Campion Nostalgia Guestbook Archive 2003

Wed Dec 31 13:51:21 2003 [Fred Nora 1970]: Thanks Ed and likewise to you and all Knights.
Wed Dec 31 11:06:37 2003 [Ed Dudek 70]: Happy New Year 2004 everyone - make it a good one.
Wed Dec 24 23:01:21 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Festivum Festum Nativitatis Christi
Wed Dec 24 12:20:23 2003 [Hugh Toner 75]: Merry Christmas to all knights and their families , and friends . May you all enjoy the Peace of the season and God' s Blessings thru the New Year.
Wed Dec 24 07:19:20 2003 [Tom Rink 1964]: Mr. Keough, the golf outing is scheduled for Monday, June 7th. By the way, we weren't called "townies" we were "day" students. Mr. Franzen, read last weeks Sports Illustrated maybe it will help you.
Wed Dec 24 06:00:54 2003 [Joe Haschka 70]: To Tom Olson: Merry Christmas and thank you for making this forum available. Communicating with fellow Knights has truly enriched my life. We all owe you a debt of gratitude. Best regards for the coming New Year . - Joe
Tue Dec 23 13:13:21 2003 [Keough '65]: Any early mutterings about a PdC Golf Spectacle for June '04? I had such a riotous time in '01 that I wanna' do it again! Those who have never attended need to do give it a shot. I laughed so hard for so long that it took a day or 2 for my jaw muscles and my chest cavity to stop aching. Or perhaps that was the cholesterol...(plus I'm still pissed about not getting longest putt--Curse you Townies!)
Tue Dec 23 06:35:42 2003 [Joe Haschka 70]: Recently received emails suggest several Class of 70 alumni are alive and still "kickin out the jams." I've heard from Tommy Martin (now living in Italy and looking for visitors), Chick Foxgrover and Dan Crutcher. Rumor has it that Chris Boehme just turned 51. Doug Wiley is pushing rap music in Atlanta for Sony. Mike Udelhoven's son, Eric just got married and Mike got his foot fixed at the Mayo Clinic in time to dance with his new daughter-in-law. His wife, Dana, still looks like Cher (only prettier). Tom Veihman's 13 year old son, Eddie, is bigger than Tom was in his sophmore year at Campion. I'm still banking in Mpls.
Mon Dec 22 18:02:37 2003 [john franzen 1971]: Incidentally, if you're willing to, Keith, please extend my reiterated thanks to Chris Lamal for letting me have his geometry book real cheap a few years back. He and a few of his friends, all bearing books and monetary needs, entered the room I shared in Marquette Hall on the last day of my frosh year. Several of my friends were there. A number of book buying transactions were entered into. Lamal said he had an A-class, Vacek-preferred, geometry book to sell for $3. I said I believed I was interested. When I searched my pockets, however, I found I had only $1.75. I apologized and said I couldn't afford it after all. Mr. Lamal then said he didn't think he could find anyone else to buy it, for most frosh had already left earlier that day. He said he might as well just give it to me, and handed it to me. I said, "Well, wait a minute now," and said I could give him in return what I could afford, and handed Chris all of the $1.75. Had Mr. Lamal and his generosity just played the part of the prudent businessman? I think not. One doesn't have to have exclusively good memories of that for which one is nostalgic, but the memories of it don't have to be exclusively bad, either. If you're out there: thanks again, Chris.
Mon Dec 22 15:52:33 2003 [john franzen 1971]: I'm the expert on complexes around here, Keith, and I predict that this incident will prove to have been insufficient to have that kind of effect. You're probably too old for any such thing to take hold now anyway.
Mon Dec 22 11:23:44 2003 [Keith Leighty 70]: Eat me, Haschka! But I think you're right. And it's worse than you make out. I left Reuters 3-1/2 years ago. Now I work at the Times. AND I teach copy editing at New York University. Oh the shame. I will probably develop a complex now.
Mon Dec 22 10:42:32 2003 [Michael Doyle 70]: I always thought the term "jug" was an acrnym for "judgment under god." I also thought it was a Jesuit term. So either it is originally a Jesuit term that others adopted, or it wasn't a Jesuit term at all. They were using jugs at Loyola High Los Angeles the as recently as 2001, when my son graduated.
Mon Dec 22 10:38:35 2003 [Joe Haschka 70]: Whoops! I meant to capitalize the "M" in Manhattan.
Mon Dec 22 10:37:20 2003 [Joe Haschka 70]: Hey Leighty! I thought you were in Fr. Warosh's English class when he taught us that "myself" could not be used alternately for the word for "I." And I thought you were an editor for Reuters, or something like that. All kidding aside, I wish I was in manhattan to join you, Paul and Chris for a little holiday fun. Happy New Year to y'all.
Mon Dec 22 08:02:44 2003 [Keith Leighty 1970]: Chris Lamal, Paul McCullough and myself are planning a get-together Friday night Jan. 2. Drinks and dinner? We haven't been that specific yet. But any and all who can make it to mid-town Manhattan are welcome. I'll post details as they develop. Any interest? My email is
Mon Dec 22 07:52:30 2003 [Keith Leighty 1970]: Chris Lamal, Paul McCullough and myself are planning a get-together Friday night Jan. 2. Drinks and dinner? We haven't been that specific yet. But any and all who can make it to mid-town Manhattan are welcome. I'll post details as they develop. Any interest? My email is
Sun Dec 21 17:35:15 2003 [Keough '65]: Okay, okay, only 1 more entry today... I just remembered another really funny "bad" time. I used to have an ongoing fued w/Jerry Noel '64. He was a w-a-y talented drummer in the class ahead of me, but I had the really nice set of Ludwig drums ($800+ in '62) while he had a sh*tty set of something I think he got from Prof DeRatzNest for like $50 total. So he used to steal mine and scratch 'em and beat 'em up at the Checkerboard dances w/o my permission. Anyhow, we were both played drums in the marching band and one day while I was whining at him for touching my stuff, he grabbed one of my stix and ran it through my drumhead, just before we were to play in some downtown civilian parade. These were the days of calfskin heads and they didn't just get a hole, they would shred all the way to the rim.
Sun Dec 21 17:22:50 2003 [Keough '65]: Met someone recently who had gone to a Catholic boarding boys' school in Boston, I think it was...can't remember the order but not Jesuits. He, too, was an happy recipient of jugs. Where did JUGS come from?? I had assumed it was a Campion-only term, synonymous with Kevin Keough; Class of '65. (My last 2 weeks as a Senior, I somehow racked up 18! I don't remember how or why, but I still owe a couple...
Sun Dec 21 12:24:40 2003 [Keough '65]: Nice spelling, Keough... meant 'inoffensive', sorry.. A good question about why we were sent to Campion. Believe me, I was sooooo immature for my age (& a non-event in the looks dept.), keeping my wiener out of some hot chick was N-E-V-E-R a parental concern. My parents sent me to Campion because I tested fairly high in smartnessification but my focusfying was not so good. They knew (prayed) that if I had instructors breathing over my shoulder my academics would improve. Alas, in four years I don't believe I ever read anything but MAD magazine and letters from home. I was (way back then) able to hear it once and know it. I graduated ever-the-underachiever in the middle (50-somethingth)of my class; effort grades were Cs and Ds. Jugged constantly for lack of attention and running my mouth (still true today).
Sun Dec 21 12:12:12 2003 [Keough '65]: I'm guilty of the two anonymous but hopefully innoffensive "let's just have a beer" entries...
Sat Dec 20 14:12:36 2003 [john franzen 1971]: I thought that Michael Doyle's own speculative answer to the question he had posed for website discussion was equally as interesting as is his question itself. So I tried yesterday to imaginatively project my way into the shoes of parents back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s who would observe their children approaching high school age, to try to consider what guiding concerns about their children's future, beyond just educational concerns, they might reasonably have had. Speculative hypotheses like the one I offered yesterday about what might be a common explanation for something like this are, no doubt, practically speaking untestable. This time I was not speaking from the first person point of view, but rather just responding to Michael's scientificlike wonderment.
Fri Dec 19 18:02:12 2003 [john franzen 1971]: I wonder how many of us got sent to Campion because our parents figured that that way the probability would be much lower that we would get some girl pregnant before marriage.
Fri Dec 19 15:57:29 2003 [Joe Haschka 70]: Merry Christmas to you too, Ed, and the same to all my Campion brothers. Mike Doyle, I went to Campion because my three older brothers, Dave (61), Jon(63) and Mark(64) had all gone there. My folks were both Marquette U grads and had made friendships with a few Jebs who recommended they send their boys to Campion. (Father Harold McAuliffe, SJ being the strongest influence.) My younger brother, Chris, graduated in 72. The rest is history.
Fri Dec 19 15:53:41 2003 [Bob Bransley 1973]: Have you ever tried to explain your experiences at Campion to someone who never went there? Of coarse you all have. The other side to that coin is, each time we get together, whether with our own class or with other classes, you feel that special connection. Our wives, who have lived over and over with the "Campion memories", just accept their own roll as a "Campion Wife". A Campion Wife is special in unto herself, for she has lived over and over the never ending stories of life at Campion. My regards to all of them. This connection we all have has past the test of time and bridged the generation gap of decades of "Campion Knights". Whether you are from the class of 43, 53, 63, 73. We the "Campion Knights, relate, connect, bond, with each other at a level that truely stuns other people. A true brotherhood, that was cemented together for one hundred years, with us at the tender and down rifgt frightening year of 14-18. It was what it was for each of us. And in a span of 50 more years it will be no more. GONE FOREVER THE CAMPION KNIGHTS. Merry Christmas and Peace to all of you Bob '73
Fri Dec 19 12:51:02 2003 [Ed Dudek 70]: Merry Christmas men. We'll always remain a brotherhood that many others would never understand.
