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Mon Dec 30 12:01:08 2002 [Steve May 1978]: Love to hear from classmates who were freshmen at the time Campion closed
Mon Dec 30 12:01:06 2002 [Steve May 1978]: Love to hear from classmates who were freshmen at the time Campion closed
Tue Dec 24 23:49:34 2002 [Hugh Toner 75]: Merry Christmas to All Knights as well as families and friends of Campion.PLease contact me at redzonelaw .I'd love to hear what you're up to.
Tue Dec 24 07:30:25 2002 [Jim Williamson 1970]: Merry Christmas to all of you Knights and your families, and to all of the Campion Jesuits living and deceased.
Sat Dec 21 11:24:47 2002 [RAY HACKETT 59]: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL
Thu Dec 12 11:25:15 2002 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Joe, I remember you well. If you get to see Jim, see if he can give you a description of what he does for a living. Not even his family members know. When asked, James vaguely speaks of assisting in business deals between Africans, Europeans, and Americans. I used to think his employer was located in Langley, VA.
Wed Dec 11 17:26:47 2002 [Joe Williamson 72]: Nice to hear from Bob Bruchs who I'm glad is still alive. Bob, I roomed with your brother Jim both Junior and Senior years. I'm glad the school loosened up a bit because we had a lot of fun! Jim and I e-mail one another from time to time and he did say he was living in Germany. He failed to mention anything about his new wife, though. As a matter of fact, I just e-mailed him recently and let him know my wife and I are coming to Europe in April and may pay him a visit( whether he likes it or not). Sounds like now I will have to, to check out the new Mrs. Bruchs.
Mon Dec 9 15:51:26 2002 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Where is Mr. Tom Roach (algebra & trig), I wanted to tell him that things are still "clear as mud".
Fri Dec 6 14:28:10 2002 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: I've decided to apologize to all alumni for that last comment in my previous posting. I continue to view my years at Campion as the best time of my life. Forgive me.
Fri Dec 6 14:24:10 2002 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Oops ! James didn't really graguate from, he graduated from the Potomac School of Law, located in the Watergate complex in Washington D.C. I believe he still has the keys to the offices of the DNC. A little more about me though. After spend time at at least four institutions of higher education, I have granted myself degrees from the College of hard knocks, and the University of Trial and Error. After twenty years of residence in the Silicon Valley ( Valley), I find myself in the position of doing consulting (a synonym for unemployed) for any concern that can pay for my skilla as a senior level software developer, systems administrator, network administrator, or Director of IT. I've mellowed a lot, after spending a lot of time researching the effects of THC. I'm available for relocation (Florida seems nice), and willing to pay my own costs. Any alumni that has been successful enough to investigate my skills further, can contact me at By the way, Fr. Albert DiUlio visited me at my home in San Jose this past summer. We had a nice chat for a few hours before he blessed my home, daughter, and wife, and was on his way. Please don't tell him who supplied the e-mail address, but he can be reached at And what Jesuit did you wake up to in the middle of the night? (sic)
Fri Dec 6 13:49:08 2002 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: I must be the only one of my class still alive !! I'm sure some members of the class of '72 may like to razz my brother James, Jim to the rest of you. His e-mail is James got married this past summer to a beautiful German woman, they reside in (of all places) Sipplingen, Germany. James graduated from the
Fri Dec 6 12:50:35 2002 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: What were Fr. Kidds favorite rodents
Sun Dec 1 03:28:31 2002 [roshan 1999]: greta to see!
Sun Nov 10 10:32:31 2002 [Brett Young 76]: In memory of Bob Kean '76, (my roommate - 217 Xav.) who passed away June 8, 2001.
Thu Oct 24 04:51:44 2002 [Class of 1965]: Sad news: Pat Byrne, Class of 65, passed away two weeks ago.
Tue Oct 22 21:03:55 2002 [Tim Cordes 1975]: Sorry for the typos. I thought my e-mail would show up. It is
Tue Oct 22 21:01:49 2002 [Tim Cordes 1975]: I just discovered this site this weekend. I'm a little ashamed as I consider myself net savvy but it a big net. Campion has been on my mind more often as my daughters have entered high school (11th and 9th grade). The latter is at a Jesuit Prep school called Brebeuf in Indianapolis. It constantly amzes me how powerful the experience and education were at Campion. I felt so much growth and maturation there that when it was over I felt older (?wiser) than my 2 older brothers. I don't fully understand how - but Campion did force you to grow - its impact was way beyond academics. Sadly, I have lost touch with everyone rom Campion. There were very few of us from Michigan. Anyway, I am now in Indy working at Riley Hospital for Children. I would love to hear from any class of '75 people....Joe Havlik, Mark Bodnar, Chris McVay, Tony Eiland, Tony Altimari, Pete Geldner, Bob Riley, and on and on. BTW - Thanks for this site.
Mon Oct 21 20:19:46 2002 [Joe Cordes 77]: Wow. My bro Tim ('75) just sent me an email telling me about this site. Cool. Big place in my heart for the years there. Grew a TON while there. The Basic Swim team :)...Silva Mind Control class in Kilmer classes in the chapel......liturgical choir with Fr Roc O'Connor......great friends......good weekends. I have said to Tim for years......"Campion Lives!". Nice to see it a good website that gives more evidence of it. :) To all alumni, I wish you God's blessings and peace. Maybe Tim and I can connect with some of you at a reunion someday. Take care y'all. :)
Sat Oct 12 19:27:26 2002 [Lou Chiara 65]: I just noted the previous comments regarding anonymousalam. Could this be a hoax?
Thu Oct 10 17:01:53 2002 [JohnG 98]: I'm not sure where my place is here...I'm not sure what I consider myself and I am not sure if I should have a place here; since this is a "guestbook" I figured I am a guest. I went to Martin Luther Prep School on your campus the year 1994-1995. This was the last year that MLPS was open and the year before the state took your (our) campus over. I having taking an extreme liking to this site because it reminds me of my days on the campus. Lots of people talk about Campion closing and how it affected them. I was very sad to leave too. When I read some of the articles in this website I couldn't help but wonder If we (MLPS) was some kind of "evil enemy" to everyone that considered Campion a home; I have come to believe that we are not; everyone who has gone to school on the campus has something in common, that is, the spirit of the campus within us. I have grown to appreciate what you, the alumni of Campion, have accomplished and experienced on that beatiful campus in Prairie du Chien. Thank you for the memories...JohnG
Thu Oct 3 16:45:39 2002 [anonalum ]: Has anybody checked out the new Campion clothing available on the Campion Forever website? Hats, polo shirts, sweats, and apparently soon, even coffee mugs and license plates. Seems remeniscent of "The Factor Gear" on O'Reilly on Fox TV.
