I got back from a months vacation traveling to Appleton, Wisconsin for the PGII conventions. Was there 10 days and spent a week coming home. Unfortunately I wasn't able to spend any time in Milwaukee or PdC. Now we are spending time moving into a new home further out in the country. Hopefully I will be able to get back to new features for the web site next month.
Thu Aug 23 17:58:56 2001 [Fred Nora 70]: A sixpack of Old Style to you if the BoSox win. I expect no less than a six of Sam Adams when the Cubs begin their dynasty of the 21st Century this October. And even though Fenway has probably got more character than almost any other diamond, Wrigley is still #1.
Thu Aug 23 12:18:43 2001 [Ed Dudek 70]: It's been kind of a tired last month for messages to be posted so I thought I'd do one. I've got the Red Sox in the Series against the Cubs. What do you guys think? If they do make it to the Series, they'll probaly both lose.
Mon Aug 20 18:47:56 2001 [Michael Uhrich 1962]: I visited John Schmidt last summer in Sidney, Ohio He is a judge there. Relived many fond memories of Campion. I am a dentist in Cleveland and would enjoy hearing form anyone My e-mail address is NDRDIET@ aol .com.
Mon Aug 20 18:33:04 2001 [Michael Uhrich 1962]: 2002 is the 40th year
Sun Aug 12 02:04:17 2001 [Richard Rawe 1948]: Most of you are probably unaware of the fact that the Class of 1948 was Campion's greatest. Pure class. Just ask anyone who was around at the time, if any are left.
Sun Aug 5 23:02:28 2001 [Warren Lee 1972]: My email is
Sun Jul 29 10:06:38 2001 [Bob DuBrul 1953]: We have now contacted or accounted for 62 members of the class of 53. However, there are many others we have not yet reached. If anyone from any class has knowledge of whereabouts of any members of class of 53 maybe some of you from adjacent classes) please contact me at The search continues.
Fri Jul 27 13:39:25 2001 [Becky ]: Being that my parents had a cabin in Harpers, during the 1969ish era, spent some time around the Campion campus. Does anyone remember Geoff Lyden? I beleive he also had a younger brother that attended Campion. They were from the Ohio area. I was Geoff's homecoming date in 69 (I think that was the year). Just curious about him and what he might be doing when I saw this web site.
Tue Jul 24 07:50:07 2001 [Patrick J. Finneran 1953]: I'm attempting to locate Mike Gaffney class of '54. Would appreciate any information on his current address etc.
Mon Jul 23 10:39:25 2001 [Mary Halaszyn ]: I'm happy to let you all know that my brother Jim is doing very well and is making great progress every day. I went out to California immediately after the heart attack and am planning to visit again this weekend. He had three brain surgeries and still needs to wait about two more months before he can have his heart surgery but in the meantime he's gaining ground all the time. When I talked to him over the phone this past weekend, he was making a joke with me and trying to get me to laugh. By the way, the phone number shown below for the hospital is (obviously) still good, but he's out of Neuro ICO and now in a sub-ICU. I don't have the direct line to his room with me, but you can call the hospital, ask for his room, and talk to Holly or leave a message for him at home at 714 965 0072. Thanks, guys, for your thoughts and prayers!
Sat Jul 21 13:26:15 2001 [Joe Williamson 72]: Hey Topper, the reunion is already set for the Grand Geneva Resort, in Lake Geneva, for Labor Day Weekend, 2002. More information will be coming. Tuber is making most of the arrangements. Now, I have nothing better to do.
Wed Jul 18 13:50:02 2001 [Topper 1972]: Has Joe Williamson nothing better to do- he should be coordinating the next reunion and using his time in a more valuable way.
Mon Jul 16 16:35:43 2001 [Joe Williamson 72]: Was in Waupaca, Wi yesterday and I was wearing my 'Pete's Hamburger - Prairie du Chien, WI' T-shirt when a guy I had just met asked me if Pete's Hamburgers was on Beaumont Rd. I told him it was on the main drag, Blackhawk Ave and I asked him how he was familiar with Praire du Chien. He told me he went to Campion. I said it was a concidence because I went there too. After talking to him a little bit it was obvious he didn't go to Campion and later admitted he actually went to Wylusing Academy, a school for wayward boys.(The former St. Mary's school for girls) Maybe he'll think twice about posing as a Campion man in the future.
Sun Jul 15 08:52:51 2001 [Keough '65]: To Denny & Niel: I'm planning on buying drums again after 25 years of being stickless (ahem). I still tabletap and airdrum to ZZ-Top, Zepplin, and all blues tunes. And Paul Revere & the Raiders have been playing in & around Las Vegas and Reno ever since the early 70's In fact I think they recently played at the riverboat casino across from PdC.
Fri Jul 13 12:08:37 2001 [Ed Dudek 70]: Sad news about Jim Halaszyn '70. Hopefully he'll be doing well soon.
Fri Jul 13 09:23:05 2001 [Michael Doyle 1970]: This is terrible news about Jim Halaszyn. We had been emailing each other about getting together after we discovered we live about 45 minutes away from each other. Then I went to the East Coast to see my son inducted into the U.S. Naval Academy and figured I'd hook up with Halasz later. I hope he has a full recovery. Thanks to Joe Haschka and Brad Smith for passing this along.
Fri Jul 13 06:16:16 2001 [Joe Haschka 1970]: Regarding Jim Halaszyn ('70), Brad Smith ('70) wrote to me with these details. On 6/30, Jim hd a heart attack and passed out. He injured his head as he fell. Jim was conscious by the time his ambulance arrived at the ER. He will require quintuple bypass surgery to repair his heart. The head injury involved severe bleeding and Jim had brain surgery on 7/2 to remove clots. He is in the Neuro ICU at Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach, CA. His room phone number is 949-645-8600 x4607. Ask for Jim's wife, Holly. Jim's home address is: 10061 Pheseus Huntington Beach, CA 92646..
Wed Jul 11 17:12:30 2001 [Joe Haschka 1970]: Jim Halaszyn ('70) recently suffered a heart attack and also a major head injury when he passed out from the heart attack. I'll forward more info when I can.
Wed Jul 11 13:44:41 2001 [Mac Crane 1966]: Can McGrathites attend a reunion?
Wed Jul 11 13:36:19 2001 [Joe Nobiling 1970]: Greetings! Long time since seeing or hearing of or from any of y'all! It's pretty cool to find this site available. Often wondered why nothing went on for the 30th reunion but now I see somethin' went on and looks like it continues to in small groups. Cool!
Tue Jul 10 10:09:40 2001 [Robert Voosen 1966]: Tex, We are trying to put together something this fall. I sent you an email but never got a reply. I have talked to about a dozen of the guys from '66 and they are all up for it. I am adding a couple names a week to the data base on this site. Any contacts you have (or anyone else who sees this) will be helpful. Bob V
Tue Jul 10 09:28:19 2001 [Al Zepp 1966]: What's this I hear about Denny Newall and Niel Whittey both buying new guitars and amplifiers and playing again? As I told Niel, if Paul Revere and the Raiders can make a comeback, why not Chilren of Stone.
Mon Jul 9 18:59:16 2001 [Tex Morgan 1966]: Denny...I never would have suspected you of the great lost penny scandal. Tex
Mon Jul 9 18:57:39 2001 [Tex Morgan 1966]: I think we need to plan a 35th reunion...any volunteers? How about a murder mystery cruise down the Miss River, with stopover in Prairie? Or, you all welcome to come to Texas? Or, we could surprise Fr. Lucey in Berkeley CA where he is recuperating from lung cancer chemo & rad therapy? Tex
Mon Jul 9 09:26:36 2001 [Joseph Trad 1971]: Happy 30th to all 1971 grads--wherever you may be!
Sun Jul 8 11:54:10 2001 [Robert Voosen 1966]: Keough, thanks for the info. Interesting site.
Tue Jul 3 11:27:01 2001 [Keough '65]: Voosen, I'm not totally sure, but try going to I think this is the guy who may be setting up the FL reunion. His phone is 561-664-2523
Sat Jun 30 20:48:34 2001 [Bransleys 48,73]: This is a father son combo senior married my sister my bro and I both went to CHS Jim '58 Ray would have been class of '59 but Jebs asked me not to come back for Junior yr oh well
Mon Jun 25 16:07:35 2001 [Robert Voosen 1966]: I hear that someone is circulating a letter about an all class reunion in Melbourne FL in March. Has anyone else heard about this?
Sat Jun 23 16:42:44 2001 [Richard H Holland (Dick) 1955]: Hello out there. Is there anybody from '55 still around? Would love to hear from you. My home address is 13712 Flint Overland Park, Kansas 66221. Still work for General Motors but at 65 I don't know how much longer they will permit me to stay. Hope I will hear from some of my old friends. My phone number is 913 685-8748.
Wed Jun 20 10:10:12 2001 [Denny Newell 1966]: Did anyone ever fint that penny I lost one night in the Campion Hall dorm?
Wed Jun 20 08:59:54 2001 [Franklin (Denny) Newell 1966]: Just logging in.....Hi, to everybody! Bob Vosen says there's talk of a get-together, I'd be interested in participating
Wed Jun 13 19:12:34 2001 [Alexa Althoff 2007]: Hi from Clet Althoff's(class of '70) daughter. Maybe dad could bring me down to the tournament next year, I would like to meet dad's classmates! I wish there was still a Campion but I know it still lives on in the hearts of the people who went there.
Tue Jun 12 10:56:37 2001 [Paul Wagner 1970]: For all of you from the class of 1970, when going to Las Vegas you have to call, e-mail or contact Mike Majewski or Brian Hubka. They hosted me on a recent business trip and showed me a wonderful time. Additionally Mike knows just about everyone in town who is somebody. Both are great tour guides and the occassion provided a good opportunity to get caught up. However you must beware if you have an early flight out as time has no meaning to these guys or the other people in the town. They returned me to my hotel at 2:15 am to catch a 7:00 am flight. I should have taken their advice and stayed up all night. Mike & Brian thanks again and if you get to Cincinnati get in touch with me at 513-871-7324 or e-mail John Roll you are lucky that I talked them out of calling you at 2 or rather 5 your time. Thanks again, Tom Olson, for providing this site.
Mon Jun 11 06:48:33 2001 [Clet Althoff 1970]: Oh, and Joe..I went over to the club around 1000 Hrs., and had a Bloody Mary and a beer, and waited a bit for you all. I saw Bill, but decided to head home. Next time I'll plan to hang out longer.. I should have stayed that bartender can mix a good drink!
Mon Jun 11 06:43:02 2001 [Clet Althoff 1970]: Thanks to all of you who put this event on. As for you guys at our table...I want you all to know that the next day I was still laughing at how hard I had laughed the night before. I am proud to have you as friends, and I will plan to attend this event next year. But, I really want to thank you, Tom Olson '72, for spending the time in getting this site up and running, without it, I would have never known of the event. I hope to meet you there some day.
Wed Jun 6 19:54:45 2001 [Joe O'Leary 70]: Clete- What happened to you Monday? You missed Bob's great round of golf. He had an eagle, 4 birdies, 6 pars, and 7 lawsuits.
Wed Jun 6 19:30:05 2001 [Joe O'Leary 70]: Ed- My attorney has advised me that you have said too much already.