Fri Dec 19 09:31:02 2003 [Michael Doyle 70]: More random memories. Too much time on my hands, I suppose. One year at Campion I was on the debate team and the question of the season was something to do with whether the U.S. should provide military aid to other countries. How quaint. One of the primary examples of why we should not provide military aid was the India-Pakistan dispute in which we were arming both sides. Since the two countries have been in a continuous state of war or near war ever since, this memory does not lead to optimism. I also began developing some cynicism about the value of truth and logic in persuading people. The way debate worked was that there was one question for the whole season and a team might argue either side of the question at any given tournament. Interestingly, the same teams usually won no matter which side of the question they argued. Most debaters were boys. At one tournament we got beat by a team of girls whose arguments lacked substance, but the girls were very cute in an innocent sort of way and they appealed to emotion rather than logic. I remember being stunned when we found out they won because they so clearly had not made a good argument. I wish I'd learned those lessons better. Maybe I wouldn't have been so disappointed by the sorry state of American politics over the past 35 years. We used to make index cards with quotes and facts and lug them around with us. I compare that with what I now can do with our library's databases and with Google. It really is too bad that Campion didn't survive. I wonder what it would have evolved into. Fewer Jesuits and more lay teachers, for sure. I asked Fr. Pat Connolly a few years ago why Campion existed. He told me that one of the goals of Jesuit education always has been to provide access to a good education to those who might not have access otherwise. In Campion's case, that meant all the kids from Midwestern towns without Jesuit high schools. I know there were lots of reasons why kids went there. I suspect my mother wanted to separate me from my stepfather at least as much as she wanted me to have a good education. I'm curious how others understood why they were at Campion. For me, it was a distinctly unusual choice. The kids from my hometown who went to boarding schools all went to military schools or schools for problem kids. "College preparatory school" was not really in our vocabulary. So guys, why the hell were you there?
Thu Dec 18 14:03:05 2003 [john franzen 1971]: Matthew, I should just note that I did not use any special technique for generating long messages. The reason I did not answer your question about that, Thomas (Nov. 25), is that I just didn't have any answer to it.
Thu Dec 18 12:47:04 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Matt, Nope!, I won't be posting any snail mail or email letters unless the sender asked me to post it for them.
Thu Dec 18 12:44:02 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I haven't come across George Will in the work I scanned. But he could be from a year I haven't seen, or didn't get a senior picture in the books I have seen. Can anybody pin this down?
Thu Dec 18 07:09:25 2003 [Matthew Micka 1974]: We know the historian Gary Wills went to Campion. But so did George Will, the conservative columnist I used to see all the time wearing a bowtie doing network commentary. What year I'm not sure. But I've seen specific reference to his having attended Campion in articles about him.
Thu Dec 18 06:43:54 2003 [Matthew Micka 1974]: "The question is how to bringing people out of the woodwork." There's good English for you. Tom, you probably by now know the "secret" to long postings. Not to encourage anyone else (!), here it is. You compose whatever you want to say as a word document, then proof it, spell-check it, edit it, add to it, whatever, and then copy it all into the message box in the guest book. You can't use indented paragraphs or have more than one space between periods and the sentences that follow them-just write one long paragraph. And that's it. (Of course I still manage to post grammatical nonsense anyway.)
Thu Dec 18 06:35:28 2003 [Matthew Micka 1974]: Tom. The question is how to bringing people out of the woodwork. Are you suggesting that you?d post the snail mailed (or e-mailed) letters you?ve gotten from people? Your BACK acronym is perfect. It perfectly describes me anyway, at this point in time, I very much feel like a Born Again Campion Knight. 30 years and not a peep from me, and suddenly it?s, blah, blah, blah Campion this, blah, blah, blah Campion that! Your website had already been great service to me and can?t be anything but a great service to all fellow Campionites, including those who unfortunately had a fundamentally shitty experience there.
Wed Dec 17 12:15:31 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I'm thinking of adding a new feature to the site. It is called "I'm a BACK!!!" Where BACK stands for Born Again Campion Knight. I have several letters from people who have lost track of Campion over the years either because they 1) somehow forgot about it, 2) didn't think they had a worthy experience, 3) didn't know how to contact anybody since its demise, 4) only attended partially and didn't consider themselves alumni, 5)etc etc, BUT have for various reasons become aware of a inner desire to reminisce the special experiences that was Campion. And they have stated that it was still the best time of their lives. Some have done this in the Memoir section of their record. But it may be useful to have a forum for this. What you say!
Tue Dec 16 16:11:20 2003 [john franzen 1971]: You bet, Matthew. Merry Christmas to David Foster (1971), by the way. Good finally to have heard from a classmate of mine, David.
Tue Dec 16 12:25:01 2003 [Matthew Micka 1974]: To John Franzen: Thanks for the fatherhood compliment. Hopefully I'm a decent dad...Yesterday, Karl passed his driving test, too, so he's on a roll (One day it's Princeton University, and the next day he conquers the New Jersey DMV!)
Tue Dec 16 10:47:23 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: About anonymous entries. Accidents do happen and are ok. My previous comments about anonymity doesn't apply to those that catch their mistakes and follow up with their correction. Thanks.
Tue Dec 16 10:39:46 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hmm! Looks like some of us need to think and then rethink about what someone has said and then to think and rethink what our replies should be. While we are currently "pushing the envelope" (as Rush Limbaugh use to say in his standup comedian days) we do need to "keep it civil" at least. No name calling (deserved or not)! And I just don't like anonymous entries either. I got busted once for allowing anonymous commentary. I do not want to invoke a internet validation scheme. They are a hastle.
Tue Dec 16 09:35:02 2003 [Matthew Micka 1974]: To Mike Doyle: I looked at your senior picture in my yearbook. Were you one of the upperclassmen who painted the murals in the Stone Garden? Although I actually utilized the place by teaching myself how to ride a unicycle in that freshman rec room there in Campion Hall, right at the beginning of my freshman year, before it got converted into the Stone Garden, I still thought that the guys who painted those murals, with their headbands and army fatigues and frayed jeans and air of comradely seriousness, were the coolest guys I?d ever seen in my life! Even though they technically cheated by using overhead projectors, an implement unavailable, say, to Michelangelo, when he painted that chapel. Long live the Led Zeppelin (the blimp not the band)! The place wound up looking cooler than all the posters in all the catalogs that we flipped through when ordering posters from Fr. Warosh, once we finally worked up the nerve to creep into Xavier Hall. Besides, as a junior, I somehow got hold of one of those unicycles and kept it in my room. On a couple of occasions I succeeded in riding it all the way to Blackhawk Street in downtown Prairie du Chien without ever having to dismount from it! Does this qualify as nostalgia, in the context I mean, of fond memories? I mean for it to, anyway.
Thu Dec 11 06:56:56 2003 [Matthew Micka 1974]: My freshman year at Campion was the 1970-1971 school year. After that year, my father took me out of the school. My family lived in Venezuela, and my father moved us to Maracaibo, the 2nd largest city in Venezuela. It?s English-speaking school was for the first time ever beginning a 10th grade-I was one of 10 kids enrolled in it. I went from being a freshman at Campion to being a 10th grader at a school that began with kindergarteners. But halfway through the school year, my mother needed to return to the states for medical treatment, and this occasioned my return to Campion. I returned early in January. It was, wouldn?t you know, cold and snowy and icy. Missing the first half of my sophomore year had resulted in its share of social consequences. My roommate from freshman year, who?d been the class president, hadn?t returned either. He'd had a way of bringing people together, and at the end of our freshman year, our wing in Marquette particularly, was a pretty close-knit group of guys. But the class I returned to had more or less split. There were now the super-studious, seemingly concentrated in Lucy Hall, and then there were the wasted, all holed up in Xavier. I wasn?t allowed to join Fr. Dreckman?s Honor?s American History class halfway through the year, for some stupid reason, and so that right there set me apart from two of my best friends, who always seemed to be reading for that class. Another section of my friends had become rather heavy drinkers and dope smokers. I wasn?t comfortable with either set of friends anymore to my dismay. But the party-contingent, with much good will intended, invited me to join them in one of their rooms on a Saturday night when there was also a dance taking place. For old time?s sake I joined them. When I got there however all the glasses were in use. A coffee cup was located that had long been used as an ash tray. Somebody did a perfunctory washing of the cup, and I think I was served in it Southern Comfort. I was dubious about just how sanitary cup was or wasn't, but didn?t wish to offend. I must have gone, somehow, from not wishing to offend, to drinking a whole lot. The next thing I knew I?d shoved off on my own and proceeded over to Campion Hall.There was at the time this room in the building that connected Campion Hall to the Freshman Gym that served as a kind of coffee house occasionally. One group of guys in the theater department called it Narnia-I don?t know if that was its official name. That?s where I wound up. As best as I can recall, I plopped myself down at the table of two seniors and their two nicely-dressed dates. The two seniors (?72), and their dates, were incredibly tolerant of me. I remember thinking that I was quite witty and charming and was definitely concentrating my charms upon the two young women. They seemed to like me. I was a cute sophomore, after all, and my inhibitions were nil. I was making them laugh. The next thing I knew, my location had changed radically. I was in someone?s room in Xavier. I was wearing my knee-length great coat just obtained a week before at a Salvation Army in St. Louis. Someone was talking to me, kindly, suggesting that I try to sleep. And this blurry face before me suddenly came into focus, and it was...Jesus Christ Himself. It was Jesus Christ Superstar, it was Mr. Larry Dunn, who I knew only from his portrayal of JC in the previous spring?s lip-synced production of Jesus Christ, Superstar, staged in the school chapel. This I think struck me as pretty funny even at that moment. Pretty funny but strangely religious, too. Because on the other hand here was this senior behaving in a most Christian way towards me. He?d totally extended himself and given me shelter in his room when I obviously wasn?t even capable of conveying to him where my room was. I have no idea where he found me, or how much effort he had to make to get me to a safe place, which amounted to his room. All kidding aside, this was the religious highlight