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Tue Jun 29 11:23:26 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: here's the webpage about the 1999 dedication of georia church with campion's altar:
Tue Jun 29 07:46:02 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Very interesting re: student chapel altar. According the postings of some students/staff at Martin Luther Prep in 1995 (as posted in Chris Lamal's Yahoo Group website for Campion alumni), other artifacts from the chapel were also recycled: the pews were sent to a church in Czechoslovakia (in ?Pilsen??) and the glass windows were divided up among several churches in the eastern U.S.
Mon Jun 28 21:27:35 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Matt, Hmm! Under HallsOfCampion then click on campion. The page has a link to Patron of Campion followed by a paragraph about the cupola and the link is in the paragraph. Let me know...
Mon Jun 28 20:46:07 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: For Matt Mickas '74 find of our chapel altar.... The link is on the main page. It is at St. Marys in Rome, Georgia. They say "The replacement cost of the altar is in excess of $1 million, though it would be nearly impossible to duplicate the work."
Mon Jun 28 10:43:44 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: Fred: Thanks for your compliments regarding my brief analysis of the NBA Finals, although anyone watching the games and reading a decent sports page could have come up with the same. I've now lived in L.A. for 30 years and most of my Hoosier roots have withered, but the hoops part will be there forever, even though I no longer play due to too many pronations of my right ankle. Basketball is the state religion of Indiana, after all. California can be a strange place, that's for sure. For one example, a lot of people here take a kind of perverse pride that we have no NFL team. And many folks are watching the breakup of the Lakers with a sort of resignation. We knew they had to blow up someday, it was just a matter of when and how. So we should start a pool: where will Shaq end up? (I have no idea). Also, how many more championships will he win? (My guess: 0)
Mon Jun 28 08:08:39 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: Martin Herr was the name of the architect of Campion Hall, which, as I posted months ago, was designed to be twice the size of the completed building--essentially two Campion Halls, the mirror image of each other, with an elaborate mid-section connecting them. Fridolin Herr was Martin's architect father, who designed St. Mary's Academy. They operated out of Dubuque.
Mon Jun 28 08:01:01 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: It would also seem that the Jebs sold the altar for approximately $739,000 less than it was worth!
Mon Jun 28 07:59:24 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: Talk about weird. I put "St. Mary's" and "Prairie du Chien" and "architect into Google, to look up the name of the architect of Campion Hall for Mr. Bruchs, because I remembered that the architect's father was himself and architect who'd designed St. Mary's Academy. One thing that came up concerns the 1999 rennovation of a St. Mary's Church in the Archdiosese of Atlanta, Georgia. The church appropriated Campion's altar. To quote from the website: The high altar, which holds the tabernacle, was acquired by Father Miceli from a Jesuit boarding school in Prairie du Chien, Wis. Crafted of white carved marble with gold inlaid mosaic, the altar was appraised for $750,000. Father Miceli was able to purchase the altar, along with 100 feet of Communion rail, from the school for $11,000. The Communion rail was later crafted into the altar of sacrifice and pulpit by parishioners Ed and Bob Cescutti. Father Miceli said that the high altar was dedicated at the Jesuit school on or around the same time that St. Mary’s Church was first dedicated in May 1931. “The new high altar is a beautiful example of Gothic carving,” Father Miceli said. “It anchors everything in the church very well. It’s a piece of sculpture worth preserving.”
Mon Jun 28 07:49:49 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: Tom--where exactly can i find the photos of the deteriorated cupola? i looked at campion hall after clicking on various dorms, and didn't come up with it. By the way, I wrote Fr. Warosh about the idea of restoring the cupola on the grounds of St. Gabriel's, where he's pastor, and he didn't get back to me! Thanks!
Fri Jun 25 14:55:39 2004 [Robert Bruchs 73]: Oh! Nevermind! What was the name of the Campion Hall Architects again ?
Fri Jun 25 14:45:19 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Ya, that's it! The 1974 guys. Hmm, no, not almost 2 thousand guys! So far there is less than a handful I know of for sure from the classes of '73 and '74.
Fri Jun 25 13:03:54 2004 [Keough '65]: Not sure, but I think Tom may have meant guys from the Class of '74--not 74 guys who are/were interested in restoring the cupola. And I don't mean to rain on your parade but what would be the good of restoring or building a copy of it? It's not exactly an architectural wonder and I'm not sure who'd want it. Who or what is the final destination? Sorry,...just kinda' don't see the point.
Fri Jun 25 10:17:35 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Robert, I didn't mean to imply someone could grab it for free. Only stating that people are interested in rebuilding it and that some of us think the real macoy is a lost cause and that maybe a replica would be better. And there is some discussion about it on the 1974 guestbook. So anyways, I think there is about 4 of you now that may want to resurrect the cupola. How you go about that is up to you but I'll probably give a 100 towards a final plan.
Fri Jun 25 09:36:39 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: About the Cupola, read my post (Find (on this page..)) of "Wed Feb 11 11:40:10 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]". The point being that I received only one response from that post, that of Mr. Robert Bransley. As I stated in my previous post, the Cupola, as much as it seems, is not available for anyone to just walk up and acquire it, it actually belongs to someone. I’m surprised to find out that Mr. Olson knows of an additional 73 people who are interested in restoring the Cupola, or building a reasonable facsimile there of. Who are these people? If they are interested, maybe they could put their money where their mouth is. If the interested persons donated $100 each to the effort, that would be $7,400 (Thank you Mr. Roach). It seems that that would be a sufficient start to rebuild the Cupola and make a donation to St. Gabriel’s Church (the current resting place of the Edmund Campion statue) to erect the Cupola on their property. Again, I implore you to search for and read my prior posting regarding this matter. Search for the string “Wed Feb 11 11:40:10 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]”. Thanks.
Thu Jun 24 15:36:39 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Thanks to Kevin Keough for sending in the pictures he took of the Campion Hall Cupola which is deteriating while it sits in storage at the fertilizer plant in PdC. Some 74 guys are thinking about renovating it. But might be better off using it as a model to build a replica from scratch. Good Luck. The pictures are stored in the Halls Of Campion section for Campion Hall.
Wed Jun 23 12:42:01 2004 [Mike Lochner 60]: Tom Olson, I left message on Golf page. I have the pictures need mail address.
Tue Jun 22 08:09:33 2004 [C.C. Althoff 1970]: Thanks Fred, I always thought alot of Jim, we would call each other "holy man" all the time, I think that was a combination of a deformation of his last name, and a spiritually up lifting week we spent assigned as alter boys to go over to the facility chapel in the pre dawn hours and assist at mass. It was very moveing to attend these services since there were a number of these individual mass's going on and everyone was in full vestments. The drone of the Latin chants, the smell of the incense, and the candel light gave it a real medieval flavor and made us feel like"holy men" of the Order of the Campion Kight...HA! Also, it really was great to spend Sunday eve at the pre-tournament gathering at Kabers. My daughter now knows that preppies are cool! Fred, thanks again for the info on Jim, there are a bunch of the class I have always wondered about as I look through the Frosh yearbook. We are getting to our 35th next year for the class of '70 and I am wondering if anyone has thought about getting together at some point. Anyhow...Blessings to you all from an ex-holy man...(BVMH and AMDG)...ROCK ON!
Mon Jun 21 13:09:58 2004 [Fred Nora 1970]: Clete, to the best of my knowledge in summer 2001 Jim suffered a significant myocardial infarct; apparently while passing out/falling he also had a serious head injury which I believe was a subdural hematoma. The last I heard he was recovering but I am a little chagrined that I have not followed his progress. Can anyone bring Jim's status up to date?
Mon Jun 21 12:16:39 2004 [C.C. Althoff 1970]: Fred, I am glad Chris is OK, but was it that happened to Jim Halaszyn?
Mon Jun 21 05:52:23 2004 [Fred Nora 1970]: Doyle, your candid and objective assessment of the NBA championship demonstrates that 20+ years of Californication cannot wipe out Hoosier roots. Well written. Best wishes to Chris Boehme. Between Chris and Jim Halaszyn we should probably all take a realistic look at our lifestyles/priorities/mortalities and play a lot of golf while we have the chance.
Sun Jun 20 11:10:33 2004 [Keough '65]: Almoan brothers? Man, I need spell-check..
Sun Jun 20 11:09:25 2004 [Keough '65]: Pual--Actually, I threatened "Wipe Out" because I was hounded into playing it constantly. I H A T E D it!! Also, because it is, in fact, an annoying song I want to use it as a payback to those heretics of my talents & skills(cough). So you remember Spinal Tap saying that they had really, really, really good good that their volume knobs went to eleven not just ten! God, that was a good show... Paul, I wasn't big on surf music although that was mostly what was available to cover. Did some of the early Brit bands; Dave Clark Five, The Searchers (remember "Needles and Pinnnzzzaa"). College, USAF, then back to college put me into Stones, Zep, ZZ, Almoan Bros, Johnny Winter...any and all blues/rock stuff. I like it..still do...probably always will. Local Casino near home has free Blues Nights on Thursdays...just saw Tommy Castro Band, week before was Walter Trout. Coming up soon is Little Ed & the Blues Imperials, Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers (a little too retro for me but they are so tight that that makes up for it.), John Lee Hooker, Jr., etc., it's amazing who passes through this little & not even a drink minimum...but who am I to pass on a beer(s) while listening and table-drumming to The Blues. I've been considering a transfer to one of the Delta properties we have. Think of the little shithole blues bars in that part of the country...I salivate at the thought. 'Nuff ranting...
Sat Jun 19 15:17:44 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Kevin, yeah, I got that joke. At Campion, the volume on my Fender Bassman was never above "4".
Sat Jun 19 14:24:24 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Kevin, you're all right, man. You keep that groove alive. I read your message after listening to some vintage tapes of Wayne Cochran and the C.C. Riders (this is apparently the band that inspired Belushi and Ackroyd to make the movie "The Blues Brothers" - remember the scene in the sauna with Maury Slime, played by Steve Lawrence? He mentions this band). Anyway, "Wipeout" (The Surfaris, 1963)? Sure!! Hey (if surfer music's your thing) check out "Sounds of Summer" - The Very Best of the Beach Boys; 30 tunes, $13.95 at Amazon when last checked, everything from "Surfin' Safari" to "Kokomo" on one CD. If you want to go further with "The Dream Band", let's talk on the "Easy Knights Revival Band" page, as listed above.
Sat Jun 19 13:52:04 2004 [Keough '65]: Paul McCullough--the drum purchases are out for at least another year. Day after returning from the PdC Golf Party, our A/C unit blew. Replacement cost will be $3,200 out-of-pocket...damn... (To those who have heard me play--stop laughing...I'm eventually going to buy them and I'm coming to visit each one of you and do "Wipe Out" at volume 11. (I'm getting the old amps from Spinal Tap.)) **Does anyone get that joke?**
Sat Jun 19 07:53:18 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hey Joe Orrico, I am not sure I have your correct email address. Send it to me off line so I can fix your jug problem. Apparently guys, Joe thinks he is still in jug. So we are going to rescue him and sneak him out the back door.
Fri Jun 18 12:29:58 2004 [Jim Williamson 1970]: Joe, my email address is:
Fri Jun 18 11:21:11 2004 [Joe Haschka 1970]: Jim, Your email address at this site is not valid. Look mine up and mail me a message. I'll reply with info about Chris Boehme. - Joe
Fri Jun 18 08:33:56 2004 [Joe Haschka 1970]: Jim, Chris is living in the Portland area, I believe. I'll look up your email address and send you Chris's. Doug is still in Atlanta. - Joe
Thu Jun 17 19:33:31 2004 [Jim Williamson 1970]: I too am glad to hear that Chris Boehme made it through. Best of luck for a speedy recovery. Where is Chris living now days? Joe Hashka, do you have any contact information for Chris? I am living in a suburb of Philadelphia. Last I heard Doug Wiley was living in Atlanta. Chris is the third guy from Oshkosh in our class, so I'm curious where he ended up.
Thu Jun 17 13:26:29 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: Well I'm a Laker fan and you know what I have to say to you, Chris Chinn? You're absolutely right. The Pistons were clearly the better team in this series. If it hadn't been for one lucky shot, they would have swept. I would have liked to have seen the Lakers at full strength and I would have preferred fewer ticky fouls, but I'm not at all sure it would have made a difference in the final outcome. Not only did the Pistons play harder, smarter, and more unselfishly, they also had some great matchups. Prince messed up Kobe big time, Payton couldn't come close to handling Billups, and with Malone and Horace Grant injured, no one could guard Sheed. Shaq can't do much on only one day's rest anymore (can anyone say "South Beach Diet"). But what the heck, it's only sports. Which leads to.... Very sorry to hear about Chris Boehme, although happy he made it through. Guess these things get more likely for older folks. Oh wait, I'm the same age as Chris and I surely don't feel old. I have a young daughter and I'm glad Chris's daughter still has her father. Chris, may you grow old and enjoy spoiling your grandchildren in retirement. And if you never have grandchildren, spoil someone else's grandkids.
Thu Jun 17 08:16:00 2004 [Joe Haschka 1970]: Good news/bad news: Chris Boehme survived a heart attack on June 10th, just two days after his 52nd birthday. He woke up in the middle of the night thinking he was having a back spasm. Now he knows better and will be making a few lifestyle changes. Other than that he fares well. Witty as always and happy to be able to continue to parent his duaghter.
Wed Jun 16 15:56:47 2004 [J Chris Chinn 1962]: To all you Laker's fans: Sorry - but the best team won. Hope you all caught a glimpse of George Blaha ('62) working the broadcasting bench.
Mon Jun 14 07:52:56 2004 [Bob Voosen 1966]: I remember in winter in Lucey hall the aluminum windor frames got so cold that they would frost over - on the inside. In the spring and fall if you left the windows open you could hear trains and diesel horns echoing down the Mississippi valley (there were 3 sets of tracks, one on the Iowa side and 2 in Wisconsin). In the fall they would occationally have special trains to look at the leaf colors and would use an old steam engine. You could hear it huffing for miles and its steam whistle made you think you had gone back in time.
Sat Jun 12 09:24:46 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Mike, I don't know. I just do. Guess I was impressionable. At least two color schemes in Xavier Hall were dark grey walls with off white floor tiles and (can you believe it?) bright orange bedspreads, as was the case for mine and Bob Devney's room (you'd be right at home if you went to Univ. of Texas or Syracuse Univ., among other "orange schools", or if you believe in Halloween); light green walls (lighter but similar to one of the color schemes in Lucey Hall) with the same off white floor tiles and (they got it right this time) matching light green bedspreads. Remember how the Xavier beds pulled out from the walls? Devney and I were in the northern end room on the third floor of Xavier Hall (? Rm 331 ?? - two exposed walls to that north wind); to say that it got cold in that room was an understatement. By the end of Oct 1969, I bought and was using almost nightly an electric blanket - best Campion investment I ever made. Other the other hand, junior year, the Jebs had me in Lucey Hall Rm 101, first floor north end of the hall, by the stairwell and door closest to the dining hall, and right over the steam pipes that entered the building. So, as a result, Mark Sloan and I had one of the cosiest room on campus during the winter. In the warm months, we'd open the our windows and the window at the end of the first floor corridor, got a good breeze. About this room, I crack myself up again; remember the 5:00 -5:45 pm Lucey study Hall? Since we were closest to the dining hall, on nights when they were serving something good to eat (like, roast beef and potatatoes), it was not uncommon to have about 5 or 6 guys sneaking into our room (some even came in with shoes off so as not to make noise) so when the 5:45 pm bell ending study hall rang releasing us for dinner, they could sprint to Loyola Hall. Guess they were hungry. For real.
Fri Jun 11 16:16:34 2004 [Keough '65]: Paul Mac: I'm waiting to hit Lottery so I can buy those damned Roland TD-20s. Can't play slots or gamble at my own properties. & if we buy Mandalay Resorts, I won't be able to gamble in 1/2 the city! (For the uninformed: MGM Mirage Resorts & Casinos (for whom I work) has tendered an offer to buy out Mandalay Resorts for $7.65 billion. We will own nearly all of the major casinos in Las Vegas if it goes.)
Fri Jun 11 08:40:47 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: Getting back to the NBA Finals: With Karl malone injured and barely able to play and with the rest of the Lakers apparently suffering some sort of brain damage, it now appears that the Pistons will win it. In fact, unless the Pistons melt down, the Lakers won't play another game in Staples this season and the team will be broken up. And Paul, exactly how do you remember such details about tiles and tables? I can't even remember the layout of my room in Xavier Hall.
Wed Jun 9 19:14:57 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: To Kevin Keough (65) (and any other CHS musicians) if you're surfin' the Knights site, check this out. Just got back tonight from an audition for 'The Shades' A real cattle call, 20 - 30 min to show your chops, bass player in front of you, bass player in back of you; did 2 of their songs (you can hear them on their site), "Footprints" and "You Can't See". Worked up "Doin' the Devil's Work" but they didn't do it. Doesn't look good - I just got that vibe: I may have overplayed, I may be too old, I may crash and burn & it won't be pretty, etc, etc. But I thought about the 'dream band'; I'm thinkin' next year (2005) Campion was born 125 years ago, Campion died 30 years ago, (Paul graduated 35 years ago; Kevin graduated 40 years ago). I think we all need a big, fat groove. I'm gonna keep practicing with my drum machine in my basement; yeah, that's it.
Wed Jun 9 15:29:38 2004 [Keough '65]: ...and to John Roll...yes on the Hot Fudge Sundaes..I spent all of my allowance and whatever else I could beg from the Mommy & the Daddy on those thingies....yummm... And as a footnote to the love interest to whom I gave (lost) the classring (see previous note)...I happened to see her on network tv about 6 or 7 years later. Her husband won the 10grand (I think it was) top prize on "Name That Tune" that I happened to be zoned into (they even mentioned that they were 'newlyweds'...aahhhhh). You'd think she could have sent back the ring now that her 'old man' (still the term to use in mid-70s) just won 10K. By the way, that guy was incredibly fast w/the tunes...deserved to win. I can hear a song four times through and still not come up with its name.
Wed Jun 9 15:18:13 2004 [Keough '65]: Hey, Peter McCullough... I still HAVE my Campion Zippo!! I lost my ring, however, to a love interest in '68. We split shortly after--the ring never to be seen again.
Wed Jun 9 12:03:54 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Paul, I don't think I had a happier teenage moment than when I had one of those Hoffman Hall hot fudge sundaes in front of me, although that probably says more about my teenage years than the sundaes. I'll check my video from '95 to test your color recollections, but by God I think you're correct on all counts, you mutant. I know you're right about the late-afternoon serving times, as I recall getting there early to save a table for myself and some combination of Metzger, Leighty, Rhomberg, Conner, etc.