Wed Jun 6 16:13:32 2001 [Jack gallagher 1976]: Dalton Shreiber call me @ 402-970-2129 or e-mail me at You were the only one from 76 listed that I saw. I hope all is well. If per chance you do reach me it's been a long long long time.
Wed Jun 6 09:31:16 2001 [Ed Dudek 70]: Hey Freddy, everyone from the class of 70 was there but you - what's that all about?? My thanks to the organizers of the tournament. A lot of fun for everyone and I hope to make it back next year. Fred, the class of 70 provided by far the best results that Campion could deliver on "Give Campion a boy and get back a Man". WE all have prostate problems and are abusing our Viagra scripts. Joe O'Leary, Bob Elliot, Clete Althoff, Steve Peterson, MIke White, and Bill Gillette were all there. Had a great time talking not only about our Campion experiences but also those after Campion. My attorney has advised me against saying anything else.
Tue Jun 5 19:29:27 2001 [Bill Elliott 1965]: Yes the tournament is over, and I have no answers to the previous questions, but I sure hope the town will be willing to host it for many years to come. The work of the organizers is sincerely appreciated by all in the '65 bunch, and I am sure that all who attended any part of the weekend were as pleased as the golfers. I just hope the fact that there were some of us who do not do golf well did not detract from the pleasure of those who do. From all of us to all who worked so hard to make it a great weekend, Thank you! It was more fun than anyone had a right to expect. To those of you who missed it, think about it in the future, its worth the trip.
Tue Jun 5 18:25:41 2001 [Fred Nora 1970]: OK Dude, It's been a full day since the tourney and we're getting anxious to hear a) did Roll crack up a golf cart ?, b)who showed up/teed up/threw up ?, c)will the city fathers of PdC ever allow another gathering of the Campion clan?
Fri Jun 1 13:30:58 2001 [Ed Dudek 70]: I'm sorry, but no matter what you guys say, bassetball isn't done well by white boys. Mike Doyle '70, I pulled up your CA driver's license over the internet - you still look about 16 (your identity has also just been stolen). When I make it out to CA, I'll expect a home cooked meal. I'm leaving for the June reunion at Prairie on Sunday with my 2 brothers. I'll keep you guys of '70 who can't make it informed of the doings.
Fri Jun 1 10:18:35 2001 [Lou Chiara 65]: Jim Powers: I tried to email you but the address I have may be incomplete. Please email me asap at regarding New Glarus. Thanks
Fri Jun 1 09:04:04 2001 [Michael Doyle 70]: Yo, John Roll! Kind of hard to get pissed about knocks to my game. The truth is, the fact that I can get up and down the court with guys 20 and 30 years younger than me and usually not get embarrassed is good enough for me. Especially since I had knee problems a couple of years ago and wasn't sure I'd ever really play again. It's amazing what some physical therapy and losing 20 pounds can do. I play in a Saturday morning game at a junior high school gym that a group of us have rented. Those guys actually guard me so I have to play hard and smart to do anything. It's fun, though, to play against LMU students in the rec center on campus. I act kind of creaky and slow (all right, it's not an act), I remind them I'm old enough to be their father so they should let me keep my dignity, then I stick a few shots and play some D. Sure gets them confused, except the ones who already know me. I love playing, but whatever ego I ever had about it is long gone, along with whatever marginal quickness and jumping ability I had. As far as the other stuff, lampshades we have plenty of, although I'm usually short on the brewskis. Like any self-respecting pinko effete elitist culture-destroying California intellectual snob, I much prefer wine. Oh yeah, did I mention I like to cook? My wife and kids surely don't mind. See, it's all this instant gratification stuff. You spend a couple of hours putting together a nice meal, and then you get to eat it. Like with sports (and unlike certain presidential elections), you don't have to wait weeks to find out the results. But back to the nostalgia that is the focus here, who made those really pathetic (but eminently functional) fake I.D.s our senior year? I was remembering how I got busted for buying alcohol at some local dive in PDC and realized how silly I must have seemed to the bartender who sold to me. I mean, the I.D. was as fake as they come, I looked like I was 16, and I was buying this strange assortment of pints, half pints, and six packs. And of course, the guy must have known immediately that I was from Campion. I mean PDC was a very small town. I seem to think it was Rowls who sold the I.D.s, but I really don't know. Anyone from 70 want to fess up?
Thu May 31 19:08:47 2001 [John Roll 1970]: To fellow '70's grad Mike Doyle: Hey, Mike, I'd be pretty pissed at Michael VS '67 if I were you....I mean, where does he get off making fun of your sweet jump shot like that? (Of course, my sympathy has its limits, since my own jump shot is beyond reproach) As far as all his other retro education crap, who cares? And by the way, who is this guy? Maybe my '67 yearbook is missing a page, but the name Michael Varga-Sinka is conspicuously absent (under "V" or "S"). Why listen to a diatribe about Campion's "heritage, traditions, and discipline" from someone who wasn't even there? Mike, next time in LA I'll look you up...but I hope you have an extra lampshade handy!
Thu May 31 08:34:54 2001 [jerry sullivan 65]: to Kevin Keough. No, I havenot live LV, but while at Campion, I called, Gabbs, Nevada my home.-- It's in Northwest Nye county. good to hear from you, Kevin. Best wishes, take care, enjoy!!!!
Thu May 31 08:28:22 2001 [jerry sullivan 65]: to Mike Ternes. Hi! remember the punk who sat in front of you (logically! we were alphabetical, of course)?? Remember torturing him with something like a sharp pencil until he finally objected, then caught hell from the Jeb teaching the class, was given a "jug" while you innocently sat in the corner........ Good to see you on this bulletin board. The time has sure gone by!!Best wishes to you and yours.
Wed May 30 09:30:06 2001 [Robert Voosen 1966]: Enough with the soapbox. Had enough of church nazis in high school (which probably explains why I have not been in church since). I guess I'm going to heaven-already been to hell. Let's get back to more important subjects- like beer and golf. Did you hear the one about the golfer who sliced off into the rough and hit a leprecahn?
Mon May 28 12:11:07 2001 [Mike Luke 1972]: Campion as a prison... there is a weird symmetry to the universe after all.
Mon May 28 09:23:08 2001 [Michael Ternes 1965]: I neglected one observation..., to Michael VS '67: Get that Valium refill today big guy!
Mon May 28 09:19:17 2001 [Michael Ternes 1965]: Sincere appreciation sent to all whose efforts are featured on this site. I can only snatch a cursory visit today but will return soon. Just received an e-mail address list from Chuck Neumann and Bill Elliott. Look forward to sending a volley of initial greetings to friends I have lost track of over the years. I offer to you all, too many times I have re-told tales and thought about our shared experiences to my wife and kids and friends. By the way, whenever I am feeling rebellious, I just do not wear any! For those attending the golf outing have a great time and see if Nancy Robyscyk(sp?) can whip you up a boilermaker in a mason jar!
Sun May 27 14:40:32 2001 [Michael Varga-Sinka 1967]: Thanks Michael Doyle for your sensible and measured response to my statements and suggestion. No need, though, to resort to namecalling, a favorite tactic of all kinds of thoughtful "moderates." And I'm happy to hear that there's no problem at your son's school---there's never a problem for most of us until the big dog squats on our lawn. If my brief post "hit too close to home," so much the better. And thanks, too, for the fine legal distinctions: it's the law of the case, not the law of the land, right? Unfortunately, your reasonable response in which you state that my "suggested path" would "marginalize and destroy" Jesuit institutions tells me that---and I don't wish to be too uncharitable---you've been living in L.A. much too long and that you need to work on a few things other than your sweet jump shot. The "suggested path" that was too much for you will be restated: if Campion is to be restored and revitalized, so should the Campion curriculum which made it prosper...and that, by necessity, would have to be pre-1962. But, relax, Mr. Doyle, have another brewski and put the lampshade back on your head: the "suggested path" will probably never happen because you and your fellow neo-Catholics have won and are in control. You have women "lectors;" altar girls; priests facing the people over a table instead of an altar facing God; "multis" has become "omnis" and everything is still "valid;" handshakes and hugs instead of devout recollection before communion; lay men and women distributing communion in the hand to standing communicants instead of priests distributing to kneeling communicants; and, my favorite, "catholic charismatic renewal." And all of this during the last 30+ years has resulted in some real marginalizing and destroying that I certainly never could have imagined when the Vatican decided to "open its windows." And the pope marry Madonna? Why should he? He's conducted joint "ecumenical" liturgies with pro-abortion Lutheran and Anglican "bishops" in St. Peter's Basilica; donated money to build an orthodox cathedral in Bucharest; kissed the Koran; declared the Jews to be our "elder brothers in the faith;" apologized for the "historical sins" of deceased Catholics from every nation, presumably from the Ascension on---I hope he included the sins of sexism and ageism; and asked St. John the Baptist to protect Islam. Imagine that: the Vicar of Christ invokes the Herald of Christ for the heavenly protection of a so-called "religion" that is based on the denial of Christ's divinity. "Oh, you're just another raving right-wing nut!" "Yes, Hilary, you're right again and he's probably schismatic , too." I really don't need to polemicize. In 1970, there were 240 priests under the age of 40 working in the diocese of Cleveland. Today, there are 37. And the local neo-Catholic seminary has graduated, count 'em, 3 new priests. THAT, Mr. Doyle, is reality. After reading your little polemic and reviewing other information about Campion and its demise (including class photos from 1963 to 1975--a picture IS worth a thousand words), I realized that the Campion Mother's Club of Chicago had it right 25+ years ago: standards at Campion had changed; then standards declined; and, finally, standards became non-existent. The Mother's Club may not have known who was marginalizing and destroying the Jesuit institution known as Campion, but at least they had the character and foresight not to sacrifice any more of their sons. The Lutherans, who purchased Campion, got lucky: they had a church and a table in place waiting for them.
Fri May 25 09:58:51 2001 [Michael Doyle 70]: Regarding Mike Varga-Sinka's post, I am surprised to hear that same-sex education for boys has been killed. I truly believed that my son was going to graduate from Loyola High Los Angeles next Saturday and I don't recall ever seeing any girl students there, but perhaps I have been deluded. Minor details about the VMI case: VMI is a state institution and it is a college, not a high school. There is nothing prohibiting private, all male colleges except that it is highly unlikely any would survive. When I just read the post, I wondered whether or not it was an obtuse parody of the rantings of right wing nuts, but I happen to know that a few people actually believe this stuff. I've been working at Loyola Marymount University for 12 years and we have spent a considerable amount of time and effort working to keep the distinctive Jesuit and Catholic mission and identity of our colleges and universities alive and healthy. The surest route to marginalizing and destroying our Jesuit institutions would be to take the path suggested by Mr. Varga-Sinka. Thankfully, the likelihood of that happening is approximately the same as the likelihood that the current pope will renounce his vows and marry Madonna. Sorry for the polemical nature of this message, but these sorts of opinions strike a bit too close to home for me. Anyway, getting back to the real world, for all you class of 70 guys, I live in L.A. 5 minutes from LAX, I have a sweet jump shot for an old guy, and I cook some tasty stuff, so if you are visiting or passing through, think about stopping by. My e-mail address is:
Fri May 25 07:42:07 2001 [Joe Haschka 1970]: Hey Class of 1970, I send you all greetings from Tom Viehman. Tom's living in Mpls.,MN with his wife, Paula and two kids. It's the land of the giants around their house. Tom runs his own remodeling business called Very Handy Men. He specializes in kitchens and baths. Tom and I hooked up with Marty Schultz last summer when Marty was in the Twin Cities visiting his in-laws. We hurt our faces laughing at our recollection of the great car bash behind Lucey Hall the spring of 1968. Who else was called into JVOC's office for tipping over the pummelled wreck the night of the car bash? HEY CLASS of '61 and CLASS of '63. My brother, David Haschka, S.J.('61) has been promoted within the Society of Jesus to a post in Washington, D.C. and starts there in August. My brother, Jonathan Haschka, S.J. ('63) is returning to Africa in August to work at a Jesuit school in Dar es-Salaam,Tanzania.