of my years at Campion. I was saved by Jesus Christ in his very contemporary capacity as Superstar, while at the same time, I was truly helped by a very kind upperclassman who really did bear an astounding resemblance to the Savior of my altar boy days. I awakened the next morning laid out across someone?s bed-Larry?s own bed I suppose. Someone was sleeping in the bed on the other side of the room, and maybe Larry was sleeping too, on the floor or something. I sat up and became aware that my still-buttoned coat was encrusted in vomit. No doubt I had smeared quantities of it all over the bed that I'd slept on, but there was no question of trying to clean anything up. I took care not to awaken anyone and slipped quietly out of the room. The whole dorm was asleep still. I was missing my hat. For some reason, I think, a hat that I valued. Maybe it was a vintage piece of headwear that I?d just gotten from the Salvation Army in St. Louis! I had a splitting headache, like I?d never had before. I went up to my room, and might have procured a couple of aspirin, if I had any. [I?d drunk four beers exactly once during a dance my freshman year, out in the snow behind Campion Hall, swilling down the almost freezing-cold beer that felt like frozen razor blades as I poured it down my gullet, but that hadn?t resulted in any serious consequences except that my prefect caught us staggering down the hallway in Campion Hall during the dance and threatened to write to my parents about it. Oh, and when I went to Mass the next morning, probably to cover for myself, since by that time I might well have quit attending Mass, Fr. O'Connor, I swear, was staring straight at me during his sermon when he made the outrageous claim that there were those on that very campus who were more concerned with how many beers they'd drunk the night before than they were with the number of Vietnamese civilians killed during the previous week by U.S. forces.] Then I staggered to over to Campion Hall and found that it was open. The coffee house, too, was unlocked. I had a vague sense of which table I?d been at, and sure enough, underneath it was my hat, in a pool of vomit that had congealed into oatmeal. I must have at some point become ill, and ended up under the table, puking. Those poor seniors, their poor dates! I?ve no idea how implicated those poor people became in my predicament at the point that I began to vomit. Hopefully I was under the table and not still leaning across the table on my elbow, leaning in towards the most appealing of the two young women seated on either side of me, making witty remarks. I hope nobody got splattered in payment for them having been so tolerant of my intrusion upon their double- date. I'll bet at the very least someone's shoes got splattered with it. My hangover went from bad to worse as the day progressed. I proceeded to get sick, really sick, with fever and everything. I must have picked up some kind of bug from the damned ash tray / coffee cup. I was sick for the next couple of days, the upshot being that, from that day forward, I?ve never outgrown a total aversion to hard liquor! Not such a bad consequence, I don?t suppose, especially considering my family?s predisposition towards alcoholism, as became clear years later. I remember taking my great coat to the woman in Campion Hall on Monday morning who took in clothing that went out to be dry cleaned. She looked at me with such maternal concern as I handed over the vomit-stained coat. She wasn't condemning of me, just really concerned. I?d chipped off as much of the dried vomit as I could, but there was still no disguising the evidence of how I'd spent my weekend. I was embarrassed, too, because I really liked this woman. She'd baked me a nice chocolate angel food cake on my birthday the previous spring at the behest of my mom, and I hoped that she'd bake me another the birthday I had coming up, when I?d turn sweet 16. And that?s the story of how I came to be saved by Larry Jesus Christ Superstar Dunn Himself in the early morning hours on a Sunday in January in 1972, in Xavier Hall at my dear Alma Mater Campion. I don't think that this encounter was ever acknowledged by either myself or Larry. Never thanking you wasn?t right, so I'm thanking you now, Larry, er, JC. You were definitely a superstar that night when you so selflessly helped a disoriented and somewhat forlorn underclassman. Nor did either senior, I don't think, ever bring up with me my intrusion into their double-date. That was nice of them, too. I don't think that I for my part ever felt completely confident that I could remember exactly which two seniors the two men had been. And as for the women, well, that was our one encounter, I guess, and I hope that I didn't permanently stain any article of either girl's clothing. Those girls were such angels. Maybe they really were angels, literally. That's how I remember them, anyhow. As it happens, my good old dad decided once again at the end of my junior year to take me out of Campion, right when I was on the brink of what promised to be a really great senior year. This was a devastating event, and it?s only just now, 30 years after the fact, that I?m realizing how devastating it turned out to be. [Shame on you, Mike Doyle, for feeling compelled to speak as one of the guys and agreeing that after 30 years somebody should hopefully have gotten over some traumatizing event from their past. As a psychologist, you know better than that, or at least you should.] Don?t be surprised if I soon weigh in concerning the grotesque underwear incident that?s so recently been posted on this site.
Wed Dec 10 16:03:33 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: All you erstwhile Campion musicians, please visit the Campion Easy Knights Bands guestbook.
Tue Dec 9 08:05:00 2003 [Mason A Holt 1976]: Hello to Hugh Toner , Joe Bertrand, Bret Young. I was one of the guys that left when the school closed and finished up at Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose, Ca. No comparison to Campion. I roomed with Mark Heberlein down the hall from Joe Bertrand, Hugh Toner. My e-mail address is
Tue Dec 9 07:52:43 2003 [Mason A Holt 1976]: Home at last!
Mon Dec 8 15:40:13 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Wow, my message about the phone booth is so close to Dan's, I just want to clarify that I think it was Terry and Mike and me. Not Dan and Mark.
Mon Dec 8 15:35:45 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Dan, long time no hear!! Sorry to hear about Mark. He did attend his senior year. I couldn't really tell you if he was at commencements or not. I presume so.
Mon Dec 8 15:31:18 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I remember the time three of us huddled together in a phonebooth trying to keep warm from a sudden blizzard while we were trying to hitch hike back from Madison. A sheriff eventually came along and gave us a ride to the next county.
Mon Dec 8 15:28:15 2003 [Dan Roseliep 1972]: I regret to report that a classmate of ours, Mark Baughman of Dubuque, Iowa died on November 29, 2003 following a brief illness. I don't think Mark graduated with us but many of you no doubt remember him. If any of you would like any further information please feel free to email me.
Mon Dec 8 14:31:04 2003 [Michael Doyle 1970]: Hit a wrong key. Mr. Shipley and his "nackles." Fr. Scott's wonderful old science classroom. Rehearsals and performances of plays. Flirting with girl cheerleaders from other schools. Sleeping in a barn somewhere between PDC and LaCrosse when Pete Asmuth and I couldn't get back to school. Reading imon and Garfunkle songs as poetry for forensics. Drinking beer for the first time during senior year and thinking it was the nastiest stuff I'd ever tasted. Putting pennies on the tracks when a train came by. Teasing Bruuuuuce. Giving Fred Nora's brother a black eye after study hall. Corbo's deadly farts in that same study hall. Wondering why a soda bottle flung off the back of a train bounced once before shattering the second time it hit. I have no idea if or how people remember me, but I think I was a pretty typical kid. I feel bad that some kids were hurt and I know that the shadows of abuse can stay with someone for a long time. That being said, thirty years does seem a bit long to be nursing such hurt.
Mon Dec 1 17:55:53 2003 [Hugh Toner 75]: Jim Owens left a message reminding me that today is the feast day of Edmund Campon .In light of that , let me pass along a greeting to all.
Fri Nov 28 15:43:42 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Paul, Great question! Was that a 16mm film or a 35mm film. Or was it converted to VHS already. I have a 16mm projector which I use to convert to DV. How long was that movie? It would be great to add that to this site.
Fri Nov 28 15:21:38 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Does anyone know who has the movie the admissions office showed to prospective Campion students? Had lunch with Keith Leighty earlier this week in NY and he described how some one scored this flick for the 1995 '70 25th reunion in Galena Ill. and it was a smash. Keith, jump in anytime.
Wed Nov 26 15:52:30 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: OK guys, hang in there. We have the senior class pix for 1931 and 1932 coming real soon now. We'll finally be able to see the senior class picture for Kevin McCarthy '32 (Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the original)) boocoo other movies, and George Ireland '32 (ball player and coach) etal. All courtesy of James West '32.
Sat Nov 15 09:18:34 2003 [Ed Dudek 70]: You '70 guys are a hoot.! I feel like I'm back in Study Hall workin' off a jug.
Fri Nov 14 15:27:17 2003 [Michael Doyle 70]: Well, Keith, maybe the rest of the country ought to care who our governor is. The last time we had an actor for governor he went on to become president. And some people are talking about changing the requirement that the president be a natural born citizen. President Terminator, anyone? And Fred, one other difference between the women of 1850 and the women of today: in 1850 they not only had real breasts, they had real wooden teeth, if they had teeth at all.
Fri Nov 14 12:39:02 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Correction. That's 1935
Fri Nov 14 12:34:54 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Fred, speaking of history, Stanley Baldwin was appointed British Prime Minister this day in 1938.
Fri Nov 14 10:20:49 2003 [Fred Nora 70]: You know what happened this week back in 1850?....California became a state. The state had no electricity. No money. Almost everyone spoke Spanish. There were gunfights in the middle of the streets.... So it was just like the California of today only that the women had real breasts.
Fri Nov 14 09:58:10 2003 [Keith Leighty 70]: Uh, Mike, Nobody outside California cares who is governor there, at least not since Guv. Moonbeam took his bong to private practice.... I guess that ice storm was a welcome change for you sun-drenched Angelenos!
Fri Nov 14 08:55:29 2003 [Michael Doyle 70]: So Joe, do you mean a very long stocking cap that hung down my back? You have one amazing memory, dude. No, I don't have that thing. I only really remember it because once when a bunch of us were up at Wyalusing, someone (I don't remember who) threw it off the bluff and I ended up climbing down to retrieve it. Naive and tender soul that I was, I was surprised that anyone would do something mean to me like that. I own a nice woolen stocking cap now, but since I live in L.A. I have very little opportunity to wear it. Basically, only when I'm backpacking in the high Sierra backcountry. And I'm not saying that to annoy all you cold weather folks. And when I tell you that I am now looking out my office window at blue skies over the Santa Monica Mountains with the temperature around 65 or 70 with low humidity I'm not rubbing it in. Really. So no one wants to say anything about California's soon-to-be Governor Terminator, eh? How about a game: pick which celebrity should be governor for each state and describe his/her campaign theme. Like Heidi Fleiss for Nevada. "An experienced pro to maximize the tax revenues from our brothels."