Tue Jun 8 19:03:36 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Fred, I just re-read your posting and saw your test question. I believe the Hoffman Hall lounge had dark grey or black polished marble tiles, each about 10 to 12 inches square. The walls of the lounge were light green small tiles (? one to two inches square), frosted windows on south wall. The wall from where the food was served through a small window was wood (? light walnut stain?) Trouble was the lounge floor was that it was very, very slippery; the chairs were always falling over (very loud sound) with or without a student in them. Hey, remember the milkshakes and hot fudge sundaes? Thirty cents bought a lot of happiness. As I recall, they served this stuff for one hour only 3:30 - 4:30 M - F. You had to get there early, esp. in winter months, to get a table.
Tue Jun 8 18:40:38 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: By the way by the way, by the way, the previous by the way, by the way somehow got recorded here twice. Sorry. There'll be no more by the ways for the rest of the night. Promise.
Tue Jun 8 18:37:18 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: By the way, by the way, Fr. Walter H. Halloran S.J., Campion Class of '39 alum and part of the Campion Exorcism Team (see my 06/07/04 entry below), returned to Campion and taught history. He's in the 1959 yearbook, ten years after the exorcism, looking somewhat spooked. He's also the one Jesuit who has gone on record about the event. The interview he gave provided much of the basis for "Possessed" (1992). According to this website, he's now residing at the Wisconsin Jesuit Retirement Home, along with good old Fr. Scott.
Tue Jun 8 18:34:45 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: By the way, by the way, Fr. Walter H. Halloran S.J., Campion Class of '39 alum and part of the Campion Exorcism Team (see my 06/07/04 entry below), returned to Campion and taught history. He's in the 1959 yearbook, ten years after the exorcism, looking somewhat spooked. He's also the one Jesuit who has gone on record about the event. The interview he gave provided much of the basis for "Possessed" (1992). According to this website, he's now residing at the Wisconsin Jesuit Retirement Home, along with good old Fr. Scott.
Tue Jun 8 18:23:56 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: By the way, the Ebay Xavier Hall Ashtray is a little glass thing with an image of Xavier Hall stencilled in it--your typical promotional boarding school dorm giveaway souveneir ashtray.
Tue Jun 8 18:20:56 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: Speaking of smoke, in the current issue of Campion Lives, online via In Privatum Campianum, this same square Paul McCullough ('70) has a wonderful, detailed, tip-top journalistic account of the burning of Kostka Hall, 12/14/68, nearly nine months after the LBJ speech rocked Lucey Hall television viewers. (Was there perhaps a connection? In between these dark events there were also the assasinations of MLK and RFK, don't forget!)
Tue Jun 8 14:50:10 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Pretty sure they were green, Fred. The room and floor were industial beige. Soul Train got a pretty good draw despite a lousy time - Saturdays @ 1 pm; we're still one year away from Don Kirshner's Rock Conert series 1971 and five years from SNL 1975 (school was gone by then). Best TV moment?? Gotta be Lucey Hall, Sunday night, March 31,1968 ca. 9 pm when LBJ announced he wasn't running. Everybody was running around. No, John, I'm afraid that I didn't use any other substances for recreation, medication, education, pacification, remuneration, etc, etc. I was there and square. If anyone is going to PDC for golf this weekend, can some one drop in Helen's Bake Shop (former Ma's) and at least see if they got anything good to eat?
Tue Jun 8 13:45:32 2004 [leighty 70]: Lucey Hall. Wild Wild West. The intro. the knife. The punch: "Beaver!"
Tue Jun 8 12:13:06 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Hey, Paul, don't forget the Xavier TV crowd for "Then Came Bronson", starring Michael Parks and, more important, his motorcycle. I can still see the silhouettes of a dozen pair of upraised arms in "chopper position" as Bronson cruised through the opening credits (the arms, I remember, would periodically "lean into" the turns). As for the color of the chairs, I agree with Fred that your powers of recall are a little disturbing...I mean, I'm an architect and I can barely remember the color of the building! And Paul, the only thing you smoked was an occasional Swisher Sweet? A musician? In the late Sixties?
Tue Jun 8 11:16:12 2004 [Fred Nora 1970]: Green naugahyde lounge chairs?! Paul, despite your denials you have got a photographic memory, at least regarding chromatic details. Between lounge furniture and Lucey Hall floor schemes your next test is the tile patterns of Hoffman lounge. I at least can remember that the 'boro box was red.
Tue Jun 8 10:07:50 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: A Xavier Hall Campion ashtray; well, as I live and breathe (**cough, cough**). No doubt one of the floor models that graced the first floor lounge. I can see it there now, neatly sandwiched between the green naugahyde lounge chairs. And I can see the light blue/grey haze floating from 4 1/2 feet up to the ceiling, really thick after dinner when students were watching Walter Cronkite on the evening news, or when the news was really bad, re-runs of Gilligan's Island. In Lucey Hall, where one couldn't smoke in his room, the air in the lounge was just grey-blue. The same smoke produced after dinner ca. 6:30 pm would still be there when students came down for a butt at the 8:30 pm study break. Ahh, smoking at Campion, truly an art form. Juniors and seniors could smoke ad nauseam; sophomores could smoke upon carrying and producing on request a smoking "per" signed by a parent. I crack myself up: I remember the smoking per application being sent to my parents the summer after frosh year in the same envelope as the form allowing use of the paddle. My folks signed the paddle form; they did not sign the smoking per form. Popular brands were Marlboros (red box, if you could get it), Camel Filters, Camel Straights. Menthols seemed to be discouraged. Oh, remember the stainless steel Zippo lighters, complete with Campion logo, with the wick set so high the flame would be six to eight inches tall, practically covering your whole face when you light up? Talk about flame wars!! You'd go through a can of Ronsonol fuel in less than a week. You could study after lights out by the light from one of these things!!! Remember Fr. Dutkiewicz's periodic morning admoninitions about there being too many cigarette ends in front of the dining hall (as well as too much spittle)? I think it was the Duke who started the ball rolling, during one of these announcements, with use of the term "boor". We all know where that led to. Me? I had an occasional Swisher Sweet, tried to smoke it outside.
Mon Jun 7 21:09:15 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Mathew, Mathew, Mathew! What got into you!! But you are right! There are wacko's out there lurking to jump on anything controversial. Stay down Pandora!... Too bad we weren't more aware of all the cool things that made up Campions' past WHILE we were actually going there. It may have made a difference in our desire to excel. It had great alumni, great sports, great ROTC, great ghosts, miracles etc etc etc. Basically, great history.
Mon Jun 7 20:45:25 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: Oops! I'm suddenly realizing that perhaps there's an In Privatum Exorcism section because we're not supposed to talk about it in the Guestbook, so as not to attract Satanists or whatever. I'll just wait and see if such talk gets exorcised from the Guestbook, I guess, and then I'll know!
Mon Jun 7 20:36:37 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: As per the Exorcism section of this website's In Privatum, we know that Fr. William Bowdern S.J., Canpion Rector from 1937-1942, was the actual Exorcist upon which the book and film were based, and that Fr. Walter H. Halloran S.J., Campion Class of 1939, assisted him in the rite in St. Louis (he was by then himself a scholastic.) But I just read "Possessed"--not the most scholarly of books perhaps, but nevertheless verifiably accurate in many respects--and there was a second assistant, witness to all the devilish spitting and farting and urinating and whatnot, who was a scholastic at Campion when Bowdern was Rector and Halloran a student, Fr. John O'Flaherty, S.J. Perusing the 1938 yearbook lent to me by my classmate Mark Gomez, who has provided so many images to this site, I find photos of Bowdern as Rector, O'Flaherty as English Department Instructor, and Halloran as a Junior. Essentially, three of the five or so participants in this nonfiction exorcism were teamed up because of their having become comrades at Campion. When I was growing up, I heard so much about God and Jesus that it just became so many stories to me. But this one supposedly real life story of possession, linked to a school that I concretely know really existed because I myself went there, and to photographs in a yearbook that preceded the event in question by eleven years, occasions in me something of a crisis of faith! I mean, if these men were once at my high school, and experienced what they experienced, there must be a Devil, right? And so what about God? It's amazing the lengths to which school spirit could lead one.
Mon Jun 7 09:42:39 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: Jelly Roll: Yeah Dudek looks young also. He also looks kind of shaggy and that threw me :) As for me, my hair is completely gray (actually more like silver), it's cut above the ears, I have a beard, and I'm a long way from 120 pounds. Actually, I weighed about 150 when I graduated from Campion and I've added about 30 pounds to that. I pulled out my ID from my freshman year of college recently and the face on it appears to be a stranger. One of my daughter's school friends had the audacity to ask her if I was her grandfather (the little runt!). So I still believe that I would be unrecognizable. Of course, everything is context. Since I work at a college with mostly traditional age students I have the pleasure/pain of spending much of my time around 18-22 year olds. No matter how young I feel, the students are a serious reality check for me.
Mon Jun 7 07:54:05 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: There is for sale on ebay right now a Xavier Hall Campion High School Ashtray! Who would have thunk it?
Sun Jun 6 22:48:39 2004 [john franzen 1971]: There was a Mr. Schwinn in my class, Mr. Keough. I don't seem to remember his first name. He did come from the bicycle business family.
Sun Jun 6 10:39:00 2004 [Keough '65]: Rumor has it that the sons of magnates attended Campion regularly. Is it true that there was a Schwinn and a Ludwig? I owned only Ludwig drums (&Zildjian cymbals) throughout my (ha!) "c a r e e r"...unless I had to sit in for someone too messed up to play. I do remember playing a set of Gretsch that some guy had and I thought the sound and feel would have been much better suited for a Jazz group rather than the Led & ZZ type stuff I played back then. Nice damned set, though!! But I miss my Pink Champagne Sparkle set that I had and built onto since before Campion (Dad bought me the first 4-piece set) through 1978 when I foolishly sold them. Now I'm hoping to get a set of Roland TD-20s so I can play quietly (quietly being th key word)...I accept donations... I just saw a set at Sam Ash for $5,495.00. Spare change for a wanna-be-(again)drummer???
Sat Jun 5 14:17:34 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: George Blaha is in our notables page. Find the link to notables on the main page.
Sat Jun 5 11:04:35 2004 [Michael Uhrich 1962]: The Detroit Pistons were the Zollner Pistons from Ft.Wayne Ind and then moved to Detroit. George Blaha 62 is the TV announcer for the Pistons.
Sat Jun 5 11:04:13 2004 [Michael Uhrich 1962]: The Detroit Pistons were the Zollner Pistons from Ft.Wayne Ind and then moved to Detroit. George Blaha 62 is the TV announcer for the Pistons.
Sat Jun 5 09:04:57 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Mike, Fred Nora looks young? What about Dudek? The pictures may not do our opinion justice, but all of us at the Big Apple mini-reunion agreed that Ed had changed the least in 34 years (!), followed probably by Fred or Paul McCullough. The latter's youthful appearance can probably be attributed to his combination of a successful medical career with a rock n'roll lifestyle; the former's can be attributed to his combination of a successful medical career with beer. And Mike, I disagree with your claim that we would probably not recognize you by a current photo: I'm sure that you still have the same "early Beatle" haircut (barely clearing the eyebrows), and still weigh about 120 lbs soaking wet! Get your ass on a red-eye for the next one, Mike...we'll keep you posted. Oh yeah...Go Pistons! (Lakers in 6).
Fri Jun 4 10:06:36 2004 [Keough '65]: Great trivia bit about the Dee-troyt Pistons. I assumed that "Pistons" was due to the automakers being! And about recognizing each other after ## years. In Detroit in 2002, there was a mini-reunion of sort and a bunch of us were sitting around at the (where else?) hotel bar when some "guy" walks by, looks at all of us and walks on....only to wander back about 2 or 3 minutes later to ask of we knew anything about a Campion Jesuit HS. We did not recognize him and he recognized NONE of us (probably a dozen or so at the time). Yeah, he was one of us! Also in 2001 when I went to my 1st reunion in PdC, I was going to meet one of my best friends down in New Glarus because he couldn't make time to get all the way up to PdC to see me. He and I sat about 5 stools apart for about 15 minutes. Each was waiting for the other recognizable guy to arrive. Fortunately I was w/a couple other 65ers and due to the fact that this "stranger" overheard our conversation we got together! We've all changed pretty drastically. For the better, of course, in my case...
Fri Jun 4 08:05:02 2004 [Michael Doyle 1970]: Chris: One of the fun things about sports is that after all the posturing and theorizing, the games actually get played and there are actual winners and losers (well, OK, some sports have ties). It should be an interesting series. Can Kobe shut down Hamilton? Can Prince guard Kobe? And what in the world can the Pistons do about Shaq? Anyway, in a couple of weeks we'll all know the outcome. And the outcome really won't matter in any significant way. Every day when I read the names of young people dying in this misbegotten war in Iraq I appreciate that sports can be entertaining, but ultimately they are meaningless. John: I'm not disappointed more people didn't answer my query. I don't assume that what interests me interests anyone else and apparently that question only interested a few people. In part, I was trying to steer us back to nostalgia and away from flame wars. I'd guess there are a whole lot of reasons why kids went to Campion and that each kid had his own set of reasons. Or more precisely, each set of parents had their own set of reasons. I wonder how many kids were active participants in the decision to go to Campion and how many had the decision made for them by their parents.
Thu Jun 3 19:31:02 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Michael, are you disappointed you didn't get more responses to your psycho-historical question (19 dec.)? All this talk of reunions has me recalling that mystery of why, really, we were "unioned" there in the first place. Have you arrived at hypotheses of your own about what were some common genuine reasons our parents campioned us?
Thu Jun 3 17:25:10 2004 [J Chris Chinn '62]: Mike: Thanks for the info. Thought you graduated in 1970, not 1907 :-). Pistons will send the Lakers packing in six!
Thu Jun 3 16:25:23 2004 [Michael Doyle 1907]: Chris: I seem to recall reading that about George Blaha, but I wouldn't have recalled it on my own. And you must be aware that the Pistons were originally the Fort Wayne Pistons (Fort Wayne, Indiana is my home town). Zollner Pistons was a major employer way back then and that's where the name "Pistons" came from. I'm predicting that the Pistons will put up a fight and might even push the series to six games. But, barring significant injuries, the Lakers are going to get their fourth ring in five years.
Thu Jun 3 16:05:13 2004 [J Chris Chinn '62]: To Mike Doyle: GO PISTONS !!! Since you're obviously a basketball fan, I'm sure you're aware that the TV/radio "voice" of the Pistons is Campion's very own George Blaha '62.
Thu Jun 3 10:17:23 2004 [Michael Doyle 1970]: Just checked out the pictures from the Big Apple Party. I am ashamed to say that I only recognized about half the guys until I read the names. Of course, I doubt many of my classmates would recognize me from a current photo. It figures that Fred Nora would still look young. Now to a completely unrelated issue: GO LAKERS!
Wed Jun 2 22:52:41 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: The pictures from the Big Apple Party at Chris Lamals are posted in the Reunions section under mini reunions. ANYBODY who has pictures from ANY mini reunions should send them in for this new feature.
Sun May 30 20:31:02 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Hello, Matt. The end of your 7:36 Fri. entry points to W. Du Bois (1868-1963), who identifies a "double consciousness" that African-Americans practically inevitably must have. The black person can afford to see his/her self thru the eyes of subcultural peers only a minority of time in our culture; most of the time he/she must be concerned to see the self thru the eyes of whites, as representatives of the dominant, white, culture. Being part of that dominant culture means the white person does not have to have this double consciousness. The result is that blacks develop a much better understanding of whites than whites do of blacks, tho' at the price of much inner turmoil. If Du Bois is right, perhaps this everyday duality of mind enables blacks partaking of a foreign culture to be more comfortable doing so than white Americans typically are. Perhaps moving from one to two cultures is harder than moving from two to three. I don't mean to take any credit away from Gene or Ondre. In fact, I suspect they were the two black '72 frosh whom I recalled to Jack (10 May) as having fielded tough questions from some '71ers in a fall 1968 Lucey Hall basement dialog set up by Mr. Rice. Thanks to Steve for providing an apparent instance of Du Bois's two "Souls of Black Folk." The Campion Jesuits' exemplary interest in promoting racial equality continues to furnish us with education.
Sun May 30 09:35:46 2004 [Keough '65]: Okay, girls, the golf tournafiasco is almost upon us. I'm polishing my shafts and cleaning my balls as we speak. Even though my handicap should be a bowling score, I plan to kick ass on behalf of the Class of 1965, the class forever remembered for.....stuff, maybe like the ONLY class at Campion to have ever graduated in May, 1965! YEAH!!! Anyhow, hone your drinking and bullshitting skills cuz it's time to Git It On. (Can I say "bullshitting" on this network?...or is this cable?)
Sun May 30 06:56:53 2004 [Steve Simms 1972]: Re: Why I did not return to Campion senior year....There were 4 of us from Mt. Morris, MI who did not return to Campion (besides me the others were my brother Jack, Steve Sedgewick & Ken Hannon.) We originally went to Campion because our local high school was less than adequate. Our Catholic H.S. had shared time with the public high school for science & math... but neither school had much of a program. A "Catholic central" type H.S. was in the works, but it was still a few years from being completed. When it was finally finished in 1970, our families decided we should be home. As a new facility it had a lot going for it. Consolidating all the class D Catholic High schools into one building made for some great sports teams as well. But not graduating with my friends from Campion was disappointing, to say the least. My brother Jack lost out on a chance to complete a 4-year football career and to be vice-president (I think) of his class for his senior year.
Fri May 28 07:38:35 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: The preceeding anonymous posting wasn't anonymous because it was potentially "controversial" with the mention of race. It was posted by me, and was anonymous because I forgot to take responsibility for it!
Fri May 28 07:36:10 2004 [ ]: Interesting, too, that Campion's two African-American students in Melk were the more adventurous in interacting with actual Austrians. There's the historic phenomenon of African-Americans often finding actual Europeans to be less hung up about race than European-Americans (putting aside Nazism of course!). Or at any rate I'll bet there was a curiosity to investigate as to whether or not this might be so. Of course Campion's African-Americans were also already very much accustomed to being immersed in the predominantly white culture of Campion, and indeed the United States, such that they were perhaps simply more brave and adventurous.
