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Wed Aug 1 09:23:16 2018 [John Michael Koelsch (Jack) 1958]: I am wondering if I may be the only Campion graduate who completely owes my Campion Diploma to the hard work and determination of fellow graduates who are unknown to me at this moment? We are celebrating our 60th reunion on September 07-09 2018 and would like to know him/them and shake hands.
Sat Jun 2 14:14:55 2018 [Dudek 70]: Found the site again. Campion still alive in Boston. My best to all Knights.
Mon May 21 18:20:31 2018 [Barbara Bodden 1920]: Hello, Tom, has anyone pursued finding yearbooks from early 20s and late teens? My grandfather attended from 1916 to 1920 for high school but then continued until 1923 at the college level. I have yet to find something that mentions him. Any tips before I go on a wild goose hunt?
Thu Apr 26 23:06:56 2018 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Greg 'Howie' Day passed away over the 4th July holiday 2005.
Thu Apr 26 21:39:27 2018 [Jim Stoycheff 1970]: I am looking for Greg Day from Prairie - anyone know how I can contact him? If so email me at
Wed Dec 20 16:01:39 2017 [Fred Nora 1970]: Merry Christmas to all Knights. Continued thanks for this site Tom.
Mon Nov 6 18:45:07 2017 [Tom Lochner 1972]: Don Lochner Class of 1939 passed away on November 1. Services are scheduled for tomorrow at 11:00 in Prairie du Chien.
Tue May 30 11:55:54 2017 [John Roll 1970]: Tom Roderer '59 passed away this past Sunday, 5/28/17. Tom was before my time at Campion but his family's shoe store was well known to us here in Dayton, Ohio, and is still run by his sons. Met him a couple times and thought he was a nice gentleman. RIP, Tom.
Wed Apr 19 09:50:46 2017 [Albert Thoma 1924]: I am the daughter of Albert Charles Thoma who graduated from Campion High School in 1924. I am wondering if anyone would like some photos of a student club that was taken during 1922-1924? Is there an historical place to send them?
Fri Mar 24 12:44:58 2017 [Fred Nora 1970]: Mark Criqui '70 passed away yesterday morning. He was a good man, friend, and will be missed.
Mon Mar 6 12:34:22 2017 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Joe, send us your correct email address and we can get you in touch with your classmates.
Sat Mar 4 21:41:38 2017 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Joe, The email address you provided does not resolve.
Sat Mar 4 19:07:29 2017 [Joe Knofczynski 1967]: Yo - Endured the adventure thru Jan of 65. Then dad retired from USAF at KI Sawyer AFB in the UP and moved the family to Milwaukee. Didn't make sense to board at CJHS with my little sister on the way. Transferred to arch rival MUHS in Milwaukee in Jan 65 out of Louse (sic) Hall. Was bunking with Harry Miller. No contact with anyone since. When/where is 50th?? Would be interested if it works for me. I now live in central Florida (near Ocala) Please contact me with details JK
Sat Dec 24 19:18:21 2016 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: Merry Christmas to all Campion Knights everywhere - and of every year - and best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year. A special thanks to Tom Olson and all contributors for continuing to keep this site, as well as the Campion Forever e-newsletter, updated and ongoing. May God grant blessings and eternal peace to all the Knights who departed this past year to their reward and final reunion.
Wed Sep 14 22:58:05 2016 [Robert J. Breisacher ]: My grandfather was Bob Breisacher 1954 grad. Any good stories out there about him? I've been putting together the story of his life and it would be great to hear about what he was as a young man.
Thu Aug 18 16:31:09 2016 [Walter Kubistal 1956]: I'm looking for someone to contact concerning the 1956 Reunion in Chicago. I've looked through the site but am unable to find information or links concerning the reunion. Website shows Sept. 27 & 28. Any information would be appreciated! Especially any contact details.
Wed Aug 3 10:37:30 2016 [Mike Horrigan 54]: Sorry to disrupt the silence of the last four months, but in case anyone is interested E-bay has the 1956 yearbook up for bid.
Tue Mar 29 04:58:17 2016 [Richard Dungar ]: Carol (nee Peterson) Chilson class of 1955-Aquinas High School passed away on March 27, 2016 in Osseo, Wisconsin. Carol was the Campion High School homecoming queen. When I went to Aquinas, Carol was my teacher in speech. I kept in contact with Carol and John when they owned their art gallery.
Mon Mar 7 10:06:03 2016 [Mike Horrigan 54]: Spring must have come early to Utah. It quit snowing
Mon Feb 8 13:31:33 2016 [michael uhrich 1962]: Sure nice to see the Bronco's win the Super Bowl for Pat Bowlen I am sure the whole class wishes him well.
Mon Jan 25 15:53:45 2016 [Kevin and Suzanne Murray 1971]: Hello, My husband, Kevin M. Murray attended Campion and graduated in 1971, I believe. He found that he has a couple copies of yearbooks from 1968 and 1969. Please let me know if you are collecting these items. Is there an address I can send them? Thank you, Suzanne Murray
Tue Dec 29 13:00:49 2015 [Mike Grosko 1977]: A belated Merry Christmas to all Campion Knights everywhere - and of every year - and best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year. A special thanks to Tom Olson and all contributors for continuing to keep this site, as well as the Campion Forever e-newsletter, updated and ongoing. May God grant blessings and eternal peace to all the Knights who departed this past year to their reward and final reunion.
Thu Dec 24 09:16:54 2015 [Fred Nora 1970]: Merry Christmas to all Knights. I also thank you Tom for this website.
Sat Dec 19 10:55:28 2015 [Mike Horrigan 54]: Wishing all Campion Alumni out there a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year. And also a special thank you to Tom for his efforts to keep us togeather with two web sites
Tue Nov 24 07:01:18 2015 [Fred Nora 1970]: Two and a half weeks after 45th reunion in Chicago. Great attendance for a bunch of geezers and great preparation by many, particularly Marty, Jim, and Screwy. At this Thanksgiving I am thankful for all my Campion brethren, our Campion experience, and the fact that many of us are still on the right side of the sod.
Wed Aug 26 21:50:45 2015 [Tom Olson 1972]: FYI, I have moved away from California to Utah. Much simpler life here!
Thu Jul 23 04:57:37 2015 [Tom Lochner 1972]: Ken Otteson, Class of 1948 passed away recently. He was the father of Mark, Class of 1972. Sympathies to Mark and the family.
Sun Jul 19 10:28:31 2015 [Mike Horrigan '54]: Mr McCullouch, Mr Duskey, Dr Garrity and all other Campion Historians.What is the story about Hoffman Field ? I have never seen a picture of it or even heard a word that it existed. I just recently found what appears to be a preliminary drawing for a ball diamond, football field, and track complete with bleachers and small stadium.. How much was built and used ? I do understand that with all the new building construction from 1955 on that the walkways would interfere wth the existing parade groinds and varsity football field.