Wed May 23 17:23:30 2001 [Fred Nora 1970]: Hey Mike Varga-Sinka - How do you really feel about politically correct nouveau "education"?
Wed May 23 14:46:50 2001 [Michael Varga-Sinka 1967]: In the U.S. today, education, whether public or private, has probably never been more dismal. The ability to reason and the whole notion of continuing self-education, once taken for granted, are now relegated to a dungheap of truisms, propoganda, lies, political correctness, self-absorption, self-satisfaction, and fear. Genuine Catholic education is provided by Catholic traditionalists, some Catholic homeschoolers, and precious few others. If all you Campion-lovers would like to see our heritage restored, put your money up and establish a trust fund for a not-for-profit foundation. When the foundation has $200 million, through gifts and bequests, "Campion" can be repurchased, restored, and revitalized, preferably without modernist clerics. An additional $20 million should be set aside for litigation. In 1996, the U.S. Supreme Court in U.S. vs. Virginia ruled that the Virginia Military Institute violated the 14th Amendment by excluding women. This ruling killed same-sex education for boys but, as is typical of the contemporary liberal-fascist mindset, it did not affect same sex education for girls. In case you haven't noticed, there is a war against boys by establishment intellectuals. The fact is that boys are called to leadership roles that are unique to their sex and such roles require an education that must be distinctly different from that of girls. My suspicion is that you boys would like a Campion "the way it was," but without "offending" anyone or anyone's sensibilities. Most of Campion's heritage, traditions, and disciplines are retrievable but if the current cultural mindset is allowed to dominate the project, then it shouldn't even be considered seriously. Who needs another Andover? For further readings, check out the websites for the Education Freedom Foundation, Evergreen Freedom Foundation, and Future of Freedom Foundation. And if any of you actually read, try The War Against Boys, by Christina Hoff Sommers, published by Simon and Schuster. I'll be happy to help administer the project and screen ex-jesuits!
Wed May 23 12:09:38 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hey Mike the URL should work as Note the server name is groups plural whilst the directory path is group singular. good luck.
Wed May 23 09:36:53 2001 [Mike Majreski 70]: Keith, Chris, I need help! Tried the Yahoo site, but found no Campion listed. There were a couple Audrey Hepburn sites, a Ford haters site, even a Celtic cafe dancers site, but no Campion. Did I miss something? Is it under some other name?
Tue May 22 20:51:41 2001 [keleighty 70]: I strongly urge everyone who reads thissite to sign up with that Chris Lamal has set up. Tom Olson's site here is great. The Yahoo site is even moreso.
Tue May 22 20:27:38 2001 [leighty 70]: just noticed a typo on my previous two messages. I'm class of 70, not 50.
Tue May 22 20:23:50 2001 [leighty 50]: Chris Lamal: I tried to email you several months ago when you were having your apartment rehabbed but got no reply. maybe I had the wrong address. No more excuses. my email is I thirst for nostalgia and beer. and for elena at Walters Bar ( see majewski's previous message) Let's have a drink.
Tue May 22 20:18:33 2001 [leighty 50]: Majewski's right. I'm an idiot when it comes to women. I can only stand in awe at his prowess. The secret to success has something to do with shots on goal, as I understand Majewski. Hubka, listen carefully to him. The man is the guru of ... well, this is a public site, so let's just say that Majewski is living a Lucey Hall fantasy.
Mon May 21 13:18:23 2001 [Mike Majewski 1970]: I said it before, but it's worth repeating; Tom I think this site is great. Through this site I communicated with Ed Dudek after 15 years and was able to hook up with him and Leighty a couple weeks ago in NYC. Had a great time in the Village, Coney Island, and found a couple dives just South of Penn Station, one of which came with Elaina the Czechoslovakian refugee barmaid, complete with lowcut miniskirt, which every male patron was content to watch play pool, until, ( and you'll appreciate this Roll), Leighty makes her angry by telling her she's a good pool player, but could be better, and starts offering constructive criticsim. I keep trying to tell Leighty that the only advice you give a woman in a social setting is; " No, that's only a figure of speech", but what can I say, it's Keith. Anyway, Leighty aside, I hope we can find more classmates through this site. By the way, Brian Hubka recently moved to as Las Vegas, so if any of our class is coming here for a visit, let us know and we can get togher for a drink or something.
Mon May 21 08:15:39 2001 [Tere Flynn 1974*]: Yo Chris - your web site comments were, shall we say, crude. I attended CJHS for two years(would give a 'leg' to have attended all four years) I come to this site 2-3 times a week and find it a top notch site. It meets and provides the needs of CJHS students and I for one say THANK YOU for providing this site. As always, all comments should be welcomed, but should be limited to the good of the cause. PS a web site should be built for the user's ease and not have bells, whistles and glitz that serve no purpose in getting accross the web site's reason for being.
Mon May 21 08:15:27 2001 [Tere Flynn 1974*]: Yo Chris - your web site comments were, shall we say, crude. I attended CJHS for two years(would give a 'leg' to have attended all four years) I come to this site 2-3 times a week and find it a top notch site. It meets and provides the needs of CJHS students and I for one say THANK YOU for providing this site. As always, all comments should be welcomed, but should be limited to the good of the cause. PS a web site should be built for the user's ease and not have bells, whistles and glitz that serve no purpose in getting accross the web site's reason for being.
Sun May 20 17:22:37 2001 [J Chris Chinn 62]: To Tom Olson: as a computer teacher, I think your site is excellent. I fully appreciate the hours you have spent and will spend on it so far.
Sun May 20 15:01:24 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I do not know what limitations you refer to. My site has no limitations. That would be an insult to my Operating System. You may be referring to my simple guestbook has limitations. That is true. It was meant to be a _simple_ guestbook that works even with text based browsers. As far as fancy forums, banners, etc, my site is capable of doing those things. We just don't.
Sun May 20 13:50:11 2001 [Chris Lamal 1970]: DEAR ALL, I think is a rip-off for charging fees, especially since its service is so weak and buggy. Also, because it's fee-based, many alums may not want to pay for a subscription because they fear that no one else they know had also subscribed. (That's one reason I almost didn't bother to subscribe myself). On the other hand, the message board here at Tom Olson's campion-knights site is, I think you'd agree, fairly crude and awkward (no criticism of Tom intended; it's just a function of the limitations of his site). . Anyway, I am a member of another group that uses the Yahoo Groups (not to be confused with Yahoo Clubs) BB service. It's a great service and it's free, so a couple months ago I set up a Yahoo Group ( for Campion alums to exchange messages and post notices. I haven't publicized it before because it was initially an experiment (in Phase I clinical trials, so to speak). I invite you all to visit the site, however, and post (or cross-post) any msg you may want to share with the rest of us. I've already posted there a msg I recently received from Kevin Henneberry; I'll also be posting some msgs there that I received from some Martin Luther Prep students about their memories about attending school on our campus. PS. Igore my previous message of even date, I posted it by accident before it was completed. Apologies for any confusion. PPS to Keith Leighty: I'm upset that you didn't alert me to your NYC class reunion!
Sun May 20 13:29:24 2001 [Chris Lamal 1970]: DEAR ALL: I think is a rip-off for charging fees, especially since its service is so weak and buggy. Also, because it's fee-based, many alums may not want to pay for a subscription because they fear that no one else they know had also subscribed. (That's one reason I almost didn't bother to subscribe myself). On the other hand, the message board at Tom Olson's campion-knights site is, I think you'd agree, fairly crude.
Sun May 20 12:00:35 2001 [Keough 65]: Jerry Sullivan! I remember thinking how odd it must have been for you to have lived in Las Vegas. (I am correct in thinking that you had done so, yes?) And where am I now living? Las Vegas. Yeah, it still gets warm here...
Sun May 20 11:57:27 2001 [Joe OLeary 70]: Has anyone heard from Dwaine Kieler 1969? I'd love to talk to him. Last I heard he was in southwest Wisconsin.
Fri May 18 20:03:49 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Congratualation to VADM Tim LaFleur '66 for his new appointment as Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet. I was honored to attend his Changing of Command ceremony this morning. Awesome!
Tue May 15 14:36:54 2001 [Bill Elliott 1965]: Joe O'Leary, brother Bob is well and happy (well, sort of) working for a dotcom type enterprise in Indianapolis. He is said to be joining me at the golf outing in June. So he'll be passing through Chicago Saturday AM on the 2nd, and again on the way home Monday the 4th. Write him at
Mon May 14 18:03:38 2001 [Jim Williamson 70]: Ed, Keith and Mike, The next time you guys decide to do a mini reunion in Manhattan, shoot me an email ( I live outside Philadelphia and can get to NYC with relative ease. I trust that you are all doing well. My oldest child is graduating from West Point the weekend of the golf outing, so I won't be making it out to PDC. It's probably a good thing, anyway, since I've heard that my brother, Joe ('72) manages to make a spectacle of himself !
Mon May 14 11:33:54 2001 [Ed Dudek 70]: Had a small reunion the other weekend in Manhattan with Mike Majewski and Keith Leighty, all of us class of '70. Came away with a nice perspective on our lasting friendships and everything Campion means to us all - let's not forget. I'll be at the alumni golf outing next month with my brothers John '65 and Paul '68; I was a legacy (remember Dorfmann in Animal House?) - Campion had to take me! Joe O'Leary '70 - hope to see you at the Campion outing - you should have been with us in Greenwich Village. No floods in Manhattan.
Mon May 14 09:01:21 2001 [tom 1967]: 1967 grads stay in touch
Sun May 13 18:50:43 2001 [Joe O'Leary 70]: Bill Elliott- How's my old roomie Bobbie doing? Haven't talked to him in 30 years but think about him often. Would love to see him sometime. Keith- Would love to try to hook up with you if you're coming back to the midwest this summer. I'm jealous I can't party in Greenwich Village with you guys. I'm stranded in Iowa!!!!!!!!!
Fri May 11 18:17:14 2001 [Richard M. Kimberly 1961]: Hi!
Fri May 11 13:16:40 2001 [jerry sullivan 1965]: This is my first message. Hello to all from the class of '65.
Fri May 11 12:12:55 2001 [Laurence E. Kelly DDS 1951]: Passed away May 8th 2001 in Libertyville,Illinois
Fri May 11 08:38:33 2001 [Louis Chiara 65]: To Mike Smith: The golf weedend is the weekend of June 4 and most of us from our class will arrive friday or saturday and leave sunday or monday, the day of the golf event. If you need more info or a place to stay, etc. , email me at I know that I pesonally would be delighted to see you again and laugh at some of the crazy things you did, including the snake collecting expeditions down the railroad tracks, or the the time you "cut" Loopey's hair. It would be fun.