Fri May 28 07:15:19 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: More to Steve--I should reread my sentences before recording them! In any event, my sophomore year, I was acqainted with returning Melkers Doug Foxgrover (my then next door neighbor) and Marcus Winkler (my eventual roommate Roland's older brother), who seemed glad to have gone there. And, via my roommate, my freshman year, I became acquainted with Mark Leonhart, who was supposed to go, but didn't go to Melk, and who wasn't happy at all not to have gone. And by then there was of course no such program for my class to even be considering.
Fri May 28 07:10:21 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: Steve--anyone that's waded through this guestbook has heard me lament not having gotten to experience a senior year at campion, but how was it that you, after presumably two years at campion and a year spent in austria as a campion student, did it come about that you didn't return to campion senior year? i'm guessing that your use of the word "unfortunately" is sincere, and not merely being polite, since this is a campion website!
Thu May 27 17:35:53 2004 [Steve Simms 1972]: Once we got to Melk, most of the Americans (there were also students from St. John's Prep in Minnesota) hung out with each other. We lived in our own wing of the monastery and had our own tables in the dining room, too. So it was very easy to avoid being "immersed" in the Austrian culture. After a few months we were all given an opportunity to have Austrian roommates (2 Americans & 2 Austrians sharing a quad.) About half of us did so.... but we found the Austrian students more persistent in practicing their English than we were trying out our German. Besides, they were ten times better in English than we were in German. A few notable exceptions in our group were Gene Brooks & Ondre Williams. They were the first to abandon the "American" tables at meal times to sit with the Austrian students. I ended up floundering quite a bit with my German.... I just couldn't get the hang of a language with 3 genders for the nouns! In my senior year (not at Campion, unfortunately) there was no German offered. When I took a placement test the for my freshman year at college, I placed out of the first 3 levels of German. So I guess the one year at Melk ended up to be a pretty good way of picking up the language...even though I felt I was never very good at it!)
Thu May 27 16:15:21 2004 [john franzen 1971]: That's interesting, Steve. Now you've got me curious how much German you guys managed to learn in a high school pseudo-year. It is said the "total immersion in foreign culture" strategy is best for such learning. But what is meant by that, I think, is that the English speakers on the trip even have to speak the foreign language to each other, except when it's fully necessary not to. Did any of the Melk trippers (yourself?) study German further? If so, do you know what year-level of college instruction they tended to place into? Maybe the Campion lawyers, doctors, and dentists have benefited from all the Latin instruction, owing to the nature of their professional vocabularies, but I think most of the rest of us would've done better with a modern foreign language. I don't remember just how the tracking system worked at Campion, but I think probably a few of those guys had been taking French their 2d year and not Latin.
Thu May 27 05:11:38 2004 [Steve Simms 1972]: We had a make-shift crash course given to us during the 2nd semester of sophomore year. Fr. Brodzeller taught it..... he was the only instructor who knew German. I don't remember exactly, but I think we all dropped Latin to make room for it in the schedule. We also had a few lessons on the boat going over in September. But mostly, for the first couple of months overseas, hand signals (at least for me) were the only form of communication with the locals!
Wed May 26 16:52:50 2004 [john franzen 1971]: How much German language instruction had you guys had before Melk, Steve? I can't recall Campion's offering German.
Tue May 25 17:17:37 2004 [Steve Simms 1972]: Yes, it was a Benedictine Monastery. Very imposing on a hill overlooking the Danube. Hundreds of corridors with many locked doors leading to bell towers, attics, basements, and monks sleeping quarters. Everyone in the group (except me) seemed to know how to get around the locked doors. One part that was REALLY secure was the treasure room with all the old vestments and the gold chalices, crosses, etc. that are hundreds of years old. I think we were allowed to see these things only once. It also had very ornate reception rooms & a library which were only open to the paying tours. You can see pictures of the place at if you would like to see more.
Tue May 25 08:49:23 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I don't know the details. There is a guestbook on the bottom of the Melk Men page. Hopefully these kind of dialogues will produce some interesting stories. I hear they got some good ones. With the right encouragement we will hear all about it.
Tue May 25 08:08:52 2004 [Joe Haschka 1970]: Tom Olson, was it the Benedictine Monastary, Stift in Melk?
Sun May 23 18:38:21 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I've added a Melk Men link on the main page. Some of my classmates got to spend their junior year in Melk, Austria. My roommate from freshman year, Steve Simms was one of the lucky ones chosen to go. I had lost his email address when @home network went under. Thanks to his brother Jack Simms for finding this website I was able to get back in touch with Steve who has sent me the first pictures for the Melk Men Adventures page.
Sun May 23 13:47:41 2004 [M. Lochner 60]: Tom Olson no problem, I was looking at the golf registerand don't want to, miss any one there as then we have to reteam on Sunday. Looking forward to meeting you.
Sat May 22 00:28:25 2004 [Thomas Olson ]: Paul, I think you got the item numbers turned around for the boat and the leather photo album. The photo album is pretty neat. I had that one in my hands a few years back on loan from the then owner. The entire book is on this site elsewhere if you can find it!
Fri May 21 18:56:44 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: It's back for sale on e-bay: another copy of the famous Prof DeRanitz Lowery Organ ad, ca. 1958. Oh, just feel the love! (Even the seller notes, 'It looks great framed'). Suggested bid $9.95; item no 3724608482. More interesting is the CHS photo album from the 1920's - leather cover - with more than 100 photos/cards of the school and students. Suggested bid $19.95; item no. 2479215564. Oh, and don't forget to check out the wonderful line of Campion power boats available; they appear simply marvelous if one is bringing in a shipment of drugs or illegal aliens from offshore. A real creampuff, item no. 3913588581, can be yours for $35,000.
Fri May 21 15:50:40 2004 [Thomas OLson 1972]: Yep, I checked it out. I faxed the form back the same day I got it, April 1. I stated that I would not be playing golf but I will be there!!
Fri May 21 15:39:45 2004 [Thomas OLson 1972]: Egad! I better be signed up. I faxed the form to Petersons secretary way back when I got it. Which is the date on the form located herein. Please make sure I am signed up. I already have unrefundable airline tickets and a bunch of days at the hotel. I am arriving several days early to poke around and maybe see what Joe Campion is up to. Actually, I did not sign up for doing the golf bit, but I better be listed for Social Studies!!!
Fri May 21 12:47:32 2004 [M. Lochner 60]: Sorry. The application is back on the Golf Outing Page. Thomas Olson, thanks for that, it has been used. With my limited talents, I just found it. I thought some of us olders would get to meet you in person as earlier I thought you were going to attend, but do not have you signed up. It's not too late.
Fri May 21 12:30:59 2004 [M. Lochner 60]: The 2004 Golf Tournament ( June 14 ) is at about 127 as of the 19th. Not too late to sign up, There is a registration on here somewhere. This is the 10th annual and as usual begins Sun. eve with a sign up and reception at Kaber's in downtown Prairie du Chien. We have a high number of 8 from class of 60, up from 4 previously. If we can still hack it around for 18 I'm sure some of the 65'ers can. Everyone is welcome, and it is getting down to the wire.
Fri May 21 09:45:58 2004 [Dudek 70]: Hey guys. The Campion Spirit is still very much alive and well in this new millenium. I attended the NYC outing with several of the '70 guys that you've read about here on the site - had a great time. Hopefully Campion alums are meeting this way whenever possible. Fred Nora and John Roll deserve special credit for showing up but I'm sorry to have missed Jim Williamson and Mike Udelhoven both of '70. Next time.
Wed May 19 10:05:28 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Also, in the next few days I will get the email addresses of all participants from Keith and send out the group photos taken by Chris's roommate.
Wed May 19 10:02:23 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Well, it's two days since I returned from a jet-lag saturated weekend and the fog is just now starting to lift. As Paul and Chick have already noted, Friday night was great. Fred Nora and I were the last to leave, owing to our 6 AM flights out to Florida and San Jose, respectively. Fred had a car lined up to collect us at 4:30 AM, so sleep was out of the question until we caught our flights. Paul did not bring his Fender bass, but did bring a CD of him jamming with a great band...the Doc still rocks!Props to Keith Leighty for his martini-mixing, and many thanks to Chris Lamal for his hospitality. His roommate also deserves credit for putting up with us boors for 8 or 10 hours. If they both are not sick of us, we will have to do it again in the near future...needless to say, I'm in!
Sun May 16 19:56:30 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: (????) Guess I have a cold in my cyborg brain. Ed Dudek was indeed there Friday night.
Sun May 16 19:45:21 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: I am looking for Sarah Connor. Oh, wait a minute, I'm back on earth. A Campion reunion for New York area 1970 alumni was held Friday night in Manhattan and included John Roll, Keith Leighty, Chris Lamal, Dick Noggle, Fred Nora, Chick Foxgrover, and Paul McCullough. It began at 6 pm and went all night until Saturday morning (I left a 2:15 am), with some participants flying out bright and early. Matthew Micka (class of '74) also dropped by. Keith Leighty prescribed extra dry Tanqueray martinis. On a sunny evening, we had a view of lower Manhattan including the Brooklyn, Manhattan Bridges, New York Harbor, Greenwich Village, and Ground Zero where (rebuilt) Seven World Trade Center is up about 16 to 18 stories (it'll be about 60 stories). Dinner was at Cafe Loupe (13th St and 6th Ave - a waitress remember us, esp. Dick Noggle, from our last visit there Jan. 2). Kudos to John and Fred who flew into town to be part of it. Me, the terminator? Nahhh.
Sat May 15 12:39:46 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: I'll be back.
Sat May 15 12:24:23 2004 [Chick Foxgrover 1970]: And not to be left out, the TB terminator of NYC, Paul McCullough!
Sat May 15 12:20:49 2004 [Chick Foxgrover 1970]: Had a terrific reunion in NYC last night! It was great to reconnect with John Roll, Ed Dudek, Keith Leighty, Dick Noggle, Fred Nora and Chris Lamal. I realized I left without giving up any contact info. So for the record I can be reached at cfoxgrover at foxpath dot com (in anti-spam harvester code). Hope to stay in touch and Keith let me know how to reach you about the calendar idea.
Fri May 14 20:03:10 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Re-reading them, I can see that those entries must indeed have been annoying. Sorry.
Fri May 14 09:58:36 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Amicable apologies for any and all annoyance, John. Coming here, I had a hilarious 'great moment in class' line-by-lined up, from 1967. Would've reverted to leaving names out, which I should've done consistently (sorry, 'ol friend K). But I think my time at bat has K'd. Here's wishing my Class of '70 brothers many good remote reminiscences at the reunion. Jack Simms: Good luck, and here's hoping we 71ers will eventually quorum at the site as did the 70ers, making reunion viable for '71 brothers. I hear storytelling at a class reunion requires fewer disclaimers.
Thu May 13 19:04:43 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Well, it's been over a week since anyone other than Mr. Franzen has posted a message. I suspect that everyone is horrified by Mr. Franzen's tortured observation: "the hazard of remote reminiscence is revision". C'mon, John! Surely Mr. Rice demanded clearer articulation. Here's another one: "the aggravation of anguished alliteration is annoyance" {Damn, I think I just annoyed myself). Anyway, tomorrow I'm looking forward to flying to the Big Apple and hooking up with my 70's brethren. A full report will be forthcoming! To paraphrase another annoying person, "Roll...OUT!"
Mon May 10 17:39:51 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Jack, don't knock yourself out; maybe it's just the chronic reflectors who have many high school memories. Actually, my *short run memory is probably much worse than yours, so we're even. But since you've checked in, I'm appreciating the '70 guys' eagerness for their reunions. About K.B., I should note his humorous speech was not premeditated. The context was a freewheeling discussion with long responses expected, & he was asked impromptu about that subject. Kevin could be as funny as Mr. Kaminski at times. Do you recall the Lucey basement classroom evening sessions to which Mr. Rice invited guests in fall '68? Mr. R had a commendable interest in fighting (a) racism, and (b) boorishness before girls. He first invited some black guys, volunteers from the new frosh class, I believe. Those guys had to field some tough questions on racism from some in our class, but they were brave & ready for it. Then he invited some volunteer girls, selected thru a Prairie parish, I think. The year's series of mixers hadn't started, and a lot of guys were really excited about the girls' presence. I remember Greg's telling me I was looking entirely too philosophical for the occasion. When any guy asked the girls a question about boy-girl relationships that could've gotten us some truly useful information, it would be met with a little spontaneous laughter from other guys, and thus the girls had an excuse not to take it fully seriously. But these were noble Ricean tries at preparing us for life. Remember?
Wed May 5 21:51:38 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Jack, the hazard of remote reminiscence is revision. I should've stuck to the vividly "Rice's circle" (or vividly soph English subject) memories; I spoiled my job Mon. by including memories that just vaguely seemed to come from that class. A couple of the guys in the 2d half of my list may not even have been in the class. It was considered AP & had had to be signed up for specially. Now that you mention: I deliberately left Mr. Behrens off the list. I remember Kevin very positively, but I skipped him because he had some run-ins with Mr. Rice. He told us about them in speech class in a really funny, partly self-deprecating, delivery. I don't think anybody was left unmindful of a probable 2d side of the story. Both guys were gentlemen: they were just two commendably assertive intellects who happened to clash. I'm assuming neither guy would mind mention of this 36 years later. I'm not sure you were in that speech section: I think our class was split into two sections for Bro (now Fr.) Gillick's class, and for Fr. Leiweicke's (sp?) soph religion class, each of which I think just met twice weekly. Does that sound right? Each of those two classes is a possible real source for those few memories I seem to have misattributed to soph English class. We did always sit in a half-circle in Larry Gillick's class, and occasionally sat in a circle in Fr. Leiweicke's class. Your "-hop" explan is plausible: in truth, I hadn't realized that was its explan even in "carhop." I thought that was just: Patron tells Carhop what to bring back to Car for purchase, and Carhop hops to it! (I don't reflect on *everything*, guys.)
Tue May 4 10:03:28 2004 [jacksimms 1971]: jeez, i wish i could just remember where i left my car keys....this morning...yes, i remember mr. rice's class being more fun.....but biology (standing around a lab table) also lent itself to jokes/storytelling....either way i'm working hard on 'great moments in class', but not doing very well.....mike dosch went to the university of michigan (as did i, kevin behrens, paul farina, and '70 fred nora)....i played softball on a team with mike for a number of posting i'll do better, i promise..........i always thought the suffix "hop" just referred to someone who did a job/task but then left...e. g., car hop, bellhop, etc.,
Mon May 3 11:31:46 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Jack, just as a 71-footnote: I think I now recall vividly some of your comments in sophomore English-- much better than in any other class. Why? It's because Mr. Rice, atypically, had us sit in a circle. I think I've at least vaguely retrieved comments by Corrigan, Dosch, Chester, you, Heberlein, Haas, Means, Kondzella, Krogman, Fitzgerald. Some were about "Mockingbird," "Mice and Men," "All Quiet," "Loved One," and esp. Simon & Garfunkel, tho few of these have much detail. The jokes & stuff come thru much better than do the brilliant literary insights, which I'm sure were considerably more copious in the original than in the representation. So perhaps interactive positioning in the original facilitates the later revisiting of memories, the good ones, now to be enjoyed between focuses on our quotidian duties.
Mon May 3 08:19:18 2004 [leighty 70]: Gentlemen of the east coast. We're all set for Friday, May 14 for a mini-reunion in New York. We'll probably gather at Chris Lamal's apartment for drinks and then go for dinner at either a local restaurant or, if there is enough response to this, arrange a private room somewhere. Mostly class of '70, but others are welcome to join us. We can accommodate out of towners, too. So come see New York with no hotel bills!
Sun May 2 07:17:27 2004 [john franzen 1971]: I thought surely by this morning my question would've yielded somebody's claiming the "-hop" in "dayhop" is an acronym. Just kidding, guys! Nevertheless, in view of the sizable potential for tongue-in-cheek responses, I want to withdraw that question. I do remember an unfortunate gulf of sorts between day students and some others; the last thing I'd meant to do was provide an excuse for facetious day student bashing!
Sun May 2 06:59:39 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Jack, naturally the non-athlete remembers winning a race in common as a moment of glory (esp. if he was a tryout reject). At least as frosh, guys like you and Greg H. somehow kept any gulf from forming between the athlete and the non-athlete Campionite, and that was great.
Sun May 2 06:13:25 2004 [jack simms 1971]: oops, computer genius forgot the signature line for message below
Sun May 2 06:12:18 2004 [ ]: i stayed three years but graduated back home----and yes you did beat me (ergo, you must have been fantastic, fast, strong, etc.,) in a phys ed race which i think we ran following the cross country course----i have not heard from greg heberlein in years----i went to his wedding which i think was during my first year of law school-----i saw him at a "10th year reunion" type function in the chicago area-----that's just about the last time i saw/heard from anyone
Sat May 1 12:52:51 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Uh... actually, Jack, I think we were just running the last leg of a relay race.
Sat May 1 12:39:39 2004 [Keough '65]: How is the response for the PdC Golf Tournafiasco looking? I'm hoping for about a dozen from '65. Not all will golf...and those who will probably shouldn't. In 2001, the first one I attended, Mr. Bill Elliott (my teammate then and this coming June, I'm proud to say) i believe may have set the record for most lost balls. Bill is damned near in the same physical state he was in 60-65 which is pretty way damn good. But he, like me, not being of sound golfer-zen prefer to just whack the shit out of the ball just to make it go far. It often didn't. It usually didn't. Maybe once for each of us. But his distances (due to upper body and arm strength) and lack of navagation skills (due to no golf lessons plus a sincere lack of real concern) caused him to lose more balls. I think I lost an even dozen...or two. (And although I'm not one to hold a grudge, I still should'a won the longest damned putt!!)
Sat May 1 10:08:08 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Good to hear from you, Jack. I never made the football team, but I think I once beat you in a P.E. class footrace-- just barely. I was at CJHS two years; how long did you stay? Right now, I can't seem to recall any sophomore year memory that includes you. Any idea what ever became of "Hebber"?
Sat May 1 09:03:37 2004 [jack simms 1971]: as a complete latecomer to this board did not know it existed until today--may 1) and a pseudo-1971 grad i cannot tell you how much i enjoyed reading the postings below---due to my advanced age the only story which comes to mind is the afternoon when some guy watching football practice said "nice kick" about a thousand times while watching kevin (krogmeyer?) punt---(i guess you had to be there---really, it was really funny at the time)
Sat May 1 08:15:31 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Hello, Matthew. Good to know the indispensability of hydration for thrival is understood. Here's a nick common noun question: What does the "-hop" in "dayhop" mean? John Roll, what I remember Mr. Mugan best for is his 1967 world history class sponsorship of a quasi-debate between Col. de Vito and Rev. J.V. O'Conner on the rightness/wrongness of the U.S. intervention in Vietnam. It was impressive what utter concern about the ethics of that action the two Jesuits involved showed, and how concerned all three educators were to get relevant information to us boys, including in the class discussion Mr. Mugan led the third day. Mr. Mugan set up this two-sided teach-in in the early fall of frosh year, and for a while there he had me anticipating a great experience at Campion.