Tue May 19 18:03:42 2015 [dudek '70]: Condolences to the Peterson family. Knights forever. Hope to be in Chicago for the 45th reunion.
Sun May 3 06:51:01 2015 [Tom Lochner 1972]: Just heard this morning that Leary Peterson passed away May 1. He was a graduate of Campion in 1940 I believe and Father to Tom and John Peterson, both graduates as well.
Tue Apr 28 11:13:41 2015 [Fred Nora 1970]: Good to see your "resurrection" Ed. Hope all is well for you in Boston, despite your last winter.
Mon Apr 27 15:26:51 2015 [dudek '70]: Finally got tracked down by my classmate Steve Bowers for the 45 year reunion. The "Witness Protection Program" is not going to like this at all. Steve informed me that our classmate Keith Leighty passed away some time ago (Nov 2013). Very sad day for me today. He was nearby, he living in NYC and I in Boston, but I hadn't visited him in several years. Should have taken the time.
Fri Apr 3 05:07:20 2015 [Richard Dungar ]: David Krieg of the Campion Class of 1949 died. His daughter Kelly Krieg-Sigman is the director of the La Crosse Public Library. My prayers and sympathy are with the family and you people.
Tue Mar 31 08:42:54 2015 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: On this day 40 years ago, the student body learned of the impending closing of Campion. We had all just returned to campus from spring break. My first class on Monday, at 8:00 a.m., was Sophomore Latin, and Fr. Wendel Langley S.J. began his lecture by stating You are going to be hearing talk about the school closing He then went on to give a very memorable speech about how institutions like Campion were established and grew, based upon the commitment and sacrifice of many people over the years, and what had happened in the intervening time period leading up until that day. The room was dead quiet as I believe everyone was stunned into silence. The remaining weeks until the final graduation were filled, it seemed, with intense and bewildering events stemming from the fait accompli. The Mothers Day weekend of May 2-4 would normally be devoted to welcoming visiting families with a play or concert. Instead, it became an open house for recruiters visiting from other schools, as students from the classes of 1976-77-78, along with their parents, scrambled to make arrangements for completing their educations elsewhere.
Mon Mar 30 12:35:32 2015 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but when I entered Campion as a Freshman in August of 1973, the yearly cost for tuition, room and board was $2,000.00. It rose to $2,200.00 for the last year of 1974-75. This did not include books, supplies, etc. I remember a certain Jesuit giving me and my family a tour of the school in the early summer of 1973 stating that the school was undercharging in the 1960s relative to other boarding schools of the same caliber. So he felt raising the cost was the right thing to do and should probably have been done sooner. Indeed, the cost of Georgetown Prep in Rockville, Maryland was about $5,000.00 in 1975. That was also the same cost to attend St. Johns Military Academy in Delafield, Wisconsin. I later learned that the elimination of the ROTC after 1971 further added to the school's operating expenses for the same reasons that Paul Wagner mentioned. They also were no longer able to field a marching band because all the instruments were supplied via the ROTC, and students had to provide their own instruments for all musical activities, whether pep band or concert (except piano & organ). For many parents, it was, no doubt, a sacrifice to send their son there. I suppose it never occurred to (enough) people that these changes were thereby closing-off the school to potential attendees and their families, further exacerbating the downward spiral.
Tue Mar 10 14:27:12 2015 [Paul Wagner 1970]: Mike, That would have been the case my first few years. It was so long ago I don't remember exactly what sparked the takeover other than the freshman class was tired of the rules and reacted badly by asking the prefect to leave which he did but was stationed in the hallway. They took over the study hall with chairs and desks being overturned, one chair went out the window along with a screen. It appeared that the Jesuits of the time were no longer into strict discipline any more. What came out of it was I believe a request for greater freedoms to not have your days planned out; the ability to go back to the dorms during the day rather than attend study halls and to go off campus to the Pantry. I do remember that a few of the seniors grabbed our brothers and got them out of the study hall and took them to Xavier Hall. Maybe the Class of 73 can illuminate us with what transpired inside that study hall. All I know was that my brother did not return for his sophomore year and ROTC was dropped.
Wed Mar 4 12:31:23 2015 [Mike Horrigan 54]: Thanks guys for all the info. that you contributed about the costs to our parents. But Paul Wagner's comment about the freshman study hall is far beyond anything that I could imagine, if that had happened at the Campion I went to ! There is no IF, ANDS, or BUTS about it, by the time that chair went out the window any before it hit the ground you would be packing your things and waiting for your parents to come and get you. Paul, can you our your brother fill us in about that day and what caused it.. What a shame.
Mon Mar 2 12:41:00 2015 [Paul Wagner 1970]: I seem to remember that we got discounts for more family members that attend at the same time. I believe that it was equal to a half year of tuition. Since my younger brother Steve was a freshman my senior year the cost to me was only $850 for the year. The other factors effecting the financial stability were: when they dropped ROTC they could no longer buy under a government subsidy/purchasing program and all of the food was then purchased from the normal wholesalers which was more expensive; the lower enrollment that took place after 1970 meant lower income; fewer subsidies from the Mothers Club and other alumni due to changing of the morals of the times; and lax attitude of the Jesuits to the discipline and control that was always their trademark. My parents pulled my younger brother after his freshman year not because of cost but because the school was no longer offering the benefits of a class A education and the discipline that they were use too when they attending boarding school in the mid 40's. In my day, the freshman would never have been allowed to take over the Freshman Study Hall nor allowed to throw chairs out of those window onto the side walk without serious ramifications for those who did so of which there were none. Sad time.
Fri Feb 13 11:25:46 2015 [John Duskey 1963]: the message below is from me, John Duskey
Fri Feb 13 11:24:39 2015 [ ]: In the 1959-60 school year, my freshman year, tuition was $1250.00 for the year. Same for the next two years. In Fall 1962, it went up to $1350.00 for the year. The cost of heat and electricity was a lot lower back then, and the Jesuits treated the school as an owned and operated subsidiary, so they didn't charge the school for the free labor of the priests, scholastics, and brothers. The Jesuits probably built up a supply of cash in those years, which decreased substantially after the mid sixties when there were more lay faculty to pay, plus higher utility costs. By the seventies, they were using a line of credit to borrow against the upcoming year's tuition. But in Fall 1974, that arrangement had to stop, as they were falling too far behind. By that time, the school was too far gone.
Sat Feb 7 10:18:31 2015 [Paul Dudek 68]: Bill Hawkinson, '68 passed away suddenly on Feb. 2nd. Although Bill left Campion after our junior year he attended a few of our reunions. We kept in touch over the years and he was a good guy and good friend. RIP, Bill.