Fri Nov 14 07:13:52 2003 [Joe Haschka 70]: Hey Doyle, Do you still wear that "Mike Nesmith" stocking cap? I must say that these days I look like Allen Sherman with a beard. I coached peewee indoor soccer at the local YMCA. The 5-6 year olds had great fun trying their best to bean me whenerver they could. They all played like Pele as far as I was concerned. Duck!!
Thu Nov 13 21:07:58 2003 [Paul McCullough ]: Hiya, Keith.Just to let you know that I'm breaking out, lettin' my freak flag fly, at Great Wall - moved from the garlic chicken to the kung pao chicken. It's pretty good, almost as good as the garlic chicken (hint, hint). Don't worry too much about your stats there in soccer - last year my son's team finished 0-10 in basketball, but he's going out again. Feel the love, babe.
Thu Nov 13 13:01:59 2003 [Michael Doyle 70]: P.S., I hope someone will take the bait and start something about Arnold. The possibilities are endless: comments about California weirdness, slagging politics as usual, Terminator jokes, serious political commentary, despair.
Thu Nov 13 12:55:15 2003 [Michael Doyle 70]: Keith, I'd be happy to give you some coaching tips :) Actually, now that I'm on my second round of youth soccer (my son was a top notch goalkeeper) I have come to the conclusion that while coaching has some influence on a team's success, most of it is due to the players, especially on younger teams. Give me a couple of good, aggressive players and a few who aren't clueless, and we'll win some games. Give me one outstanding player, and we'll win lots of games. As they get older and the talent starts to even out, coaching plays a bigger part. Oh well, enough frivolity. Lunchtime is over and I must shrink some heads.
Thu Nov 13 11:11:12 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Kostka must be the influence behind me building this site. Most of my Campion stuff got destroyed in a flood back home many years ago. I have this lone brick from Kostka that I've dragged around with me for years. My wife use to bug me to toss it or give it away. I tried once giving it away, instead, what happened that guy sent me all his stuff which we made this site with. So her request started a snowballing ordeal. Today is HER birthday. What a coincidence!!
Thu Nov 13 09:30:57 2003 [Joe Haschka 70]: Today is the Feast of St. Stanislaus Kostka (1550 - 1568) the teenage saint after whom Kostka Hall was named.
Thu Nov 13 08:02:20 2003 [Keith Leighty 70]: whops, that last message was from me.
Thu Nov 13 08:01:49 2003 [ ]: I'm coaching soccer as well. My 11-year-old son is on the team. We're 0-9. The playoffs start this week and our first game is against a team we lost to 8-1 two weeks ago. My alma mater, the University of Arizona, plays USC saturday. U of A is 2-8. They won their first conference home game in three years last week. they fired their coach earlier this year. Try not to run up the score.
Wed Nov 12 17:46:35 2003 [Michael Doyle 70]: Where did everyone go? Just checked in and I see that no one has posted anything in almost a month. I don't have anything of significance to say, except that Navy should have beaten Notre Dame and USC (one of my alma maters) is going to win the national championship. The last time they won it I was in graduate school, so we're talking a long time ago. And I've been coaching my daughter's soccer team and we were 9-1-1 last year and we're 7-2 so far this year. And the Terminator is the governor of my state.
Mon Oct 20 14:16:06 2003 [Ed Dudek 70]: Finally got back to the site guys. Have been dealing with the Cubs and then the Red Sox not making it to the World Series - shades of Aquinas v. Campion. Talk to you soon.
Mon Oct 13 12:33:04 2003 [Joe Haschka 70]: A quicker path to Viehman's accolades:
Mon Oct 13 09:31:43 2003 [Joe Haschka 70]: Big news out of the Minnesota Twins executive office: Tom Viehman, '70, was named "Tptally Awesome Coach of the Year" in recognition of his dedication and efforts coaching kids baseball. Congrats Tom! Go to to read all about it.
Sat Oct 4 10:19:50 2003 [ ]: .....
Mon Sep 29 14:10:09 2003 [Joe Haschka 70]: Greetings to all you Class of 70 guys (McCullough, Dudek, Roll, Leighty, Altoff, Kleihege, Lamal, Nora, Doyle, Wagner) I've been off the site for a few months and it was very cool to see postings from you all. I keep in touch with several of our classmates including Tom Viehmann, Doug Wiley and Marty Schultz. They are all doing well. Tom was over to the house helping my wife and I finish a bathroom remodeling job. I joined Doug on an ice fishing trip to Gull Lake in Nisswa, MN last Feb. We had to keep our beer on hot coals just to keep it from freezing. Now and then I talk to Mike Udelhoven who owns a furniture business in Vandelia, MO. I also found Les Maiman by doing a Google search. He's the finance director for a diocese in Texas. Turns out he had been living here in the Twin Cities for a bunch of years and I didn't know it. Too bad. He thought I'd joined the Jesuits. Two out of the five boys my parents had was enough. Hey Paul McCullough, I though you had a fretless Hofner bass in addition to your Fender.
Tue Sep 23 19:33:20 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Robert Killeren who was a scholastic from 1942 to 1945 at Campion has submitted his fantastic collection of Black and White photos he took while there. The link is on the main page.
Mon Sep 22 10:20:03 2003 [Tom Scheck 1974]: Hi, Jim. A 30 year reunion sounds good. Where would you like to do it? The Chicago area? Do you keep in touch with any guys from our class? I keep in touch with Frank Abderholden, John O'Sullivan and recently with Trip Strub.
Sat Sep 20 10:29:40 2003 [Jim Brinkman 1974]: sorry 'bout that..May 18, 2004. Too much fun in the"zone" on the 3rd floor of Xavier I guess. Anyway, what do you say we try and get something organized for next Spring?
Sat Sep 20 10:25:09 2003 [Jim Brinkman 1974]: It's been almost 30 years boys and never an organized reunion. May 18, 2003 will mark the 30th anniversary of the date we all went our seperate ways.
Sat Sep 20 10:24:46 2003 [Jim Brinkman 1974]: It's been almost 30 years boys and never an organized reunion. May 18, 2003 will mark the 30th anniversary of the date we all went our seperate ways.
Fri Sep 19 10:17:59 2003 [Ed Dudek 70]: Hey Fred. I do remember your wager of long ago. I've had the six of Sam aging in metallic cans next to the litterbox for the last 2 years. They're yours if the Cubs win. I'll relay your sighting of Whitey to the Boston FBI - I'm sure they'll get some free hot dogs out of it. Fred, are you still down in FL? I was thinking about the golf outing down there but couldn't swing it. By the way Mike Frain, I thought that all Frain ushers were on the lam these days....
Wed Sep 17 05:56:02 2003 [Fred Nora 70]: I forgot to sign the last message and would sorely regret not getting my Sam Adams.
Wed Sep 17 05:53:30 2003 [ ]: Ed, I once again proffer a wager of a six of Old Style vs. the same of Sam Adams when this storied battle ensues. I believe I saw Whitey posing as an Andy Frain usher at Wrigley last summer. This conclusively disproves AMW's speculation that Whitey will be found when Tammy Fae washes off her make-up.
Tue Sep 16 14:00:05 2003 [Ed Dudek 70]: Just got back on-line guys - it's been about a year and needed to re-connect. By the way, it'll be the Red Sox and Cubs in the Series. In case anyone wants tickets, I have some for Game 8. Got 'em from Whitey Bulger.
Mon Sep 15 18:37:03 2003 [Joe Williamson 72]: I 2nd everything Steve May said!
Thu Sep 11 07:21:41 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: It is 10:28 am.
Tue Sep 9 08:31:10 2003 [Michael Doyle 1970]: Paul, what a kind thing to say. I believe I did a poor job on the show, but it came out well anyway. Everyone else must have compensated for my lack of attention to details. I remember the show had a full house, which I attributed to the lack of anything else to do in PdC. Of course, the bands were cookin' :) The thoughtful and creative way the Jesuits dealt with me has always impressed me. Maybe because they could have been hardcore and just sent me home. Damn, we were young.
Sat Sep 6 15:32:24 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Gee, Mike Doyle, if it's any consolation, I thought that variety show was great. As I recall, it had among other acts, The Soul Band (big hit was Temptations' Can't Get Next to You' featuring Louis Hutt, Jimmy Bowman and Fred Clark) and The Blues Band (I guess we were into generic titles for bands back then). This band had Jim Halazyn, Brad Smith, Dan Corrigan, Frank Greider, myself, and (I think) either Toms Collins or Dave Poladna. Songs included 'Killing Floor' (The Electric Flag) and 'Kick Out the Jams' (MC-5). Venue was the gym at Hoffman Hall and it was pretty much filled. I was surprised that the show went on there as the Hoffman Gym was (I thought) the sacred ground of Campion atheletes.
Fri Sep 5 19:52:19 2003 [Steve May 1978]: Let's try this again....Recently, I became aware of the posts on this bulletin board regarding Fr. DiUlio. I went to summer camp at Campion the summer prior to my freshman year and was in the freshman class the year Campion closed. Fr. DiUlio was Campion?s Principal my freshman year. He was also a counselor the summer camp I attended. During the school year, my friends and I would often spend free time chatting with Fr. DiUlio in his office. He became a friend, confidant and counselor to many of us. I have no doubt that inappropriate behavior may have occurred at Campion. However, I do not recall hearing about any such behavior with regard to Fr. DiUlio. If this rumor had any legs, I would have heard something, at some point. To spread such incredible baseless slanderous rumors, completely without fact or merit, shows great lack of character. If the individual who brought this story to our attention has any human quality, the facts should have been shared with the proper authorities, not with a web site.
Fri Sep 5 19:44:40 2003 [Steve May 1978]: Recently, I became aware of the posts on this bulletin board regarding Fr. DiUlio. I went to summer camp at Campion the summer prior to my freshman year and was in the freshman class the year Campion closed.