Fri Apr 30 14:17:53 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Sevy Boor! That's what I'm talkin' bout! Great name, and a great guy, too. Father Yes is pretty good, too...what a perfect priest for that era. I never had him for English, but I heard he assigned stuff like Portnoy's Complaint in his class.
Fri Apr 30 11:20:23 2004 [Jim Williamson 1970]: How about Sevy Boor (Rick Sevenants), Corbo (Mark Corbet), Kooskie (Jeff Jankowski), Fuzzy or Fuzzy Danster (Fullerton), Duke (Fr. Dukewitz), Uncle Fester (Fr. Hilbert), Louda (Irv Lauterbach), Murf the Surf or Fr. Yes (Fr. Warosh), Manko (Mr. Mankowski) and Hush Puppy Tom (Mr. Cafrey).
Thu Apr 29 15:50:49 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Let's not forget our host on May 14th, Keith Leighty, AKA "Lady Bug". Also, I've always been amused at our era's fascination with the term "Boor" or "Campion Boor", spoken sometimes as criticism, but often mixed with admiration, as if crudeness was a badge of honor among us boarding schoolers. To explain this to outsiders, I've often cited John Belushi's trip through the cafeteria buffet line in "Animal House" as classic Campion boorishness (I still think the "jello-inhalation" bit was contributed by an alumnus). Many "boors" were well-known and even respected as such, like Paul Wagner's brother Jerry ('69), and at least one was on the faculty: Father Dreckman, as I recall, was accomplished enough to have earned the superlative, "Piggy-Boor". If it seems I'm overanalyzing this, you're probably right. Someday, I'll write a book, although at 51 I'd better hurry!
Thu Apr 29 13:09:55 2004 [Fred Nora 1970]: John, perhaps the correct spelling is Stache with "a" pronounced as father. Answer: Rich Garich c.the time he cultivated his mustache.
Thu Apr 29 12:36:09 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Larry Logarithm is great, Fred, but who was "Stash"?
Thu Apr 29 11:36:56 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: Damn, Fred, you're good at this. That's kind of scary. I remember calling the locals "town bombers." And Mr. Culver wasn't really Howie, he was "Howie, Howie, Howie, Howie, Howie..."
Thu Apr 29 10:50:40 2004 [Fred Nora 1970]: Vado, Stash, Speed, Screwy, Buddha, Nimbus, Von. This is getting weird.
Thu Apr 29 10:48:07 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Anybody remember Mr. Muegan from Freshman year? More important, does anybody remember him as "Mucous Membrane"? The nickname makes no sense, as I don't recall him blowing his nose a lot, yet somehow it continues to crack me up. Sorry, Mr. Muegan, but at least you are remembered!
Thu Apr 29 08:56:42 2004 [matthew micka 1974]: Mr. Franzen--hello to you, too. Good thoughtful anecdote, although there you go again, raining on everyone's adolescent fun with the reminder that some nicknames can indeed be deeply wounding to their targets! Well, like they say when it rains, its good for the farmers. Where would any of us be without rain? And, speaking of farmers, speaking of nicknames--I always thought it very obnoxious that some Campionites considered "farmer" to be an epithet to spit at Wisconsonian youths who didn't have the good fortune to be able to attend Campion! I liked Prairie Bomber better.
Thu Apr 29 08:54:37 2004 [Fred Nora 1970]: Tex, Greek, the Kaiser, Larry Logarithm, Buzz, Dude, Arky-Dog, Butch, Mohead, Omar, and from freshman year - Johnny Moon
Thu Apr 29 08:42:46 2004 [matthew micka 1974]: Mr. Leighy--is this get-together on the 14th of May at your house? And if so, is the Queens Representative of the Class of '74 welcome? Also if so, is your house, like Mr. Lamal's, inhabited by cat(s)? Do any of you from the Class of '70 have access to a 16mm film projector? If anyone does, Campion could be temporarily resurrected, in all its Spring of 1973 black-and-white splendor, with a screening of my Campion swan song, Be Gone Satan. (By the by, lack of funds has delayed me getting this transferred to digital media. Dontations accepted--I'm semi-serious!--in which case DVDs, possible web-site access, etcetera, would be available to one and all.) Also, I could help put up out-of-towners, although I realize that it makes little sense to visit New York if you're going to end up in Queens!
Thu Apr 29 08:24:31 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: Nicknames! OK, here are a few that popped into my head, although I can't vouch for their accuracy: Sarge Preston, the Admiral, Al Monday, Corbo, Dietz a Bob, Bowser. And of course, not exactly a nickname, Bruuuuuuuuuce.
Thu Apr 29 07:38:28 2004 [john franzen 1971]: I was just telling Larry Gillick the other day I remember Jim Gau as a fine fellow, and I wonder now if I wasn't unrealizingly making up for the fact he got picked on by the boys. At least Mr. Gau was older and had the other Jesuits as his reference group. I remember a fellow 71er who had been the victim of some practically unremitting psychological abuse from other boys the whole frosh year (perhaps this was an instance of what Michael Doyle had in mind a few months back). This guy, and I, and two of our classmates were studying world history just before year-end finals when he expressed an editorial comment on a certain historical event that I thought was uncalled for. I responded with a supposedly clever description of him that was based on his political comment but took the form of a subtle variation on the very cruel nickname with which he had been tagged by many frosh for the whole year. I naively thought he would laugh, for I had meant the intendedly clever remark just as fraternal banter, but instead he gave me a look that all at once communicated shock, hurt, and anger. It was as if he was saying, "Franzen, I thought you were one guy I could count on not to do that stuff!" That surely disclosed how hard it had been for him to pretend he hadn't minded the nickname or its frequent use. I don't want to reveal the guy's identity, his nickname, or even his historiographic comment, but I hope this counts as a contribution to the kind of discussion you are seeking, John Roll.
Thu Apr 29 07:18:14 2004 [Fred Nora 1970]: John (Jelly), Being unfamiliar with the term Gauster (possibly because it was directed at me before I became the style maven which my kids think I still most assuredly am not), the following monikers quickly resurfaced in the cesspool of consciousness: Willie Headlights, Walking Freeday, Chrome Dome (hardly original but appropriate), Howie, AJ, Boom-Boom, Crusty, and a few less charitable names which will remain unwritten by me. An interesting observation John, that adolescent humor becomes more important as we, or at least you guys, age.
Wed Apr 28 18:57:12 2004 [John Roll 1970]: *My apologies to Jim Gau, but to me one of his greatest contributions to Campion lore was the term "Gauster", used to denote someone slightly dorky. I'm not sure why we picked on him, other than his unfortunate penchant for wearing white sox with his all-black Jesuit attire, but the term is great...over the decades, I've heard it spread to dozens of friends and family members...thank you, Mr. Gau, and please forgive our adolescent humor. As the years go by, it seems to grow in importance. In fact, we ought to initiate a little discussion of nicknames in these pages (similar to our "jugs" discussion a few months back). I figure if I'm not sensitive about it (me having the "jelly" moniker bestowed on me by Fr. Aspenleiter freshman year), the topic should be fair game!
Wed Apr 28 18:43:34 2004 [John Roll 1970]: OK you Gausters*, on May 14th there will not only be "a short film by John Roll", but the director hisself will be making an appearance at Leighty's hovel. Keith, I'll email you the details, but the short version is this: I had already planned to fly out to Santa Cruz that Saturday to visit my son at UCSC, when suddenly the demented idea hit me to fly the opposite direction the day before in order to experience first-hand some Campion boor-dom with you guys. Chick, I hope you'll be 14-year-old daughter refuses to believe that I co-wrote a music column in the 'ette. Maybe we can throw together an impromptu review of the latest Outkast album or something. I still have to fly out west Sat.AM, so I don't foresee a lot of zzzzz's that evening, but so what?! As long as Leighty's "refreshments" hold out, I'm there! Looking forward to it, guys..."herewego, Knights, herewego!!"
Wed Apr 28 09:08:20 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Thomas, re: email addresses: point well taken, you did the right thing, please excuse my momentary lack of judgment.
Tue Apr 27 17:46:19 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Oops! I think it is wise NOT to give out anyones email addresses except for your own. The reason being is that the SPAM MONSTER is on the loose bigger than ever these days. It is one thing risking your own email box, but we really should let the individuals choke up their own space. Any alumni/faculty that really needs the email address of others alumni/faculty know how to find it. The email address in the box above is only for our records and is not published to avoid the SPAM MONSTER. Normally we will not be able to protect peoples email addresses given in the Message box though.
Tue Apr 27 17:41:49 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: While I did send them away for my birthday, I failed to mention that they had to pay for their own airline tickets and meals. Pretty cool how I finagled that. The timeshare they used was time I had that was expiring. And I doubt I will still have that crap next year as the maintenance fees alone are now higher than paying a normal resort hotel. Anyone want a timeshare interest with High Season rating year round? Although on the other hand if you want to rent the timeshare time for the price of the maintenance fees, realstate taxes, and exchange fees I'll concider keeping it.
Tue Apr 27 09:03:35 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Hey Thomas Olson, I'll be 50 next March, can you send my wife and daughter to Oregon for a week too !
Tue Apr 27 08:55:12 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Here is some information that you will probably never need, since you are all getting so damn old! I recently had to prove that I indeed took two years of High School French. In my case, I remember the French instructor (Mrs. Fullerton) more than any Francais. In any event, your official, old and tattered, Campion Jesuit High School transcript can be had for the mere sum of $4.00 US. Contact: Office of the Registrar (currently Ms. Phyllis Logan) Marquette High School 3401 West Wisconsin Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53208 Phone: 414.933.7220 FAX: 414.343.2417 The initial contact information was provided to me by Albert DiUlio, S.J. %. …Bransley…I too hope 50 is better, think of the alternative…
Mon Apr 26 07:02:36 2004 [leighty 70]: Hi, Chris. Looks like we're settling on May 14 for a mini-reunion in New York City. Dudek is on board as is Chris Lamal. I'll be contacting McCullough, Jim Williamson and Dick Noggle and Chris is getting in touch with Chick. Anyone else interested? All are welcome. Drinks and dinner Friday night along with a showing of a video filmed by Mr. John Roll at the 25th reunion and on a visit to Campion the last year the campus was open. Some activity Saturday for anyone staying overnight. Any suggestions? Go Knights!
Mon Apr 26 06:14:14 2004 [Tom Lochner DS 72]: Here I am sitting at the Brewer game on Sunday afternoon about to enjoy my second bratwurst (a Klemments with kraut no less). Five rows in front of me is Tom Crean, the Marquette b-ball coach who can't beat the Badgers, and here on the scoreboard is "The Brewers wish Dan Lipke a happy 50th birthday". How was that arranged Kristen, a Cubs fan to be on the board at Miller Park. Was Mr. Pie Face involved in that. Happy 50th Dan. We all will be there soon enough.
Sun Apr 25 21:16:36 2004 [Chris O'Brien 70]: Hi Keith, either weekend in May works for me. Let's decide a date soon before other events fill the calendar. I'll get in touch with Ed Dudek to see if he wants to drive down. Chick, how long have you lived in Brooklyn? I lived on the other side of Prospect Park for 15 years before moving to Boston. After the move, I discoverd that Paul McCollough also lived in the NYC area for years. Looking forward to seeing Campion classmates once again.
Thu Apr 22 18:36:52 2004 [Joe Williamson 72]: Sorry for the incorrect spelling, Kristin!
Thu Apr 22 18:35:36 2004 [Joe Williamson 72]: Hey Kristen, it's MR. Pie Face to you!
Tue Apr 20 11:35:09 2004 [Bob Bransley 73]: Hey Dan Lipke, happy B-day. half a century old. wow i wonder what that feels like. is it any different than 49, because i know what 49 feels like. shit i hope 50 is better.
Fri Apr 16 09:06:09 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Yep, Dan L is from class of 1972. I'll email your request to a avid Campion Collector who may be willing to sell you an artifact besides a postcard. Good Luck! My wife threw me the best surprise birthday party 2 years ago when I turned 48. I told her that was my 50th as far as I was concerned. So this year I made sure we did nothing. I sent her and her sister to Oregon for the week. I stayed home with my son and relaxed!
Fri Apr 16 00:09:36 2004 [Kristin Lipke ]: p.s.-I see old "Pie Face" Williamson types a lot of messages on here. You ought to play a practical joke on the old man, don't forget!
Thu Apr 15 21:56:30 2004 [Kristin Lipke ]: I am Dan Lipke's daughter and I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember the exact year he graduated from Campion (I think '72??). He has a birthday coming up this Tuesday and let's just say it is a "milestone" birthday. I'm sure you can guess. I am looking to get him something unique that has to do with Campion. He has started collecting a few things and gets really excited about new Campion stuff. I was wondering if anyone has anything for sale from Campion and if so, please contact me at I am a college student, so I can't afford anything really expensive if you get my drift. I have looked on e-bay, but all I have seen are some post cards. I'm hoping someone will see this and help me out. Thanks!
Wed Apr 14 15:42:03 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: There is a BBQ scheduled at my place in Ramona this Saturday. Only a small handful of people might show up. If any of you guys might be in the San Diego area this weekend, send me an email or call for confusing directions.
Wed Apr 14 04:49:55 2004 [Chick Foxgrover 70]: Hi Keith, yep I live in Windsor Terrace. I work at 14th and 5th near Chris Lamal's apartmetn building. May 14-15 sounds good for me. Friday nights are usually better for me. Can't make the 21st. Noodle, we will be around during that time so please stay in touch:
Tue Apr 13 13:06:20 2004 [Joe Haschka 70]: Marty Schultz is seeking feedback from the Class of 1970 regarding our interest in a 35 year reunion in 2005. Please write to him at his email address: Thanks much.
Mon Apr 12 17:19:01 2004 [Leighty 70]: Okay, NYC-area alum and willing travelers: How about May 14-15 for a get-together? Dinner and drinks Friday night? Or Saturday night? Or continuously from Friday through Saturday until we all expire? Second choice is May 21-22. Vote early and vote often. Let's hear it.
Sat Apr 10 12:35:37 2004 [Dudek 70]: Yes. Let's get together this May in NYC. Keith, let me know what I can do.
Sat Apr 10 09:24:29 2004 [Captain Noodle 1970]: Greetings to all. Chick, Dana and I will be making our annual east coast swing to visit the kids (NYC and Worcester)the second week of May. Drop me a note and perhaps we can cross paths. Take care everyone. Udelhoven
Sat Apr 10 04:18:17 2004 [Leighty 70]: Hi, Chick, Does memory serve me correctly in recollecting that you live or lived in Brooklyn? Or is it the Alzheimers again?
Fri Apr 9 13:23:48 2004 [Chick Foxgrover 1970]: If there is to be a reunion in NYC, let me know. I'd love to get back to Prairie at some point but it's been difficult. Greetings to all.
Sun Apr 4 14:00:40 2004 [Keough '65]: !!Wolly Jayzuz, Fitzgibbons et all!! Hide! Duck! Close off the bridges! Do NOT let Joe Bigane in the state. Anywhere... I know him and he is evil. He's in my 4some at PdC on June 14th. Hide your balls. All of them!
Sun Apr 4 10:37:07 2004 [bill elward 1975]: Thanks Tom. I am a luddite with this stuff.
Sat Apr 3 10:54:12 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Actually, that guestbook to Ann Chester should read
Sat Apr 3 05:19:23 2004 [Bill Elward 1975]: Ann Chester, mnother of Ralph (1975) and Charles (1971) died this last Saturday in New Orleans. She was 82. Her death notice is in the New Orleans Times Picayune online, and there is a guestbook where you can send condolences.
Fri Apr 2 13:30:30 2004 [Joe Bigane 1965]: Tom Fitzgibbons. Just read your message about Campion grads in Sarasota. For some reason I just can't seem to remember any of the class of 1970! Anyway, I will be on Longboat Key for 8 days and would enjoy meeting your group. You can e-mail me at
Fri Apr 2 07:17:31 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: The last sentence of my previous entry is missing an "and." The final phrase should read, "and" dining hall food "filled them out a bit." By the by, I've also read The Re-Formed Jesuits, Parts I and Part II, which depicts the revolution that swept through the order in the United States from 1965 to 1975. It reads like the-story-behind-the-story of the changes that came to Campion during that same period of time. I hadn't been aware that pre-Vatican II Jebs were issued little barbed whips--known as disciplines--with which to mortify themselves (presumably in private), and barbed chains to wear around their waists, nice and tight, under their cassocks. I for one am not sorry I missed out on pre-Vatican II Campion!
Fri Apr 2 07:04:53 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: I just read Francis Finn, S.J.'s "Cupid of Campion" (1916). I got a copy of it through inter-library loan, from St. Mary's College in Winona, Minnesota. It was a major disappointment! I'd actually taken the trouble to acquire, through, this author's first three books, from the late 19th Century, set at a Jesuit boarding school in Kansas, modelled, evidently, on St. Mary's, which went under early in the 20th century, and was long used afterwards as the Missouri province's theolgate. (God, aren't I becoming the Jesuit?) A Catholic publisher actually took the trouble to reprint these in 2000, because they're supposedly so popular, and so morally and religiously edifying, to young men, even in the 21st century! "Tom Playfair," "Percy Wynn," and "Harry Dee" were evidently known as the author's "famous three," and were his best sellers. Those novels are told with a great amount of energy, and a certain sincere attention to the details of life at a Jesut boarding school. Though the characters are children--ten and twelve years old, at least to begin with--there are, even so, inevitable parallels between the lives depicted there and student life at Campion, three quarters of a century later. But "Cupid of Campion" itself is, relative to his first books, a piece of hack work, and Campion is just barely used as a backdrop to a ridiculous story about a boy and girl being temporarily high-jacked by a band of gypsies, who are making their way, slowly, up the eastern bank of the upper Mississippi. A class-cutting Campion student plucks the nearly-drowned boy out of the river, and thus brings him back to Campion, where the President--who, incidently, as a boy, attended "St. Marure's" in Kansas, along with Playfair, Wynn, and Dee, before himself becoming a Jeb!--in no time at all, helps convert him to Catholicism, adminsters the boy's First Communion, locates his presumed-dead parents (who'd themselves presumed their son to be drowned), and heads up a group of Campion student-commandos, as it were, to rescue the kidnapped girl. Her older brother, of course, just happens to attend Campion, and had believed his sister to be drowned, too, although not in the Mississippi, but in a flood caused by a burst dam in Dayton, Ohio. (Don't ask!) Near the end, when all is well, and the boys race to the river for a swim, one hollers, "Last one in is a nigger!" While Fr. Finn is always correcting his characters, this charmingly "dated" exclamation goes by without censure. Oh well. The most interesting line in the book, for me anyway, is a student's declaration that his school's new building, which contains all its classrooms, and a huge study hall--i.e. Campion Hall, which was completed in 1909--is the biggest and grandest building in existence at that moment, anyplace "in the west." (Was Prairie really still the "frontier" in 1916?) No doubt Fr. Finn visited Campion, once, anyhow for a few days, and simply used the superficial details he'd gathered there to intersect with his silly, worn-out plot. Fr. Finn, I couldn't help but notice, seemed to be particularly intrigued by saintly, waifish boys who are so graceful and "beautiful" as to, at first glance anyway, appear to be girls, at least until rougher, more seasoned boarding school boys toughen them up with lots of exercise, dining hall food makes them "fill out a bit."