Thu Jan 22 09:25:26 2015 [John Roll 1970]: I seem to remember $1450/year as freshman and $1750 as seniors. The next year I went to Boston College and remember feeling pretty guilty that Dad had to shell out around 5 grand. I believe BC is about 12 times that now!
Fri Jan 9 12:12:36 2015 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Fred, when when I become "the man in the pan", you can examine my brain.
Fri Jan 9 08:58:47 2015 [Fred Nora 1970]: Somehow I knew Paul would know the answer to Mr. Horrigan's question. With McCullough alive I am not worried about artificial intelligence taking over the world.
Thu Jan 8 15:20:22 2015 [Paul McCullough 1970]: The comprehensive fee (tuition, room & board) was $1400 for the 1966-1967 and 1967-1968 academic years. The fee was about 30-40% less than eastern boarding schools. For example, Portsmouth Abbey (the Benedictine school in RI) was something like $2200-2300 per year in 1966; schools like Andover, Exeter and Hotchkiss were around $2500 -2600 per much as a year at a private college at the time. Campion's tuition rose to something like $1600-1650 in 1968-1969, with an incremental increase the following (my final) year. Apparently, the yearly cost rose dramatically after 1973, attributed (among other things) due to the high cost of heating oil resulting from the Arab oil embargo following the 1973 Yom Kippur war. Indeed, I have heard from a mid 1970s alumnus (not corroborated) that things got so bad one year (?1974) that students were sent home during the winter for about two weeks in an attempt to save fuel. About ten years ago, there was available on the Internet a document that detailed Campion's operating costs during the 1970's. I have not been able to find it for many years, apparently being removed.
Thu Jan 8 10:38:09 2015 [Mike Horrigan 1954]: OUESTION : does anyone know how much your parents paid to send you to Campion ? We all pretty much agree now in hindsight thatn those years were the formation of the men that we became. Some of us even claim that Campion was the best school in the country ! But how expencive was it ? Anyone?
Fri Dec 26 10:55:05 2014 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: A belated Merry Christmas to all Campion Knights everywhere - and of every year - and best wishes for a healthy, happy and propsperous new year. A special thanks to Tom Olson and all contributors for continuing to keep this site, as well as the Campion Forever e-newsletters, updated and ongoing. May God grant blessings and eternal peace to all the Knights who departed this past year to their reward and final reunion.
Tue Dec 23 10:08:26 2014 [Fred Nora 1970]: Ditto on Mike Horrigans wishes to all Knights and an annual word of gratitude to Tom for keeping this site running.
Mon Dec 22 13:12:49 2014 [Mike Horrigan 1954]: It's that time again to wish all Campion Knights a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Tom, don't know when you will have time but I'm looking forward to this years mystery picture. (Smokestack)
Mon Dec 8 22:38:10 2014 [sean mcmahon 77]: Hi guys,blast from the past. I was there 1 year, my freshman year in 1974. From New Orleans. Met some great guys. Most from Chicago. Most were seniors and juniors at the time. Wild times. Bluff trucking we called it up in the hills with beer on weekends. Lots of heads were there that year. Me included. Campion was beautiful than. Fond memories. Piggy I miss you bro! Be here now and pink Floyd. Peace!
Tue Dec 2 12:50:34 2014 [John Duskey 1963]: Mr. Altoff: I was somewhat involved in emptying out the library of Campion stuff, and I want to tell you as much as I know. A lot of Campion memorabilia was boxed and put on skids, and kept in storage until about 1983. In 1983 the stuff was taken out of storage and most of it was delivered to the Library at Marquette University. The Jesuit order has undergone some changes: Wisconsin province is merging with Detroit and Chicago. They have made some adjustments in where they keep things, but I don't know the details of the changes. It is a great tragedy that most of those photos of alumni were lost in the 1968 Kostka Hall fire. However, most of those photos, in varying degree of quality, are available for viewing in this Campion-Knights web site.
Tue Nov 18 18:23:51 2014 [C.C. Althoff II 1970]: Alright guys.....there hasn't been a posting on this site since July! Brother Murphy would have gone "postal" because of the lack of business( oh, wait, he already was "postal" trained....)! One of the things I think about on Vet's Day (Nov 11th)are the glass cases that held the personal belongings of Joyce Kilmer in the library. His glasses, his filed diary....etc.... I wonder what happened to that Soldier's kit. I sure hope it wasn't just tossed. The "War to End All Wars" ended so much. I used to walk the second floor of Koska Hall and look at all the class pictures. The Students with a gold star on their photo were classmates who had lost their lives in battle. Class of 70....ROCK ONNNNNNNNNN! PEACE, OUT!
Mon Jul 28 16:59:29 2014 [John Christopher Chinn '62]: Pat was a great classmate - a class act then. Was having lunch with my daughter when we heard the news. A terrible disease that has hit home to me: a half-sister and a cousin. Thoughts and prayers for Pat and family.
Thu Jul 24 08:44:43 2014 [John Roll 1970]: Sad day for Campion alumni and Denver Bronco fans: Pat Bowlen '62 just relinquished control of the Broncos after 30-plus years of ownership due to advancing effects of Alzheimers. By all accounts Mr. Bowlen was a class act and one of our most distinguished alumni. Anyone out there who knew him at Campion? It would be great to hear about his Knight years. Thoughts and prayers to his family...
Sun Jun 15 12:02:51 2014 [Hugh Toner 75]: Happy Father's Day to All.
Sun Jun 15 07:41:58 2014 [Arthur Devine 1969]: FYI John Ballard class of 1968 passed natural causes Friday June 13,2014
Thu Jun 5 08:27:44 2014 [Ron Ruble 54]: Mike Horrigan, Thanks for your help in putting me in touch with Dick Carey regarding info on the upcoming 60th Reunion in Lake Geneva, Wi. It is within an hours drive of my home, and I will be there to enjoy the camaraderie and stories from the past. I am making up new ones as I type. I hope that you also will be able to make it, and enjoy the inflated episodes. Thanks for your assistance, as it is appreciated. Ron
Fri May 30 09:28:55 2014 [Keough '65]: Thanks anyhow. Found it. It's Tom Franck and if you're ever in Memphis stay at his "boutique" hotel called "Talbot Heirs". It's downtown on 2nd St Beautiful place!!
Sun May 25 15:41:59 2014 [Richard Dungar ]: Mike Drake retired from teaching at Aquinas High School. He first started teaching at Campion High School before he switched to Aquinas High School.