Fri Sep 5 15:06:37 2003 [Pat Mower 64]: Get me through my email - or, and we can get together. I have done this a few times and it is amazing. Campion Maniacs are always the same! Sorry to have missed Prairie this year, but 2004 is the 40th reunion for the class of 64! Beat Marquette, Beat Aquinas, Beat Wahlert.....Go, Joe Campion! - Joe Campion Lives!
Fri Sep 5 15:04:13 2003 [Pat Mower 64]: Hey Guys! Been a long while. Hope XX XXXXXX isn't around any more, don't need any of their diatribing! By the way, Yes, I can play a B-3, but prefer the sweet sound (sometimes) of the Mighty Wurlitzer.....Guess we come from different eras! For those that don't know, Fr. DiUlio is a big wig in LA (Los Angeles) with the Catholic School system here - I think raising money....what else for a Jebbie? I had intended to call him, but, as usual, my thoughts were good.....Anyway, if there is anyone who lives in or near LA, Ok, you're included Kevin Keough, give me a jingle. You can get me
Fri Sep 5 13:00:18 2003 [Michael Doyle 1970]: Amazing how one forgets details after 33 years. I must have know Mr. DiUlio because I was a cheerleader senior year. Still can't remember him for the life of me. I believe Pete Mitch was part of the beer raid. He was my roommate, also. And yes, he did get caught for something and had to leave school early and graduate by mail. I don't actually recall whether he got caught for the beer raid or something else. I'm sure there were plenty of other things for which Pete "Al Monday" Mitch could have been caught. Interesting how different kids were handled differently when in trouble. I was caught right around spring break buying alcohol at a bar in PdC. It was pretty pathetic. I looked like I was about 16, my fake I.D. was as phony as they come, and I bought odd quantities of stuff (6 pack of this, half pint of that, fifth of something else). Apparently an off duty cop was in the bar, knew immediatley that I was from Campion, and came to school to check out the yearbook to identify me. When I got back to school I was brought in to hear my fate. What Mr. Blumberg told me was "you set a bad example, so we want you to set a good example." So I was assigned the job of directing the spring variety show. Pete Mitch, on the other hand, had to leave school for a similar offense. Of course, I hadn't been in significant trouble since freshman year and Pete most certainly had. Oh well, I've avoided work long enough.
Fri Sep 5 07:39:11 2003 [Paul Wagner 1970]: Al DiUlio & Boom Boom Cannon were some of the Jebbies who made basketball trips with the varsity and JV basketball teams. He was a Mr. DiUlio at time. We used to call him "Fat Al". I ran into him again when he was the President of Xavier University in Cincinnati. He remembered those days well. For Mike Doyle: wasn't Pete Mitch part of the midnight raid on the Jesuit's beer supplies. He left a trail of beer cans to Xavier Hall and either was seen or caght and did not graduate with us but did received his diploma by mail. I couldn't find any articles about DiUlio in the Marquette U papers regarding the allegations regarding "Fat Al". Finally: I think the Shlitz cans belonged to Mark Lappe as he did have 1-2 cases of beer in his dresser draws at any one time toward the end of senior year. Glad to see the Class of 1970 are part of this site.
Thu Sep 4 10:07:30 2003 [Michael Doyle 1970]: Thomas: Uh, gee, I guess I neglected the obvious fact that of course we were at Campion at the same time. I suppose this also reflects the fact that I'm surprised anyone actually remembers me from our Prairie days.
Wed Sep 3 19:48:00 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: A. J. DiUlio, S.J. was at Campion during the '69 - '70 school year and taught theology, as described in the '70 Campion Knight (pp.52- 53). I recall him but I never spoke to or had any interaction with him. I recall that he was a prefect somewhere; which residence hall I don't know. Sure wasn't on Xavier Three. Hiya, Michael! Alas, I wasn't involved in the Midnight Food Service; I "made do" with late night runs to Ma's. However, I recall that a very prominent member of our class got caught drinking about 48 hours before he was to receive his diploma (out of respect for privacy, e-mail me if you would like the person's name). Can't recall what ultimately happened, although rumors swirled through Xavier that he wasn't going to graduate, or at least would not receive his diploma with the rest of us. What I want to know was: who drank all the beer to build the beer can pyramid outside Mr. Blumberg's office ('70 Knight, p. 132). It was mostly Schlitz's, between 2 to 3 cases, I'd estimate.
Wed Sep 3 17:10:48 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi, Mike, Actually we did meeti, at Campion, of course. While we didn't hang together, I remember the faces of a lot of the Senior classes when I was a Freshman and Sophomore. Many Seniors from the classes of 69,70, and 71 were admired by us underclassmen for various reasons. I can't say that Seniors after our class were admired by the underclassman. Mr. DiUlio came on board in 70-71 I believe.
Wed Sep 3 16:01:56 2003 [Michael Doyle 1970]: Just for the record, I am not related to Teresa Doyle. I also don't remember a Fr. DiUlio, so I'm not entirely sure what to make of Ms. Doyle's rather confusing posts. I am pleased that Thomas Olson hasn't met a Doyle he didn't like, but of course, Tom, you've never met me. It's entirely possible I would break your string of likable Doyles. On another note, we have a Jesuit psychologist doing a postdoctoral fellowship in our department and he was telling us about some goings-on in the Jesuit community here at Loyola Marymount. His story reminded me of Midnight Food Service, Inc. and the time we stole the Jesuits' beer. This would have been in the Spring of 1970. For the life of me, I can't remember who else was involved. I was outside with a walkie-talkie to warn the guys inside if someone was coming. So fess up, guys. Who else was in on this?
Mon Sep 1 18:20:30 2003 [Joe Williamson 72]: I remember Tom Doyle very well. The thing I remember best is that he was a decent football payer who quit after JV's. I wish he hadn't because we could have used him. Also, I believe he had a brother, 'Smokey' who went to Camp Campion. He was a great guy and would have been in my class. Finally, I knew Fr. DiUlio and thought he was a great guy. If it is true, what Theresa said, then I am certainly shocked and dissapointed, This scandel in the Catholic Church has been a long time coming. The only thing I am amazed is how long it's taken to be exposed. Let the light shine in and let the Church be better for it.
Mon Sep 1 00:14:00 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Mea copa, mea copa, mea maxima copa!!!
Sun Aug 31 21:57:34 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi, Teresa, am happy you are finally brave enough to at least sign your messages with your real name once anyways. I've known who you were from the first time you attacked this site. But, I maintained your anonymity to protect, yes even, you. At the risk of setting you off on yet another tangent could you please use proper etiquette and put your name in the NAME BOX instead of using bogus names. Perhaps you will find true friends here then.
Sun Aug 31 21:53:57 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi, Teresa continued: You have no idea of my interactions if any with your brother Tom. He was always a cool guy as I recall. In fact, I don't think I yet met a Doyle I didn't like. But you sister, are really something else. Is Tom still alive. You always refer to him like he is dead or helpless somewhere which would be a shame. I think most of us did like him. To me he would have been an upper classmen and unless he was personally involved as a sophomore giving me a swirly or snuggy or some other hazing to me as a freshman, I would have had no negative feelings for him whatseover. And if he was involved, it wouldn't be any of your business for me to discuss it with you in a open forum anonymously. Oh, for the record I am not saying your brother was involved in the hazing ritual. The three guys that humiliated me I can not remember their faces. I'd rather not stew over it. Now that is a gift from God. FYI, it was my class that made an exerted effort to stop the hazing of underclassmen when we became the upperclassmen.
Sun Aug 31 21:51:04 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi, Teresa. I see you are at it again. You just keep hounding that somehow I rationalize this and I rationalize that yadeyadeyade. Fact is I haven't rationalized anything. It is you that is strictly rationalizing who knows what. You obviously got burned by someone, sometime, somewhere and you keep stewing in it. And now you are back to homosexual phenomena. Make up your mind. Your last goaround stated that your problem was a alcohol issue and not a homo issue. And I did NOT rationalize anything legal over moral about drinking alcohol. That is your take. If I was rationalizing it I would have said something stupid like... Jesus was providing alcohol from the time he was old enough to make it. Don't ask me if that is enough to make it ok in the 20th century.
Sat Aug 30 08:41:13 2003 [ ]: Hey there is nothing wrong with being called a homosexual. The Pope agrees, he just doesn't want anyone to act on it.
Sat Aug 30 08:40:03 2003 [ ]: Be brave give them my link: I have a letter from the conservative Jesuit who was persecuted that told me that Al DiUlio was accussed of being a homosexual at Campion but the order shut the young man down. The order and people who have no sense of self are always allowing truth to be shut down.
Sat Aug 30 08:28:53 2003 [To tom olson 0000]: Oh, i just slipped back to read your rationalizaton on DiUlio. What you consider to be legal is not moral. My brother is one of the most respected people I know. As his dad said, "That kid can talk about anything." You need to believe in DiUlio. Go ahead. My brother believes in God. I think men who have fathers who loved them don't treat the Jesuits like God. I know there are great Jesuits and generally they are the ones who don't want cheerleaders. What you call legal is not moral. My brother is Tom Doyle, class of 1971, and anybody who knows him know that he would not say anything about Al DiUlio unless he was disgusted. My book's coming out. I had no idea that Tom even knew Al DiUlio so i have to believe that our father or God put me in that awful scandal. I bet you were jealous of my brother's charisma. He teaches kids in the inner city and he would never Legal or not put a flashlight in a student's face in the middle of the night to say, "Come on let's see what makes you tick.' So DiUlio used the alcohal as some kind of truth serum. It's disgusting that you rationalize legality as meaning it's ok. I trust Tom Doyle, and he told me after DiUlio was forced to resign because of the scandal, "Well, Al DiUlio is finally getting what he deserves. I could tell you things about him that you wouldn't believe. The guy's an ego maniac." You are in love with power Tom Olson---your pathetic rationalization about legality over morality shows it. I know that you had to have hated Tom's charisma. His secret, he had a father who loved him, and his father grew to call Campion, the hole. How's that for nostalgia. People like you are the reasons cover ups can happen. You don't believe in God, you believe in mortals and if the mortals mess up in their humanity you rationalize or attack the messenger. Good Friday is your kind of folks day. Teresa Doyle.