Thu Apr 1 20:17:14 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Well, I just got the Invite and Application form today for the 10th Annual All Class Golf Tour Reunion. They are posted on the Golf Tour pages.
Thu Apr 1 14:16:14 2004 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Tom, George was in Appleton speaking across the street from the hotel where the Emergency Management Conference was being held. He stopped in unexpectedly and addressed the group for about 15 minutes. Steve Peterson was an attendee of the conference. I just crashed the party. By the way, James O. Peterson was Secretary of the Dept. of Transportation for the state having been appointed by Patrick Lucy, then Governor.
Thu Apr 1 10:50:54 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: So, Joe W. Was George a participant or speaker at the Emergency Management Conference?
Thu Apr 1 09:59:50 2004 [Joe Williamson 1972]: I guess my previous message could have been misleading, Joe. It is true that Steve Peterson and I were in the same room as Dubwa but he didn't join us for the beers. Apparantly, he had more important things to do. Imagine that!
Thu Apr 1 09:33:03 2004 [Joe Haschka 1970]: Hey Joe, that is too cool. Did Dubya throw back an O'Doul's with y'all? Back in 1974, I got busted near Tomah for hitchhiking on I94 on my way to UW Madison. I got to spend a night in the hooskow admiring a portrait on the wall of Steve's dad. After teaching at Campion, he became state highway commissioner or something like that. Upon recognition of the man in the painting, I said to the trooper, "Hey, that guy was my history teacher!" The trooper smirked at me and said, "Oh, so you're one of those Campion geeks, eh? I went to Prairie High." I held back my urge to suggest he was, therefore, a town bomber. The next morning, the trooper took me out to a rarely used entry ramp to I94 and told me to stay off the highway. Coulda been worse, I reckon.
Thu Apr 1 08:59:49 2004 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Just hooked up with former Campion football star, Steve Peterson, as he was in Appleton for an Emergency Management Conference. We both had a surprise visitor as none other than President George W. Bush, who dropped in unexpectedly. We drank a few beers and talked about old Campion days, mostly football stories. I told Steve that some of us still imitate his father, Mr. James O. Peterson, with his monotone " proceed quietly, gentlemen to the 16MM Room..."
Thu Apr 1 00:59:12 2004 [THomas Olson 1972]: I think we will be getting some forms to put up on the site for the PdC Golf Tour soon
Sat Mar 27 09:21:04 2004 [keough '65]: Oops...just saw the link to email Rink (no poem intended). thanks...
Sat Mar 27 09:19:35 2004 [Keough '65]: HELP! I've misplaced my registration form for the PdC Golf thingie...also, I've gotten word that there are some others from '65 interested. Anyway to register via electronic "form" &/or e-mail? I know what info is needed but have no destination... Thanks...
Wed Mar 24 07:18:57 2004 [Clet Althoff 1970]: Hi, Mark! I'm still here in North East Iowa, living in Waukon, and working in I get to Prairie every once and a while, but it is hard to see the old school looking like a "P.O.W." camp. I got an Art degree and taught for a bit, but re-enlisted in the Army on Sept. 11th '01 and am still with it, I guess the ROTC thing stuck with me. That and swimming were about the only things I was halfway good at, HA! At least I haven't drowned or been shot yet, so I figure the odds are in my favor to make it to age 60.....Then I can really rock and roll once again and make up for the prep years.
Tue Mar 23 20:25:27 2004 [mark criqui 1970]: i have looked in on these sites the last couple of years...not really that computer involved...has anyone heard of the wherabouts of "tex" okeefe for some reason he just jumped into my mind this evening...strange since we roomed together in Lucey Hall......
Tue Mar 23 20:19:08 2004 [mark criqui 1970]: know it has been 35 years..but i need someone to tell me of that day was pretty wasted...where are you now and how can i contact you?...Crackie
Tue Mar 23 20:14:59 2004 [mark criqui 1970]: know it has been 35 years..but i need someone to tell me of that day was pretty wasted...where are you now and how can i contact you?...Crackie
Tue Mar 23 13:01:26 2004 [Clet Althoff 1970]: Hi, Mark! it's hard to believe that next year it will have been all of 35 years since we were handed the diploma and crossed the stage....what a trip!
Mon Mar 22 19:17:24 2004 [mark criqui 1970]: welll...hello all you class of 70....fred nora and i have been trying to get a 1970 foresome for two years...since none of you seem to want to come to florida i guess we will have come to you above the mason-dixon line...mark
Sun Mar 21 10:49:31 2004 [john franzen 1971]: It's sad Joe W '72 came to dread Biology (02 Mar), and Thomas O '72 even got out of taking it by special pleading (29 Feb), because of the mandatory dissecting. In the biology classes I took in college, dissections were done in groups; one could read instructions aloud, ask discerning questions, draw inferences, etc., instead of actually dissecting, which took just one person per group. It seems Campion required Biology 1969-75 only because Wisconsin required it for all HS sophomores starting 1969-70. Mr. Smith '68 reports in the 4th 2003 issue of *CF* that in 1967-68, Mr. J. McCarthy "taught Biology to volunteer Seniors anxious to take the previously unavailable course." That is the year Joe Haschka reports having taken Biology as a soph (02 Mar). It appears Campion offered Biology as an *elective* 1967-69 strictly in anticipation of the 1969+ Wis. state reqmt. for sophs, knowing college prep curricula had been requiring Biology for many decades. Apparently the reason the Jesuits didn't *require* it 1967-69 for sophs was so Campion could offer it also as an *elective* to seniors those years (while hiring just one teacher). It would be interesting to please HEAR FROM some Class of 1969er who took a senior Biology (68-69), to confirm this. I don't *think* Campion's not even offering a biology course 1880-1967 could've had to do with Darwin or evolution, for it seems the Church had made peace with them at the *First* Vatican Council, which was 1869-71, just a decade after Darwin's *Origin of Species* (1859). Does anyone know: how prominently did Catholic HS biology courses feature organic evolution before Vatican *II*? (The course to be taught by Mr. McCarthy did feature it very centrally.) Must've been hard for Campionites to prepare for pre-med or pre-dentistry (or for eventual bioengineering, Thomas) before 1967-68.
Fri Mar 19 07:24:04 2004 [Jim Williamson 1970]: Keith, a NY mini-reunion sounds great. The end of May is not good for me (my son is graduating from college at the end of May), but April or early May is good.
Thu Mar 18 14:14:37 2004 [dudek 70]: Count me in guys - I'm planning on taking 2005 off just to be available for any event. I'll be in contact with Chris O'Brien and any other clasmmates I can resurrect. NYC is the best for a mini-reunion; can't beat it with so many Campion guys in the area.
Thu Mar 18 11:39:20 2004 [Paul Wagner 1970]: To the members of the Class of 1970, let's get together soon. My brother Jerry from 1969 is returning for his 35th this year in Galina again as one of his classmates has a role there of some importance. Then he is going on to the golf tourney in Prairie. Keith a golf course would be a requirement. How many strokes do I get? Marty Schultz had the lasst full class list. I will call Lappe and have him put the idea to him. Lake Geneva sounds nice too.
Thu Mar 18 08:09:23 2004 [Fred Nora 1970]: Keith, you have already talked me into a NY mini-reunion. Give some advance notice of date if this turns into a reality. Does Central Park have many golf courses?
Thu Mar 18 08:01:40 2004 [Fred Nora 1970]: One other possible alternative for a '70 reunion as discussed between Dudek, O'Brien, and myself in Boston. Apparently Donohoe is retired and living outside Las Vegas. Anyone can get a good fare to LV. Imagine how pleased John would be if 80 or so of us showed up for a party. We could get Hubka to coordinate the surprise.
Thu Mar 18 05:12:17 2004 [Bob Bransley 73]: sorry, the last posting was for all the class of 70
Thu Mar 18 05:11:01 2004 [Bob Bransley 73]: Paul Wagner: F.Y.I. The Grand Geneva Resort, in Lake Geneva,WI. is your place. hour and a half from O'hare, great golf coarse, very well stocked bars. and a very good spa for the women. the only other place would be Pheasant Run the difference between the 2 r night and day.
Wed Mar 17 18:22:57 2004 [leighty 70]: Jim, we should plan another new york mini-reunion. How's April-May suit you? Dudek, get in touch with Chris O'Brien and Fred Nora and see if you can talk them down here. Anyone else out there interested?
Wed Mar 17 18:03:18 2004 [Jim Williamson 1970]: Paul Wagner - I am not in Wisconsin anymore. I live in Devon, PA., a suburb of Philadelphia. I've been here since 1988. The reason that I remember you at Georgetown is because Dick McCoy (1970) and I were visiting his brother, Don (1969) at Georgetown when you arrived for freshman your year. Dick and I were going to Villanova, in fact, Dick was my roommate.We skipped orientation there and went to Georgetown to hang out with Don. Don was a dorm counselor and I think that he may have put Dick and me in your room until you got there. Dick and I had such a great time that we missed the first few days of class at Villanova. A 35-year reunion sounds great!
Wed Mar 17 16:40:27 2004 [leighty 70]: I second your motion for a 35-year reunion, Wags. Someone in Chicago needs to step up and find a resort hotel close to O'Scare. One with a golf course and a well-stocked bar.
Wed Mar 17 11:28:21 2004 [Paul Wagner 1970]: Jim - I did go to Georgetown for all of 2 weeks and did not agree with the climate of the time in our nations capital. Ended up hurriedly getting into Northwood Unviersity in Midland, MI and then gratuated with an Assoc. Degree. Transfered to Xavier for the completion of my undergrad work and my masters in finance. Ran into Mike Welsch whe graduated with me. Also ran into Mike Brophy and Mark Raliegh for the year they attended. Pete Dorff from the class of 69. I stayed in Cincinnati and keep in touch with Roll, Welsch and McNamara regurlarly. Lappe once or twice a year. Hope we get the 35th together after we missed the 30th. Are you still in Wisconsin?
Tue Mar 16 11:15:53 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Why did I set up a hazing area if the discussion is going to continue here. Please... When it is done here nobody knows what the heck you guys are talking about anymore since it moved elsewhere. Please keep it in the appropriate thread or forum. AND there is no need to respond to THIS message either.
Tue Mar 16 10:51:52 2004 [john franzen 1971]: It's embarrassing, but I ought to explain. I've finally found K. Leighty's yearbook picture, and I can see I had the wrong idea back then about who Leighty was and was not. I realize now I was far too quick to suspect J. Roll on the supposed grounds I had, and indeed he did not seem like the type to have been in on violence. I realize now the situation was far too fleeting and mind-blowing for me ever to have had good ground to think I'd identified L. Conner, and he too did not seem like the type to have been in on violence. Sorry, guys.
Tue Mar 16 08:02:30 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Necessary last word on subject: I no longer believe Keith Leighty, or either of the two replying guys, played the role I had thought he had played in the fracture attack. I didn't accuse; I just inquired: I think the correct answers were all no. Sorry to John, Larry, and Keith for any embarrassment. Thanks to the fraternal exchanges with John and Larry (and other '70ers earlier), the Class of 1970 has now taken on for me a more plausibly human identity than formerly, and that is appreciated. (This new interface surely makes proofreading easier, Thomas.)
Mon Mar 15 12:30:27 2004 [Jim Williamson 1970]: Paul Wagner, I thought that you went to Georgetown as an undergrad.Your message sounds like you ended up at Xavier.
Mon Mar 15 06:43:25 2004 [Paul Wagner 1970]: John Roll, I guess Mike and I have trash talk rights for the next year. The mighty Dayton who? They probably need Don May to give them some offensive fight in the final 10 minutes of the game. He would be about 55-60 now but he probably still has the game. Anyone would help. Good luck next year with graduating 5 seniors and 4 of them starters. A question to ponder: since Xavier beat the number 1 team in the nation, does that make Xavier number 1? Call me.
Sat Mar 13 18:30:02 2004 [keough '65]: By the way, the drummer of the Wumblies was Randy Castillo. He died in 2002 of cancer. He drummed w/Lita Ford, Ozzy Ozbourne, & Motley Crue. After the bar'd close we'd all et stupid and take turns playing his drums until dawn. He used to laugh at me...
Sat Mar 13 16:09:11 2004 [Keough '65]: To Mr. Roll..another great band in Tucson around that time was (I am not making this up) "The Dog Shit Blues Band". They were great! And the Wumblies or Womblies was a Zep cover band that played pretty often at Choo-Choo's. They, too, were excellent.
Sat Mar 13 16:05:26 2004 [Keough '65]: And who was that who had been in Bullhead City? Geez, were you being punished? I've been there a few times in the later 80s because I had some friends (the Goslin brothers from Idaho) there were there then taking advantage of the construction boom at that time. & to the UofA guys, I used to hang out at the oh, so groovy Solarium, too. Nicer place, attractive women. My family lived in the Casas Adobes area north of town...well, it's in town now, I hear. Moved there in '63. Dad sold his milk company in Duluth, MN and said the f-word to MN winters. I still thank him for that choice. Unfortunatley, I haven't spent any quality bar time in Tucson in years. Mom died in '94 (Dad in '86) and that's essentially the last time I was there. Tucson had some good blues bars out on Speedway if I'm not mistaken.
Sat Mar 13 15:54:20 2004 [Keough '65]: Jeeezz, leave it to a Dudek to hit the Blue Note. So, okay, maybe I went in there a few times, too. At least you saw the younger chix....50 was good! There was a liquor store about 2 doors down from there that at about 2 minutes after midnight on the morning of the 28th Oct, '67, I bought my first (legal) 6-pack and damned if I wasn't stopped by one of Tucson's finest coming out the door. He looked at me and the license a couple of times (I still looked like I was about 13 and still a doofus) but he congratulated me and sent me on my way. I was ecstatic! We were so easily entertained in those days. (The girl waiting in my dad's pickup truck for me was 15, by the way....and just 15 by like 10 days...And, yes, I did...often...
Sat Mar 13 13:25:31 2004 [dudek '70]: You guys are somethin' else! I thoroughly enjoy the banter when I visit this site. Been trying to connect with Jebs at BC here in Boston, having been motivated after the Manhattan reunion at Chris Lamal's in January and meeting with Chris O'Brien and Fred Nora (all '70) a few weeks ago, and hopefully I'll have things to post soon. As far as the Arizona '70 guys go, I remember visiting them in '71 and losing all my money to Majewski playing poker but do have fond memories of the "Blue Note" where I saw my first naked 50 year old woman. Unfortunately, I see them a lot more these days but with limited and uncertain frequency. Good luck to Arizona but I think #1 will come from the East.
Sat Mar 13 05:33:36 2004 [leighty 70]: See Roll? I told you the cats didn't have to worry about stanford
Fri Mar 12 17:10:28 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Hey Bransley, I really am a teetotaler, I just drink at Campion reunions. Do alcohol impregnated rolling papers count ?
Fri Mar 12 16:18:51 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: I guess I had my climate awakening later. I went to UW Madison for one year, then transfered to Indiana. I took a year off after college and lived and worked in L.A. My grad school choice came down to Michigan and USC. I actually made the decision on New Year's Day while playing tennis outdoors in warm sunny weather. The thought of going back to Michigan for 5 years seemed downright loony, even though Michigan's was a more prestigious program at the time. I guess you guys had more imagination. I had to have the direct experience before it sunk in.
Fri Mar 12 16:11:16 2004 [leighty 70]: Every morning in February, trudging through snow to the dining hall I vowed to go to college where it was warm.
Fri Mar 12 15:56:29 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: John, I'm so damned old I remember when Lute Olson moved from Iowa to Arizona and turned Arizona into a hoops power. So how did you guys go from Campion to Arizona? I would have had a hard time finding Arizona on a map, much less think of going to school there.
Fri Mar 12 15:21:15 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Well, Mr. Keough, it sounds like you were in Tucson the same years as Leighty, Majewski, Donahoe and I. Hell, Leighty and I were roommates one year in the back unit of a house off 4th Ave, not far from Choo-choo's. I don't recall hanging out much there...we frequented The Balcony, which later became the Silverbelle Saloon, and also such fine establishments as the Solarium, the Pawnbroker, and the Bum Steer (which Leighty famously streaked, all three levels, to our great horror and amusement). Do you remember the Bob Meghan Band? They were pretty hot in Tucson at the time, never to be heard of again. I could go on, especially with embarassing stories about Leighty, but I'll spare all the other readers of this guestbook. As for hoops, let's just say that the Arizona Wildcats were an easy ticket to get hold of in those days....not exactly Final Four material, although we did get to see Coniel "Popcorn" Norman and Herm "the Germ" Gilliam. Bear Down, Arizona!
Fri Mar 12 12:51:56 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: Since trash talking rights are up for grabs, I'll make a formal prediction: Duke.
Fri Mar 12 11:37:32 2004 [leighty 70]: Keough! who knew? Bear down, buddy. I bet you're keeping the faith, unlike that girlie-man Roll (How do they get by Stanford? Hah!) Choo-choos sounds familiar, though for various reasons, those years are kind of hazy. The sad part is that when you said outgrossed I knew you were talking money. Oh, for shame! Cheers and go Cats!
Fri Mar 12 10:48:30 2004 [leighty 70]: same way they had them on the ropes in Palo Alto. Determination, baby! (Notice how I sound like Dick Vitale?) Roll, send me an email. I lost your address.