Tue Sep 17 10:50:11 2002 [Mike Mueller 1967.5]: Actually Class of 68 but left after my junior year - I was advanced and knew everything by then...mainly I wanted to be around girls. Just found this site and all the writings have me looking back. I remember gopher hunting, Zulu warefare with the farmers, great fries at the bowling alley, late night antics which included a pint of "Jim" with a guy from Texas and a guy from KY - I won't give your names. Who was it that we poured a little lighter fluid on his floor, lit it and then woke him? Was it the same guy we came into his room in the dark with our hands painted in day-glow? Who was the guy who came into Lucey hall one night all drunk and loud? We tried to knock him out so the jebs wouldn't hear him and carry him away? What AM Chicago station was that that we could pick up from high up on the bluffs...the only decent music for hundreds of miles? Anyone else remeber Brother Murphy taking us to a deserted farm for English did a blind man do that? Oh yeah, then there was my brother, "Mountain" who would wake me at 3:00 am on a cold winter morning to go serve mass. Of course it wasn't until I got to the deserted church that I realized I'd been had. Lots of memories. Sink mates, room mates, team mates, play mates, smoking mates, jug mates. Oh yea. Then there was the time we were on a train and some really good friends found some whiskey in the bath room. Only it was soap, not whisky...very funny. So I could be had now and then. I also remeber my lungs giving out anytime I made it to the third period in wrestling. This from a guy who's run 3 marathons (I come in 25,000th out of 30,000). Sorry I didn't graduate with you guys. I know I missed something special. On the other hand, I met my wife that senior year and after 2 years of dating we've been happily married for 32. In the end the Jebs couldn't handle me listening to my stereo on earphones after lights out. I got paddled by J.VOC and accepted shame and defeat. Hey, today I could sue for that! Only kidding...I wouldn't trade one piece of my life. Thanks to all for a lot of good memories. Hope this moves your rock.
Mon Sep 16 10:49:07 2002 [Joe Haschka 1970]: To anonymousalum: In 1974, I was assaulted by a leafless tree at the end of a slippery, snow covered slope. The assault left me paralyzed from the neck down, deaf, blind and in a coma. After a few weeks on life support, I was given Last Rights, unplugged and left to die. I didn't.. After a year of rehab, I regained all motors and senses. Moral of the story: Shit happens. Get help. Get over it. Be happy that you're not dead. Resurrect yourself. Go help somebody.
Sat Sep 7 20:54:33 2002 [Fred Nora 1970]: To anonymousalum '68/wiser '68 (and with apologies to Mike Doyle if this fosters more flames.) Okay, lets try this once more, slowly, and with no difficult words or phrases. Neither Tom nor I responded to the issue of predatory abuse. We responded to the accusation of a specific individual (the name now X-ed out) in a public forum by someone who chose to remain a pseudonym. Tom's request was not to keep silent, but rather to keep the accused anonymous if the accuser was to be also. How this warrants our becoming co-conspirators with the Church in the sad litany of recent sex scandals and cover-up strains even bizarre logic. "How I really feel" about the Church, recent cover-ups, sexual abuse etc. you have demonstrated that you don't have a clue. As to how I feel about trying to communicate with bigotted clowns like your pseudonym self - Grow up.
Sat Sep 7 10:38:16 2002 [anonymousalum 1968]: I think it was the manner in which Olson and Nora first responded to the issue showed how they really feel. Suddenly, they are logical and the in privatum idea shows the covering it up policy of the Church
Fri Sep 6 12:34:21 2002 [Tom Rink 1964]: Mark you calendars -- the 2003 golf outing in Prairie will be on Monday, June 9th.
Fri Sep 6 12:33:25 2002 [Tom Rink 1964]: Mark you calendars -- the 2003 golf outing in Prairie will be on Monday, June 9th.
Wed Sep 4 15:51:24 2002 [Schaefer ONeill 1972]: Hi TOM ... missed you at the 30th in Wisconsin ... a great time was had by all. We did, however, receive sad news regarding the recent death of Michael Janick resulting from a long term illness. On a lighter note, I'm hoping to navigate to your Rocketry pages for an update. Keep up the great work TOM.
Wed Sep 4 09:15:53 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Thanks Michael
Wed Sep 4 08:30:04 2002 [Michael Doyle 1970]: Tom, I am happy to speak to anyone about their experiences. This would not be counseling or therapy and I doubt a conversation or two will help anyone resolve their problems, but I can hear people out and provide information. If that might be helpful to someone, then it's fine with me. Although I would not consider any conversation to be a form of professional service, I would keep it confidential. Since I am reluctant to put my phone number out here in this context, I'd say that if anyone wants to talk, email me at and we can take it from there.
Tue Sep 3 11:33:23 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I agree with you Mike Doyle. It is strange how our request that people not be accused anonymously has somehow turned us into the bad guys protecting guilty and shaming the victims and covering something up. In fact, we are doing nothing but claiming that anonymous public accusations are unacceptable. The anonymous groupies appear not to understand that from reading their comments. As a clinical psychologist would you be willing to help this/these guys resolve their problems if they were to contact you privately. I can't speak for them that they would even really want to seek real help because I do not know who these people really are.
Tue Sep 3 09:35:00 2002 [Michael Doyle 1970]: I should stay out of this, but I won't. As a clinical psychologist who has worked with people who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, I have some understanding of the suffering and damage such abuse can cause. As the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church has unfolded, it has occurred to me that Campion was a perfect environment for an abuser to exploit kids. That being said, I never heard of any sexual abuse, never experienced any, and never would have considered it a possibility when I was a student at Campion. That doesn't mean it didn't happen. I'd like to request an end to the flame wars and some attempt to understand people's responses here.
Sun Sep 1 17:02:16 2002 [Leighty 70]: Tom, in the new entry of staff photos, Unknown #3 is Father Burke. ... With all due respect to all concerned, I think a discussion of improprieties at the school is certainly in order, but would be more appropriate in the Privatum scrolls.
Sat Aug 31 14:10:19 2002 [wiser 1968]: You do sound like pathetic groupies that are empty in the present life and want to believe you were part of something big. Jeez, it you part of an organization that abused boys at times what would that do for your self-esteem?
Sat Aug 31 14:08:02 2002 [wiser 1968]: I find it disturbing that you call the victim, gutless. Pat Mower's idea that because he hasn't heard that it mustn't be true reflects what victims are up against. Why do you care if the truth is said? You don't want to hear the truth. Fact, sexual abuse on boys in high school is devastating in a cultural that makes it hard for guys to open up. You brutalize the victim and then say the victim is gutless for not naming who he is. Perhaps he was just feeling out the reception. You blew it.
Sat Aug 31 14:00:26 2002 [wiser 1968]: Thomas Olson and Fred Nora represent the Church's sweep it under the rug mentality. You two would be proud to annouce that your children were in some kind of armed forces. You do defend abusers when you attack the victim. I know of those abused and the two of you aren't the type anyone would open up to.
Thu Aug 29 14:12:07 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Ditto, Well said Fred!
Thu Aug 29 11:40:19 2002 [Fred Nora 1970]: No one defends abuse, abusers, or proposes that Campion was beyond the reach of such slugs. But anonymous accusations of a specific individual in a public forum is a gutless behavior not far beyond the shamed silence these same slugs depend upon to keep their victims silent. Alums who were victims of abuse certainly have my empathy and I would encourage/challenge you to confront your "victimizer" in whatever forum appropriate. But therapeutic confrontation is initiated by an individual, not a pseudonym. P.S. Are Knightsfortruth, thoushaltnottell, and wiser all the same person? Groupie?