Fri May 11 08:32:24 2001 [Louis Chiara 65]: To Mike Smith
Fri May 11 08:32:24 2001 [Louis Chiara 65]: To Mike Smith
Fri May 11 08:32:22 2001 [Louis Chiara 65]: To Mike Smith
Thu May 10 06:26:44 2001 [Michael J Smith 1965]: Hello to all classmates of 1965. I still have many fond memories of my four years at Campion. I miss my 1940 Chevy that I kept parked in Dr. McWilliams driveway and also miss dressing as a priest and sneaking into Prairie. I remember the beatings I would receive from Fr. James Vincent O'connor and the time I gave Mr. Megan the finger in Latin class. The wine that Don Carroll and I would make and the fake I.D. cards we made for the purchase of alcohol. Those were the days!!!! The time Ken Fischer saved me from Drowning in the Wisconsin River, The time John Shinners barfed french fries (whole) from his nostrels. The snake in the laundry bag. Filthy Philis on the lower baseball field. The endurance test of swimming in the Mississippi with ice and 30 below temps that almost changed my gender!!! God Bless all of you wonderful MEN and please forgive me for my past transgressions.
Thu May 10 06:26:40 2001 [Michael J Smith 1965]: Hello to all classmates of 1965. I still have many fond memories of my four years at Campion. I miss my 1940 Chevy that I kept parked in Dr. McWilliams driveway and also miss dressing as a priest and sneaking into Prairie. I remember the beatings I would receive from Fr. James Vincent O'connor and the time I gave Mr. Megan the finger in Latin class. The wine that Don Carroll and I would make and the fake I.D. cards we made for the purchase of alcohol. Those were the days!!!! The time Ken Fischer saved me from Drowning in the Wisconsin River, The time John Shinners barfed french fries (whole) from his nostrels. The snake in the laundry bag. Filthy Philis on the lower baseball field. The endurance test of swimming in the Mississippi with ice and 30 below temps that almost changed my gender!!! God Bless all of you wonderful MEN and please forgive me for my past transgressions.
Wed May 9 10:35:27 2001 [Don DuBrul 1962]: I have never forgotten Campion or the great group of guys that I lived with four years from the Fall of '58 to graduation on May 25, 1962. I have had little contact with any of the group in the past twenty years or so except Don Douglas who e-mailed me a month or so back and said that he was trying to get a reunion together. For anyone in the Class of 56, I will let you know that my brother Jim of that group passed away three years ago of a sudden heart attack. I am always eager to hear and talk about the old school. Best to you all.
Sun May 6 18:11:45 2001 [Joe Williamson 72]: The Spit and Whistle brings back very fond memories indeed and I wish it was still open. The Wisconsin drinking law changed from 21 to 18 in March of my senior year and I, along with my fellow class of 72 buddies, took complete advantage of it. As a matter of fact, Fred Gates(our Dean of Students at the time) used to join us on a regular basis and was kind enough to buy us a few pitchers before he left. He'd entertain us by lighting $10.00 bills on fire just for fun. The place was run by a woman named Helen Dilley, who learned to like us, and I remember a painting of the '65 flood hanging up on a wall behind the bar. The clientele was mostly farmers and employees from the fertilizer plant across the street. We used to play, "For the good times", by Ray Price all the time. Ah, the good ole days...
Sun May 6 16:14:07 2001 [Lou Chiara 65]: Does anyone remember a bar called The Spit and Whistle? In the big flood of 1965 they brough customers in by boat with the water up to the floor boards, I was told. It was a pretty rough place and was the scene of some great theatrics (fights, etc.) Did anyone ever get into it? What was it really like? Did I miss some fun?
Sun May 6 11:37:05 2001 [Keough '65]: Yes, I think Mr. Meagan was the baby-faced chubby-ish guy of Sub Ubi fame. And, yes, I remember the marketing gem called Knifty Knight. Sh**, I can't rmember what I ate this morning but I remember Knifty, sub ubi, even the phantom piccolo.
Sat May 5 17:13:05 2001 [J Chris Chinn 62]: I believe the "chubby" Latin teacher everyone is trying to remember is probably Fr. Brey. I had him for Latin my Freshman year and I know he was still there my Senior year. Lucky for me I only took two years of Latin, but I do remember "semper ubi sub ubi
Sat May 5 17:12:24 2001 [J Chris Chinn 62]: I believe the "chubby" Latin teacher everyone is trying to remember is probably Fr. Brey. I had him for Latin my Freshman year and I know he was still there my Senior year. Lucky for me I only took two years of Latin, but I do remember "semper ubi sub ubi
Sat May 5 16:20:38 2001 [Michael Varga-Sinka 1967]: For those of us who don't know, what is the password in order to read/view "In Privatum Campianum"? If anyone has the password(s), please share it with the rest of us. With respect to who the teacher was, check your yearbook. I do not recall any layman --- we didn't have "persons" at that time; we had men!!---teaching Latin or Greek, for that matter. I'll always wonder what happened to Patnode and Horine after the flower-power rebellion took over?
Sat May 5 15:55:29 2001 [Keith Leighty 70]: Greetings to all from a mini-mini-reunion in Manhattan. Ed Dudek, Mike Majewski and Keith Leighty. heading out for a night in Greenwich Village.
Sat May 5 12:20:09 2001 [Lou Chiara 65]: Was the "chuby" Latin instructor a priest, scholastic , or lay person? Mr. O'Leary was my frosh Latin teacher. Could it have been Mr. Meagan? I don't think Fr. Burke or Mr. Boehme or Mr. Peterson ever taught Latin and I can't remember anyone else who fits the description. Maybe Lee, the gigantic globose guy who worked on the food line, was your afterschool tutor? And I remember well the figure of Nifty Knight hung on the front of Lucey Hall at home coming of 64 because I have a photo of it!! Remember the sweat shirts from frosh year? I wonder what happened to Mr. Powers my frosh English teacher? -- I alwa;ys thought he was a neat guy. Does anyone remember the phantom piccolo in Lucey Hall.`? uy.
Fri May 4 10:48:05 2001 [BREEN LYDEN 1973]: good afternoon gentelman!
Thu May 3 16:37:28 2001 [Bill Elliott 1965]: As long as I am here: Anyone of us '65s planning to attend the golf should really drop me a line. I have word of about 10 of us, but if you have not communicated with me, and are planning to go or want to go, let me know. There are at least two double rooms with only one person at this time, so space is not an immediate issue.Robert LaChance and Tom Rink are trying to get a fix on the numbers, and I am not being very helpful. The class of '64 reports 24 RSVPs, so we are behind. Come on guys, commit and chip in. We also are going to need someone to putt in, as no confirmed golfers have registered. Powers indicated he may "putt" in, but that assumes he rides something other than Amrican iron....
Thu May 3 13:09:24 2001 [Joe Rosenberger 1965]: Banner? I have some color shots of the banners hanging on both Marquette and Lucey Halls for Homecoming (I think '65). I just Xeroxed off the graduation program and some photos of concerts., and will mail to Bill E. , Lou C. and Chuck N. for their records. Still trying to get one of our engineers to show me how to scan all this stuff in, so I can get it on the net for everyone's benefit.
Thu May 3 12:46:07 2001 [Bill Elliott 1965]: As long as I am here: Anyone of us '65s planning to attend the golf should really drop me a line. I have word of about 10 of us, but if you have not communicated with me, and are planning to go or want to go, let me know. There are at least two double rooms with only one person at this time, so space is not an immediate issue.Robert LaChance and Tom Rink are trying to get a fix on the numbers, and I am not being very helpful. The class of '64 reports 24 RSVPs, so we are behind. Come on guys, commit and chip in. We also are going to need someone to putt in, as no confirmed golfers have registered. Powers indicated he may "putt" in, but that assumes he rides something other than Amrican iron....
Thu May 3 12:35:06 2001 [Bill Elliott 1965]: Well I cannot remember Sir Knifty Knight. Being on teh first floor I guess it did not leave any lasting impression. "Semper ubi sub ubi" however, has been my motto since that chubby freshman instructor first brought it up in C class. Who was that cheerful character? It was probably the first and last latin I learned. "Sublimily" though much of it sank in, and I have always been grateful for the language basis. It would be nice if I had something to say.
Thu May 3 07:51:49 2001 [Pat Byrne 1965]: Does anyone else remember that moronic cartoon character "SIR KNIFTY KNIGHT"? There was a huge banner of him hung from Marquette Hall for homecoming 1964, right in front of my (and Ray Maynes) window. We lived on the 2nd floor, right in front, looking out over the campus and that stupid banner shut off all views of everyones dates coming up the stairs (until we cut a hole in it) in a relatively strategic spot, as I recall. Roger Jestels favorite "Semper ubi sub ubi"...You Latin scholars figure it out!!!
Tue May 1 17:46:18 2001 [Bob Muhs 38]: Tom,
Mon Apr 30 15:01:14 2001 [Quinn Harmon 1951]: E-mail address is / fax# 817-548-9421
Mon Apr 30 15:00:04 2001 [Quinn Harmon 1951]: Looking for a copy of the Campion Knight 1951 Yearbook - E-mail me if you have an extra copy or know where I can order a copy.
Fri Apr 27 22:37:24 2001 [Michael Varga-Sinka 1967]: I'm glad you asked: I have a few things to say; I will even answer some questions presented in the "Daring Poll Questions." I will add unforgettable details to your collective memories. Names will be named. Reputations will be either restored or ruined. I may, if provoked, speak ill of the dead. More later.
Wed Apr 25 17:36:17 2001 [Joe Rosenberger 1965]: So sorry to hear about john Dorff. Weird thing, fate. Just last week finally saw "The Perfect Storm," not knowing one of our own had a similar fate. Good job searching, Chuck. Promise I'll call you back, really.
Tue Apr 24 20:04:52 2001 [Jim Williamson 1970]: To, Bill Freidrichs and Bill Gillette. It's great to see your names up on the guestbook. I am living in Devon, Pa., a suburb of Philadelphia. Where are you guys? I would love to make it to the golf outing this year, but I'm afraid that my father and I are going to be no shows. My oldest son is graduating from West Point on June 2nd (also the day of my mother and father's 50th wedding anniversay), so we have events planned in New York around that time. Gillette, I know it must kill you to know that my sons went Army (my son ,Jon, is a plebe at West Point), coming from a big Navy family as you do. Maybe I can get you guys out to Philadelphia for an Army/Navy game soon. Count me in on next year's golf outing. My brother, Joe, tells me they are a great time. Drop me an email if you get a chance. I can be reached at (610)971-0625. Email:
Tue Apr 24 19:40:50 2001 [Tom Lochner DS 72]: To; Bill Freidrichs. I remember very well your love for my sister Meadie. As I recall there was a bit of a competition for her heart between you and Bobby Halverson. Seemed it played out on the baseball field at St. Mary's as well as the classroom at St. John's. Medie is in LaCrosse now. Is with UW LaCrosse Business School, two kids both in college; one about to graduate. I will send her greetings from you. I have to confess to having a crush on your younger sister Minnie. Hope to see you at the golf outing this summer.