Fri Mar 12 10:34:19 2004 [John Roll 1970]: If you say so, Keith, although I don't see how they get past Stanford. I'm surprised we haven't heard from Wagner or Welch, with Xavier having knocked off No.1 St. Joe's yesterday. Unfortunately for them, they now have to deal with the mighty Dayton Flyers, probably in tomorrow night's A-10 final. Needless to say, Paul & Mike, winner gets trash-talking rights 'til next year.
Fri Mar 12 10:26:13 2004 [Keough '65]: ....uh, outgrossed in money/revenues, I mean. Although, thionking about it now, some of our customers were, uhhhh,...uhmmm,.....never mind.
Fri Mar 12 10:23:12 2004 [Keough '65]: And who were the U of AZ guys? I thought I was the only one who went there! I started in the Fall of '66, blew out during 2nd semester (girls and a fraternity...mostly girls) Was drafted so joined USAF to avoid Vietnam. Returned to UofA '71 - '76. Didn't go full time some semesters... Ran a club on 4th Ave. called Choo-Choo's Rock & Roll Club. Any of you remember it? Hottest bar in AZ. Outgrossed anything in PHX, even
Fri Mar 12 10:17:50 2004 [Keough '65]: This is my final FINAL *FINAL* response to anything 'hazing'. I did NOT know who piled me. It just happened. I 'forgave' them cuz that's the way I work. It didn't mean sh*t except that it hurt and my glasses and a finger were broken. Don't bother to admire me. It was not an effort for me to "forgive" them. It was more like I simply forgot and moved on. Try it.
Fri Mar 12 10:04:28 2004 [Leighty 70]: uh, guys?
Fri Mar 12 10:04:16 2004 [Leighty 70]: guys?
Fri Mar 12 10:04:08 2004 [Leighty 70]: Arizona Wildcats. And Roll, Majewski and Donahoe will all back me up. right guys?
Fri Mar 12 08:52:25 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: I mean, I know they're # 4 in the RPI, but give me a break. Of course, I am not a credible source here. I have not a clue how it will turn out. But at least let's hope it's a school that more than 10 people outside its home state have heard of. I like the Zags. Not that I think they'll win it all. I just like saying and writing "Zags."
Fri Mar 12 08:44:53 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: Fred: Mississippi State? Did you mix up your medications yesterday?
Fri Mar 12 05:08:16 2004 [Bob Bransley 73]: Bobby Bruchs, teetotaler my ass
Thu Mar 11 19:05:45 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: I also remember the Burlington Northern Campion special out of Chicago. I do not particularly remember any train riots though. I do remember the alcohol that was smuggled on board. Amazing that I can remember the train pulling up behind Marquette and Lucy Halls to expel numerous intoxicated Knights into what seemed like three feet of snow. The trek to the dorms seemed like an expedition in Siberia. I remember trying to eat in the dining hall that evening. As I sat directly across from Mr. Breen Lyden, I began to get sick, and promptly grabbed his dining tray away from him and deposited my partially digested and fermenting lunch right where his mystery meat had been moments before. I am just about a teetotaler now.
Thu Mar 11 18:55:48 2004 [Fred Nora 1970]: A Northern fairy tale begins: "Once upon a time ..." A Southern fairy tale begins: "Y'all ain't gonna believe this shit, but..." Southern fairy tale ends this year with MSU Bulldogs as NCAA champs.
Thu Mar 11 18:36:53 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Oh yeah! I became a cheerleader also, assumedly for the same voyeuristic reasons that you did. Double sigh!
Thu Mar 11 18:31:03 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Mr. Doyle, I too remember the 1970 Basketball team, mostly because of Roger Jerrick (probably miss spelled). It was fun to watch opponents "travel" into Roger and fall down. (na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, good bye !) I also remember when, a year or two later, Campion went to the State Basketball Tournament in Milwaukee. We all stayed in what was then the Sheraton Schrader, and thoroughly trashed the place, although I was not conscious enough to any trashing personally (I was too busy chasing Joe Huber's girlfriend, whom I lost my virginity to a few months later). (Too much info?) I remember a rumor about Fred Gates paying for the damages out of his own pocket.
Thu Mar 11 16:04:29 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: Larry Conner: So now we have at least two therapists hanging around this site. Hmmm. Oh well, I'm always off duty when I check in here so I can be just as silly and insensitive as I want to be. Of course some of my colleagues would argue that I'm silly and insensitive when I'm on duty. Anyway, any hoops fans want to take a stab at predicting the NCAA men's basketball champion? I haven't been paying much attention. Both of my alma maters (Indiana and USC) suck this year and my son's school (Navy) really really sucks. LMU's team (where I work) counted it a major success just to have a winning record. About the only saving grace for me is that UCLA really sucks, too. As a Trojan alum, I find that delicious. I was kind of interested in little old Jesuit St. Joe's going undefeated, but they got thrashed by Xavier, so there goes another Cinderella. We sure had a good team at Campion my senior year. But some of us were truly clueless. I remember we actually believed that John Schrup could hit shots while not looking at the hoop. I should have known better. I was a cheerleader and watched all the games from close up. Although, now that I think about it, I spent a lot of time looking at the opponents' cheerleaders, who were invariably female. And young and usually cute. Sigh.
Tue Mar 9 16:02:52 2004 [john franzen 1971]: I don't happen to watch TV at all, but I *think* I understand that reference (chuckle). OK, Bob Voosen, thanks.
Tue Mar 9 15:44:15 2004 [Bob Voosen 1966]: Reminds me of the FedeX commercial with the guy who spends his life repeating "then I said "if you are shipping overseas you've got to ship Fedex"" Ostensibly the only event of a drab life. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Get help.
Tue Mar 9 15:42:25 2004 [Bob Voosen 1966]: Reminds me of the FedeX commercial with the guy who spends his life repeating "then I said "if you are shipping overseas you've got to ship Fedex"" Ostensibly the only event of a drab life. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Get help.
Tue Mar 9 15:15:08 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Mike L: No hurry. Mr. Chinn: My former response was lacking. Hazing can damage society. Aggressors in many-on-one adolescent violence can be desensitized, becoming spouse or child abusers later, or generally excusing unjustified violence, esp. if the early aggression was allowed by generally value-observant school stewards, whose approval promotes not taking violence seriously. You've been an army officer, Mr. Chinn, so you know one reason not to have a war is: Soldiers, some of them now ethically coarsened, return to one's society, where some of them may now lack aggression self-control. Hazing can do that. Football and wrestling promote toughness more safely than does many-on-one hazing violence, which doesn't promote struggle anyway because to resist is futile. (Mr. Keough: This was just a reply. I used shorter words, and even skipped some.)
Tue Mar 9 13:09:50 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hey Jeff, ole buddy. SO you have that old sock. Really though, send it back ONLY if it is the florescent yellow one. Does the sock have the laundry name tag and number on it. IF so, it might be nice to have a picture of it as an example of the markings we had to put on our cloths.
Tue Mar 9 12:33:24 2004 [J Chris Chinn '62]: Mr. Lochner: Small world, indeed. I started OCS in late July, 1967. My intention was to get a commission in AG, but 3/4 of the way through they stopped giving anything but Infantry commissions. So I resigned - had a hell of a time getting my CO to accept my resignation. I ended up eventually in AG anyway, and spent 12 months vacationing in 'Nam. I never met anyone I knew at Benning - would have been great to have met someone from high school. Wish I could make the golf outing - even though I don't golf.
Tue Mar 9 11:08:25 2004 [Jeff Paunicka 1972]: Tom Olsen...In the process of moving I found one of your old socks in an old you still want it?
Mon Mar 8 13:04:38 2004 [M.Lochner 60]: I have no idea why it did that.
Mon Mar 8 13:03:16 2004 [M.Lochner 60]: Mr. Franzen, Appreciate your email, I do not get at this too often.I will respond to your email as soon as I can. Mr. Chin I would be curious as to when you were at Ft. Benning OCS. I attended in 66 and taught in the Mobility Department 66-67. I know I met a number of people from College days while there, but no one from HS. Small world. I am also still pushing the 10th annual golf outing. We would like to make it the best ever and it gets harder every year to out do the previous. r
Mon Mar 8 12:54:48 2004 [M.Lochner 60]: Mr. Franzen, Appreciate your email, I do not get at this too often and will respond to your email
Mon Mar 8 12:53:05 2004 [M.Lochner 60]: Mr. Franzen, Appreciate your email, I do not get at this too often
Sun Mar 7 23:26:36 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: I have much more fonder memories of Mrs. Fuzzy Fullerton and French class. Dave Cavenaugh and Joe Alden gave her so much grief!
Sun Mar 7 23:23:39 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: I remember pithing frogs and Jerry Bio.... didn't he have one lung removed, and was working on the other ?
Sun Mar 7 18:31:10 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Mr. Chinn, your first point is, of course, right. No armed forces experience here, but this is a question of "ought not," not "is not.," and violent hazing ought not be there, either. Probably rarer for it to lastingly harm older guys as much, but it certainly does some harm, much more to some than others, and doesn't do any good. Yes, I'm precisely concerned that my Campion brother Keith manage to find a high school where he won't have to worry about violent hazing damaging his son's life. (Thomas, I've found the 1946 recruitment brochure on the site; the booklet used in the late 60s was much more extensive.)
Sun Mar 7 16:20:18 2004 [J Chris Chinn '62]: Mr. Franzen: Perhaps it's time you move on, take some of the advice given here by so many, and start to live in the present. Do you really believe there isn't any hazing currently in high schools across the country? One final thought: did you ever serve in the Armed Forces? Life at Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning would make Campion seem like a Girl Scout summer camp.
Sun Mar 7 12:22:35 2004 [john franzen 1971]: I've had counseling. Maybe I should try again, now that I understand effects better, since I do keep returning. Thanks, Larry C. Keith Leighty, before hearing from you, I say fraternally: Hope you eventually pre-investigate that "equivalent of Campion for [your] 13 year old" extra, extra carefully. The booklet CJHS sent to families of prospective students said no form of hazing was allowed. My parents had to explain "hazing" to me. My mother said she was glad to read that. My dad said he had great confidence the Jesuits do the right thing. Thomas: Any chance you have a copy of the Campion recruiting booklet?
Sun Mar 7 11:23:41 2004 [Larry Conner 70]: John, I notice you haven’t responded to my or other’s suggestions that you get some counseling to help you heal. There are many new therapies that are very effective treating trauma. If you were to find a therapist with up to date skills with trauma, I think you would be amazed how effective the treatment could be. I hope you find peace soon.
Sun Mar 7 00:00:31 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Maybe someday Larry Gillick could give us his own Jesuit perspective on JVOC.
Sat Mar 6 22:06:58 2004 [Larry Conner 70]: John, Thank you for the info about JVOC. I can imagine it wasn't all that comfortable sharing it.
Sat Mar 6 19:43:35 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Mr. Roll, and Mr. Conner: Thanks for your responses. John, I was in Bob H's and Tom K's room, and just outside it, many times when you were there also. Surprised you don't recall. I was that redhaired, skinny guy who lived across the hall from them. Larry, hope my effort at a hearsay recounting of Jayvock's tragic death gave you more than you already knew. Thanks for confirming the demerit system and the fracture attack. You two guys are to be presumed innocent. The attack was at the year's very start, and generally I didn't know the juniors yet, so the only leads I have beyond you three guys point to two different guys concerning whom there actually seem to be mitigating factors, so you are the only three I'll have questioned, John and Larry. To the uninvolved Mr. Keough: Despite your current criticism, you are one of the men I admire most, Kevin. I had more difficulty forgiving my assailants. Maybe it was an advantage for you to have known who yours were. I was at Campion two years, by the way, the 2nd of them in chronic fear because of unremitting threats, mostly after dark, of a 2nd arm break.. I 'd get nervous every time I saw another pair of torn underwear strewn up in a tree. Some 1970 guys were falsely told I'd been the aggressor in the fracture attack. OK, Kevin, I give it up.
Sat Mar 6 00:10:31 2004 [Larry Conner 70]: John, these are my memories: I recall hearing about someone getting his arm broken during some hazing in the basement of Lucey Hall. I recall seeing you some time later in a cast or sling. That is all I remember. I was not part of it. I have no idea who hurt you. I can tell you that John and Keith were not the kind of guys who would have hurt you like that. They were both kind and honorable. In fact, they were two of the gentlest guys in the school. That is why I wanted them to be my friends. A times Campion was a scary place. I am sorry you experienced trauma, terror, and humiliation from members of my class. I feel especially sad that you are in pain all these years later. As a therapist who has worked with survivors of abuse, I know how devastating your wounds are. I, myself had an horrendous family. May I respectfully suggest you find a therapist who can help you heal your wounds, so you can be free of the pain? I wish you healing and peace.
Fri Mar 5 12:48:05 2004 [leighty 70]: Last I heard of Lodi, he was climbing a tree behind Marquette, trying to retrieve his five iron. And you forgot lauterbach. ... Shoot me an email, will ya? I lost your address.
Fri Mar 5 09:20:31 2004 [Keough '65]: I don't believe it!! Franzen, give it up, okay?? And if you can't, at least move it to the hazing section! I heard you were only at Campion for a year....I wonder how much you would have to write if you had done the full four!
Fri Mar 5 07:59:58 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Wow. Mr. Franzen, I know you don't know me, so I'm not offended by your question and have no problem responding fraternally. I can state with certainty that, had you known me at all, you would put me far at the end of your list of potential aggressors. Even at that immature age, the prospect of any sort of aggressive behavior (beyond the occasional sarcasm) was completely beyond me. I believe most fellow alumni probably remember me as kind of a "background" kind of guy who made few waves for anyone. I know there were some cliques in our class that were more aggressive than others, but Leighty and Connor and I were not part of them. I'll let the other two speak for themselves, but I myself have no knowledge whatsoever of your incident, although I don't doubt it happened and am sorry it did. I do remember Kaminski and Huber, as they roomed down the hall from Metzger and I our junior year. Kaminski in particular was in our room a lot and was an extremely funny guy. Farina, Doyle, Kelly and Ross were other sophs on that wing of Lucey that I remember having a good time with. I honestly don't remember us being introduced at that time, although I recognize your picture in the yearbook. If there was a time long ago that I didn't address you, there was certainly no snub intended and absolutely no self-consciousness owing to participation in your incident. I wish I could be of more help to you, John, but I truly have no idea of the identity of your aggressors. Peace be with you!
Fri Mar 5 05:21:27 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Remarkable that exactly you three Class of 1970 guys should come together now. Here are some overdue questions. Mr. Conner, the guy who may have taunted me loudest just before the fracture attack, who ended up in the grabbing pille on top of me, seemed to resemble you. Did you indeed participate? Mr. Leighty, one of the guys in the grabbing pile threw my torn away wristwatch at me afterward (instead of handing it to me), and he seemed to resemble you. Did you participate? Mr. Roll, in the ongoing year, we were both friends to Huber and Kaminski (both '71), but in the myriad times we were thus near, you never addressed me, and I wondered if this owed to your having participated in the fracture attack. Had you done so? My spirit is fraternal, guys, and even cordial. The forgiving Mr. Keough tells me he's actually ended up convivial with some of his former tormentors. Thanks, Thomas, for making this reunion possible.
Fri Mar 5 02:17:24 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: We now have scanned images of the Lucey Hall Regulations from 1966. Includes some relaxations of the Rules starting in September 1966. Check out the things you can get JUGGED for. Even double JUGGED.
Thu Mar 4 23:18:12 2004 [Larry Conner 70]: I was just paging back on this site and I see that Larry Gillick S.J. posted in. What a treat. A few years ago, a Jesuit friend, Gary Smith SJ, a California Jesuit mentioned you, Larry, in a homily. He spoke of you with affection and admiration. I told him afterwards that you were my speech teacher. Once you know Jesuits, the world gets more connected. Down to about two degrees of separation. By the way, as you might know Gary is working in Uganda under very difficult circumstances. He is right in the middle of the war there. Keep him in your prayers. Good to hear from you Larry.
Thu Mar 4 23:07:19 2004 [Larry Conner 70]: Hello John. I was just wandering about the net and found the site. It is a great site. Thanks to Thomas Olson. So you and Keith went to AZ. I'll bet Leighty went there to play golf. And then off to wonderful Bullhead City. That must have been an exciting beat. I went to Marquette for a BA and MA and then ended up in Portland. Was a high school English teacher. Went back to school and got another MA in counseling. Now I am in private practice. Married. No kids. Sounds like you both have a bunch of kids. Congratulations. Of course, maybe having a 13 year old, Keith, requires condolences.
Thu Mar 4 18:37:24 2004 [John Roll 1970]: My God, Keith, I can't believe you just exchanged messages with Larry freaking Conner! Talk about a blast from the past! All you need now is for Tom Lodish to check in (Lodi!) and you'll have all your old roommates covered. Larry, how the hell are you? Nothing like catching up with someone after a mere 35 years! Keith and I have kept up over the decades since a) we were roommates senior year, after you left, and b) he and I were at University of Arizona together (along with Mike Majewski and John Donahoe) in the '70s. After 15 years of architectural practice in San Diego I somehow ended up back in Dayton, where I have my own firm. You asked about Marty Rhomberg: He has not to my knowledge checked into this Guestbook but he was at the 1995 reunion (which was a great time), and I believe he said he had some kind of theatrical lighting business in Chicago. Well, Larry, hearing from you has given me fresh hope that my old roommate Dave Metzger might someday log on... I've been trying to locate him for years. By the way, how did you ever stumble across this site? Did someone tell you about it or were you just doing a search for Campion-related stuff?
Thu Mar 4 04:52:55 2004 [leighty 70]: followed a career. From Bullhead City to New York City and points in between. Unless a journalist really wants to stay in another city, New York sort of sucks you in. You can't swing a dead cat in this town without hitting an editor.
Wed Mar 3 21:43:41 2004 [Larry Conner 70]: It's a long story. I was teaching in an eskimo boarding school with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps a long time ago and I just wandered down the west coast until I landed in Portland. But some people claim there's a woman to blame. How about you?
Wed Mar 3 07:12:50 2004 [Leighty 70]: Larry Conner! As I live and breath. Nice to see your name on the guestbook page. How'd you wind up on the left Coast? I figured you to take over Stilwell's furniture store, sell out to Warren Buffett and retire to Orlando! I'm on the east coast, still pounding keys in the newspaper business. Raising kids and looking for the equivalent of Campion for my 13 year old. He could use Javoc's, uh, guidance. Cheers!