Wed Aug 28 20:55:37 2002 [Pat Mower 1964]: Hey Guys, sorry, but I haven't heard ANY stories of any kind of improprioties. Now this may mean no one wants to tell, but at least ONE person would have said something private. I agree with Tom, my buddy anyway, that this is a Nostalgia site. Nostalgia, if you have to look it up, usually connotes GOOD TIMES, not bad ones. Anyway, anyone is always invited to email me if they want. Tom, keep up the good, no GREAT work, and I'll see ya in a couple of weeks.
Wed Aug 28 20:13:19 2002 [THomas Olson 1972]: I can't help those who are suffering in this life if they want to stay anonymnous. Are you trying to tell us that making anonymous accusations make you feel healed. You should make your accusations to your abuser directly. You aren't 16 anymore. Good luck to you. BUT, I was primarily stating that this Nostalgia Guestbook is NOT for NON Nostalgic Stuff. I'm sorry. This site is to display the nostalgic good things about Campion. If you want, I can make a phorum where you can point out all the negative stuff. It won't be on this site. Enuf diatribe for now.
Wed Aug 28 18:58:28 2002 [Knightsfortruth 1972]: Nonesense, Olson?
Wed Aug 28 18:56:24 2002 [thoushaltnotquestion 1971]: Wow, Olson, you breathe the cover up mentality of the Bishops, the next life, eh? What about the guys suffering in this life.
Wed Aug 28 11:05:56 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: The campionforever site is linked from within the In Privatum. Basically though it is a .org not a .msn
Wed Aug 28 11:04:07 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I also do not appreciate anonymous accusations towards anybody on this site. If you want to be anonymous then keep the damned accused anonymous also. They will get their punishment in the next life. If you must name names then take it to the In Privatum or some other phorum where such nonsense if tolerated.
Wed Aug 28 10:42:01 2002 [Bob Voosen 1966]: www.campionforever.msn does not appear to be a valid URL address. Got another, Fred?
Tue Aug 27 20:57:04 2002 [wiser 1968]: Mr. Nora, your reaction shows why the person who wrote before you stayed anonymous. Life went on after Campion--not all of us are groupies.
Tue Aug 27 18:26:10 2002 [Fred Nora 1970]: Last weekend at a mega-family reunion Father Bob Leiweke was kind enough to drive from Milwaukee to the state park locale to celebrate Mass for us. He looks great and hasn't changed - still a no BS Jeb of the old ( and from my perspective best) school. He was great to talk with and celebrated one of the best Masses I've been to in years. To the author of the previous message: If the insinuation you give is true, give your name. Shame is not yours - it should be the perpetrator's. As you are apparently one of my classmates, it is also a matter of personal, however distant, concern. Giving an anonymous name raises the question however of whether the scholastic named is a victim of vicious slander or the perpetrator of heinous abuse. On a lighter note please check out www.campionforever.msn. The second all class Florida reunion will take place at the end of next March in Pensacola. Yours truly is setting up the golf tournament. Hopefully some class of '70 alums will get off their asses this year and make it down. Criqui was our only representative last year and for that fact alone I think we all owe him a beer.
Sat Aug 24 20:08:47 2002 [victim 1970]: remember when XX XXXXXX would come into our dorms in the middle of the night to do what he wanted
Wed Aug 7 11:26:32 2002 [Demetri Holovachka 1957]: We went to our reunion commerating the 45th anniversary of our graduation from Campion. I'm suprised to say that I found it to be a very emotional experience. The class is filled with priests, doctors, lawyers, twenty and thirty year navy veteran, two gay alumni, and some who made serious social commitment to their communities. We had all reached an age where we were no longer trying to conquer the world, so the mood was laid back. None of the people were overstated or intent on impressing the world. There was some cynical response to the fact that Campion was a prison. I realized what a wild and reckless time we had in high school and college. I cannot count the scrapes from which my dad saved me. In certain ways Norm, the Cheers character played by Campion Alum George Wendt, was a perfect portrayal of a Campion Alum of that vintage. There was little alcohol consumption at the reunion. Times change, people change. I had to make many trips to the yearbook to determine the identity of the hairless greybeard, with whom I had spoken for the past hour. Generally they came back in someway. It was also interesting to note that almost every aum had from four to eight children (and they say Catholics aren't paying attention to the Church's teaching on birth control). Two classmates were critically ill and unable to attend. They were both in our thoughts and both missed. On Saturday we had a Mass that was reminiscent of our Campion Masses celebrated by Jack Callahan, S.J., and Fr. Tom Woerth. Dave Dantzer started the Mass with a Lacota Indian hymn and we finished with a rousing version of "Holy God We Praise Thy Name" (I think). We took up a collection for our classmate's, (Jim Strzok S.J.), African mission. I heard many tales of the stunts of class leader John Doman, which were never dectected. I thought of the many evil deeds I had committed, all of which were detected and fully punished, and I realize I lacked subtitlety (probably subtitley and intelligence). I have more to say; but I know I have overdone it already. Thanks to those who maintain the site (add a spell checker), and thanks to those who put on the reunion. I am now Dan Holly and my e-main address is
Mon Aug 5 11:50:06 2002 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Just talked to Fr. Dick Rice yesterday and he wanted me to pass along his best regards to Campion alumns everywhere. He is working at the Loyola Counseling Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. I didn't get an e-mail address from him but I did tell him about this web site and he wrote it down. I suspect he'll be leaving a message here sometime soon. I haven't spoken to him for quite some time but he still has his smart alec wit about him.
Thu Aug 1 17:56:11 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: The owner of what use to be Ma's is putting theplace up for sale. Somebody once wanted to make it a Campion Museum. Anybody interested in it? Contact me and I'll give you the contact info.
Thu Aug 1 17:33:25 2002 [Keough '65]: I've heard of a place that might be appropriate for any & all Campion reunions.... It's called The Meadows. It's located in Southern Nevada. The class of '65 is contemplating holding their 40th reunion there in '05. The Spanish call this city Las Vegas, by the way.
Wed Jul 31 09:16:16 2002 [anonalum ]: Get ready, hold on to your hats. PDC's Courier Press in the July 24, 2002 issue reports plans for the prison at the Campion site to be enlarged from a capacity of 300 to 600 medium security inmates. Threatened with closure earlier this year due to a recent $20 million dollar cut in correctional funding (well, doesn't that sound familiar!), senior Wisconsin correctional leaders announced last Wednesday 7/24 at PDC City Hall that the prison was to remain open and that the number of inmates is to be doubled. PDC leaders were pleased with the State's stated commitment that all of the jobs would go to local workers (the prison currently employs 183 to service an inmate population of 300). In addition, the age range of the inmate population (currently 18 to 22 years) is to be expanded to include older prisoners in hopes of that it would "help stabilize the prisoner environment......Younger inmates are more rebellious than the older ones.....The older inmates calm down the younger ones" (ummhmm, I bet they do). There is to be a greater mixture of offenders although the security level of the PDC prison will remain the same. The new inmates, according to Jon Litscher, the Secretary for the Department of Correction, could include "convicted murderers and rapists" (Holy Shit!!). Secretary Litscher continues with the enjoinder: "Even if a person has murdered and raped, they have matriculated from a maximum security prison" (yeah, right, and just like on the ol' Campion diploma, "with all the rights and priveledges appertaining thereto"). In addition to the provision of local jobs, PDC folks are also happy because the town has a ready customer for the sale approximately 20% of the municipal fresh water supply (guess they allow the inmates to take a series of long showers in order to calm the place down). By the way, PDC bought Hoffman Hall for $300,000 in early 2001 and have been redoing the pool all of last winter and spring. To learn more, visit
Wed Jul 24 00:15:33 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Louis Chiara, You missed the all class reunion in FLorida this year. But there is another one being planned for next year. You also missed the all class reunion in PdC, Wisconsin this year. But there will definitely be another one next June. Now I'm looking into a YAFACR(Yet Another First All Class Reunion) in SoCAL.