Mon Apr 23 19:24:42 2001 [Bill Gillette 1970]: My first time on the site and it's great to see the names of so many guys I still recognize! For those of you who remember me I "would have" graduated in 1970 from Campion but after my sophomore year and even at such a tender age, realizing a new and "enlightened" regime was taking over, I decided to jump ship and follow my uncle (L.G. Friedrichs) up to St.Mary in Menasha. As most of you have seen from the messages to Dottie Friedrichs Terryn, I chose the man over the institution. I sincerely wish I hadn't have had to make that choice. Well It's all in the past and it aill make for great reminiscing during the June golf outing/reunion. Jim Williamson give me a holler and be sure to make it to the outing with your Dad and Joe. Rick Sevenants, I expect to see you there also!
Mon Apr 23 15:31:56 2001 [Bill Lyle 1965]: Enough with the post office jokes. I could kick any of your butts in golf because I wasn't obsessed with something as silly as a career . Life's great. See you all at the next golf outing when the water subsides. I don't think sandbagging is a union job or is it?
Mon Apr 23 11:21:43 2001 [chuck neumann 1965]: I spoke with John Dorff's dad last night and heard that he had become a commercial fisherman out of Provincetown. He was lost at sea 5-1-84.
Sun Apr 22 20:05:55 2001 [Bill Friedrichs 66-67]: Thanks for all the kind words regarding Coach Friedrichs. It's funny how things come around. In 85 when the cancer got real bad, by sheer coincidence the hospice we contacted in Milw. was founded and being run by a former Campion Jesuit, Fr. Jim Ewens. They took care of everything right til the end. The letters and calls from former players were unbelievable. The Jesuits held a private service for him at the Marquette Residency Hall. Many of the old Jebs came-Fr. Halloran, O'Leary. even Fr. "Duke" Dukevitch to name just a few. They really came through for our family and we'll always be grateful. Jim Wiiliamson-please e-mail and let me know where you are. Tom Lochner-your sister Amelia(Medee) was my first love! Please tell her hello! Dottie- come visit this summer! Regards all.
Sun Apr 22 13:28:55 2001 [Keough '65]: Byrne! You bas***! Playboys in (Fr.) Marquette Hall!?! Just 'cause I was a geekoid doesn't mean you should not have shared. Where the heck was your Christain spirit?
Sat Apr 21 11:48:13 2001 [Pat Byrne 1965]: To Dottie: I played football under your dads coaching for 3 years (63-65) and a nicer, finer man never existed. There were days I would have traded him for the devil himself, and others I wouldn't have traded him for the world. He knew how to read each individual as an individual, if you needed a boot in the ass you got it, big time. If you needed to be reminded that you were a Campion player and one of the best he'd ever coached, he let you know that too. I was involved in a slight "scandle" my junior year (something about Playboys in Marquette Hall basement) and I had to "resign" from the team so as not to bring any backlash to it. Your dad stood behind me 100%, and, as soon as the suspension was lifted, (he heard about it first) he came to my room in Marquette Hall to give me the news I was re-instated on the team before I even knew the suspension was lifted. He didn't have to do that, but it was just another way he had of making you feel like you were the only one he was concerned with. He was a teacher, a coach, a demon, but, above all, he was a friend that taught you life on a daily basis. God bless L.G., he taught us all something, but taught those of us lucky enough to be coached by him about life in and outside a football helmet!even more
Sat Apr 21 11:31:00 2001 [Pat Byren 1965]: The below message is from Pat Byrne ( I graduated from Campion, what do you expect)?
Sat Apr 21 11:29:16 2001 [Pat Byren 1965]: Someone out there sent me an E-Mail with a password etc. for In Privatum Campianum. At the time I had no idea what it was all about, now I do and I don't have the password. Whoever the kind soul is who sent it, would you be so kind as to re-send. Many thanks. Pat Byrne '65
Thu Apr 19 18:00:49 2001 [Joe Bigane 65]: Keith Leighty cracked about sandbagging the rising Mississippi which brought back (excuse me) a flood of memories. Ol Miss flooded as we prepared for graduation and we spent the last three weeks helping a lot of people try to salvage their lives memorialized in treasurers that the river had forever ruined. I have always prayed that I would never encounter that kind of misery and stench again. One of the photos hidden away in my 65 yearbook is a picture of John Dorf and myself sans shirts on cleanup patrol (I am still not a pretty sight without shirt). Has anyone heard of or know anything about Dorf?
Thu Apr 19 12:30:30 2001 [Bill Elliott 1965]: By the way, I learned to type in public school...
Thu Apr 19 12:27:02 2001 [Bill Elliott 1965]: Three (or more) cheers to Mr. Bishop! I can't wait to see those 'ETTES, and I have 82 friends that shold get a kick out of them as well. The class of '65, through this site,, and the great efforts of Chuck Neumann I have been able to assemble and post in Privatum Campianum the names, addresses and most of the emails for 83 of our members. If you suspect you are not on the list, please contact me or this site for inclusion and access to the registry. It has only been a copule months of collecting data, and we have about 2/3 of the graduating class accounted for. We are shooting for 100%, and encourage anyone who knows the whereabouts of a '65 to give him up. We promise there are no late fees or recriminations of any sort. We just want to hear form you an make all teh other classes jealous while we're at it.
Wed Apr 18 22:52:47 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Mr. Bishop. I'll be contacting you about your Ette collection.
Wed Apr 18 22:49:54 2001 [Robert C. Bishop 1967]: I possess every 'ETTE from '63-'64 through '66-'67. Please advise if you are interested.
Wed Apr 18 22:46:53 2001 [Robert C. Bishop 1967]: I love Campion and my memories of Campion. 00am proud to be a "Campion Man Class off '67.
Wed Apr 18 11:00:47 2001 [Joe Williamson 72]: Apologies to Tom Lochner for posting a joke on this public forum where it should have been sent via private e-mail. As Tom mentioned, we stay in close contact and like to give each other a hard time whenever possible. For those who may have been traumatized by by me unwittingly opening up some old, deep wounds, I recommend counseling.
Wed Apr 18 06:19:48 2001 [Tom Lochner DS72]: Hey Gene Stender thanks for defending me although you may have been a bit harsh on Joe Williamson. Joe and I e-mail almost daily and talk on the telephone often. He was not rying to insuly antoone, just giving me some sh--. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive him., As you know Joe has had a hard time since his IQ is identical to thethe last two digits of the year he graduated from high school. We all try to make allowances for him. To Dottie Friedrichs Terryn -- I knew and went to grade school with your brothers and sisters at St. Johns in PdC and would see your father often. I remebe playng kickball, baseball, basketball and football at your house or St Mary's. You dad coached my cousin Bill and taught my brothers Mark and Paul. All would agree that he was the best coach they knew including when he coached the JV basketball team. I recall a game where he was wearing the four buckle golashes that most of us had to endure as children in Wisconsin. Somehow on your dad they were a fashion statement. I have talked to others who coached against him and they had the utmost respect for him both as a coach and a mentor of young men.
Tue Apr 17 17:30:45 2001 [Jim Williamson 1970]: To: Dottie Friedichs Terryn-- I am a friend of your brother, Bill, and your cousin, Bill Gillette. I played football with both of them before your family moved to Menasha, Wisconsin. I was from Oshkosh and remember when St. Mary's Menasha won the Catholic State championship under your dad. I used to come to your home in Menasha to visit your brother and cousin when I was home for vacations. I always had a tremendous amount of respect for your dad as a coach and a person. Your family left Campion after my sophomer year, so I never had the opportunity to play for your father my junior and senior year, although I would have loved to play St. Mary's in the state championship game when I was a senior. That would have been a game to remember, and one that your father would have loved to coach. I'm certain that, knowing your father and the hospitality of the Friedrichs family, we all would have been invited to the post game party, regardless of who won.
Tue Apr 17 17:20:05 2001 [Keough '65]: To Dottie: LG was a great coach, a great teacher (I had him for Math classes, and believe me he H-E-L-D your attention DAMN IT!!) and was the friendliest guy on campus. I was the farthest thing from a jock yet he treated me like I was a star player! To everyone: Class of '65ers keep creeping out from under the rocks and it seems we may have a pretty good turnout for the June Festivities! Order extra kegs...
Tue Apr 17 11:57:28 2001 [TOM RINK 1964]: To Dottie Friedrichs Terryn-- I grew up 4 houses from you and played for L.G. for 3 years 61-63. My father died in 1962 and he made sure that my mother always had a ride to our home games. He was without a doubt the best football coach in the state. I always remember when we would hang a "jock" from the goal post after the final practice of the year and he would have someone play the taps.
Tue Apr 17 11:22:33 2001 [Dottie Friedrichs Terryn ]: Do any of you remember the bonfire and the "This is Your Life" for L.G. Friedrichs in 1960 or 1961? I was the baby that he was holding. I'm the youngest of the 9 Friedrichs and thoroughly enjoy reading this guestbook. It gives me fond memories of my father. Do any of you remember him and if you do could you tell me a thing or two about him. He passed away 15 yrs ago, way to early for me. I enjoy listening to what others have to say about him. Thanks.
Tue Apr 17 09:59:46 2001 [Keith Leighty 1970]: LA CROSSE, Wis. (AP)--The bloated Mississippi River kept residents of four states on edge as it slowly crept out of its bank and threatened to rise to near-record levels.
Tue Apr 17 09:58:25 2001 [Keith Leighty 1970]: Any old sandbag hands available? DJ Mississippi River Threatens To Rise To Near-Record Crests
Sat Apr 14 23:10:38 2001 [Gene Stender DS72]: "Tommy" Lochner puts the "DS" in front of his year of graduation because that's also what the administration of Campion decided was appropriate to announce on official transcripts to make Day Students "different". Add that to the constant "informal" hazing of "town bombers" being inbred, stupid, racist, and all-around inferior to sophisticates like people from Madison, Chicago, or Beloit, and you can imagine a mild resentment of people being treated like dumb shits. That's how it's spelled, Joe.
Fri Apr 13 10:32:09 2001 [Joe Bigane 65]: It is not my intention to get soppy but as a tax guru that puts in a lot of hours at this particular time of the year, I just wanted to let all of y'se guys who traffic this site know that I have thoroughly enjoyed eavesdropping and chatting and thinking about life several centuries ago. Fortunately or un-, Irish love of the 'crature' has severly damaged large blocks of memory cells but such is the life of a nice, Catholic, Irish, Jesuit-trained lad. So a happy and blessed Easter to each of you and yours. I look forward to reaquainting or getting acquainted with everyone at the PDC golf outing
Wed Apr 11 16:36:47 2001 [Joe Williamson 72]: P.S. Hey Tommy Lochner, just because your nickname in high school was dumb sh.., you don't have to put the DS in front of your class year.
Wed Apr 11 16:32:53 2001 [Joe Williamson 72]: I encourage anyone going to the all Campion alumni golf outing to do as I do and stop at Pete's hamburgers for a snack and bring them over to the Sawmill Saloon, on the main drag, and wash them down with a couple of beers. Chances are there will be Nick Campbell, former Campion football coach, sitting there ready to discuss nearly any subject you want. I was just with the proprietor, Denny Fuller, this past weekend at the Brewer Home opener and he invited anyone to stop by. He will be at Kabers also for the Sunday evening "gala". Good times had by one and all.
Wed Apr 11 15:54:00 2001 [Tom Lochner DS72]: Hey Mike, aren't computers fun?!! See you June 4th if not before. You can get me at
Tue Apr 10 18:53:37 2001 [Mike Lochner 60]: There Cletus, the name should appear ahead of this. My computer stutters too.