Mon Aug 25 08:55:22 2003 [Helen ]: my email address is if anybody knows Neil Patrick Shannon--I have a photo album of his with lots of Campion pictures and memorabilia--he was a cheerleader, class of '63
Mon Aug 25 08:49:06 2003 [Helen ]: Hello, I am looking for Neil Patrick Shannon, Class of '63--does anybody know how I could get in touch with him? Thanks!
Tue Aug 19 14:37:30 2003 [Jim Juneau ]: My family and I are planning a trip near Prairie Du Chien and it got me thinking about Campion. I attended Thomas More H.S. in Miwaukee, class of 76. We had a swim team and formed a conference with what was left of private schools in the state, Wayland Academy, Marquette,Campion etc. In 74 or 75 we had a meet out there and stayed overnight in one of the dorms. I remember being in a type of student union with pool table, ping pong etc. The ceilings and walls were full of written messages from students and guests, so obviously we added to these. Names that come to mind as some of the better swimmers were Bodnar,Barlow and Snyder? If I remember right, the Snyder boys parents either lived or were visiting Saudi Arabia. Am I dreaming any of this up?
Tue Aug 19 14:25:44 2003 [Jim Juneau ]: memories
Mon Aug 18 04:17:45 2003 [MUGU ]: JUST DO IT FOR ME
Sat Aug 2 14:07:09 2003 [Alice Russo ]: I am not a graduate of Campion. I have been trying to find my friend Martin Quinn class of 1952. I would so appreciate any info from anyone. Thank You
Tue Jul 29 21:34:56 2003 [Alice Russo 1952]: Trying to locate old friend Martin Quinn class of 1952
Sun Jul 27 04:10:55 2003 [J Chris Chinn 1962]: Tom: I have a tape of the 1962 Mother's Day weekend band concert. Originally it was on reel-to-reel, then I converted it to cassette. Any interest? If so, I'll try to find one or both. Somewhere, also, is the program from that concert which you're welcome to copy if you want. Let me know.
Sat Jul 26 16:33:32 2003 [Bob Voosen ]: Bill Reiter- nice to see you are still around and kicking. If you want others to contact you an email address would be handy. If you like I can add your info to the roster on this site. I've also put up a site for our class ( There is a link from the main page of this site. Tom O has set up a '66 bulletin board for us. The link is on the '66 site. If anyone is interested I can provide a email address. (It can be set up to forward to other addresses so you don't have to remember to check it. Also, working on some updates for the site. Any pics or ideas appreciated.
Sat Jul 26 13:03:57 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I now have a link above and one on the main page under the REUNIONS section for BAND REVIVALS. If you guys pull it off, it would be cool!
Sat Jul 26 12:19:11 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hey, do you have any tapes (reel 2 reel or otherwise) from Campion bands concerts. Anybody! Dance Band, Marching Band, or Orchestra. If so, I am willing to convert it to MP3 and post it on the nostalgia hits page.
Sat Jul 26 11:57:39 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: So, like, I was out playing bass last night (Fri 7/25) in Bergen Co, NJ with a blues band (as always, their original bass player dropped out, so I said, "OK, I'm hip") and while we were playing, I said to myself: the PDC Blues Festival is this weekend. There's Campion interest in Walter Trout, among others, so I wondered what was going down. I even e-mailed the Walter Trout web site a month or so ago and suggested that they 'give it up' (maybe play a song or two dedicated to them) for the boys at Campion, or (currently) for the boys at the PDC Correctional Facility. Anyway, I hope the sound check is good, the drums and bass are in the pocket, and the groove is tight this weekend in PDC. A little ear candy never hurt anyone. Maybe we'll get some intell- from some well placed Campion Knight. Hey, to paraphrase Jake and Elwood, we oughta "put the band back together" and enter our own Campion band at the PDC Blues festival in the future. I'm thinkin' guitar, bass, drums, organ (preferably a Hammond B3), horns (tenor and bari- sax, trumpet, trombone) and at least two singers up front, obviously from Campion. Oh, and we need three girls (that can sing good, preferably are cute, and can shake tamborines, maracas and/or anything else) ) to sing back-up/chorus. What do you think ?
Fri Jul 25 14:15:24 2003 [Bill Friedrichs 1969]: Haven't checked the message board for a while. Joe W.- we did have a nice time on the 4th with Animal Dan Lipke and others. Maybe you could join us next year. Next time your brother or Clem come to town, please e-mail. I'm sure Bill Gillette and I would get up for a beer or 2. The annual Campion/PDC golf outing in June was another success. Bill Devine was gracious enough to let me stay at his cabin. It was a little too close to the river boat but I managed to stay out of there. It was great to hear Dave Poladna(69) and Mike Obmascher(69), a couple of old Prairie dog friends still playing music together at Kabers! They've only been playing together since about 1965 and sounded great. Played golf with Trausch, Osmanski,Clark, Miller,Staack,Devine, Panther from 69. It was great fun. Look forward to seeing them all next year.
Fri Jul 25 08:30:14 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Lee, Actually, I'd like to post them here in the photo albums section. Can you email them to me.
Fri Jul 25 07:25:57 2003 [Lee Jeffers 91]: Thomas, I have received photographs (jpegs) of the corner stone, if anyone would be interested in seeing them have them e-mail me at Thanks.
Thu Jul 24 16:12:37 2003 [BOB BRANSLEY 1973]: WOW What a great site Thanks to Bob Bruchs for telling me about it. Seeing so many names on this site is a real de ja vue. was in PDC last weekend for our 30th. what a blast. the only downer was the campus. but you know you have to go see it every time you go there.
Fri Jul 18 11:42:09 2003 [Bill Reiter 66]: Just remembered, Bill Haines (I think 68) also passed away last year.
Fri Jul 18 11:41:04 2003 [Bill Reiter 66]: Working at The Boeing Co as manager in Technical Data. Retired from the MO ANG in 97 after 27+ years in the Air Force and ANG flying the F-4 Phantom. Fr. (Jolly) Roger Lucey passed away last year. Any others out there form 66, please contact me.
Wed Jul 16 20:29:03 2003 [John Kelley 1949]: Anyone out there from the class of '49?
Thu Jul 10 23:01:47 2003 [Lee Jeffers 91]: Thomas, The corner stone that I was talking about is the one that can be seen in the lower right corner of the picture you have up on your home page. I do not remember that there were any other stones for that particular building, but that doesn't mean there was not. If there were I do not believe they were taken out and saved. As for your other question, yes, there was a time capsule in the top of the stone. It was a copper box that contained a news paper and a penny. These were turned over to MLPS, and I have no idea what happened to them after that. The reason they wanted the capsule was because there was rumor that there were precious stones placed in there. That ended up not being the case. Any more questions?
Wed Jul 9 15:32:51 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Paul, We do have a Edmund Campion Kersten, class of 1950. I bet he was famous amongst his peers.
Wed Jul 9 14:57:57 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: OK, at the risk for starting something here, I have finally created the "Something is amiss! link in the In Privatum Campianum. It is for the "not so nostalgic" discussions.
Wed Jul 9 13:32:49 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Tom, you have taken a great load off my mind. I mean (and this is getting like one of those Lucey Hall think tank sessions, everyone sitting around on the poo brown bedspreads during room rec, eating potato chips and and drinking CocaCola, and discussing the problems/inequities of the world), I can relate to a matyred saint (Edmund) named Campion, a poet (Thomas) named Campion, schools and colleges named Campion, a Wedgewood china pattern named Campion, and a movie producer (Jane C, "The Piano" among other films), but a horse named Campion????? I don't think so. The trouble is, that if one does a Google web search, that damn horse with the spurious Campion appellation is all over the place like some sort of fungus. I mean this Campion thing is special to me, precious. OK, now that I have shared, does anybody know where the Class of '72 groovemaster, Frank Greider, is? I believe he's somewhere in Houston. He played a good set of drums. Oh, where's Charles Gore these days???
Wed Jul 9 12:38:36 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Well said, again, Pat. Thanks. BTW, I actually also do not condone the idea of those three drinking in an open area exposed to underclassmen and visitors. It definitely presented the wrong impression. Albeit some of the jebbies of the time experimented with social freedoms. Sometimes I wonder if we weren't the vitctums of a grand experiment. The book Summerhill was required reading and it may have been an influence on some weak wills. I think any details will be addressed in the In Privatum. Thanks
Wed Jul 9 12:11:46 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hey Paul, Send me an email. The link is on the main page.
Wed Jul 9 11:26:06 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: That "Ette" cover of the Campion Game is an all time favorite and you probably know it is on this site.
Wed Jul 9 11:20:51 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: The Big item Lee was talking about is one of the corner stones from Campion Hall. I am trying to remember if there weren't two. One for Campion, and one for Kilmer Library specifically. Now what would any of these be worth??? Did they have time capsules in them or merely concrete?
Wed Jul 9 11:18:00 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi John, and Paul. Good to hear from you guys. Hey, don't get too excited about Gene Autrys horse. The horses name was CHAMP. Short for Champion. I talked with the guy on ebay about him mis-spelling Champion some time ago. He agrees that it was Champ, but I don't think he knows how to go in and fix his advertisements. Unbelievable. BTW, how many original unsigned 8x10 photos of Gene and or Champ can there be. He has these adds up ALL the time.
Wed Jul 9 06:27:22 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Hiya, John. (Whew, I've just gotten control after finding out about Gene Autry's horse). It's great to hear from you. I still recall your "Ette" cover, 'The Campion Game'. As well as the many room rec sessions in Lucey and Xavier with Paul Downs, Chris Lamal, Rick Kraus, Ed Deiter and others. Truly a forerunner of Chris Matthew's "Hardball". Nothing was sacred. Hope all is well with you. Yeah, New York later this year? Sounds good!