Sat May 24 19:57:41 2014 [Keough '65]: Help! I am trying to locate the younger brother of Richard Franck '65. He lives in Arkansas and owns a hotel in Memphis but I can't recall the name of it & I want to suggest it to some friends who are coming from Bavaria and staying in Memphis sometime around mid-December! Thanks, krkeough 65
Mon May 19 10:09:26 2014 [John Duskey 1963`]: Today, Monday May 19, we learned of the death of Fr. Robert Hilbert, S.J. He succeeded Fr. Howard E. Kalb as president of Campion in June 1966, and remained president until 1970. He was also Rector of the Jesuit Community at Campion until 1973. Fr. Hilbert had lived at the Jesuit retirement center in Wauwatosa, WI, since 2010. Pray for the repose of his soul.
Sun May 11 13:29:15 2014 [Richard Dungar ]: My prayers and sympathy are with the family and friends of former Wisconsin Patrick Lucey who died on May 10, 2014
Sat May 3 15:44:10 2014 [Elizabeth Grasso ]: My grandfather attended in the early 1920s. I have a picture of the student body from around that time that you do not have on this website. Perhaps you would like to have it. I'm in the process of researching which years he attended. In the meantime, is there someone that I could send the photo to? Also I have a letter written to my grandfather from one his classmates. The envelope's return address is Campion College and it's postmarked May of 1923. The letter is mildly entertaining and is signed Dan. It might be of interest to someone so I would be happy to send on as well if you tell me where to email the scan. Thanks!
Thu Apr 3 08:39:33 2014 [Bill Friedrichs 69]: Sorry to hear of Coach/Teacher Mr J.O. Peterson's passing last week. He was a dedicated member of the Campion family in the 60's and our sympathy from the entire Friedrichs family goes out to Steve, Mark and the rest of the Peterson family.
Thu Mar 6 03:54:22 2014 [Ron Ruble '54]: For Mike Horrigan or any other '54 graduates. I would love to get any information regarding the time and whereabouts of the Class of '54 sixtieth reunion. It would be great to renew old friendships. Thanks
Mon Feb 17 21:06:41 2014 [Bill Friedrichs 69]: Tom Lochner- So sorry to hear about Mark's passing. Please express my sincere sympathy to your folks and brothers and sisters when possible. Take care and hope to see you at the golf reunion this summer.
Mon Feb 17 18:26:20 2014 [Thomas Olson 1972]: This has been a sad week, in deed, we have lost 4 Knights this week, 3 of which were from PdC... Rev. Eugene Smith '38(PdC), Mark Lochner '64(PdC), Dan Garrity '64 (PdC), and John Hubbard '60 (Chicago).
Mon Feb 17 15:05:42 2014 [Tom Lochner 1972]: Fellow Knights. A sad note to you all, especially those from the Class of 1964. My brother Mark Lochner lost his four year battle with ALS on Monday February 10. Services were held this past weekend. He is survived by his wife Cathy, five children and 8 grandchildren, his parents Don (Class of 1939)and Norma and 11 brothers and sisters,among them Paul Class of 1966, Louis 1971 and myself. He was a good and kind man; gifted and compassionate. All of his family and those who knew him will certainly miss him. Peace be with you brother Mark.
Mon Feb 17 07:10:21 2014 [Ron Ruble 1954]: To Mike Horrigan: I presetly spend my winters in Punta Gorda, Florida, and my winters in Madison (Brooklyn, a bedroom town) Wisconsin. I am a full time artist and writer since I retired in 1985 at the young age of 50. Life has been good and you can find out a little about me on the internet by Googling Ronald L. Ruble. My wife Mary and I are enjoying the best of life, and are very thankful. Yes, I certainly remember our friendship as basketball team mates. I looked at some Campion year books and you did very well for yourself in your junior and senior years. I wish that I would have been there to assist you, as no doubt you would have even done better. I ended up at Kenosha, Wisconsin High School and concentrated on football and track. I ignored basketball, but today wish that I hadn't. Decisions of a young boy are sometimes not the best. I was offered a scholarship at Michigan State for football, but turned it down as I had other plans. Fun days, and fun times that won't be forgotten. Take care my old friend and thanks for answering about Marbaugh. It would be nice to find out what happened to him and if he is still around. The best, "Mighty Ruble"
Thu Feb 13 10:18:46 2014 [Joe Riley 1969]: The MEN form the class of 1969 will return to Prairie du Chien for their 45 reunion from June 6th thru the 8th. This reunion will occur during the annual Golf Tournament weekend and members of the "class" of Campion will be contacted by email. If you haven't received your email from Jerry Wagner and need the information contact me and I will forward his email. Many of the members of our class have attended the annual golf tournament since it's inception and we have gathered as a class every five years since graduation. We had our 40th reunion in PDC in 2009 and about 40 members attended. The plans include a dinner at Hoffman Hall on June 7th. As an added incentive the class members who were part of the legendary Liquid Sunshine will not be reuniting and playing for the reunion. Loss of hair and added pounds have nothing to do with this decision.
Sun Jan 5 12:15:02 2014 [Mike Sanchez-Navarro 1977]: Reminiscing and I came upon this site. I was there for the final year and it changed my life. Today I teach school near Austin, Texas. Thanks for the memories.
Fri Dec 27 14:33:43 2013 [Bill Elward 1975]: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and thanks to Tom for this site!
Fri Dec 27 13:35:15 2013 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: Merry Christmas to all Campion Knights everywhere - and of every year - and best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year. A special thanks to Tom Olson and all contributors for continuing to keep this site updated and ongoing. May God grant blessings and eternal peace to all Knights who departed this past year to their reward and final reunion.
Mon Dec 23 20:01:32 2013 [Mike Horrigan 1954]: I'd also like to add my thanks to Tom. Merry Christmas to all you Knights out there, may you have a happy and healthy new year
Sun Dec 22 08:23:32 2013 [Fred Nora 70]: Merry Christmas to all Knights and wishes for a peaceful New Year. Thanks again Tom for keeping this site running. It means a lot to many of us even if we aren't recording messages consistently..
Fri Dec 13 16:44:48 2013 [Mike Horrigan 1954]: Ron, I don't know of Marbaugh's where abouts, some of the other guys might. I also fondly remember our days back then. I'm in So. Calif. in Long Beach since 1976, where did you end up. Hope you are doing well.
Thu Dec 12 12:39:20 2013 [Ron Ruble 1954]: It has been over 60 years since seeing most of my classmates. A fond hello to any of those reading this. I have been trying to find Jim Marbaugh. Anyone know of his whereabouts? Last seen in Indianapolis. I think of a lot of others often; Kelly, Moose Adler, Braasch, Horn, Breisacher, Horrigan, Joyce, and the list goes on. Fun times in football, basketball, and track. The academics were another story.