Tue Apr 10 18:50:43 2001 [ ]: To Cletus. Thats Mike and yes the4th of June is Monday, but the drinking starts at 5 on Sunday at Kabers in down town PDC unless you get to town earlier in the weekend as some folks do.If you are coming let us know.
Tue Apr 10 12:37:04 2001 [Cletus Althoff 1970]: Obviously the previous text I had composed was ment to be funny. I have been in the Army too long not to have a sense of humor. Sorry you couldn't get it. When I had placed the message I hit the wrong key and tought it was lost, so I resent it. I apologize for the repetition. Please have the courage to use your name the next time you visit this site.
Mon Apr 9 12:11:10 2001 [ ]: How drunk do some people need to excuse their "behavior":
Fri Apr 6 11:30:51 2001 [Cletus Althoff 1970]: sorry, I rattled that off computer has stuttered once more.
Fri Apr 6 11:29:05 2001 [Cletus Althoff 1970]: Tomark Lochner '60; Mark, I see that you have listed the golf/beer outing as 4 June...a this correct? No big deal for me, I am willing to have a beer on any day ending in "Y".
Fri Apr 6 11:24:21 2001 [Cletus Althoff 1970]: To Mark Lochner '60; Mark, as regards to the golf/beer outing you have given the date as the 4th of June...a this correct...No big deal, I am willing to drink beer on any day ending in "Y".
Thu Apr 5 18:17:08 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Ray, I'll email you my snailmail address.
Thu Apr 5 17:51:09 2001 [Raymond T Barton 1941]: This is interesting. I am still going strong, do seven miles five days a week. Four walking, three on stationary bike, and 30minutres on weight machine. My first trip to the hospital ever was this past January 19th for a pacemaker implant. January 23rd, I was back on my exercise routine, excluding only my bench press work. I have the '39,'40,'41 yearbooks. Need to know how best to deliver for needed class pictures.
Thu Apr 5 17:44:14 2001 [Raymond T Barton 1941]: Thanks to the March newsletter, I know os this
Thu Apr 5 17:44:12 2001 [Raymond T Barton 1941]: Thanks to the March newsletter, I know os this
Wed Apr 4 17:14:09 2001 [Mike Lochner 1960]: Crises !!! If you ae thinking or planning on golfing or just being in PDC for this great weekend,Golf June 4 please let Tom or I know as we can get all things together. We had a meeting tonight and we are getting a lot of indications that alot of you may be here and want to get together. We can set up things, but really need to know all the numbers . Respond here or at either Tom, Mark or my address.
Wed Apr 4 17:04:24 2001 [Mike Lochner 1960]: 2001 Golf Outing
Wed Apr 4 11:06:25 2001 [Al Zepp '66]: Just stumbled across this sight and was happy to find it. Greetings to Bob Jakoubek who left a previous message and who put up with me for a roommate for not one but two years in Lucy Hall. Anxious to hear any details about said reunion of the class of 66 this summer.
Fri Mar 30 21:15:36 2001 [joe rubey 1953]: met w/ tomphillip, had drinks & discussed old times, looking forward to hearing from others of 53!
Wed Mar 28 19:55:08 2001 [Keith Leighty 70]: Any class of 70 grads in the LaCrosse area? I'll be visiting family there in late June/early July and would love to hook up for a beer or four.
Wed Mar 28 19:43:10 2001 [Bill Elliott 1965]: Is Jim redmond any relation to John Redmond '65? Hope to hear from him if so.
Tue Mar 27 17:50:06 2001 [Fred Nora 1970]: I went to a lecture this morning; the speaker's introduction included his attendance at a Jesuit high school in Wisconsin. Mike Redmond '61 is alive and prospering in Pensacola, Florida. I suspect he will be contacting this site soon.
Tue Mar 27 14:20:09 2001 [Keough '65]: Sorry, Joe,...I was unable to resist. Glad to hear everyone's well. I envy Mark: I was born in Duluth and miss the Northern Minnesota green. Of course, it's been so many years since I've been back, I've been able to forget the state bird (mosquito) and the 350 day long Winter.
Tue Mar 27 12:09:07 2001 [Joe Haschka 1970]: To Kevin Keough 65: I guess I should have been less facetious. Father Dave and Father Jon are not parents. Mark is and he has sort of retired to a nice house on Lake Pokegema in Grand Rapids, MN with his wife, Barbara. Their son, Matt, just left the nest to live and go to college in Duluth.
Mon Mar 26 18:10:39 2001 [Bill Elliott 1965]: Jim Powers, echoing Kevin Keough and on behalf of another 53 or more of us, come on aboard. I have a quick update I can send you with info on many of us, with contact information. Write me!
Mon Mar 26 16:55:33 2001 [Keough 65]: Mr. Powers,... Contact me at '' (no quotes). We've had quite a reunion via internet!
Mon Mar 26 13:13:27 2001 [Jim Powers '65]: I just came across the site. Interesting reading. I was suprised to see my name mentioned (thanks Kevin!). I haven't heard from anybody for thirty years. Would be interested in hearing from anybody.
Sun Mar 25 10:45:48 2001 [Keough 65]: Nice thought, Haschkas: ALL are fathers with two being Jesuits? I guess admission requirements aren't as tough as the old days. How does child-care work, then? I remember Mark well; Hi, Mark!
Wed Mar 21 15:40:18 2001 [Joe Haschka 1970]: Mark lives up in the north woods of Minnesota, and Joe and Chris live in the Minneapolis area. We're all fathers and two of us are Jesuits.
Wed Mar 21 15:29:58 2001 [Joe Haschka 1970]: All five Haschka boys graduated from Campion. David - '61, Jonathan - '63, Mark - '64, Joe - '70, and Chris - '72. Jonathan and David are both Jesuits out of Wisconsin Province, where David is Asst. Provincial. Jon is finishing up a sabbatical at Creighton U and will return to mission work in Africa the summer of 2001.
Wed Mar 21 04:39:55 2001 [Hugh Toner 75]: Dalton,I was thinking about you when I was in St Louis a coup e months back. You (or anyone else who cares to )can contact me at redzonelaw @
Tue Mar 20 16:41:56 2001 [Joe Rosenberger 1965]: Finally happened across an album of color photos taken graduation day and a few days before--was stuck ithe trunk of my little convertible that I'd had shippwed out here but had set in my driveway unused for 6 months. Will get them scanned in and mounted on the site ASAP. No Zippo, alas.
Tue Mar 20 15:51:10 2001 [Chris O'Brien 70]: It's been some time since I reviewed the message board. There is a lot of territory covered here. Tom, is there some way to index or search the discussion boards as they expand? Thanks for the effort maintaining this site.
Tue Mar 20 10:55:21 2001 [Dalton Schreiber 1976]: I have lost track of everyone. Any one out there from the "lost classes"?
Sun Mar 18 16:17:19 2001 [Keough '65]: Amazing!! Came across my Campion Zippo on Friday night while rumaging through some attic-type stuff! I also still have the little red address book.
Sat Mar 17 10:17:56 2001 [Tom Lochner DS72]: And a Happy St. Patricks Day to you Joe me boy. Up awful early today aren't you?
Sat Mar 17 07:30:47 2001 [Jim Williamson 1970]: Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all of you Knights out there!
Fri Mar 16 09:36:19 2001 [William Parazin 1959]: Somehow lost the last "n" in my name, there.
Fri Mar 16 09:35:21 2001 [William Parazi 1959]: Not a '59er in the crowd, eh?
Mon Mar 12 11:54:10 2001 [Joe Murphy 1962]: Thanks to Tom Rink for the Peterson phone number and the registration protocol for the June 4 "get together." Can't play golf anymore, but gonna try to make it for the Sunday registration and ensuing tales of old. And Tom, as your friends at Peterson's concurred with this old team-mate, you should have passed on baseball during the Spring of '62. Looking forward to the Return. you
Mon Mar 12 06:17:51 2001 [Tom Rink 1964]: To all who are interested in coming to the 7th. annual golf outing this year to be held on June 4th. you MUST contact Mark Peterson to register and obtain lodging information. His phone number is 608-326-6496 and his fax number is 608-326-8070. The first mailing has been sent out and the committee is working diligently to organize the event. Everyone must be registered in order for us to put the teams together, order the food, reserve carts, etc... We anticipate a great turnout this year and look forward to seeing many "old" knights.
Sat Mar 10 13:38:07 2001 [Bigane 65]: Okay, so how and who (or who/how) do we sign up for the golf outing, find out where the very finest inns in town or the surrounding countryside are for room registration, etc. Udderwise, how can I look forward to seeing KK at the 19th hole? By the bye, Mr. Elliott, I choose to believe that I may never have grown up (as in maturity) but I did continue to grow out!
Wed Mar 7 17:16:18 2001 [Bob DuBrul 53]: Oops! E-mail me at
Wed Mar 7 17:15:37 2001 [Bob DuBrul 53]: We are still looking for Knights of class of "53. We have found the wherabouts of 46, but still need to hear from the rest. If any see this, contact me.l If any of other class years know of whereabouts of friends or relatives of class of '53, let me know or let them know their class is looking for them. Thanks!!
Wed Mar 7 12:55:56 2001 [Keough '65]: Bill E., Perhaps I forgot to tell you that one of my jobs was w/the Post Office but I was terminated just after I received my weapons training. I'll be seeing YOU at the 19th hole, too! (signed, Especially O L D Kevin) (With apologies to Bill Lyle of USPS fame)
Wed Mar 7 08:42:35 2001 [Bill Elliott 1965]: I can see from the foregoing that the party repartee will pick up approximately where we left off, having gained no real maturity from the passage of time. And this is how it should be. I for one not exactly grown up at that time, and I am not sure I have fully matured yet. I am looking forward to a day or two in the sun with people who will remind me of the good times and bad that are not likely to be repeated, and can only be preserved in what (in my case) is a diminishing capacity to recall them. I have written the known members of my class (about 50) but have had a few responses comitting to the golf weekend, but I know ther are more. I hope everyone going encourages someone else to come along. I look forward to seeing as many as possible. Especially old Kevin. Or is that Especially OLD Kevin...
Tue Mar 6 15:04:20 2001 [Keough '65]: Joe, I was a lowly "C" classer, I'll have you know... and I was merely wondering if you were writing of friends from times past or friends whose time has passed. See you on the 19th hole..
Tue Mar 6 12:45:46 2001 [Patrick J. Gill 1961]: very nice collection - brings back memories
Mon Mar 5 14:01:36 2001 [Bigane 65]: Kevin K, for an "A" classer and maybe even a grad from something beyond the 12th grade, what part of the written word are you incapable of interpreting? Or are you just old?
Mon Mar 5 07:54:54 2001 [Cletus Althoff 1970]: For Thomas Olson '72; Tom, I recieved your package, and thanks for getting me the password back. I will get you the ROTC film this week before I have to head up to Ft. McCoy for a 20 day school...Uncle Sam, the Army, and I are still pals. Devito taught me well, at least I now know my left foot from my right one, something college would never have taught me....CAMPION LIVES!!!! PS: who kept spray painting that on the Martin Luther sign along the highway in Prairie years ago?
Sun Mar 4 21:19:24 2001 [Keough 65]: Mr. Bigane, exactly where do the inflections go in the words "very old acquaintances"?