Tue Mar 2 21:17:30 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Larry Conner, I want belatedly to demonstrate my sincere respect for the late Father O'Conner by trying to respond to your request. The account that was handed down to me is that there was a petty robbery at the church at the Wisconsin Jesuits' mission to Lakota Native Americans in Rosebud, South Dakota. Fr. O'Conner happened to be present, and just on an obviously non-murderous whim, the robber shot him in the backside with a weapon that was essentially just a BB gun. Perhaps the robber was frustrated at having just gotten only a few dollars. As was, of course, not immediately evident, the wound was apparently not much more than flesh deep, and Rev. JVOC did not die of it. The overbearing robber kept Fr. O'C. from getting to the phone to call a doctor, perhaps believing the doctor would call the police. Apparently owing to stress from the assault of the small missile and especially the aversive interaction with the robber, Fr. O'Conner suffered a heart attack and died. He had led a very good life of service to many, Campion boys and others. May Father James V. O'Conner, S.J., rest in peace. I believe this happened in the early 70s when there was much tension between Native Americans and Bureau of Indian Affairs forces and, by perhaps inevitable implication, whites, in South Dakota. Hopefully others will please correct errors in my perhaps fourth hand account.
Tue Mar 2 09:48:24 2004 [john franzen 1971]: OK, Joe (W.). So Jerry *McCarthy* was the biology teacher. And as for Fr. O'Conner (I see elsewhere at this website that he didn't have the usual 3 o's in his surname, which is how I ignorantly spelled his name earlier), I don't doubt that he was overall a good and compassionate man, as just testified by yourself and Larry. I just can't help but associate him mainly with that ultra-macho attitude he took after lights-out that time, and the apparently related chilling silence about the fracture attack that *all* Jesuits adhered to about it forever thereafter. But this is the end of my references to that. Perhaps I overemphasized JVOC's role.
Tue Mar 2 09:05:03 2004 [Joe Williamson 72]: Sorry John, you must have been writing your message when I was writing mine.
Tue Mar 2 09:03:40 2004 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Mr. Franzen, please don't confuse me with my OLDER brother, Jim(class of 70). I had Jerry 'Bio' McCarthy for Biology class my sophomore year. He was furious with me because I had a difficult time 'pithing' the frogs and he thought I was torturing them. He was probably right but I certainly wasn't doing it on purpose. I couldn't wait to get out of his class. As for JVOC, he did seem to have a mean disposition about him. He must have had that natorious Irish temper and apparantly he was a very good boxer back in his day. Mike O'Malley and I had the pleasure of living across the hall from JVOC my sophomore year. This room was known as the 'problem suite', for kids who had a reputation for getting in trouble. I certainly had my run- ins with him but I won't forget the wonderful masses which were celebrated in his room. Also, when I attended Camp Campion, back in Summer of 67, he allowed me to recover in his air conditioned room when I became sicker than a dog after drinking about 20 sodas and the heat was unbearable. I guess he wasn't all bad.
Tue Mar 2 08:53:17 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Thanks, Joe H. (not to be confused with Joe W.). I do remember Tom M. In that newsletter issue, Paul M. mentions the hearse as amounting to one of the "upheavals" of Campion's last decade, and by that I'm inferring now he means the old folks' home incident that you just capsulized. Thanks too for the biology class info. Was that Jerry guy surnamed "Schmidt"? Joe Williamson, sorry about my confusing you with your brother who has two years' seniority. I'll get that straight: Jim W., 70; Joe W., 72; the latter asked about Jim Gau. There are just 2 letters distinguishing you out of 13, not counting the last year digit. I must read more carefully.
Tue Mar 2 06:43:35 2004 [Joe Haschka 70]: The hearse was an old, black, 1950ish Cadillac. I think a guy in the class of '69 (Tom Molumby? I think he was missing one of his thumbs) bought it. It served as a utility vehicle for various student interests. Once it was used to take a bunch of guys into town to visit the old folks' home. Legend has it that a few residents were alarmed by a hearse pulling up in front of the building and a gang of Knights piling out of the back door. I don't know what became of the vehicle, but I don't think it lasted past the 1968 - 1969 school year. Regarding Biology, I took the course my sophomore year from Jerry ? ( a tall guy who also coached frosh basketball with Lundstrom).
Mon Mar 1 19:37:37 2004 [john franzen 1971]: I remember you, Larry. I also, Jim Williamson, remember Jim Gau. He was my English teacher, frosh year 2d semester. I'd had the excellent Mr. Lundstrom 1st semester, and was disappointed initially at the switch, but before long found myself looking forward to Mr. Gau's classes also, and had to judge him as well to be a fine teacher. That previous fall I had tried out for football and Mr. Gau had, I believe, been the assistant coach. Indeed I don't recall his being around my sophomore year (68-69). Thanks, Michael, for the info and explanation on the great train riot. I had a feeling it wasn't political. I'm still hoping somebody will enlighten us about "the hearse."
Mon Mar 1 19:02:54 2004 [Larry Conner 70]: Hello to Keith Leighty, who was my roommate Junior year and John Roll, who was a friend for three years. Anybody know what happened to Marty Rhomberg who left the same time I did? What about Mike Mankowski SJ? I heard from some Jesuit friends that he left before ordination. I would also appreciate more information about how JVOC died. I know he has not been the most popular guy for many of you. He was actually very kind to me. That may have been because I was in his office so often with all those demerits.
Mon Mar 1 19:01:22 2004 [Larry Conner 70]: As for Jim Gau, about five years ago I was attending a conference on Psychotherapy and Spirituality in Portland Oregon, where I have a counseling practice. I was sitting in a workshop on Spirituality and Object Relations. The presentation was brilliant, one of the best I have ever heard. In the middle of it I started to have a strange feeling I had seen the presenter before. It was Jim Gau, who had been my Freshman English teacher. I laughed as I realized that, because I don’t recall him being a very good English teacher, but this time around he was awesome. At the end I introduced myself. He is married with kids, living in Corvallis Oregon and has a private practice in marriage and family therapy.
Mon Mar 1 18:59:49 2004 [Larry Conner 70]: Actually, I would have been class of 70, but I left after my Junior year. I can testify that there were demerits by that time because I got about a half million of them and had to clean the basement of Lucey Hall every night. I had so many left over at the end of the year that, along with a few others, I had to spend a whole day in the study hall in Campion Hall, with nothing to do, no sleeping allowed, in silence, after everybody else had left for the summer. I guess demerits didn’t stop those special few, so the jebs went back to jug hall. A marathon jug hall.
Mon Mar 1 08:58:56 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: John, I remember the "train riot" on the Campion special from Chicago to PDC. As I recall, it was really just an extreme version of things that had happened on previous train rides. We used to cut a slice in a train pillow, then throw it off the back of the moving train. The things would explode when they hit the track and look like a mini snow storm. Pretty soon, we were just tearing up the cars. I don't recall any political or other meaning to the "riot." It seemed to be just a bunch of adolescent boys getting out of hand. I think the damage was pretty severe. It might also have occurred because the train folks had begun to segregate us from regular passengers. In fact, I think by the end we had our own small train, but I could be mistaken about that. But whatever, we were a bunch of teenage boys with little or no supervision at a time when young people all over the country were challenging authority in many ways. I kind of remember the hearse, but not the details. I'm sure someone here has that story. I don't recall taking biology. I'm not sure if that's because I chose not to take it or if it wasn't offered yet.
Mon Mar 1 08:33:08 2004 [Joe Williamson 1972]: I had the pleasure of visiting yesterday(Sunday) with a wonderful elderly woman in Appleton. During the course of our conversation, I discovered that her brother was a teacher at Campion back in the 60's. Does anyone remember Jim Gau? I think he was gone my the time I was there but I remember seeing him in my older brother's yearbook. After becoming a priest, he eventually left the priesthood, got married, and runs a counselling agency near Eugene, Oregon. They are originally from Fond du Lac, WI and they know the Hutter boys well.(Joe and George). She went on to tell me that she has another brother who is still a Jeuit who also taught at Campion as well.
Sun Feb 29 23:49:44 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: As a frosh I refused to take the Biology course. I didn't want anything to do with pithing frogs etc. I had to plead with the principal. They instead let me take Harvard Physics with the Seniors. I surprised them. I ended up ranked 3rd in the Physics class. The wierd thing is I ended up spending the last 25 years in the bioengineering field.
Sun Feb 29 18:13:44 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Delete "are." Earlier, meant "these," not "this." I need to proof better.
Sun Feb 29 18:10:47 2004 [john franzen 1971]: I suppose it's possible you might consider any answers you could give to those first two questions as are too sensitive for here. Just in case, I'll check both here and at the "amiss" page, Michael. Thanks..
Sun Feb 29 17:17:46 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Michael, do you know about the train "riot"? How about "the hearse"? Each of this is also mentioned in that newsletter piece, and I don't understand either reference. Also, were you offered a chance to take a biology course at Campion? If so, was it offered to all of the lettered classes (i.e., A class, B class, etc.)?
Wed Feb 25 08:09:49 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: John: That's interesting. I don't recall jugs being abolished in favor of demerits. Of course, there are lots of things from that distant past I don't recall. Regardless, the reasons I got in less trouble after freshman year really didn't have to do with a change in philosophy or in the conduct system. I just stopped doing a lot of the things that got me in trouble and I was smarter about the things I continued to do, so I rarely got caught. Also, after freshman year there were fewer opportunities to get in trouble (e.g., no study hall under Mr. Culver's watchful eyes). Certainly by my senior year there had been a significant loosening of the reins, although kids still got into some big time trouble. For example, my roommate Pete Mitch (aka Al Monday) had to leave school a couple of months early after some indiscretion, although he was given a diploma.
Wed Feb 25 01:30:16 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I've moved the MAOUWV thread into the In Privatum under its own phorum HAZING.
Tue Feb 24 18:20:06 2004 [john franzen 1971]: "Change in philosophy" is just a paraphrase, not an actual quotation.
Tue Feb 24 18:00:52 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Well, Michael, I think I have the answer to why you remember so many more jugs your frosh year than later. It seems that as part of a "change in philosophy," jugs were "abolished in the fall of 1967 in favor a demerit system." That's quoting Mr. McCullough in the first 2003 issue of *CF*. If you don't remember demerits at all, maybe that means you never got one in your remaining three years. My time at Campion started in fall 1967, so this explains why I remember only demerits, not jugs. I remember that the philosophy of the paddle did, however, remain, at least for frosh.
Tue Feb 24 05:00:31 2004 [Leighty '70]: well no wonder roy wants to cut off eisner's cojones
Mon Feb 23 19:52:54 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: I'd let you use my pass, but the adult passes require a biometric scan (you'd need the index and middle fingers off of my right hand).
Mon Feb 23 19:50:12 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: I live about 36 miles (Titusville) from the location of the upcomming "3rd Annual Florida All-Class Reunion". I am wondering if any of my classmates are planning to attend. Also, if you're 44" tall and look like a 5 year old girl, you can use my daughters season pass to get into the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom or Disney/MGM Studios. :-)
Mon Feb 23 07:21:17 2004 [Fred Nora 70]: Once again Criqui and I are attempting to fill a foursome for golf. The "all class" reunion in Orlando is during the weekend of March 26-28. None of the older guys who attended last year even pretended to believe our lies about how great we were.
Sun Feb 22 18:43:32 2004 [Keough '65]: Mr. Roll, I remember (sort of) when I was playing music in Tucson in the '70s that I can vouch for my mind operating at some pretty high levels...and I'm no scientist. 'Course then again, I guess some of my weeks were 'holes' as well as 4 days instead of 7...
Sun Feb 22 12:45:52 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Yep, I'm slipping a cog or two here and there.
Sun Feb 22 10:06:20 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Now, now, Mr. Keough, let's cut Thomas some slack. Scientist that he is, he was probably referring to a "black hole", which in the space/time continuum occupies 7 days for every 4 on this planet. No, I don't understand it either, but the scientific mind operates at far higher levels than yours or mine.
Sat Feb 21 14:33:32 2004 [keough 65]: And a "hole" week?
Sat Feb 21 14:32:55 2004 [keough 65]: The 17th to the 21st does not make a "week". Thank God you're not a rocket scientist!! Oh,..... wait.....
Sat Feb 21 12:11:35 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: WOW! A hole week has gone by without articulation by anyone. Is this thing broken.
Tue Feb 17 10:49:13 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: On the main page we now have a link to the 1946 Recruitment Brochure. Includes courses, costs, benefits etc etc.
Tue Feb 17 10:28:03 2004 [Bob Voosen 1966]: Speaking of former teachers at Campion, I ran across a site called This is dedecated to the mole aka Avogadros number (in chemistry). According to the site:Since the National Mole Day Foundation was created in May of 1991 by Maurice Oehler, now a retired high school chemistry teacher from Prairie du Chien, WI, the membership has soared. Some 3000 people have at one time or other paid moledues -- many of which have been members since the Foundation began. Maurice is very enthusiastic about his experiences in creating and running the NMDF. "I have met some of the most wonderful people in the world. People crazy enough to celebrate Mole Day have got to be wonderful. I'm not sure what the future holds in store for the Foundation, but I do know it is viable and will continue to get kids enthused about chemistry. My goal is that at least every chemistry teacher hears about and in some way celebrates National Mole Day each year. We have a long way to go, but it is happening." Mr. Oehler was a lay teacher at Campion and taught chemistry and advanced chemistry. He did such a good job that I got college credits in chemistry by taking an exam (and paying the credit fee). Mr Oehler was still in PdC a few years back when we emailed.
Sun Feb 15 15:33:22 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Typical of the trivia light that too often flickers on and off in my brain, I suddenly remember "Office" Jugs and "Work" Jugs. Jim, for example, is describing below an Office Jug. Work Jugs involved menial tasks like Dining Hall cleanup, and there was some ratio of Office to Work Jugs (5 Work Jugs = 1 Office Jug?). Anyway, at this point the little trivia light is flickering out.
Sat Feb 14 14:56:59 2004 [Jim Williamson 1970]: I remember serving JUG on Sunday night at Kostka Hall while the movies were being shown. On some evenings, depending on who was in there, it was tough to get out of JUG hall without getting another JUG for laughing.
Sat Feb 14 11:05:46 2004 [Keough '65]: I'd planned on an early Saturday a.m. flight from Vegas to Chicago (arr:6am) and a leisurely drive into PdC at mid day the 5th of June for the Golf Tourney. But!!!...I just saw a reference to a Friday Night Fish Fry at Kaber's. Is this a real event? If it's a wonderful, old-fashioned, beer swilling, beer-battered-fresh-fish-chowingdowning (new word--couldn't think of a better analogy) than I A M T H E R E . God, I miss those! Was in Minneapolis last October and went to an American Legion Hall in Coon Rapids for the 1st fish fry I've been to since one I accidently drove into in some little burg in the U.P. of Michigan in the Summer of 1975. 26 years between fish-frys is too long. Please let me know if the Kaber's thing really is good eats! Thanks...
Sat Feb 14 10:34:21 2004 [Keough '65]: The only punishment I'd ever received for a jug was the dreaded one hour of supervised study (including absolutely DEAD SILENCE-or EVERYone-guilty or not-got a repeat jug) in Kostka Hall during the afternoon free time. I also remember only too well the "Lost Weekend". (or in my case Weekend"ZZZ"-much pluralZZZ) where the prosecuted were made to transcribe some horrible text book throughout ALL of the free time of Saturday & Sunday. I recall one Freshman weekend, my parents were coming to visit from Duluth. I believe it was my birthday weekend so it was late October. They were stopping in St. Paul first to visit my grandmother, so they were already "on the road". On the Friday morning of the day they were to arrive in PdC, I, once again, ran my goddam mouth or something and got the lost weekend. Fr. Wiggins intervened on my behalf and I was allowed to postpone the Saturday writing to the following weekend. I was held to the Sunday Scriptures, though.
Sat Feb 14 07:03:20 2004 [Bill Friedrichs 69]: To Bob Lachance: Saw your post and wanted to say hello! I'm quite certain you were the football team manager for that awesome undefeated, once tied team in 1964. I was your grade school helper for those summer 2 a days. I vividly remember helping to wash all that smelly equipment etc. That was hard work! There was another Bob that worked with you but I forget his name. There were some pretty good teams in the early 60's but that one had to be the best. Regards!
Fri Feb 13 18:59:35 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Valuable tidbit, Fred. Probably in the God-fearing but secular 19th Century U.S., somebody already cleverly noticed this word for prison could humorously be claimed to stand for "Justice Under God." The joke could've caught on, say, in the Army. By the time "jug" made it into religious schools, perhaps many honestly thought it was just an acronym. It seems unlikely somebody independently invented "judgment under God" as an expression for a school detention, only to have someone then notice it acronymizes into "jug," which just happened coincidentally to unbeknown already have meaning as a type of detention. By the way, further site reading leads me to believe indeed demerits=jugs. The punishment for 15 so-called demerits was paddling. And Michael, I had no knowledge then of Ms. Jackson's demerits.
Fri Feb 13 17:55:52 2004 [Fred Nora 70]: This message is fom me also. Recently I was in the Boston area and met up with Ed Dudek and Chris O'Brien. Both look healthy and seem well. It always seems amazing how Campion alums can sit down, even after 30 years, and still have communion.
Fri Feb 13 17:45:48 2004 [Fred Nora 70]: Last message was from me.
Fri Feb 13 17:44:01 2004 [ ]: Michael, if jug is in fact an acronym, your point is correct and noted. The number of references to "judgement under God" would in turn support that genesis. However the main punishment that I recall for jugs was imprisonment in Kostka study hall. This would of course directly correlate with the slang definition. And because you guys triggered an obsessive search, let me just add one more nuance of this possible, even if incorrect etymology. Webb Garrison was a prolific author, specializing in Civil War trivia and word origins. He argued that "jug" referring to jail ..."Though widely thought to be pure slang, the expression has an ancient and honorable lineage...Long before there was such a thing as a civic-owned building for housing criminals, Scottish lairds punished offenders by placing them in iron yokes. The liards would then exhibit the prisoners in public places. This yoke, or pillory for the head, was known as "the joug."A criminal being punished was, of course, "in the joug." Stone houses of detention came to be called "stone jougs,"and in the course of time the spelling was modified to jug." I had to lookup the definition of "laird" - a landed proprietor, Scot. form of lord. I promise to communicate nothing further re. this dead horse.