Wed Dec 4 07:55:00 2013 [ 198]: Trying to reach Paul McCullough and other classmates of Keith Leighty, class of '70, who died on Nov. 17. There will be a memorial for Keith on dec. 5, at the Thomson Reuters building inTimes square (3 Times Square, 7th Ave between 42nd and 43rd). Memorial at 6:30 pm,22nd floor, millenium room. Followed by drinks at o'Briens, at 8:30, at 134 w. 46th st. Contact: jonoatis@mac.c
Sun Nov 24 13:42:38 2013 [Robert J. Hayes 1954]: I'm alive and well and living in Bradenton Florida.
Wed Oct 23 09:34:14 2013 [Fred Nora 70]: National Mole Day today. Kudos to our chemistry guru, Maurice Oehler, one of my favorite teachers of all time, for founding this unofficial national holiday (as referenced in Wikipedia.)
Wed Sep 18 13:54:09 2013 [Keough '65]: @ Mr. Dusky: Unfortunately, I am that same person. In my Senior year and Frosh year at the U of Arizona I finally grew about 3-4 more inches. I'm now 6 feet exactly. The tallest person anywhere among my family (& the ONLY blue-eyed member). My dad: 5'7" and brother Jim ('58 RIP) maybe 5'8". My mom was 5' and my sister is 5' 1/4". (Heaven help you if you don't include the quarter inch.) I stayed in the scrawny 140-150 pound range for a long time. I moved to Bavaria to work (as a civilian) with US Army Europe in 1982 (until '88)and found I had a penchant for strong German beers. I retired at the age of 59 (now 67) and I've inflated to the 225 pound area (& that's being optimistic). And I recall you as well. Thanks for the compliment and the rememberance. Where are you living now? My wife & I retired to rural northern Arkansas in Jan 2006.
Thu Sep 12 08:51:42 2013 [John Roll 1970]: A sad note to my Campion brothers, particularly the Class of '73. My younger brother Mike, a proud graduate of that class, passed away this past Tuesday at the age of 58. He had been in declining health in recent years, mostly heart-related, and this past week he passed from one medical crisis to the next until almost all of his critical organs had completely ceased to function. This will be surprising and depressing to those of his classmates who remember Mike as a robust athlete and 3-year letterman on the football team. Anyway, he's at peace now...please include him in your prayers.
Sun Sep 8 15:28:37 2013 [John Duskey 1963]: Regarding this statement from Kevin Keough '65: "I have a 50th Reunion t-shirt for the class of '58. It is a size XL and I've, let's say, grown a little too large to wear it." I remember a Kevin Keough from the class of 1965, a very pleasant and likable person. But I can't imagine him in any size larger than Medium. Is this the same person?
Sun Sep 8 15:19:24 2013 [John Duskey 1963]: I was researching the name Robert M Worth Jr 1959-1962 and I did not find such a listing for the class of 1963 (the class that started in fall of 1959). I also looked in the 1960-61 redbook directory and did not find a listing under the name Worth. Could you recheck this and see if the numbers are correct?
Fri Sep 6 20:08:36 2013 [Steve Gordon 1969]: Can't believe I found this page (Steve Gordon ' 69) I was a proud member of the "69" C class. The Jesuits would tell us we should have been in the "A "class but we were just jag-offs. They were right, but you had to be on your toes just to survive the inter-desk humor. Until Fr. O'Connor's class, of course. He taught me how to take a punch. Best Regards to all who grew up there.
Thu Jul 18 14:14:53 2013 [Jim Schwartz '60]: I was in "the alleys"in Koska Hall in '62.We were put there because we were short and because of that we couldn't smoke.Fr. Aspenliter was the super and he was a mean prick when he got mad.I saw him smash Sullivan with a book in class almost took his head off.I made a lot of friends there but it was as close to prison as I ever want to get,glad they closed it down.
Tue Jul 16 08:01:12 2013 [Keough 1965]: Wow, speaking of acceptance letters, I'd received one from some place in Gates Mills, Ohio (Gilmour or something?)and from Phillips in Andover, MA. But mom overrode dad and sent me to follow brother Jim's footsteps and went to Campion. I think dad wanted me further away...we lived in Duluth then. I lost everything from my past in the Russian River flood of '86. I was living & working in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, then and had stored "my life" at my friend's estate in Monte Rio, CA. He was barely able to get his Lamborghini Espada & his Bricklin (remember those?)from the garage the water rose so quickly.
Tue Jul 16 07:47:58 2013 [Keough 65]: By the way, I have a 50th Reunion t-shirt for the class of '58 (it was my brother Jim's (RIP)). It is a size XL and I've, let's say, grown a little too large to wear it. It's in very good condition. I've actually never worn it except to try it on the one time. His daughter sent it to me after he passed. Any 58ers out there want it? Or anyone who is collecting Campion stuff? I know I still have my Campion Zippo but haven't seen it in years. I gave my class ring to the daughter of the production supe of Goodyear Tire & Rubber in LA back in '68-ish. That's the last I saw of that!
Tue Jul 16 07:38:28 2013 [Keough 65]: RIP Augie. Great guitarist & a great guy
Tue Jul 16 07:36:28 2013 [Kevin Keough 65]: @Mr. Nora & Mr. Friedrichs...I do my hunting and fishing at Wal*Mart in Ash Flat. I've always been a city-dweller (until now, of course) and while I certainly enjoy the outdoors here I'd shoot myself as I was baiting the hook so I let let Gaston's serve me in their restaurant. Mountain Home (55 mi straight west of me) is a nice little city. Paragould's just an hour or so from me in the other direction. Have been through it a few times but haven't done any sightseeing there. Anytime y'all are in the neighborhood, give me a call and we can swap Jebbie stories over a beer. That goes for any Knight passing through our area. 870-847-3008.
Tue Jun 25 13:47:03 2013 [Thomas J. Rothschild 1967]: I am interested hearing from any other 1967 graduates. I actually left Campion in June 1965, when my family moved from Milwaukee to Portland, Oregon. However, I continue to feel connected with the Class of 1967. Thomas J. Rothschild
Thu Jun 20 04:39:25 2013 [Dr. Rick Williams 1976]: Couldn't find yearbooks for class of 76 ,, anyone have a link? Thanks!
Sat Jun 1 13:40:40 2013 [Bill Friedrichs 1969]: Kevin Keough- I've hunted ducks quite a few times just down the road near Paragould- are you a water-fowler?? Looking forward to making back to PDC next week for the golf reunion!
Mon May 27 20:30:50 2013 [Robert M Worth Jr 1959-1962]: Was doing research on Campion. My first 18 months of high school was at Campion. What I experienced during those 18 months has influenced my entire life; even though I graduated from the home town high school. Campion will always be in my heart. I was hoping that one of my sons would be able to attend though that was not to be. I found this web site on Sunday May 28, 2013 after starting my research the day before. I'm glad I've found it.