Wed Feb 28 20:54:40 2001 [Joe Bigane 65]: So I'm sitting at my desk when a Chuck Newman calls. Turns out the Knight spirit is still out there only going along without me. It's great to find this site, these memories and this board. Can't think of anything better than to renew very old acquaintances at a Campion golf outing in June.
Thu Feb 22 07:08:38 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: If you can't post your name your messages will be deleted!
Thu Feb 22 06:38:23 2001 [ ]: Dennis Mueller (74), so you think this is Dennis Collins? Think again my old friend! I didn't know you were in the habit of loaning your clothes out to the whole class of 1974....
Wed Feb 21 21:26:21 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: That sounds funny. Did you guys pass the tie down the line while you took turns getting your pictures taken!
Wed Feb 21 19:58:31 2001 [Dennis Mueller 1974]: In reply to the tie memo, I am assuming that way you Dennis Collins. No name appeared. If so, I can't take credit for the tie. Back then, like now, I was averse to owning ties. Take a close look at Carmon Fuller's picture. I believe the tie started there.
Wed Feb 21 13:07:02 2001 [ ]: Dennis Mueller (1974)...Now there is a name I haven't heard in some 27 years.How has life been treating you Dennis? So sorry to hear about Joe Waickman. After looking through our yearbook, as I like to do, I noticed the necktie I was wearing for senior pictures. As I recall I borrowed that tir from your wardrobe, thanks again for the loaner Dennis.
Wed Feb 21 12:55:37 2001 [ ]: The Ghost of Campion has appeared in Hoffman Hall and is giving the Prairie du Chien Police Dept fits.Taller,thin man has been sighted on a number of occasions skulking around corners.Latest attempt to identify included infrared scanning.No word yet.Any comment.
Wed Feb 21 10:50:59 2001 [Lou Pagano 1971]: Thought I would post my name and address in case anyone might be interested in getting in touch.
Fri Feb 16 13:07:19 2001 [Dennis Mueller 1974]: Thanks to my brother Mike, I just stumbled accross this sit. It is great to read down for names of people from a great time of my life. Still living in Wisconsin and hanging around with Gary Childrey every other weekend of the year. We get together to talk past, present and future. Tend to see Terry Johnson once in a while and unfortunately saw the Waickman family at Joe's funeral. For those that didn't see Joe after graduation, he and his family were simply amazing. MaryAnne and Joe did the best job of parenting I have ever seen. Someone took the wrong person early when Joe died. Gary, Terry and I had the opportunity to see him the week before he passed away. Even though he could barely talk, he still had the Waickman Childlike sense of humor. It was great to be able to have seen him one more time.
Fri Feb 16 12:13:02 2001 [Mike Mueller 1968]: Did you ever take part in Zulu warfare against the local farmers?
Thu Feb 15 21:41:04 2001 [Ray Hackett 59?]: Guess you young guys missed my error in my Campion Slogan--GIVE CAMPION A BOY GET BACK WHAT YOU CAN----- is what I should have typed!
Thu Feb 15 10:35:12 2001 [BOB MENZNER 53]: been gone along time.ret in oct. still live in marathon, at marco island,fla.until end of march
Mon Feb 12 17:58:25 2001 [Mike Majewski 1970]: Ed Dudek. Did you receive my last e-mail, (sometime after Christmas), about the old pictures I got of the neghborhood, circa 1955? Get back to me .
Sat Feb 10 09:15:15 2001 [Chuck Gillia 74/75]: Hello Brian ! Please get in touch with would like to talk about and with you as well as Marty.Thanks Brian ! Chuck Gillia
Sat Feb 10 08:37:05 2001 [Brian Paulson 1977]: How do I get into "In Privatum Campiatum"?
Fri Feb 9 12:57:30 2001 [Ed Dudek 1970]: John ('45), don't worry, we'll get you some remedial help in using the computer. By the way, has
Fri Feb 9 11:09:52 2001 [John Gillespie 1945]: Just found this site. probably not too many of my classmates
Fri Feb 9 11:09:19 2001 [John Gillespie 1945]: Screwed up something on this . Anybody from 45/
Fri Feb 9 11:07:08 2001 [John Gillespie 1945]: Just found this site. probably not too many of my classmates
Fri Feb 9 10:06:57 2001 [ladybug 70]: It's so sad when they go over the edge.
Wed Feb 7 16:46:27 2001 [John Roll 1970]: To Tom Olson re: your 2/19 " Roll Call" comment: Do not think you can phase me with Roll jokes....I've been immune since freshman year at Campion, when Fr. Aspenleiter dubbed me "Jelly" . For the following three years, I resigned myself to a the identity of "Jel", "Tootsie", and "French", among dozens of other terms of endearment. I will nonetheless give you limited "props" for coming up with a term I have not heard for, oh, say six months! (As you've gathered, I am completely over the trauma caused by Fr. A. four decades ago).
Tue Feb 6 20:51:05 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hola! Jim. The lost 49'ers report in!!! One of your classmates was going to send me one. But I haven't seen it yet. Do you have access to a scanner??? If so, you can save me some of the work load.
Tue Feb 6 20:20:47 2001 [james glynn 1949]: how can we get 1949 yearbook and pictures in this ??
Tue Feb 6 08:14:06 2001 [Bill Elliott 1965]: Oops, they took my email address, but did not print it. Write me at for the update or anything else.
Tue Feb 6 08:10:31 2001 [Bill Elliott 1965]: The list of '65s found grows rapidly. I have 44 email addresses out of about 130 graduates. I also have many phone numbes and street addresses, a few spouse names, some bios, etc. If you are not part of the list and want updates on some of your classmates, write me. Our separate update/newsletter is getting lengthy. Several of us are planning or talking about getting together at the golf outing in June. And to whoever is keeping this page running: Thank you, I've enjoyed it, and hope to continue now for many years.
Mon Feb 5 19:39:39 2001 [John Roll 1970]: To Paul Wagner: Just be thankful that you never told me either the date or the location of your wedding this month....otherwise, I would be forced to post it in this Guestbook and bring hordes of Campion "boors" down upon you and your future in-laws. However, despite being snubbed for your wedding, I will nevertheless be happy to drive you and Gumper to PDC this June.
Mon Feb 5 15:02:38 2001 [Paul Wagner 1970]: To John Roll: I am always up for golf. Count on you driving Mike Welsh and I to PDC in June. That way he and I can drink both on and off the course. Heard from Mac and got a picture of him in all of his splendor. I will show it next time we get together. Still holding out for Marty Schultz putting a 30th together.
Mon Feb 5 07:44:46 2001 [Clet Althoff 1970]: John Roll, I hope we can get more of the class fired up about getting together this summer. As for you Tom Olson, I have found that film and will send a copy of it; bad news is that I lost the password you had sent to me for the private part of the site, would you have it at hand? Please send it if you do.
Thu Feb 1 19:22:09 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Is that Roll Call? I'm Here!! In August I will be at the PGII convention being held in Appleton, WI this year. The only golfing done though is Pyro Golf.
Thu Feb 1 18:37:44 2001 [John Roll 1970]: Just thought I'd ask if anyone is still out there, seeing as how no one has posted a message since Jan. 21st. Many of us '70 guys are continuing to talk about attending this summer's golf outing (although I, for one, qualify as one of those "golf wussies" referred to by Mr. Keough '65). Let's keep that topic sounds pretty good, in the midst of a miserable midwestern winter...
Sun Jan 21 13:01:15 2001 [Jim Hartigan 1971]: Having attended Campion from 68 though 69, I enjoyed finding this site. Good memories.good school,good faculty and a real sense of gratitude for having been a part of a fine opportunity as Campion.
Sun Jan 21 10:50:34 2001 [keough '65]: **A warning to all of you golf wussies out there.** I'm planning to attend the 2001 golf/orgy and I've gotta' tell you that I am GOOD at this game! While the so-called "Pros" need as many as 18 holes to attain par, I can do it in 5!! So sharpen your clubs (and bring body armor...)
Sat Jan 20 14:03:33 2001 [Mike Lochner 60]: I'm just getting started with this internet business and Rink told me about this thing so I am inviting all the class of '60' who are interested in the golf outing June 4,2001 to either e-mail or letter or call so that I can make sure you recieve the registration mailing. MiKE lochner,13700 Borah Ridge Rd, Prairie du Chien, WI 53821, 608-994-3435, Tom if this works it means you give pretty good instructions even when half full.
Sat Jan 20 05:34:25 2001 [Robert G. Smith 1968]: How can I mail you a color photo of the Campion JROTC unit patch (worn on uniform's right shoulder, with JROTC torch patch on left)?
Fri Jan 19 16:45:45 2001 [Ray Hackett 59]: Thoght email would come up but here it is
Fri Jan 19 16:43:22 2001 [Ray Hackett 59]: Did not finish at CHS because I was told not to come back after soph. yr in written letter by Fr.Carey.--was last student to lv scholl in 57 as I had short bounds for kissing girl at Mil. Ball so they kept me an extra day so I was only student on campus --thk the Lord for Fr. Halloran who took care of me and I helped him go throgh all the rms in Marqutte hall and listened to him bitch at all the good and expensive stuff left behind. My bro Jim '58 did finish so I still hear a lot about CHS to this day. In abt '71 stopped at school to see nephew Bob Bransley and was really disgusted at the way the Jebs let the kids do what they wanted I could smell the dope in the halls and the Jebs just walked by and said nothing would hve really been different in the '50s. --To this day I remember most of my classmates and I really cherish my days at Chs. I guess I FELL UNDER THIS SLOGAN " GIVE CAMPION A MAN GET BACK WHAT YOU CAN "
Thu Jan 18 08:41:35 2001 [Tom Rink 1964]: O.K. so I forgot my e-mail address, first mistake since my fumble in the Marquette game. E-mail me at:
Wed Jan 17 19:27:38 2001 [Bill Elliott 1965]: Hello again. If Tom does not put his address out there so we can register I'm going to telthe world he can be found on If he can't, some poor fool on Beaumont Street in PdC is going to get some strange calls. If it is him, I'll sign up for that weekend. I have been in touch with several '65's because of this site and If any '65 is lurking out there without messaging, email me for a list of 19 of us that I have assembled. Still looking for more. Write me.
Wed Jan 17 09:31:19 2001 [Leighty 70]: Tom, what's your mailing address?
Tue Jan 16 12:22:03 2001 [Tom Rink 1964]: Those of you that are planning to come to the June 4th. golf outing must send me your mailing address so that you can receive the registration form which will be in the mail soon. The class of '64 welcomes the competition.
Mon Jan 15 19:24:45 2001 [Keough 65]: Bill Elliott and I are tossing around the idea of doing the PdC golf tourney which is allegedly held yearly in June. We wonder if we can talk other '65ers in attending. Hell, I doubt if I'll live long enough for a 40th in 2005... Please respond here or via our emails if you would, please...
Sat Jan 13 07:14:24 2001 [Tom Lochner DS72]: Mary, there is a small Campion exhibit at the PDC Museum on South Beaumont Road (the former Medical Museum). The last time I saw it most of the exhibit was of Mark Peterson nad Mark Valley, both tremendously important historical (hysterical) figures. .
Fri Jan 12 20:47:18 2001 [mary cahalan morris ]: To Clet Althoff: Thanks for your reply. This is sad indeed. I was hoping some historical society might try to preserve this building. I know "Prairie" has an active one. ac.