Wed Jul 9 06:10:42 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Still have that bass, John. It's a 1966 Prescision - gets its neck inspected and setup yearly by Roger Sadowsky. Nothing new on e - bay, but discovered that Gene Autry's horse was named "Campion". Can you believe it? What was he thinking when he got that horse? This horse even has some web sites and glossy photos. I dunno, call me old-fashioned, but why couldn't he have named it "Champion", or "Campie" or "Champus" or something else. Now every time I hear "Happy Trails" or "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" I'm gonna think, he's riding a horse named "Campion". I gotta call Dr. Phil and grab some time with him.
Tue Jul 8 20:13:37 2003 [John Kleihege ]: woops! hit the wrong key again.......thinking back to my high school days, I always think of Campion. What a GREAT experience. Lots of lessons learned. Glad to hear from the 1970's grads.
Tue Jul 8 20:10:30 2003 [John Kleihege ]: When I returned home after sophomore year, Dad thought I had become too independant, too adult. (After all, we were taught to be self-reliant). But, when I think back to
Tue Jul 8 18:26:49 2003 [John Roll 1970]: Paul McCullough? John Kleihege? Are you freaking kidding me? Where did you guys come from? I know it's been awhile since we've had some messages from '70, but come on! Paul, your Fender bass alone should be an artifact! I still think about some of your shows with Smith, Halaszyn, et al, at Hoffman Hall......didn't one of them conclude with a big jam session from "Hair" (Aquarius/ Let the Sun Shine In, I believe)? I remember Leighty saying that if you guys recorded anything, he'd buy it. (then again, an endorsement from Leighty is not exactly like one from Berry Gordy). And John, I remember you well, even though you left after sophomore year. I hope you're not offended that Tom Fitzgibbons' utterance of "Klei-he-he-he-he-ge" sticks in my mind. This was Campion, after all, where the not-so-occasional cruelty was part of the curriculum. Cletus, didn't mean to shortchange you, but I'm pretty amazed to hear from Paul and John. I'm definitely envious of your daughter's Campion paraphernalia....I don't have squat, but would love to check out what Lee Jeffers has uncovered. Paul, Keith, and Chris Lamal, I may be in NYC toward the end of the year, but will give you fair warning.
Tue Jul 8 15:51:10 2003 [C.C. Althoff 1970]: As far as artifacts, I still have one of the team track shirts, one of the swim team warm up shirts, and my Camp Campion tee shirts and shorts. I don't know how I managed not to loose the stuff over these many years. I even have my original letter of acceptance, and of course no true Knight would be without a Koska brick. As luck would have it, my daughter is now tall enough the wear the stuff, so I have officially turned it all over to her....looks alot better on her anyhow, and her friends get a kick out of the fashion statement. I think I should develop a line of prep school clothing....trousers must have belt loops, no blue jeans permitted, oxford shoes only, shirt tails must be tucked in...and on, and on, and on...Anyhow, HI to Paul McCullough..
Tue Jul 8 11:29:03 2003 [John Kleihege ]: THANKS, Paul, for the update on Leudtke
Tue Jul 8 09:19:06 2003 [Joe Williamson 1972]: I heard Billy Friedrichs had a wild 4th of July party at his house which was attended by some former Campion people. 'Animal' Dan Lipke was there and reported that there were a number of Campion alumns in attendance. One notable was L.G. Friedrichs Jr. who is notorious for catching a pass from Billy Lochner and then knocked himself out after running into the the goal post head first. Animal said he's never been the same since. On another note, I will be playing golf with two former Campion coaches next week. Don Gosz and Clem Massey will be reunited at Ridgeway Golf Club, in Neenah, on Wednesday, July 16th. I played with these guys last year and I know the golf part won't be pretty but we'll have a good time. Finally, my brother Jim ('70) will be returning to Wisconsin this Friday and spending the week. I'll certainly tell him to check out this message board with all the activity from his classmates.
Tue Jul 8 07:32:55 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Clarence Luedtke graduated with us in 1970, did the Latin Scientific course of study. Regarding ROTC, he attained the rank of major. He was not listed on the 1970 year book page regarding where he ultimately went to college. I was in his class junior and senior year. One thing was for certain, and that was he was a dead shot with a rifle. Along with Mike Majewski and others, he carried Campion's ROTC rifle team his senior year. As Jim Halaszyn '70 elegantly put it at the time (I'm paraphasing due to the decline of memory), he could hit a fly off a bull's ______ at 500 meters.
Mon Jul 7 17:35:31 2003 [John Kleihege ]: Guess you can tell by now that I am not very computer will take up where I left off. I would have been in the class of 1970. This past weekend,(for the first time) I was telling my family about my Campion school days. Made me wonder what happened to everybody. Read my old yearbook and thought I would take a drive to see the old campus. Found out on this web site about its present use! Glad to see that the latest posts/messages have been from members of the class of 70. Would especially like to know what happened to Luedtke.
Mon Jul 7 17:30:08 2003 [John Kleihege ]: I attended Campion freshman & sophomore years ( 66-68) and would have
Mon Jul 7 10:47:24 2003 [John Kleiihege ]: looking for Clarence Luedtke (Class of 70)
Mon Jul 7 07:48:38 2003 [Keith Leighty 70]: Indeed I was at the fireworks. very close to 23rd, my boys and I walked down to about 21st on the FDR. parked our lawn chairs and kicked back with sodas, sandwiches, games and books and my 12 year old's Boom box. He wanted to play a CD so I said go ahead. He puts one on and out blasts Electric Ladyland. Who knew? to
Mon Jul 7 07:46:34 2003 [Keith Leighty 70]: Hiya Paul,
Fri Jul 4 20:06:23 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: That's great, Pat. Campion artifacts are getting about scarce as those from the Titanic . Every try to find a Kostka Hall brick? By the way, you don't play the Hammond B3, do you? Like R&B or funk? 'Cause if you do, I know a bassist that would really, really like to hook up with you. Check out "Soul Live", a relatively new R&B band out of Brooklyn that puts the B3 up front. So Keith, were you at the Macy's fireworks tonight? East River Drive at 23rd St seemed to be the place to be. I think they were the biggest yet, bigger than those of the Brooklyn Bridge centennial celebration ('83) or the Satatue of Liberty centennial celebration ('86). Guess they enlarged the show because of the events in Iraq. I'm listening to Barry White tonight.
Fri Jul 4 04:58:25 2003 [Pat Mower 64]: I got the ad with Prof deRanitz in it for the 9.99 asked! I had one of those damn Lowery organs, bought from Leithold's Music in LaCrosse. I remember very well my mother coming up and driving me to La Crosse for the purchase. The first Lowery Festival cost about $1000 Dollars. Later, the next year, I got a Lincolnwood, and that cost $2500, but they gave her the 1000 that she paid for the first Festival! Those days are gone. My friend just bought an Allen, Used for $38,000!
Mon Jun 30 08:12:09 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Yeah, well, you how it is, Keith. Took me about 15 years to shake off about 80% of Campion's side effects and about 30 years to feel safe enough to make contact with other colleagues. At times while there, I kinda felt like the character Waldo in that old Van Halen music video "Hot for Teacher" - SIT DOWN, WALDO!! - trembling and afraid to look left or right. Sent in a couple of e-mails to Aaron Hugenaard's Campion Forever site, including one about Mike Kurb's hearse. Also sent some stuff about the paddle and the Kostka Hall fire - seems like a lot of the older Campion grads knew little or nothing about these phenomena. I'm still playing bass.
Mon Jun 30 07:56:35 2003 [Keith Leighty 1970]: Hey, Paul McCullough. Good to see your name surface. Mike Majewski and Ed Dudek and I were out at Coney Island and your name came up when we were asking, has anyone heard from ??? Majewski lives in Vegas, Dudek in Boston ... Chris Lamal and Dick Noggle live near me in the New York City area and we get together occasionally. Lamal runs a Web site for class of 70 alums: Drop your email some time. would love to hear from you.
Sun Jun 29 10:14:36 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Wait a minute, wait a minute. I just found nine items of Campion stuff for sale - eight postcards and one ad for a Lowery Organ being delivered to the music hall, circa 1950's, and showing Prof de Ranitz cranking out some hits (? Green Onions). This one's gonna go fast, priced at $9.99. Item 2541662919.
Sun Jun 29 09:39:57 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Ummm, I would guess that the large ticket item mentioned by Lee Jeffers (MLPS '91) on 6/16/03 is probably the sign bearing the school name that hung on the front of Campion Hall. Speaking of 'large' Campion Hall things, what ever happened to the humongous prefect desk located at the entrance to the second floor study hall? To date, haven't seen any Campion (or MLPS) relics listed on e - bay. Hiya, Clete!
Sat Jun 28 16:42:50 2003 [C.C. Althoff 1970]: Hi to Tom Olson and all my Campion Bro's!. Yup, still with Uncle Sam! I have not been on the site for a long time, and it is great to visit! Tom, I hope you and all are well, As for anyone who signs on with no name and class year, I would be in grave doubt that they had ever had anything to do with the Knights. We who have walked those halls can all be assured of that. To my fellow calssmate, Chris O'Brien, I am sadden to hear of the loss of your son, and I pray for all of your family. Although I am not in the church, it dosen't mean that I had never learned the power of prayer from "the old school". As for people who get onto the site with their head stuck up their 5th point of contact, and have never walked our trails.....leave twe Knights alone
Sat Jun 28 13:22:48 2003 [Linda Phillips ]: I am looking for Dennis Foley, class of 1961.
Sat Jun 28 13:22:43 2003 [Linda Phillips ]: I am looking for Dennis Foley, class of 1961.