Mon May 20 18:31:19 2013 [John Haurykiewicz 1963]: John P. Augustine, class of 1963, "Augie", of Appleton,WI, passed away on April 20, 2013. John loved the arts, culture and music. A friend and former band mate said John "Had a unique guitar tone, like no other."
Mon May 6 18:05:05 2013 [Robert Gase 1951]: My dad, Robert Gase (Bob) was a 1951 graduate of Campion. He has awesome (and fun) pictures of his days there. Recently he was diagnosed with lung cancer which has also gone to his brain. He is pretty sick, but intends to fight. Is there anyone out there that may have graduated with him that would send him a letter of encouragement? I am sure he would like a note from anyone who may have graduated from there. Words (and prayers) of healing and encouragement is what he needs. Thanks so much. I am not sure if I should post his address here or not...just let me know! Thank you!
Thu Apr 18 12:39:54 2013 [Fred Nora 1970]: Mr. Keough...Only near there when fly-fishing at Gaston's. Great country you live in!
Tue Apr 16 20:28:30 2013 [Keough 65]: Anybody down here in Northern (near Hardy) Arkansas?
Tue Apr 2 21:59:15 2013 [Jack Downes 1949]: I went from Campion to Loyola U., Chicago and St.Louis U. (BS 1952) then Loyola Medical School (MD 1956). Married the girl next door, JoAnn Splon (Loyola BA 1952;MSW 1955)in June 1956. We had 4 wonderful kids (2 girls & 2 boys) and have 6 beautiful grandkids. Unfortunately JoAnn died Easter Sunday 2012, but we had a great life together. Came to Philadelphia in 1959 to train at U.Penn and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where I have been on the staff since 1963 and am still active doing home care. Would love to hear from any of my classmates via email or phone (is in the roster). God Bless, Jack
Thu Mar 21 19:28:17 2013 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Sorry, John, I don't have my letter. I recall receiving it late Febuary 1966; it came right after a rejection letter arrived from Portsmouth Priory, now known as Portsmouth Abbey, in Rhode Island. The Benedictines' loss was the Jesuits' least I like to think that. Receipt of the Campion letter made me feel good for about three weeks. Interestingly, former USA Senator (IL) Peter Fitzgerald, who lived about 4 houses away at the time, got into Portsmouth and went there, and then he went on to Dartmouth.
Thu Mar 21 12:14:59 2013 [Cletus Althoff 1970]: Yeah John, it was sent to my folks, and I remember how dad had me open it one day when I had come down to clean up his pool hall. It was a wakeup call. Tom, I'll scan it to you. I'm going to find a printer who can copy the header logo of the stationary page so I can have some "official" Campion stationary. The thing I can't pick up is the shadow image of a standing Priest with the images of young students surrounding him centered near the bottom of the page. Mike, the steamer trunk sounds great! You should send Tom a picture so he can add it to this site. I don't think we had them. I remember we had to sew our names in all our clothes and towels and I still have some of the towels left after all this least I know which ones are really mine...HA!
Wed Mar 20 08:44:59 2013 [John Roll 1970]: Acceptance letter? Wow...guess my parents would have received that. Bet Paul McCullough has his. Remembering some of the "foul balls" in our class makes me wonder if Campion ever turned anyone down!
Tue Mar 19 23:25:02 2013 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I never even thought about the acceptance letters. My mom kept a scrapbook for each of us kids. I didn't find any such letters like that. Just report card slips. Cletus, you are going to have to scan your letter in.
Tue Mar 19 21:30:24 2013 [Mike Horrigan 1954]: Well Cletus,I've been here for 78 days and yours was only the 3rd comment made this year, My question is, was that "Ha" some kind of challenge? If it was how about this; your letter is 47 years old ! I on the other hand still have my whole steamer trunk that is 63 years old. It was used to ship our clothes by train to school. Well cletus you and I have set the bar so let see how many Knights still have their old stuff after all these years? HA HA. By the way; I have NEVER seen a comment from anyone about the Laundry box that we use to ship back and forth to home.
Tue Mar 19 19:22:00 2013 [Cletus Althoff 1970]: I was digging through my old trunks and I found my original letter of acceptance dated February 12, 1966, signed by (Rev.) William J. Doran, S.J. Principal.... How many of my fellow Knights kept their letter? HA!
Fri Jan 25 13:30:45 2013 [Joe Williamson 1972]: John Most - My condolences to you in the recent passing of Stan 'The Man' Musial, as I remember you being the biggest St. Louis Cardinal fan ever! Great to hear from you and maybe you can make it for the next reunion. Best of luck!
Wed Jan 9 15:34:42 2013 [John G. Most 1972]: Thanks for reconnecting me with Campion via your website! It's great and I fondly remeber the days there--yes, even getting dragged bare--butt through the quad on the first snow.
Wed Dec 26 15:04:25 2012 [Bill Elward 1975]: Merry Christmas and happy New Year--sorry to hear about Kevin Trehey, I remember when he came back to visit during his first year at West Point--he was a great guy with a real upbeat attitude.
Tue Dec 25 14:26:56 2012 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: Merry Christmas to all Campion Knights everywhere - and of every year - and best wishes for a healthy, happy and propsperous new year. A special thanks to Tom Olson and all contributors for continuing to keep this site, as well as the Campion Forever e-newsletters, updated and ongoing. May God grant blessings and eternal peace to all Knights who departed this past year to their reward and final reunion.
Mon Dec 24 22:13:35 2012 [ ]: To all the Knights , May you and your loved ones enjoy the peace the Christmas Season And God's Blessings in the New Year
Sun Dec 23 22:52:26 2012 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: To Tom Lochner and all other interested Knights: Just a little bit of additional information about the late Kevin Trehey, class of 1973, that I can add. He played trumpet in the Campion pep bands and biennial orchestra concerts. The musical director, Prof. DeRanitz, often spoke highly of him. I was told by a certain Jesuit that Kevin wanted to attend one of the service academies, but didn't know which one as of the start of his senior year. At that time, Patrick Lucey, a Campion alumnus from the 1930s, was the Governor of Wisconsin, and he had the power to make appointments to any of the service academies. So Kevin got an appointment to not just one but all three, West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy. In the end, he chose to attend West Point. I think he may have been the last Campion graduate to attend a service academy. So sad to hear that he went to his reward at just age 57.
Sun Dec 23 15:47:00 2012 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Maybe the ghost of Joe Campion took it.
Sun Dec 23 15:46:18 2012 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Not sure where that aerial winter photo came from. I found it in the StudenAlbums link under unknown. I reduced it's size and aspect ratio to fit the front page. It is said to be from Winter 1976 which is of course the year after the school closed. Anyone want to own up to owning the picture?