Fri Jan 12 07:55:48 2001 [Clet Althoff 1970]: Correction, it wasn't our 30th was our 25th..I don't want to make myself out to be any older then I am...
Fri Jan 12 07:30:52 2001 [Clet Althoff 1970]: (The system didn't carry the rest of the message) Anyhow...The spirit of the place is still in use, and Campion Lives!!!
Fri Jan 12 07:24:55 2001 [Clet Althoff 1970]: To Ms. Mary Morris; Mary, all of Campion Hall took a dive around 1995. Some of the guys who attended our 30th class reunion went over to the site and video taped the interior, which by that time was in shambles. They showed the tape at the banquet, and
Thu Jan 11 22:35:25 2001 [mary cahalan morris ]: My thanks to who ever put this site together. My father and his brother graduated from Campion , Dad in 1921 and his brother in 1922. The college was still there. I have enjoyed scrolling thru this site very much. Would like to know if the Kilmer Library building is still there. I know the STate had plans to tear it down.
Thu Jan 11 12:51:53 2001 [Fred Nora 1970]: Prior message was from me. Sign me up and let me know what I can do to facilitate if any of you are good organizers.
Thu Jan 11 12:49:05 2001 [ ]: To Clet, John, and Keith (70), Excellent idea for golf tourney/reunion. We probably won't even have to call Vadovicky and Weiland as I believe instinct will draw them to the PdC links. John - If you drink, don't drive. And for God's sake don't putt!
Thu Jan 11 10:56:06 2001 [Clet Althoff 1970]: To John and Keith (70), I am not a golfer, but like you John I can open a can of beer and empty it's contents in the proper manner. It would be nice to see everyone this summer for a 31st class reunion and you can count on my support and presence. Let me know how I can help.
Thu Jan 11 09:54:20 2001 [Tere Flynn 1974]: I was a student at CJHS 2 years (70/71, 71/72) and am sad I was not a graduate. Those two years are a happy memory. Now on to other thoughts. This whole thing about a beer heist was confusing to me till today. I now know that the beer heist in question was one of large nature, in both the number of perps and cans stolen. You see up untill today I thought the site was talking about the time I was involved in a beer heist, around the same time period. I think the 3 of us got 6 cases total and fellow dorm mates helped us finish off the lot before AM wake up. We got caught via a snitch and was put on trial by the Jebs and coach Gosz. Coach Gosz was in very strong favor to slame on us the most severe punishment that could be given. Luck had it that the Jebs did not want the local PDC /PD to get involved. Turned out that we were expelled when that spring semester ended. I do believe Mr. Garvey was my legal representative. He saved further punishment from happening, tried to get the sentence reduced to two years of jugs and floor cleaning by hand. This would of let me graduate but Gosz won, I was out of there. I don't want to come accross as being whatever but I truly wish I would not of taken the beer (or have gotten caught). I had an incident in 1977/78 that took away alot of my memory but what was left of CJHS is on the positive side. The experience was great, the class mates all in all were great (the first weekend of my first year-upper class mates got me high on weed). I am starting to ramble, I think. So back to the point in question: Why did the Great Beer Robbery Gang stay at CJHS and the gang from the smal beer robbery get proctoed. ??? I do remember Coach Gosz was upset that his basket ball team was way too high too often during practise, make an example out of us. This is getting long but on a side note: my mother would not tell my dad and she paid Marquette U.H.S. a contribution to accept me and mt pedictament. She wasn't concerned about me but the scandl e it would cause in her social circle. My dad did find out many years later at a Dominican H.S. (whitefish Bay/Milwaukee, WI) fund raising dinner. They sat next to each other and started talking and one thing went to another. ping-ping-boom was he mad. Time to go before I get accused of writing a book. ( this crowd is a tough one)
Thu Jan 11 09:19:10 2001 [Keith Leighty 70]: You can drive the beer cart, Roll. But don't expect any big tips.
Thu Jan 11 09:11:22 2001 [Tere Flynn 1974]: I was a student at CJHS 2 years (70/71, 71/72) and am sad I was not a graduate. Those two years are a happy memory.
Wed Jan 10 18:04:44 2001 [John Roll 70]: I was about to ask whether I was the only one wondering who Gore and Freeman were and why they list themselves as class of 1898 (some sort of historical significance that I missed?)....Joe Williamson at least confirmed who they were.....maybe someone could shed some light on my second question..........Keith Leighty just E-mailed a request that I meet him at PDC for next June's golf outing. It occured to both of us that this might qualify as a belated '70 reunion if enough guys from that class are interested. As I told Leighty, I'm interested if a) I don't have to play golf, b) I can have a cart, and c) I can drink somewhat heavily.... Weigh in with opinions, fellow '70 Knights!
Wed Jan 10 17:22:14 2001 [Joe Williamson 72]: Freeman might not know how to spell but he WAS our class President so lay off! You can pick on Gore all you want, however.
Wed Jan 10 12:28:05 2001 [Joe Rosenberger 1965]: I second Mr. Keough's thoughts. And are you ready for a visit from Louis, Mr. K?
Mon Jan 8 14:24:50 2001 [Keough 65]: Let's hope that the first recipients of the Campion Scholarship are Misters Gore & Freeman so they can: 1. Learn to spell & 2. STOP SHOUTING!
Sun Jan 7 20:26:25 2001 [Joe Hrncirik 1964]: Lets try this again. Survey questions: Did anyone ever sneak from the back of the Kostka hall theater into old Lawler Hall? For those wh don't know it. It was a wood civil war ear hotel, turned hospital, turned school just west of Kostka Hall. The place was spooky.
Sun Jan 7 20:22:54 2001 [Joe Hrncirik 1964]: Survey questions:
Sun Jan 7 20:04:54 2001 [Joe Hrncirik 1964]: Greetings
Sat Jan 6 17:59:20 2001 [Thomas Olson 1972]: To Gore and Freeman. I haven't been able to find Hutt or Riordon. Have you asked Gene Brooks '72
Sat Jan 6 17:08:36 2001 [GORE AND FREEMAN 1898]: COMING TO YOU SOON
Sat Jan 6 15:38:38 2001 [Clet Althoff 1970]: Hey, Jim "HOLY MAN" Halaszyn, I was glad to see you are alive and kicking!! I could never remember why we got to calling each other that, was it when we had to serve mass over at the facility chapel? As , for a list of the addresses for our class, Paul, I still have that list we were given from the 25th reunion. I'm sure some of it has changed, but if anyone from the class wants a copy, I would be glad to fax one off.
Sat Jan 6 07:43:17 2001 [Tom Lochner DS'72]: Jim, sorry to say that the Campion building complex is now owned by the State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections and operated as a minimum security prison. The initial plans had been to use it as a juvenile facility but because of the demographics of the prison population in the state those plans chaged. Camppion Hall was demolished, Lucey and Xavier Halls were renovated and turned into cell blocks. The chapel is slated for demolition as well. Hoffman Hall was seperated from the prison and is leased to the City of PDC for use as a recreational facility. This suggests that it is indeed lost forever except for alumni and sites like this.
Fri Jan 5 12:16:03 2001 [Jim Heinz 69]: Terrific site!! Too bad this is all we have left. I believe today the Campion concept (private boarding school) is more popular than ever. I mean we would have to streamline the old rules and allow co-ed but all my friends want to send their kids out east. Is reviving Campion totally out of the question? Is it lost forever?
Thu Jan 4 08:42:19 2001 [Michael Doyle 1970]: Hmmmm. I would have sworn there were at least 4 or 5 guys in Midnight Food Service. Someone even supplied us with walkie talkies (no Nextel then!). I can't imagine having the nerve to do that without a few others. As far as why we did it, well it really didn't have much to do with the beer, at least for me. I had first tasted beer that year and I hated the stuff. Of course that didn't stop me from hitchhiking to LaCrosse with Pete Asmuth and getting hammered when I turned 18. We kind of got stuck part way back and ended up sleeping in someone's barn. That place stunk. But as far as motivation for Midnight Food Service, I think it had more to do with tweaking our Jesuit friends than acquiring beer.
Wed Jan 3 14:04:31 2001 [Paul C. Wagner ]: Good to see all of you finding this page. Some interesting dialogue. As far as the Midnight Food Service, I only remember Pete Mitch and Mike Doyle. However only Pete got caught. We all know what happen next. My only thought was why he went to that extreme as Mark Lappe had 1-2 cases of beer in his dresser at anyone time? Hope the reunion ofr our 30th is this year. We all have to get on Marty Schutlz as he has the addresses. Keep in touch guys.
Wed Jan 3 09:38:32 2001 [Michael Doyle 1970]: So who actually participated in Midnight Food Service Incorporated during Senior Year? I was outside standing guard, but I can't remember who went inside to do the dirty deed. Also, anyone hear from Peter Mitch (Al Monday)? How about Pete Asmuth and Bruuuuuce Longley? And Halaszyn, thanks for reminding us that "freaks" once was a term of endearment, or something like that. Xavier Brewmasters indeed!
Tue Jan 2 19:33:45 2001 [John Roll ]: Chris, likewise good to hear from you...Jim Halaszyn, too, although I did see him a "mere" five years ago at our 25-year reunion. Chris, don't feel obliged to answer Leighty...for one thing, the fact that his message was posted during working hours tells you what a slacker he is (Majewski and I suspect that his job at the NY Times involves newspaper "delivery"); and secondly, we both know he isn't remotely smart enough to play Myst with you. Nevertheless, as one who has kept up with Keith over the years, I appreciate you humoring him...How are Paul Downs, Rick Kraus and the other members of our 1970 "intelligentia"? Hope all is well in the new year for Knights everywhere!
Tue Jan 2 11:41:19 2001 [Keith Leighty 70]: CHRIS LAMAL!!! Hi, Chris! Damn, I've been meaning to call you for, oh, about five years now, since we last sat around your apartment playing Myst! Are you still in New York? Let's get together! email me at ... On the exorcist and Fr. Bowdern, there's a lot more on the In Privatum Campianum page. can set you up with a password if you email him and ask him nicely. Happy new year! Keith
Tue Jan 2 10:44:21 2001 [Jim Halaszyn 1970]: Happy New Year to all Knights! What up with all you freaks? I just found this site and it is great, good job! Hope you are all healthy and happy. Best regards.
Mon Jan 1 17:58:02 2001 [Chris Lamal 1970]: I noted a couple references on the site to Fr. Bowdern. Was he the Jesuit exorcist at Georgetown on whom the character in The Exorcist (the film!) was based? I seem to have some recollection of Skip Bacon ('68 and also a former Jesuit and now deceased) telling me that once. But what was his connection with Campion? Also, if I am not mistaken, it was the same Fr. Bill Sullivan you cite in the Notable Alumni section as having officiated at Bill Gates's wedding who also gave the commencement address at my class's 1970 graduation, when he was chair of the theology dept at Marquette, and it was Gary Wills who gave the commencement address at the 1968 graduation. As far as "Where Have All the Jesuits Gone?": Last I knew was that Jim Leiweke, SJ (who taught at Campion during the late '60s and early 70's and whom I saw last a few years ago when he came out here to NY to officiate at Skip Bacon's funeral) was in Milwaukee at the Jesuit community at Marquette (HS? U?), while Dick Rice, SJ (who taught at Campion during his regency) was a retreat master and spiritual advisor at some house in or around Minneapolis.

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