Sat Jun 28 08:43:22 2003 [Pat Mower 64]: Ya know, I was just thinking back to 1974. I played as a Guest Artist in a concert back then. One day, searching out somenone to let me into what I knew as the gym to practice, I spotted three individuals sitting in what we called the Senior Smoker. They were all in Jeans (an absolute NO, NO during our day) smoking, and had a beer in hand. I approached them, all with longish hard, and rather loudly proclaimed that I didn't think that this was such a good idea, as a Jesuit might find them and kick them out. They looked at me, and the middle one said "I am a scholastic, and there is nothing wrong with drinking beer...." To which I replied: "That's too bad, because you, as a Jesuit, are a disgrace to the Catholic Church, Campion, and these kids, as well as we should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself...." They just shrugged it off. I found that there were Jesuits, such as Fr. J.V. O'Connor, I guess you wouldsay an old guy left over from our time, who detested what had happened - the Liberalization of the Church and Jesuits. I think he and I were right. My mother would have withdrawn me IMMEDIATELY had she found out of an instance like this. The Jesuit told me that it was now , "OK", because 18 year olds could drink beer. I can still remember Fr. Roland Teske, now a distinguished Philopher and Teacher at Marquette U, saying....."Just because 50,000 Frenchman do it doesn't make it right...." Sorry for the Diatribe...I just could let this pass.
Fri Jun 27 10:09:57 2003 [Pat Mower 64]: I have to add, to mr. anonymous: I personally KNOW Tom Olson. He is a power guy, like the rest of us are power guys. Anyone who attended Campion for even the first six weeks knows that a Campion Maniac will NEVER back down from a fight or discussion. Some people I know thinks that does not do a person well. It does. It means that everyone knows where everyone stands. You don't have to agree, but it sure helps to know where everyone is coming from and going to. So, Mr. Anonymous...(I hate writing that out...Latent Laziness from Jug hall in 61!), you may say things you want to say, but remember, we are always watching and we know when something does NOT smell right. If you or someone you know, or someone in your family is bitter, ok. If they got hurt in some way, I am sorry, and whoever did it to them, and we don't need to know, owes them an apology. If that person that "hurt" them has gone to his final reward, don't worry, from what the Jesuits taught me, he didn't really get away with anything! Done......
Fri Jun 27 10:05:20 2003 [Pat Mower 64]: I don't know about most of you, but I can tell you that my classmates and I talked at length about all this abuse stuff. Now, I can't say there wasn't "any", but by and large, the Brothers, Scholastics and Priests I knew there couldn't afford to do something like that. Did it ever happen? If someone says that they "personally" were the object of this, I don't think you can argue with that. But to say, "I HEARD..", that is stretching things. (No, I am not talking specifically about family members...). I just know that the experience that was Campion Jesuit High School was not only Unique and gratifying (only later in life, I assure you), but we ALL owe a debt of great gratitude to these men, some young a lot old, who went beyond what was required of them to educate us.
Thu Jun 26 10:18:16 2003 [Thomas Olson ]: And if it was obvious we were talking about DRINKING then there would not have been ANY issue, as back then it was LEGAL to drink at 18 years old with anybody we wanted. And it was LEGAL for jebbies to drink with us. If the student was a minor then that of course would not be ok. One more thing... The entries about abuse was NOT an implication of encouraging drinking. It was made at a time when the press was full of sex abuse by priests and that is what the author of the accusation was playing off of. If in fact he was not intending to imply that sex abuse was the problem then I am sure all the rest of us can rest now knowing that we REALLY weren't living amonst a sex fiend. But just a guy who wanted to go drinking some beer.
Thu Jun 26 10:02:53 2003 [Thomas Olson ]: To the new anonymous person. I do not know why you insist on flaming me!!! My ONLY PROBLEM with the entry you speak of was the fact that someones REAL name was BLAMED while keeping their own name anonymous. Anonymous accusations in a public forem is simply a NO NO. It would have been completely differrent if the author ID'd themselfs honestly.
Wed Jun 25 19:15:59 2003 [ ]: one more thing mr. olsen, you either have to be a lawyer or a dr. some kind of power guy, no where was it stated that any kind of touching happened. he went into his room in the middle of the night...nothing more was said than that. He took him drinking, oh, and you and your boys will think that's fine. but it wasn't. You see, he went there to be a priest and other students confided in him. He has the soul of a poet. Now, you would think it's cute that a priest did that, it wasn't cute and other students told my brother stuff. my brother doesn't lie. He went on. He doesn't relive any of it.
Mon Jun 16 00:32:59 2003 [Lee Jeffers 1991]: Hello, I attended school on the Campion Campus after it had been sold and became Martin Luther Prep. School. My father taught there, and so I was able to spend many years walking the halls of all of the buildings I have seen so much about here. It has been absolutely amazing to find out about the history, and hear of other people's experiences from before I knew this school. Before the building was torn down, that I believe was the library and classroom building, there were some items that were found that someone may have an interest in. If anyone is looking for Campion washclothes, towels, blankets, I believe even a study hall desk, and one other very large ticket item of EXTREME significance, please feel free to contact me. I know someone who has these items, and is willing to part with them ( Thank you for the trip down memory lane!
Thu Jun 12 11:40:46 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Tom, Chris asked that the following note be posted also to your Campion-Knights message board. Could you add it? Thanks. Chris --- Will O'Brien, a son of Chris O'Brien ('70), was killed on Tuesday in a tragic accident near the family home in Newton, Mass. Will was Chris's middle son and was just finishing high school. He died in a collision with an SUV as he was bicycling after an afternoon of work at the family's landscaping and gardening business. The funeral will be held this Saturday, June 14, at St. Bernard's Church in Newton. If you'd like to send a message to Chris and his family, you can do so by e-mailing him at
Sun May 25 14:31:40 2003 [Keough '65]: PdC people--listen up! On 25 July at your Prairie Dog Blues Festival a guy (&his band) named Walter Trout and the Radicals are going to play. If you like Blues & Blues/Rock DO NOT MISS THIS GROUP! He played w/Canned Heat, John Mayall, et al. I saw them here in Vegas a couple of months ago & I was nearly in tears. This band kixass. (No, I am not being paid to promote them. )
Thu May 8 08:39:23 2003 [Mike Lochner 60]: We are on the final leg for this years Golf Outing and need to hear from all interested in attending. Anumber of people who have been included in foursomes by fellow alums have not returned registrations. If you are coming let us know ASAP. Joe, Jim Radke is registered, is your Dad coming ? How about brother.
Thu May 8 08:38:29 2003 [Mike Lochner 60]: We are on the final leg for this years Golf Outing and need to hear from all interested in attending. Anumber of people who have been included in foursomes by fellow alums have not returned registrations. If you are coming let us know ASAP. Joe, Jim Radke is registered, is your Dad coming ? How about brother.
Wed Apr 30 13:45:42 2003 [Jim Radtke 1947]: Glad to hear that Jim Williamson might make the golf outing. It would be great if we could at least make up a foursome of '47s. I know that Gene Eagan is in Madison and I believe that John Dorazio is also. Looking forward to a great weekend.
Wed Apr 30 13:32:13 2003 [Jim Radtke 1947]: Glad to hear that Jim Williamson might make the golf outing. It would be great if we could at least make up a foursome of '47s. I know that Gene Eagan is in Madison and I believe that John Dorazio is also. Looking forward to a great weekend.
Thu Apr 17 12:54:28 2003 [Mike Lochner 1960]: Thanks for the info Joe and Tom. I passed on to Jim Radke who lives up by Bayfield
Tue Apr 15 13:45:01 2003 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Yes, Mike, I can't deny my own father. As a matter of fact he mentioned to me that he is thinking of going this year. I'll pass along this message to him.
Fri Apr 11 12:11:09 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi, Mike, Jim '47 is Joes '72 and Jims '70 dad.
Fri Apr 11 10:41:03 2003 [Mike Lochner 60]: Joe Williamson does Jim Williamson class of 47 belong to you. A Jim Radtke of 47 (Bayfield) mentioned when talking about golf outing and if anyone from 47 attends. I can't go back far enough to get your email so thought I would message you through this.
Fri Mar 21 14:33:54 2003 [Dave Foster 1971]: Nice site,great memories. Knights forever!
Thu Mar 20 15:24:43 2003 [Thomas Olson 1972]: oon, alli maan!
Thu Mar 20 14:02:38 2003 [Joe Orrico 1971]: "Shock and Awe" Fu#$ Jihad!!!
Sun Mar 9 08:59:16 2003 [Bob Smith 1968]: A Few Good Lawyers. About 20% of Campion alumni are lawyers,Are any of you conversant with federal courts?I need to file a lawsuit by 23 April 03.
Sun Mar 9 08:58:57 2003 [Bob Smith 1968]: A Few Good Lawyers. About 20% of Campion alumni are lawyers,Are any of you conversant with federal courts?I need to file a lawsuit by 23 April 03.
Sat Mar 8 17:07:19 2003 [Fred Nora 1970]: Mark Criqui and I are looking for a few good men from the class of '70 to help fill out a golf foursome at the upcoming all class reunion in Pensacola at the end of this month. Information is available under "Reunions" at this website. You snowbrds should get off your derriers, fly down, and join us telling lies about how great we were!
Sat Feb 1 11:39:11 2003 [joe egan 1971]: Hey Joe: I remember that old fire hose we used for the hockey rink...and that was after we cleared away the snow. By the time the rink was ready, I was too tired to skate. We beat the heck out of eachother... No helmets,no pads and dull blades. Man was that fun!
Tue Jan 28 12:52:36 2003 [JOE ORRICO 1971]: Egan, the only hockey you played was holding the fire hose to water the rink and that's because we let you. Do you still hold the hose?
Mon Jan 20 10:50:56 2003 [Joe Egan 1971]: I just discovered this site and find it very interesting. I played hockey with some of you by the old boiler house and was on the swim team. I look forward to revisiting this site.
Sat Jan 11 15:22:25 2003 [C.C. Althoff 1970]: Yup. I still think the "Old School" was one heck of a ride, My class ring with me and I will wear it the next time I drive down to Prairie of the Dogs. To my brothers of 1970, I want you to know that you are all there with before...trying to throw butter pads up onto the cieling of the chow hall (I never did that but I thought that was neat), also I can remember a few forks stuck into the ceiling. That must have taken great skill. Yup. I am still in the Army, I guess you get used to the structure. At least there is no Jug Hall! When will the "get together" occure in Prairie this Spring? Ya know, we are the few true prepies, and what my family and and my life at Campion has taught me is that it is a great and honorable thing to be a gentleman,

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