Sun Dec 23 12:08:31 2012 [Paul McCullough 1970]: I am looking at the picture and as II recall, the coldest temperature when I was there (1966-1970) was something like minus 9-10 deg F. Ahh, that long walk to the dining hall ca 7:00 am, still dark outside late held his breath - it hurt to breathe! Merry Christmas to all!!!!
Sun Dec 23 11:44:14 2012 [Mike Horrigan 1954]: Tom, what a nice Christmas surprise I had this morning when I opened up the Nostaliga page. Never seen that particular picture before as it was taken many years after our class had come and gone. Two of the original building were gone and four new buildings had been added but all that White Stuff looks just as it did some 61 years ago during my first winter there.
Sat Dec 22 22:23:22 2012 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Tough year for the class of '72 and '66 as well. 3 for 3 for 3. As well as two famous alumni staff members. Fr. Kalb and Mr. Sebastian both from the class '41. The latest list is on the CF Newsletter site.
Sat Dec 22 07:09:27 2012 [Fred Nora 70]: Tough year, mortality wise, for class of '70. I guess it's only expected and by default will continue. Makes me appreciate all of you Knights, from all classes, even more. Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year to all of you. Thanks Tom for your continued efforts on this site.
Wed Dec 19 11:51:19 2012 [Mike Horrigan 1954]: Tom, what a joy it is for me to have this site to visit through out the year, so to you I'll say what we said to Bob Hope. " Thanks For The Memories". Merry Christmas Tom and a healthy and happy New Year to all Campion Knights and their families.
Tue Dec 18 16:54:06 2012 [Tom Lochner 1972]: FYI Passing of Kevin Trehey, class of 1973 Captain Kevin William Trehey, U. S. Army, 57, died on Nov. 27, at John Hopkins University Hospital. Kevin was born and raised in Seneca. He graduated from Campion High School, the class of 1973. He received his bachelors degree in engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., the class of 1977. Kevin received his masters degree from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Captain Trehey served more than 10 years in the United States Army, beginning in 1977, and spent most of his time stationed overseas in Germany. After his retirement, Kevin held various engineering positions in the private sector. He was a member of Saint Andrew by the Bay Roman Catholic Church, Annapolis, Md. Kevin was a model train enthusiast. He is survived by his wife of 22 years, Beth Trehey; only son, Michael Trehey; brother, Greg (Chere) Trehey, all of Arnold, Md.; sister, Lisa (Kevin) Seitz; father, Harold Trehey, both of Monona, Iowa. Interment was on Dec. 4, at West Point, N.Y.
Sat Dec 15 18:14:51 2012 [Matthew Micka 1974]: To Jean If Ever You Check Back on this Website... If you've not suceeded in linking up with the owner of the ring that you found (wherever and whoever you are!), I was in the class of 1974 but was taken out of the school by my parents during the summer of 1973, so, I never got a ring! I'd love to take over the ring, for some sum of money, or as a goodwill gift, if you have no reason to hold on to it yourself!
Thu Nov 15 19:19:23 2012 [C.C. Althoff 1970]: To Jean, the AMDG is Latin for "The Greater Glory Of God". and the BVMH Stands for "Blessed Virgin Mary Help Us". There should be 3 initials on the inside of the ring and I have the '67 year book and may be able to match it up for you. As far as Fr. O'Conner for Jim '59, I was at the local coffee shop in the late '70's, in my home town, when I read in a newspaper that a Fr. James V. O'Conner had passed of a heart attack during a robery stand off at the rectory to which he was assigned to South Dakota on a Indian reservation after leaving Campion. His Fellow priest was wounded during the incident. One of the intruders was the son of a well known Indian activist..... I am so sad that this young person didn't get to know Fr. O'Conner. I will always remember him sitting at his desk with his sleeves rolled up and his cigar clamped in his teeth, providing me with the advice and wisdom of a father. He is the one Priests from those days that I will never forget, and I keep his honor and friendship close to my memory, as I do of all my classmates..... Class of ' all still ROCK!!! C.C. Althoff SFC USA Ret
Mon Nov 12 15:47:46 2012 [ ]: campion golf outing,june 10 2013. nick primiano 72
Wed Oct 17 21:30:35 2012 [Mike Horrigan 54]: I've just been notified that E-Bay now has for sale 1956,1957, and 1959 Campion Knights Yearbooks in case anyone is interested.
Tue Oct 9 19:30:51 2012 [michael uhrich 1962]: Wonderful 50th reunion. Sure great to see everyone
Tue Oct 2 09:36:16 2012 [Bill Friedrichs 66-67]: Was in PDC hunting 9/22 weekend. Heard that the city is renovating Hoffmann Hall and it might be available for future reunions.
Mon Sep 17 07:13:40 2012 [jean ]: I have found a ring from Campion Jesuit High School Class of l967 The left side has the letters "RMDG" (possibly "AMDG") and the opposite side says "BVMH" Would love to return it to the original owner.
Mon Aug 27 16:40:19 2012 [Jim Korinek 1959]: Almost made it through. Family moved to Florida in 1957. Sure have,issued,y days at Campion. Heinz 57. Remember Fr. Aspenlighter? How is John O'Conner? Those were my best two years of high school. Wish we could do it over. George Burbach, Andy Frain, old friends.
Mon Aug 27 16:36:51 2012 [Jim Korinek 1959]: Almost made it through. Family moved to Florida in 1957. Sure have,issued,y days at Campion. Heinz 57. Remember Fr. Aspenlighter? How is John O'Conner? Those were my best two years of high school. Wish we could do it over. George Burbach, Andy Frain, old friends.
Sat Aug 11 15:45:07 2012 [Thomas Olson 1972]: OK, guys, thanks to Nick Primiano '72, DDS, we now have a copy of the white paper published about that cereal experiment. The link to it is in the In Privatum.
Fri Aug 10 06:42:21 2012 [Tom Lochner 1972]: All I remember is the cereal had a meallic taste and my brother and I didn't eat much of it. As day students they shipped cases of it to our home. My brothers and sisters didn't like it either so I think my mom fed it to the birds. Those that ate it, few did, did not report any dental problems but I don't know if that was included in the study.
Thu Aug 2 12:03:15 2012 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Fred, the only thing I can remember about the study was that the Sugar Frosted Flakes (why that in a dental study???) kept me from starving when the menu at Loyola Hall wasn't good. One could eat only so many Tater Tots, let alone having your morning toast buttered with a paintbrush. I also remember being lined up outside the infirmary twice a year with that killer nurse, Ms Bauch, standing at the front door, telling everybody to stay in line and to be quiet, while in the background some dentist had a kid in the chair poking around and was yelling out "Number 8, Number 14 missing, Number 7 discolored" - stuff like that, obviously checking teeth - while some lady wrote that all down. Then we were given a toothbrush and a big tube of Crest toothpaste and sent out the door. The other thing that I remember is that you got tracked down and were sent to the bookstore get more Crest toothpaste from that Jesuit Bro. with the thick glasses who worked there and who never spoke - - ever! He was also a sight for sore eyes when you returned to school each September and went to the bookstore to pick up the 25-30 lbs of books to trundle back to your room.