Wed Jul 17 09:03:13 2002 [James W. Bayley 1957]: Class of 57 reunion coming up Aug 2-4, 2002, St. Charles, IL
Mon Jul 15 17:23:53 2002 [Louis Chiara 65]: I received an email regarding an all class reunion in Florida. Is this for real? I hate to miss a good party!
Sat Jul 13 18:35:35 2002 [C.C. Althoff 1970]: Hi Jim, It s good to hear that Stupey is still on all 4's, we had a really good swim team at one time, and as I recall Scott could really motor! I'm sorry that swimming is not one of the events I can do on the Army's PT's still the push up, sit up, and 2 mile run,,(No "profile" for me) If I could throw back the hands of time about 30 years I would really smoke these kids, as it is I am happy to keep up..Ha! I consumed alot of funky tasteing water in that swim pool. Dick Friend was the greatist coach I ever had!
Sat Jul 13 08:40:01 2002 [Bob Voosen 1966]: Finally got around to getting a website going for the class of '66. Go to or link through the main page on this site. There are current pictures of a few of our classmates and a bulletin board. More to come as I get time.
Sun Jul 7 17:45:15 2002 [Stan Kulasik 1975]: I transfered out after Junior year but still have smiling memories about Campion. When I was at Campion, I couldn't picture myself anywhere but Campion and when I was back home, I couldn't picture myself anywhere else but at home with my friends. I was sorry to see the school close after my former class, 1975, graduated, but the times, they were 'a changin', and it was inevitable. I still enjoy reading the stories of you "older" guys and as much as my class was where I was at in time and space, I would've loved to hang with you guys for a while. Oh well, maybe a bar in downtown Chi-Town will be the place. I still have my ring but it's a tad tight. My kids think it's cool. Good health to all. Stan Kulasik
Tue Jul 2 10:21:50 2002 [Jim Williamson 1970]: I saw Scott Stupay yesterday afternoon in Valley Forge, Pa. while Scott was there on business. Scott lives in McLean, Va., and gets to this area as well as northern New Jersey, from time to time, on business. Scott said that he was trying to get in touch with Paul Downs, Chris Lamal and Keith Leighty. I told Scott that Keith claims to mix a pretty good martini, so you may get a call the next time he's in New York.
Thu Jun 6 13:15:00 2002 [Thomas Olson ]: Hey John Bachhuber.. I tried emailing you but it bounced with a complaint about COVAD dialup nonsense. Can you email me directly. Thanks.
Thu Jun 6 11:30:24 2002 [Keith Rothschild 1957]: Forgot to put in my email:
Thu Jun 6 11:28:21 2002 [Keith Rothschild 1957]: CLASS OF '57 REUNION: AUG 2-4, 2002, at Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, IL (near Chicago). We're looking for some "lost" classmates. If you know where any of these guys are, please email me:Jim Berger, Richard Blatz,Walker Butler, Larry Curphy, Alfred Domville, Stephen Doyle, Bob Douglas, Robert Jacobs, Ron Jagos, Wilbur Jordan,Tim Kelly, Neil Kline, Charles Koch, Richard Magee, Robert Maguire, Joe Merz, Bob Neuman, Dan O'Donnell, Ron Wagner, Mike White. Perhaps one is a brother or cousin. If you want information on any of the other members of the Class of '57, email me. If you want more info on the reunion, email Bob Haas (, Jim Bayley (, or me. We had 108 in the class, have early committments from about 25, expect about 40 more. Only a few "no"s. About 7 are known to have passed away. We look forward to seeing as many from our class as possible. Friends from outher classes and Jesuits from that period are also invited.
Sun Jun 2 18:42:08 2002 [JOHN BACHHUBER 1954]: Is anyone from the class of '54 still around?
Wed May 15 19:21:04 2002 [Roger Chapman 68]: Memories are flooding back. Some not so good, mostly great. Nice to see a few members of the class of '68 have made it to this site (Jake, Chuck, Rals...). For a guy who never took the Campion experience very seriously at the time, I remain amazed at how much rubbed off on me. Wishing the best to all of you and hoping to hear from any of my classmates (Tope). Take care...Charlie / Chatty. or
Tue May 14 11:41:08 2002 [Joe Haschka 1970]: Regarding the school's interest in going co-ed. In the spring of 1970, John Hartman, Doug Wiley and I conducted our senior class project by touring three schools and staying a week at each. Our intention was to write a report on what Campion needed to do to accomodate a female sector of the student body. We went to Regina High, an all girls day school in Mpls., St. Somebody's Academy, a co-ed day school in Beaver Dam, WI. and JFK Prep a co-ed boarding school in St. Nazianz, WI. I don't recall doing much of a report. Great times were had during those three weeks though. Highlights included our amazement at the uninhibited nature of the Regina girls as they changed clothes in front of their lockers in the hallways, the short skirts allowed by the dress code in Beaver Dam, and helping George Hutter (a fellow class of 70er who was kicked out after sophmore year) conduct unsanctioned chemical tests in his dormroom at JFK Prep. Our return to Campion was predicated by a hitch-hiking tour of south-central and south-eastern Wisconsin. I think we all got A's on our project - Fr. Warosh did the project review. .
Fri May 10 20:00:37 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I might just show up also. But won't know for sure until last minute. What are the motel situations like for not having reservations. Maybe a camp out in the bluff is doable. 2nd thought. The bluffs are probably developed by now I suppose.
Fri May 10 11:22:23 2002 [Bob Voosen 1966]: Thanks Tom. I will give a call. My but you are an early riser!
Fri May 10 05:22:53 2002 [Tom Lochner DS 72]: Bob, The social hour is Sunday late afternoon at Kaber's in downtown PdC. As I understand it, a number of people get together at the hotels prior to the event on Saturday. Check with Mark Peterson or Tom Rink in PdC for details. The golf begin at 9:00 AM at the Country Club, south of town on Highway 18.
Thu May 9 10:12:01 2002 [Pat Wehner 1973]: Can you belive it!! My 75 year old mother found this site while surfing the www. Nice to see you all keeping the memory alive. Really nice! God I miss SpecialX and Mold Stlye.
Thu May 9 09:58:14 2002 [Pat Wehner 1973]: Can you belive it!! My 75 year old mother found this site while surfing the www. Nice to see you all keeping the memory alive. Really nice! God I miss SpecialX and Mold Stlye.