Tue Jul 31 13:41:46 2012 [ ]: tom i think that was one of the unknowns they didnt think about.that and a lousy dinner,followed by whatever and whoevers cereal.
Tue Jul 31 09:22:06 2012 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Seems to me that everyone was eating from everyone else's cereal boxes when they wanted to eat something different that what was in their box... Ah I think I will have "colored loops" today instead of "crispy rice". Of course we never actually witnessed anybody swapping boxes. Hmm.
Tue Jul 31 06:31:46 2012 [n primiano 1972]: the study was to test if adding phosphates to breakfast cereal would stop tooth decay.we were a followup study with less unknown than the original study done in ann arbor mi on grade school children.since we were in the same dining area,as opposed to homes,they figured we would follow the guidelines better.176 of us were the guinea pigs.meaning about 300 students got free cereal for 3 years.the study didnt find that the additives made no difference.dan rosliep 72 made a comment about it 3 weeks as an ada member,i contacted their library about cereal studies.i got back about 8 studies including one that had 176 members at a private boarding school in wisconsin.
Mon Jul 30 19:03:58 2012 [Fred Nora 70]: Nick, for those of us whose neurons aren't as active as they once might have been, could you (or Paul McCullough who remembers everything) elaborate on this study a bit. And what inspired your reinvestigation of it?
Mon Jul 30 07:37:36 2012 [n primiano 72]: for those who were at campion when they did the cereal test,i received the dental study today from the wanted to see if mono and diphosphates prevented tooth decay.the answer was no.mostly i think it provided food on nights when the food was lousy.if anyone wants a copy send me an email.
Tue Jul 24 12:26:06 2012 [Paul Wagner 1970]: I remeber Don well. He always asked if you want your sideburns on or off. You had to answer specifically or they would on but "on the floor". Good sense of humor.
Sun Jul 22 12:44:51 2012 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Mr. Don Sebastian, our Campus Barber, passed away on July 20. Don cut our hair from 1952 through 1978. Prior to Don, Mr. George Sebastian cut our hair from 1925 through 1952. Mr. Walter Sebastian assisted from 1954 to 1958.
Mon Jul 16 09:40:52 2012 [Joe Riley 1969]: My cousin John I. Reilly, class of 1957 passed away on Friday 7/13/12 in Pittsburgh, CA. John had suffered with Parkinson's and several other medical problems for almost 10 years. He was a good guy and a Campion Man till the end. He leaves wife Jean and six grown children numerous grandchildren. He graduated from Creighton,did a tour in the Army as a 1st lt. and worked for the federal government with the Health & Welfare Dept. Hope some of the class of 1957 will remember John and say a pray now and then.
Thu Jul 12 15:32:41 2012 [ ]: Dear Dennis. I am sorry to hear about Pat. He was a great guy. Always happy and up-beat. He will be missed.
Thu Jul 12 12:13:46 2012 [Dennis Casey FOC 0000]: My oldest brother Pat '72 passed away yesterday July 11 2012 after battling lung cancer. Campion was one of his fondest memories and I know he treasured his friendships with his classmates. He donated his body to science but a memorial Mass will be held in Chicago soon. Details TBD. He was preceeded by our Dad Jack '46 and uncles Tom '38, Gene '42 and Fran '52.
Wed Jul 11 19:59:19 2012 [John Duskey 1963]: Just a brief note for all of you who knew Frank Goetz but have not heard: Frank passed away Tuesday morning, July 10, 2012. He had been ill for some time and had said he was ready to go. Friday, July 13 at St. Joseph's in NewHope, MN, visitation 10am, Funeral at 11am. He taught Latin at Campion in 62-63, as a scholastic, but left the order in the late 60s. His Wife, Pat, was with him to the very end.
Mon Jul 9 07:53:55 2012 [Fred Nora 70]: Sad news from Keith Leighty. Chris Lamal passed away in NY, apparently a couple of days ago. RIP.
Sun Jul 1 11:56:06 2012 [Thomas J Rothschild 1967]: Class of 1967 Almost. I left Campion Jesuit High School after June of 1965, because my family moved to Portland, Oregon. I still feel a strong connection with the school, the boys and the teachers I met. I was able to visit the campus in 1999, and it was very depressing. I would like to hear from some my classmates.
Sat Jun 30 13:05:52 2012 [Fred Nora 70]: That was meant to read Sherman, TX
Sat Jun 30 13:04:38 2012 [Fred Nora 70]: Any alumni in the region of Sherma/Denison Texas?
Wed May 2 17:41:19 2012 [Jerome Kowalski ?????]: Thank you Mr. Olson for that information.
Tue May 1 13:24:42 2012 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Only record from those days is a list. Joseph P. Kowalski Class of 1929 from La Cross, WI. No Colby's listed.
Tue May 1 12:55:54 2012 [Jerome Kowalski ???]: My father attended Campion in the middle to late 1920's. His name was Joseph Patrick Kowalski. He might also have attended under the name of Joseph Patrick Colby. Do any student list exist that could help me find out when he actually attended? Thanks for your help.
Wed Apr 4 10:39:52 2012 [Keough '65]: I just received a note from a classmate saying that Fr. Howie Kalb passed away this morning. I don't have any further info as of yet.
Fri Mar 9 19:13:22 2012 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Guess what just turned up!!! The last JUG list recovered from Kostka Hall bulletin board posted the day before Kostka Hall burned down. Look for it in the InPrivatum.
Tue Feb 21 18:48:32 2012 [Don DuBrul 1962]: Looks like a respectable turn out for the "mimi-reunion" here in Punta gorda Florida. If any other alum's from other classes are interested let me know.
Thu Feb 9 18:37:49 2012 [Richard Dungar ]: My prayers and sympathy are with Governor Patrick Lucey and his family on the death of Jean Lucey, Governor Lucey's wife.
Sun Jan 22 13:10:01 2012 [Mike Horrigan 1954]: For any of you guys who may be interested; E-Bay now has a 1949 Campion Knights Yearbook for sale. As for myself I'm still looking for a 1951 Yearbook ln case anyone would have one for sale.
Tue Jan 17 11:25:07 2012 [Bill Elward 1975]: Greetings Campion Knights! I'm checking to see if there are any alums in the Myrtle Beach, S.C. area--a friend of mine with Campion roots is moving there.

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