Wed May 8 11:13:56 2002 [Bob Voosen 1966]: Tom Lockner- where is everybody meeting in PDC? I'll be in the neighborhood about that time and will stop by for an Old Style if folks are around on the weekend.
Wed May 8 09:59:51 2002 [Bob Voosen 1966]: Tom Lockner- where is everybody meeting in PDC? I'll be in the neighborhood about that time and will stop by for an Old Style if folks are around on the weekend.
Tue May 7 07:50:38 2002 [Marcy 89]: Hi guys - There were no Kotex machines in the bathroom (if that makes you feel better), we had to provide our own products. They did cover up the urinals, though. By the way, you probably imagine me as a teenage girl when in fact I am 31 years-old, you probably have kids a little younger than me! Question: why was Campion closed? We heard it was because the school had become more of a reform school and the Priests (jebbies?) couldn't handle it anymore. The reason Prep closed is because it melded with another campus in Watertown. They felt that too many parents didn't want to send their kids to a school in the middle of nowhere and Watertown is between Madison and Milwaukee. At the time we did find PdC pretty uninteresting as there wasn't much to do. We had our 10 year reunion there (in Watertown). There was a tv show on TLC (The Learning Channel) called "Reunion" and me and one of my friends were the subject of the show. That was pretty cool! Did you all have a golf tourn. in Prairie recently? Isn't it funny to see how your friends have aged - or do you feel you look the same?
Mon May 6 23:02:17 2002 [Peter Ebeling (Dr. Pigs or Piggy) 74]: Pigs really do fly... Believe it!
Mon May 6 12:13:14 2002 [Tom "Rals" Raleigh 1968]: Regarding the secret order of "Many Moons"...It's time we meet again. Miss you guys. "Midnight Sun"n
Sun May 5 18:18:59 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I mean I don't want to touch that subject.
Sun May 5 18:18:20 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Tom L.. How jebbies deal with teen age girls? I don't want to touch that one!
Sat May 4 06:31:54 2002 [Tom Lochner DS 72]: Tom At one time they did offer night classes to people from the community.
Sat May 4 06:30:52 2002 [Tom Lochner DS 72]: All right you guys. Joe, behave or I will send Gene looking for you. Or worse report you to the locals and they can deal with you when you are in Prairie. You could be setting yourself up for being blackballed at Pete's hamburgers. Tom, I do recall the go coed discussions but I don't beleive that it ever was a serious consideration. Can you imagine the jebbies having to deal with teenage girls. That would have been worth the price of admission. Jim I will try to keep an eye on Joe but like Joe, I cannot accept responsibility for his actions at the golf outing. As usual he is much like his fraternal twin Dan Lipke, a lot of talk and bluster but well behaved in the end. Look forward to seeing all of you Knights in PdC on the third.
Fri May 3 09:12:07 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I can't recall ever meeting any NS night students.
Fri May 3 09:10:55 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Oh, I always thought the DS was a salutation referring to ones degree in Dentistry. Or is that DDS. I just recalled that Tom L had explained this once before. DS stands for Day Student.
Fri May 3 09:07:24 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Marcy, Joe, and Jim. You all just reminded me of yet another tidbit of nostalgia (perhaps). During our term the school went through a phase of trying to decide whether to go CO-ED or NOT. I found a GO-CO-ED button. It was another attempt to perhaps keep the school funded. I vaquely recall them bussing in girls for the weekend. They stayed in Marquette hall. And I have no knowledge of budget restrictions for additional paper products.
Thu May 2 20:25:59 2002 [Jim Williamson 1970]: Marcy-Please forgive my brother's insensitive remarks. I used to pass them off as the ramblings of an impetuous youth. Now, I think it's probably senility. Tom Lochner, keep an eye on him at the golf outing. Thanks.
Thu May 2 18:08:29 2002 [Joe Williamson 72]: Hey Tommy Lochner - what does the DS stand for again? Oh forget it! Marcy - I bet we would have made great roommates. When did you say you were born? Come to think of it you would have been one year old when I graduated. I can't imagine Campion with women there. It was so much fun just being a boor without having to impress anyone. And Kotex machines in Lucy Hall? Hope to see many Knights at the golf reunion that Tom Lochner was mentioning. It's a great time! Hello Gene Stender wherever you are!
Wed May 1 20:52:05 2002 [Marcy ]: Hi Guys, Betcha don't have too many women on this site. I wasn't even born until 1971! I was a member of the graduating class of 1989 at Martin Luther Prep School. We heard some pretty wild stories about you guys - is it all true? We used to browse through the old yearbooks and laugh - nice hair! I, too, explored the tunnels (riddled with asbestos I am sure), climbed the roof of Marquette, climbed up into the bell tower (which was condemned), and snuck out to smoke (cigs. only) and hang out with my friends - guess we couldn't get enough of each other living together in the dorms! Sad to see the old campus "remodeled" as a prison of sorts. We used to think it really was and now it really is. Your thoughts gentlemen?
Tue Apr 30 05:01:32 2002 [Tom Lochner DS 72]: The annual golf outing is rapidly approaching - June 3. I would encourage all fellow Knights, especially those from the class of 1972 to participate. Even if you do not golf the social and time in Prairie is well worth it. Hey, even Joe Williamson is allowed in town!
Fri Apr 26 22:07:44 2002 [Jim Schmidt 19974]: I've seen such a small response from the class of "74" that I thought I'd add a few lines to let people know that there are more than 5 people from that class. I also want you to know that I'm glad this site is out there, because it's good to go back and see those pictures of the good old campus. I hope this finds everybody healthy and happy.
Fri Apr 26 22:02:50 2002 [Jim Schmidt 1974]: I see such a small response form the class of "74" that I thought I'd add a few comments.
Thu Apr 25 17:44:13 2002 [Brett Young 1976]: What a wonderful site.Any other '76ers (the last Jr. Class) out there?
Mon Apr 22 01:24:21 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Bob V. I've added your photo of Tex holding his oil painting of Fr. Roger Lucey to the student album area.
Sat Apr 20 09:10:59 2002 [Bob Voosen 1966]: When I visited Tex last fall he had great stories about Fr Lucey when he was a long term guest at his house. The Fr Lucey story I remember from Campion occured our senior year. We were the first class to occupy Xavier Hall and everything was not working quite right. Fr. Lucey and Fr. Burke (the hall dean) had gone down to the Spit and Whistle for a few cold ones and brought back a couple of "young" ladies to the dorm. One of these gals started playing with the intercom and thought she would call a boy or 2 and make some suggestive remarks. Unfortunately for her a lot of the rooms were cross wired so her comments went to 20 or 30 rooms. Burke and Lucey were much more careful after that. RIP Roger
Tue Apr 16 14:58:58 2002 [Alan Zepp 1966]: So sorry to hear about Father Roger Lucey. He was undoubtedly my favorite priest from my years at Campion. I recall one Thanksgiving Day when John Zabolio returned from being with his family for the day and we had two cans of beer in the sink in Lucy Hall being cooled by running water when Father Roger walked in, went to the sink and turned off the water, saying something like "you know that's illegal." Not sure if he was referring to the running water and ignoring the beer or just giving us a pass on what could have meant a boot out the gates. I was living in Milwaukee in 1991 and had the privilege of providing a ride for Fr. Lucey, who was at Marquette a the time, to Chicago for my 25th reunion. We had a great chat about Campion, Wisconsin politics, etc. The only other time I saw him since graduation was when I was a college student at Georgetown in DC and walking down Wisconsin Avenue when the window of a big black limousine that was stuck in traffic rolled down and it was Father Lucey. We barely had time to say hello when the light turned green and he was off to the airport. Bless you, Father Roger, you were a special man and a special priest.
Sun Apr 14 19:30:52 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Phew! We are back up and running. The Power Grid took exactly 13 hours. First time I've ever experienced SDG&E being accurate on work detail. All the servers survived except a cheap network hub. Everything is back to normal now.
Thu Apr 11 21:20:40 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: From william.j.kelly,s.j. Mon Apr 8 10:00:11 2002 To: Dear Tom: I received from the Wisconsin Province Headquarters the notice of the death of Rev. J. Roger Lucey, S.J., Campion 1945. He died April 7, 2002 in Richmond,CA and will be buried April 12, in Christ the King Cemetery in Pleasanton, CA. RIP. Bill Kelly, S.J.
Thu Apr 11 20:45:58 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: After Koska Hall burned down Campion was without a radio station. Some guys from class of '72 was able to talk the jebbies in letting us buy some used equipment and install in in the basement of Xavier Hall. We got the console from some place in the quad cities I believe which I proceeded to strip apart and rewire the wiring. The transmitters were Carrier Current which means we modulated onto the power system of the dorm building. We had to run coax through the steam tunnel to get the signal to the other dorms. we got the FCC to give us the call letters WZAP. Perhaps my collegues can remind me why that name. For me it was special because I got Zapped by the high voltage up against the wall. But I don;t think that was ever reported until just now. After we graduated I think the classes after us renamed the station.
Wed Apr 10 23:54:32 2002 [Robert C. Bishop 1967]: I am saddened by hearing of the passing of Fr. Roger Lucey, S.J. But I thank Chuck Thegze 1966 forhis posting of this mater. I am a Campion Man Class of 1967, so I remember my friends from the Class of 1966, including "Tex" Morgan andGeorge Wendt. I am glad that such fine men were able to attend the funeral of such a fine Jesuit and builder of young men. I have just rediscovered this site. I am amazed that Fr. Lucey has just passed. I write this on April 10, 2002, from Radcliff, Kentucky, near Fort Knox. Thanks for thew good detailed information and the wonderful tribute to Fr. Lucey. However, back to my intended posting. I was challenged by a link to state if I ever lived in Camnpion Hall. You call that living???!! Well, I have vivid memories of the "wash basin row" , situated, if I remember right, to the right after you exited dorm area "A". There is a book by a Jesuit, published in 1912, about, called "Cupid of Campion", a "Hardy Boys" style book, which describes the Campion open-air dorm in vivid detail, so vivid that5 I was able to recognize my actual alcove from the story text. I still have that book. My Dad found it new in a bookstore in Pittsburgh while I attended Campion. Great stuff. Well, I also must state that I worked on the radfio equipment in Kostka Hall, along with Dave Morisson, Class of 1966, and others. We finally changed the call letters of the station from VOC to WVOC. I still have the banner which I made with those call letters. I cannot remember the occasion. I would love to hear from friends and acquaintances and any curious Campion grad. I can be reached at Telephone (270) 234-8497--home. Also I pleade "guilty" to being a lawyer. Thanks tro all who have brought back to me the rush of Campion memories. Kudos to George Wendt and my other friends who have done so well. I brag on you guys a lot. HAIL, CAMPION!!!
Tue Apr 9 19:03:05 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: This Friday (12th) night our little town is having some major power reallignment. So the site will be gone for perhaps well over 13 hours while we get a new infrastructure.
Tue Apr 9 15:25:23 2002 [Chuck Thegze 1966]: I am sad to report that Roger Lucey S.J. died here in Northern California on Sunday evening, April 7, 2002, of complications from cancer. His funeral Mass is Wednesday evening, April 9 at Santa Maria Church in Orinda, California. Lucey was highly influential in the years he was at Campion in the '60s. Lucey Hall was named after his family. His brother Patrick was Governor of Wisconsin. He will be fondly remembered and missed. Chuck Thegze, H.B. "Tex" Morgan and George Wendt, all Class of 1966, will attend the funeral. Ave atque vale.
Mon Apr 8 06:51:25 2002 [Jim Williamson 1970]: Chris Lamal: I used to work for the FDIC. I was the Regional Counsel for the northeast in the Division of Recieverships and Resolutions. We had an office at 40th and 5th in NYC the I would work out of from time to time. I still get to NYC pretty often. I was in Wisconsin recently and saw Anne Hillenbrand and my parents. They are doing great and still know how to throw a great party. I will pass your thoughts of the Oshkosh debate trips along to them. I'm glad to hear that you and Keith Leighty are mastering the art of the martini. I traded emails with Keith a little over a year ago, but he never mentioned his talent with the juniper berry. The next Army/Navy game is at Giant Stadium. If Michael Doyle comes out for the game, perhaps we could all get together to see just how good you and Leighty are with a shaker and a strainer. I live a bit closer to NYC (Philadelphia) than Doyle does, so I don't need the Army/Navy game as an excuse.I don't nee
Sat Apr 6 11:21:45 2002 [Charles Gillia 74-75]: Campion Riot...Peb you are correct about the riot.The man who almost lost his eye is,Glen Alan.It was not Campion fighting Campion.It was the locals who came to cause trouble and they did.
Thu Apr 4 21:10:18 2002 [Keith Rothschild 1957]: Class of '57 reunion is Aug. 2-4, St. Clarles, IL at the Pheasant Run Resort. We'd be happy to see any of the classmates from the years on either side of us. I have a new email address ( We fired AOL for poor service.
Sat Mar 30 13:19:48 2002 [Chris Lamal 1880]: Jim Williamson: Don't you or Joe work for the FDIC? I'm a lawyer at a law firm in NYC and worked on a few matters for the FDIC (and RTC) several years ago. I still remember the debate trips we took to Oshkosh, where we stayed at your home and the Hillenbrands. Your families were so warm and welcoming to us master debaters that it left a lasting impression. I remember thinking that if I had to choose another family to belong to, it would be yours. But enough of such sappy sentimentality. What I want to know is how TWO of your boys managed to get into West Point. Don't applicants have to be nominated for admission by a Congressman? BTW, Keith Leighty has mentored me, with a firm but gentle hand (this is beginning to sound obscene), in the art of martini mixing, and I suggest you all follow his expert advice on such matters. Talking about obscene, I invite any of you interested to visit the Yahoo Campion groups site I set up at, where the "sujet du jour" is SEX!!!!
Fri Mar 29 07:59:13 2002 [Jim Williamson 1970]: Michael Doyle, thanks for the note. I am sure that you're very proud to have a son at Annapolis. Plebe year is a tough one at all of the academies. It gets better after recognition, but it doesn't get appreciably better until the third year. My son who is currently in his second year at West Point and his brother who graduated last June both play(ed) LaCrosse for West Point. I love going to the Army/Navy LaCrosse game at Annapolis. Annapolis is in such a great location and Maryland is such an avid LaCrosse state, that it makes for a great game. Let me know if you get to Drexel Hill on any of your trips to Annapolis. I live in Devon, which is only about 15 minutes away from Drexel Hill. Also, my neighbor's son graduated from Annapolis 2 years ago, so you'll have some Navy support close by. You can imagine what our yards looked like during the week of the Army/Navy football game. Our sons are great friends and still keep in touch although they are in different parts of the world right now. You can reach me at (610)971-0625, or by email at:
Fri Mar 29 07:41:46 2002 [Jim Williamson 1970]: Michael, thanks for the note. You're right, it is a very special experience having a son or daughter at one of the academies. I'm sure that you have had a very interesting year
Fri Mar 29 07:41:45 2002 [Jim Williamson 1970]: Michael, thanks for the note. You're right, it is a very special experience having a son or daughter at one of the academies. I'm sure that you have had a very interesting year
Fri Mar 29 05:55:02 2002 [john Klein 1971]: Discovered this web site and attended Campion just 2 years. The last time I remember seeing Mikael Doyle 's name he was dating some one from Ft. Wayne, Indiana . It was interesting to see the graduation pictures . I did see Fr. John Scott 3 years ago. He looked good for someone who the doctors gave up for dead . Then came back. He was living in Creighton University Jesuit Residence hall and loves visitors. Its been awhile since I last wrote. Special thanks to classmates who called when they came to town. One of my strange memories of Campion is ice skating across the Mississippi River to Iowa. I can still remember the sound of cracking ice. I must have been nuts.
Thu Mar 28 08:54:59 2002 [Michael Doyle 1970]: Jim, Congratulations on having 2 sons in the long grey line (did I get that right?). The Army-Navy rivalry has a long tradition and I enjoy wearing my "Beat Army" baseball cap, but the truth is that both West Point and Annapolis have very special young men and women as cadets and midshipmen and both provide outstanding education and leadership training. You must be very proud. I know I am, along with sometimes being scared. Every time I see pictures of soldiers or sailors killed in action I see my son's face. Quite an unexpected situation for someone who was arrested in an anti-Vietnam War demonstration in Madison Wisconsin in 1971. On another note, my wife's family is from Philadelphia and several of her siblings live in Drexel Hill. Maybe we'll cross paths some day and swap stories. Being the parent of a kid at a service academy is a unique experience. We are among the few parents of college students who know exactly where they are at night! At least until the become upperclassmen and get to have cars and weekend liberty. But despite my respect for West Point cadets, I have to say Go Navy! Beat Army!
Thu Mar 28 07:36:56 2002 [Jim Williamson 1970]: I'm living in Devon, PA., a suburb of Philadelphia. I have 5 children, two boys and three girls. My oldest son graduated from West Point in June of 2001 and my other son is currently in his second year at West Point (Mike Doyle, my oldest son got into Annapolis but chose West Point). My daughters are in high school and middle school. I was in Wiscaonsin last weekend to celebrate my 50th birthday with my family, including my brother, Joe '72, and my father, jim '47. While I was in Milwaukee at the Metro Hotel, I ran into Tom Riordan '70, who was there on business. Tom is doing great and is living in Wausau, WI, with his wife, Mary Kate and his two sons. Tom is also 50 years old. I can't believe that all of us class of 1970 guys are reaching the half century mark this year. Happy half century to you all in the class of '70.
Wed Mar 20 11:18:51 2002 [Pat Casey 1972]: Wow, Tom ... this is the first I've seen the site in a couple of years (I managed to lose the old URL in a hard drive crash). Looks absolutely great! Looking forward to the 30th over Labor Day.
Mon Mar 18 10:32:41 2002 [Alan Zepp 1966]: Bob Voosen: Oops, make that I thought I'd learned to type better than that in Mr. Peterson's typing class.
Mon Mar 18 10:31:52 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Bill Brady, Thank you for updating us about Dan Corrigan!
Mon Mar 18 10:30:46 2002 [Alan Zepp 1966]: Bob Voosen: Would love to hear how your get-together with John Zabolio went. I tried to contact him when I was in Vegas a few years ago, but was unsuccessful. Do you have an e-mail for him: Mine is Thanks.
Mon Mar 18 07:06:03 2002 [Bill Brady ]: I live in Atchison, Kansas and did not attend Campion but heard a lot about the school from my dentist of ten years, Dr. Daniel Corrigan, Class of 1971, who passed away about ten years ago. He was a great guy and a tremendous dentist, probably the best I have ever had. Made me think of him when I saw a reference to the Class of 1971.
Sun Mar 17 20:20:59 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Mike Flaherty - Are you related to Dan Flaherty '71 by any chance?
Sun Mar 17 15:02:54 2002 [Sat Mar 16 12:46:23 2002 Keough]: Mr. Flaherty...A Happy St. Patrick's Day to you. Glad to see your name. Please send your email address and other addresses, etc., (if you wish, of course) to Bill Elliott at You are in for a suprise once you get into his address book. By the way, be sure to check Lou Chiara is having a '65 reunion os sorts at his home nr Detroit in mid-May . You'll see info in the '65 site and Bill, Lou, or I ( can fill you in.
Thu Mar 14 09:46:30 2002 [Tom Rink 1964]: The initial mailing has been sent for the 8th. annual golf outing. The date is Monday, June 3, with social activities on Saturday and Sunday. If you are not on our mailing list and want to be, please contact me via e-mail or call Mark Peterson at 608-326-6496.
Sun Mar 3 14:04:40 2002 [Keough 65]: Voosen, consider me there. and hold the burgers.
Sat Mar 2 08:34:52 2002 [Bob Voosen 1966]: I am meeting John Zabolio from '66 at the Holy Cow on the strip in Vegas at 6:30 on Tuesday March 5. Anyone going to be in the neighborhood- join us. 46 flavors of beer and burgers.
Thu Feb 28 20:22:19 2002 [John Reistroffer 1974]: I was one of the folks from Venezuela who attended Campion along with James Kukel and Matt Micah. I was only at Campion for a year before moving o Houston. I can remember going fishing out by the trssel of the Wisconsin River in the Spring. Once we went o
Thu Feb 28 10:42:32 2002 [Michael Doyle ]: Son of Roger Doyle, class of 32 or 33 - Dad died in '69 but he would have loved to visit this website.
Sun Feb 17 12:27:57 2002 [Keough '65]: Check out "" for info on the All Class Reunion in March (hurry!) being held in FL and a phone# for those wanting replacement Campion rings (in the Oct2001 newsletter, I think). I'm unable to attend the Florida trip (too close to my evil brother, Jim '58) but am still on street corners begging for spare change to go to Dr. Lou Chiara's bash in May.
Tue Feb 12 13:20:07 2002 [Chuck Kaiser 1968]: Hoping to hear from my classmates 2/12/02
Mon Feb 11 18:29:56 2002 [Keith Rothschild 1957]: Well, after 4 tries it finally went thru. We are at If you are a heroe of the Class of '57 tell us where you are. If you know where any of he hereos of '57 are, tell us. Let see if this goes through.
Mon Feb 11 18:27:21 2002 [Keith Rothschild 1957]: Class of '57 reunion, Aug 2-4, 2002 in the Chicago area. Contact us for more info.
Sat Feb 9 21:58:07 2002 [John F. Ormsby 1971]: Does anyone know how to locate John Franzen who would have graduated in 1971 had he stayed at campion for all four years. any help would be most appreciatated.
Fri Feb 8 09:11:49 2002 [Michael Doyle 70]: West Point! Why would you want to go to that dreary old place in the boondocks? If you want to visit a cool place, check out the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. My son is a plebe at the USNA and he tells me there's an old joke among the midshipmen: what do all USMA (West Point) cadets have in common with all Naval Academy midshipmen? They all got into West Point. Go Navy! Beat Army!
Thu Feb 7 08:42:58 2002 [leighty 70]: Red Sox, schmed sox. The Yanks OWN the AL East. Dudek, line up some ducats for Yanks-Red Sox at Fenway this summer. I'll bring the boys and we'll make a weekend of watching the Bosox suffer. ... Glad to hear the booze is being chilled properly, Mike. Chilled martinis warm my soul. I'll be mixing some Saturday for Chris Lamal and Dick Noggle, who surfaced recently on Long Island, a now-retired army regular, teaching junior ROTC at a high school in the Bronx. He tells me he can get us onto the golf course at West Point. Ten-Hut!
Wed Feb 6 14:23:57 2002 [Michael Doyle 70]: Keith, the martini mixing is going well. My wife bought Belvedere vodka ($28.00 a bottle; I won't drink it) and I put all the equipment in the freezer before I make it for her. She's in Chicago at a conference right now, so she gets to be in her own freezer whenever she steps outside the hotel. Now about that super bowl, what's with this guy Vinatieri? He managed to knock off both former L.A. teams in the playoffs. Oh well, I suppose there is some justice. I'm looking out my office window and I see clear skies, light breezes, and students walking around in shorts and T-shirts. Not exactly Beantown in February. And Ed, I noticed you didn't mention the Celtics, the last Boston pro sports team to win a championship (1986).
Wed Feb 6 12:28:41 2002 [Ed Dudek 70]: You're right Mike - I enjoyed the roasted ram also. The Bruins are next guys and then watch out for the Red Sox.
Wed Feb 6 11:09:36 2002 [leighty 70]: Mike, how's the martini mixing going?
Wed Feb 6 08:59:02 2002 [Michael Doyle 70]: So Dudek: amazing coincidence, I was watching the Cooking Channel on Sunday, too! Loved the recipe for Roast Ram.
Tue Feb 5 19:15:27 2002 [Leighty 70]: The Bears. Who else?
Mon Feb 4 08:35:55 2002 [Ed Dudek 70]: Hey guys, I was watching the "Cooking Channel" yesterday evening at a bar here in downtown Boston. Who won the Superbowl??
Sat Feb 2 19:21:48 2002 [Lou Chiara 1965]: Thank you, Bill Elliot, for mentioning the Class of 1965 Reunion which I am hosting here in the Detroit suburbs. I have a great hotel for the Friday evening meeting and an even better place for festivities on Saturday. So far we have about 15 who may come. Please check the Class of 65 website for more details, which are still evolving. Or call or email me. Lou Chiara
Fri Feb 1 06:15:09 2002 [Tom Rink 1964]: Bill Elliott. You are correct. The golf outing is Monday, June 3rd. There will be social events on Saturday and Sunday evenings. The first mailing will be going out in a few weeks. Looking forward to seeing you again.
Thu Jan 31 12:39:27 2002 [Bill Elliott 1965]: Hello again. I've been missing some time, but need to get in a plug or two and pose a question on behalf of a Luddite friend - When is the Golf Reunion weekend? May I assume it is the 1st and 2nd of June? Last year's was a lot of fun, the first time I had seen a fellow graduate since leaving college and the civilized world. Hope to do it again. However, and this is for any '65s lurking out there, Dr. Lou Chiara, '65 is planning a party May 18th (weekend) and inviting classmates to his place near Detroit. Check out the invitation on the '65 website - See ther rest of teh site to see how some of us have weathered. Send more pictures to me, along with any news fit to print, and I will publish you. Enjoy. Bill
Mon Jan 21 17:44:57 2002 [Thomas Olson 1972]: There is a link on our main page to the Jesuit newsletter. Also, I didn't find the article or pics of Campion on the on-line magazine nor in the email based magazine. I think it only appeared in the colorful printed snailmail version.
Mon Jan 21 17:34:14 2002 [Joe Williamson 72]: Tom Lochner and others who care, the web page Dennis Casey writes about should, not org. Take care - Joe W.
Sun Jan 20 17:54:53 2002 [Tom Lochner DS 72]: Hey Dennis Casey, I tried that website and got an error message that it does not exist. Could you check it and repost correct one? Thanks!
Fri Jan 18 09:54:12 2002 [Tom McKenna 1963]: Lost my Campion ring while in the army back in 65, does anyone know where I can have it replaced? Jostens says can't do.
Mon Jan 14 13:43:11 2002 [Dennis Casey FOC]: In the current issue of Company magazine, produced by the American Jesuits, Campion is featured with a photo taken by an alum of the Class of '46. It features the unfortunate razorwire, but the text refers to this website and hopefully will bring more alums back to be able to find the images which evoke more pleasant times at CJHS. The section may not be there, but you can find out more by going to
Sat Jan 12 12:15:31 2002 [Joe Williamson 72]: For those who may be interested, Clem Massey's e-mail address is:
Thu Jan 10 18:52:31 2002 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Keith, I see both Clem Massey and Don Gosz quite regularly in Appleton,WI. Clem is still working for a company called 'School Specialty', which I believe to be the largest school supply company in the world. He lives in San Diego and I have his phone number at my office. Tonight, he is staying at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel, if you would like to give him a call.(920-733-8000) Clem is 65 now but told me they asked him to stay at least another year. Don Gosz is retired from coaching and teaching but still conducts the Don Gosz Basketball Camps around the state of Wisconsin and continue to be the most successful basketball camps in the state. He has his sons Jimmy and Mike help him run the camps. I remember both of those kids running around the Hoffman Hall gym floor when I was there. I will post Clem Massey's e-mail address for anyone who would like to contact him. He has a lot of great stories to tell and it would be great to get him to leave a message or two.
Thu Jan 10 10:24:46 2002 [Keith Leighty 70]: Joe, tell us more. Where are they and what are they doing?
Wed Jan 9 19:03:52 2002 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Just had a drink last night with two former basketball coaches, Clem Massy and Don Gosz. Both are doing great and we had a great time talking about the old days in Prairie.
Tue Jan 8 10:50:18 2002 [Bob Voosen 1966]: Steve Weber- there are a bunch of 66ers out here. Your name is listed amoung the missing on all the reunion lists. Drop a note to and I can get you in touch with a fair number of classmates.
Mon Jan 7 09:03:20 2002 [Steve May 1978]: Trying to find those who would have graduated with me had Campion remained open
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