Fri Feb 13 10:48:53 2004 [Grover Niemeier 1974]: I have been enjoying this site for some time now. It is a wonderful thing you have put together Tom. Thank you. It is great to see so many names from the past. This website has brought back a lot of memories, some that have lain dormant, others as fresh as if they just happened. The one thing we all have in common, no matter the years attended (or the memories taken away), is our time spent together in Prairie du Chien in the care of the Jesuits. Which brings me to my purpose for coming off the sidelines and into the fray. I have been working on a book detailing my experiences freshman year (for me fall of ’70) at Campion. I just recently read a 2003 novel by Tobias Wolff, Old School, and found it right on the mark for what I have in mind. It is a good read and I highly recommend it. Wolff recalls his time at a New England prep school in the 60’s. I look back to the 70’s and a small Midwestern prep school for my inspiration. My opus opens during the summer of ’70. Those were very anxious times for me as I was preparing for the unknown adventure that awaited me in PdC. That sensation I had arriving on campus for the first time was a feeling that I have not had since. That is what I am trying to capture. A coming of age narrative, if you will. I grew up a lot that first year experiencing things that made me the person I am today…Those feelings and experiences are what I look to put into my work. I ask anyone that is willing to help me (to be my muse) in recalling what we went through our freshman year at that small Midwestern boarding school. I have already come up with some great ideas and anecdotes from this site….Of course, any assistance will be cited in the traditional manner and a copy of the finished work (God willing) will be yours for the asking. Thanks and I hope to hear from any and all of you.
Fri Feb 13 08:43:23 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: This is getting to be fun. I certainly don't know how the term JUG as used at Jesuit high schools came into being. With all due respect, dictionary definitions are irrelevant. If the term came into being as an acronym, then using dictionary definitions to determine its etymology is rather like looking up the word "wasp" in order to understand how "WASP" (the demographic kind) came into being. The point is that JUG probably is a made up term that did not evolve naturally. So what I want to know from my fellow receivers of jugs is what kinds of punishements did you get when you got jugs. I seem to remember "haircut jugs." I also seem to recall being made to do menial tasks. By the way, my Yahoo name is "jugforever."
Thu Feb 12 22:50:27 2004 [Fred Nora 70]: From The Latin Sexual Vocabulary ed. J.N. Adams Johns Hopkins Univ. Press: iugum fero (of the female role)...def - form of imagery when animal terminology of a non-sexual kind is applied metaphorically to humans with various types of sexual implications. All things considered, maybe the etymology best remains obscure.
Thu Feb 12 22:28:54 2004 [Fred Nora 70]: From Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary: jug...def 3. Slang. jail; prison...def 7. Slang. to put in jail; imprison.
Thu Feb 12 19:08:54 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Maybe the threat wasn't one of taking away something we liked, Michael. Maybe it was one of giving us something we didn't like.
Thu Feb 12 16:02:54 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: I don't recall having demerits. Jugs were not just detention, either. As I recall, they led to many possible consequences. But to tell the truth, I don't really remember the consequences. I know I got lots of jugs my freshman year, but I don't remember what was done to me. We had so little freedom that it's hard to imagine what they would have taken away.
Thu Feb 12 13:59:26 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Michael, have just visited some of your googled sites. I'm just realizing now that jugs weren't demerits, nor vice versa. I had thought that when Thomas called jugs detentions, he was speaking loosely. If they were literally (mini) detentions, it seems yet more nearly clear to me that it's the Evolutionary View that correctly explains the (true) *Origin* of the Term "Jug." But surely I can't be the only one who remembers the demerit system. Did the two institutions co-exist?
Thu Feb 12 09:32:52 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: Rich Lundstrom was the Campion teacher who had the most impact upon me in the early 1970s. When he taught me, I was unaware that he'd been a Jesuit scholastic on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, where he'd come to realize that he’d fallen in love with a Native American woman, whereupon he quit the Jesuits, married the woman he loved, had a bunch of kids with her, and continued his close association with the Jesuits as a teacher at Campion. Mention has been made on this website of the political forces that contributed to the demise of Campion, and I think that in Brother Staber’s Histories of Campion, available to “in privatum” alumnae, he refers to a “certain faculty member” publishing an Anti-Marquette/Joliet article in a Catholic publication, at the time of the 300th Anniversary of the “Discovery” of the Mississippi River, in June of 1973, noting that at the same time, other Campion Jesuits had intended to participate in commemorative ceremonies—the “discovery” afterall occurred at the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, a couple miles south of Campion--but at last did not. Well, for whatever reasons, someone with a website devoted to “liberation community” has faithfully transcribed, in full, that article, @ It’s a very pithy article. Mr. Lundstrom had a gift for very dry and devastating sarcasm. From what I know of the history of “intercourse” between the European conquerors and the Native Americans they encountered, it’s also the bitter truth. I was unaware of his literary endeavors when I knew him. He certainly never mentioned them. (There’s another complete article accessible via the liberation community’s homepage, plus a couple of letters.) Nor did I know that he coached varsity basketball at Campion, at least during the ’62-’63 schoolyear, as I’ve only now had the opportunity to discover by perusing the ’63 yearbook.
Thu Feb 12 06:47:28 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: I'm totally supportive of whatever might be done to reclaim the Campion cupola. Count me in as part of whatever endeavor consensus arrives at.
Wed Feb 11 19:31:39 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Robert (10 Feb.), that's what my black Campion friends called them. What my white friends called them I was worried Thomas would have to bleep. Among both sets of friends, girls were absent but well remembered, if perhaps a bit superficially. The black boys' preferred term for those features was known to the white boys, but the latter seemed to reserve its application just for very prominent instances, though I do not say that in any lewd spirit. I'm an eyes man. Windows to the soul.
Wed Feb 11 14:58:14 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Mr. Bransley, I defer to one of the many Campion Class Presidents whos abilities at persuasion have been proven, and are much greater than mine. I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is though.... I pledge a minimum of $250 to this effort.... anybody want to match me ?
Wed Feb 11 14:12:23 2004 [Bob Bransley 73']: Hey Bobby, I like your idea for the cupola. It would be a good legacy for the Campion alumni. At least better than a prison. Put me down for a $50.00. Oh! and you will need to read "How to win friends anf influence people". It might help you in your negotiations with Mr. Dillman.
Wed Feb 11 11:40:57 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: I Googled "JUG and Jesuits" and turned up a bunch of sites, many of them irrelevant. In my completely unscientific survey, JUG was almost always described as an acronym for "Justice under God." The Latin "jugum" explanation was given a few times, but always as an alternative to Justice under God.
Wed Feb 11 11:40:10 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: About the cupola...I called Ken Wall '73 (and PDC resident) today to see what he knew about the cupola. Here is what I found out. The cupola is apparently owned by a Mr. Blair Dillman, the proprietor of Prairie Sand & Gravel, amongst other concerns. It was one of those other concerns that was contracted to demolish Campion Hall. At the time of demolition, Mr. Dillman took possession of the cupola, and has been "storing" it down at the fertilizer plant property, which he also owns. I asked Mr. Wall if there might be some interest in building a small foundation at St. Gabriel’s Church (the current resting place of the Edmund Campion statue, upon which the restored cupola could be placed. I am thinking that some of the bricks from Campion Hall (also in Mr. Dillman's possession) could be used to build the foundation. Mr. Wall thinks that Mr. Dillman has been saving the cupola for inclusion into one of his many projects in Prairie du Chien. Mr. Dillman is known as a kind of eccentric, and Mr. Wall thought the chance of success in acquiring the cupola from Mr. Dillman would be as low as 10%. I am not known to be very persuasive, but I am willing to call Mr. Dillman if no one else steps forward. If Mr. Dillman is willing, I envision the cupola resting on the property at St. Gabriel’s Church, with a plaque mentioning all who contributed to its restoration. Sounds like a project! I can provide Mr. Dillman’s phone number to anybody interested in attempting to save the cupola
Wed Feb 11 11:30:36 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: OK, here's more confusion. Go to this webpage: This fellow says JUG comes from the Latin word "jugum" which means burden or yoke. But in the same brief article, he implies it might mean "justice under God." Don't you just love Google?
Wed Feb 11 10:38:11 2004 [Jim Williamson 1970]: I have a good friend where I live who attended St. Joe's Prep H.S. in Philadelphia. He says that they had JUG hall there and that they were told by the Jesuits there at the time that JUG stands for "Judgment Under God". His son is a junior at St. Joe's Prep and they still have JUGs.
Wed Feb 11 08:54:27 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: I have it on good authority from Joe LaBrie, Ph.D., S.J., that JUG is an acronym for "Justice Under God." He tells me that the term has been used in all Jesuit high schools for as long as anyone can remember. The fact that the word shows up in old dictionaries with a related definition doesn't really shed light on the etymology of the word. I have neither the time nor the interest to go into this now, but if you are interested in philology (and if you are a Lord of the Rings geek, like I am) you should check out Tom Shippey's book "The Road To Middle Earth."
Wed Feb 11 06:29:10 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: Seriously, though, mightn't someone, or some combination of someones, rescue Campion Hall's cupola if it's still there, and install it somewhere? (i can envision it as the ultimate kids' clubhouse in somone's backyard, mine even!)
Wed Feb 11 06:19:39 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: OK, official retraction, the conservative pundit George Will did not attend Campion, as I was certain he had from having read something years ago. I must have been reading about Gary Wills. I got a nice email "From the Office of George Will" to this effect after searching him out.
Tue Feb 10 18:05:59 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I have an alumni who is going to loan me his. I probably wouldn't mind paying $20.00 for one. But I wouldn't want to bid against other Campion Knights to get it.
Tue Feb 10 18:00:24 2004 [john franzen 1971]: In the 1913 dictionary cited on Thomas' "jug" page, "jug" already means both "prison" and "to imprison." It might since then have evolved first also to mean "to debit toward imprisonment" and then also the token of that debiting, the "demerit." Nevertheless maybe some schoolboy who didn't know "jug" was facetiously told, "It means 'Judgment [or Justice] Under God,'" and the acronym stuck. So Thomas' Evolution View could be right even if it's the Acronym View that keeps "jug" popular at schools like Michael's son's.
Tue Feb 10 14:43:12 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: OK, guys. Get ready, hold on to your hats. TOM OLSON ARE YOU LISTENING? Today, Tuesday, is Campion day, Fr Finn day. On ebay, item # 3586618142 is Fr. Finn's Cupid of Campion. Photos show book to be in good condition. Current bid , 6 pm EST 2/10/04 is $18.88; bidding goes for another five days. GOOD LUCK!!!!
Tue Feb 10 12:22:34 2004 [Bob Lachance 1964]: My understanding of the term "JUG" was that it refers to "Justice Under God."
Tue Feb 10 08:21:12 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: O.K., I will get this question answered. There still are Jesuits here at LMU and one of them must know the answer to this business about jugs. The timing of this discussion is interesting. Come on now, did Janet Jackson have anything to do with this?
Tue Feb 10 08:03:36 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: My Webster's (II Third Riverside University Dictionary) jug n. [Poss. < Jug, nickname for Joan.] 1. A small pitcher. 2.a. A tall, often rounded vessel of earthenware, glass, or metal with a narrow neck, a handle, and usu. a stopper or cap. b. The contents of a jug. 3. Slang. A jail. --vt. jugged, jugging, jugs. 1. To stew (e.g.; a hare) in an earthenware vessel. 2. Slang. To put in jail. .......Hope this helps.....Seems to me that if you call Joan a Jug, you'll get slapped! So it seems as though Thomas Olson got it right on two counts, refer to his postings of Mon Feb 9 20:05:53 2004, and Mon Feb 9 13:57:41 2004. My favorite is the plural, jugs, meaning BREASTS. I'm a giggling fool.
Mon Feb 9 20:47:11 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Yes, that does seem plausible, Thomas.The handily religious acronym is probably a lucky coincidence.
Mon Feb 9 20:32:46 2004 [john franzen 1971]: OK (chuckle). I can see that an already existing word for "place for detention" might cause speakers to extend that term to cover "judgment that might doom one to a place for detention if added to enough other such judgments." On that interpretation, the Doyle and Keough findings (the divine acronym and the second religious order school) are apparently just after-the-fact accretions.
Mon Feb 9 20:05:53 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Take the whole bloody group of definitions into the pot and mix it up and you might get it. It is simply historic slang for being detained for what ever reason.
Mon Feb 9 19:25:49 2004 [john franzen 1971]: I deserve a jug for that duplication. I had gone to Thomas' page on the term "jug." On my way back, I "refreshed" this page-- exactly what Robert recently warned us not to do. O, the shame. Anyway, Thomas, I'm skeptical. I didn't see evidence on your "jug" page that the "prison" sense ties in with the "demerit" sense. I'm still finding the Doyle equation more plausible. The "prison" sense was never acronymic, rather being derived from the French "joug,"
Mon Feb 9 19:08:22 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Wow, then I wonder how I came to say "demerits" instead. Possibly that was a distinctively Class of 1971 lingo. Or maybe I only talked about jugs/demerits with my black friends, who sought to avoid possible ambiguity.
Mon Feb 9 18:51:32 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Wow, then I wonder how I came to say "demerits" instead. Possibly that was a distinctively Class of 1971 lingo. Or maybe I only talked about jugs/demerits with my black friends, who sought to avoid possible ambiguity.
Mon Feb 9 16:40:38 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: By the way, the Jesuits still use the term "jug." My son graduated from Loyola High in L.A. in 2001 and they were using the term then. Quite unlike me, he only got one jug in 4 yeras and that was for forgetting to wear a tie on Friday. I got lots of jugs, especially in my freshman year. Of course, if I'd gotten caught a bit more, I probably would have gotten the boot. Long Live Midnight Food Service, Inc.!
Mon Feb 9 16:12:55 2004 [john franzen 1971]: I'm used to saying "demerits," but I think I heard the concept more often expressed by Jesuits than by other boys. It could be that some Jesuits considered "jugs" blasphemous, as well as perhaps unwelcomely ironic. Among my black Campion friends, the term had a different sense, but I doubt this sense had anything to do with any Jesuit dislike for it. Probably more polite than the white boys' alternative term, actually.
Mon Feb 9 14:28:46 2004 [Jim Brinkman 1974]: oops..Once again I hit the wrong key. That is the class of 74'. I would welcome the chance to hook up with any 74' alum to enjoy memories, some good laughs and of course to raise a glass to those who sadly are no longer with us. I for one had lost touch with many of my close friends from those days until Boysie Link emailed me from Columbus, Ohio. I used to keep in touch with Angelo Angeleri for many years then unfortunately we lost track of one another. PJ, Ob's, Bert, Ron, Dave, Fichter, Joe & Carlos and everyone else from the Xavier 3rd Floor North...where are you?....Let's try and make something happen...
Mon Feb 9 14:15:51 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I always wondered if they would let us use the golf course as well. I imagine we would have to rent a tractor finishing mower to mow it down and spend a lot of time making it suitable to golf on again. Does anyone know for sure the condition of the golf field.
Mon Feb 9 14:10:54 2004 [Jim Brinkman 1974]: Note to Tom Sheck: Sorry for the delay in my response regarding at Class of 04' get together. Is it too late? The Chicago area would be great but a Friday night Fish Fry at Kaber's in PDC would be a dream come true! Maybe too, the new owners of CJHS would let us host a golf outing on the famed Campion Golf Course.
Mon Feb 9 13:57:41 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I don't think the Jesuits had anything to do with coining the term JUG for punishment. They adopted it from Military terminology. It dates back to at least 1815 meaning a prison. And apparently became specifically a military prison during WWI. For more info see
Mon Feb 9 12:40:00 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: If JUG is an acronym for judgement under God, I believe it is an example of irony.
Mon Feb 9 12:24:48 2004 [Keough '65]: Thanks, Mike ('70). It's as good an explanation as any, although I don't know how God informed the Jebbies of this punishment. Perhaps I didn't read the Bible closely enough...must be in the Book of "Sincerely Yours In Christ".
Mon Feb 9 07:40:25 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: JUG = Judgement Under God. I am not certain about this.
Mon Feb 9 05:10:25 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: To Bob Bransley: I don't know where Mr Seery has ended up. From the 72-73 Campion Red Book; 30 years ago his parents address was 72 N. Dewey Rd., Inverness, Palatine, IL, 60067 (312)359-0884 ...hope this helps
Sun Feb 8 13:00:48 2004 [john franzen 1971]: I'm here again when you are, Mr. Keough. Thanks for your response. Maybe somebody else will be able to answer my queries about the history of biology instruction at Campion. I do remember a sex talk during freshman retreat. Probably couldn't count it as education, though. Maybe some guy who was there after '68-'69 could inform us whether biology ever did come to be a required course. I've heard rumors that generally speaking, the school moved in the direction of fewer requirements, not more, in its last six years. Actually, I think Michael Doyle tried to answer your "jugs" question 22 Dec.
Sun Feb 8 12:39:40 2004 [Keough '65]: Has anyone ever found what the heck "JUG" means? Is it an acronym? What...?
Sun Feb 8 12:36:38 2004 [Keough '65]: I remember only Fr. Scott's bellowing IN HIS PHYSICS CLASS!! I loved that class, though, but he did present the course in a cartoon voice..."Speak from the diaphragm!", I believe he'd advocate. No recollection of Biology but I was in "C" class so we didn't get any extra bells & whistles. I certainly DO remember that there was no sex-ed. Tried to get that in town (Sh*t! Sorry, Day-guys!!
Sun Feb 8 12:29:31 2004 [John Franzen 1971]: Matthew, I'm starting to understand better why you have been dejected about needing to leave Campion. I never tried anything like making, or acting in. a movie there (let alone succeeding). The most I did along those lines was just to run up and down the Campion Hall fire escape with friends, frosh year. We got caught, and demerited, so doing that didn't even stay fun, in retrospect. Guess you did that sort of thing in high tech style. The reform school/prison metaphor was definitely known to us.
Sat Feb 7 20:10:34 2004 [Lee Jeffers 91]: Tom Olson, I had corresponded with you several months ago about about a request you had for some pictures of the Campion cornerstone I had talked to you about. Just wondering if you received them, or if you wanted me to send them again?
Sat Feb 7 12:49:45 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Now that I've gotten your attention, Mr. Keough, here is a question I've been meaning to ask you for some time, since I think you're probably ideally situated for it yearswise. In your years at Campion, was there a separate biology course available as an elective? I was a sophomore in '68-'69, during which there was a biology elective, but I think I was told it had been available for just a couple years. I think I was told that Fr. Scott had formerly incorporated some biology content into his general science course. Can you confirm that? I think the textbook he used in general science had only a little on botany; don't think there was any animal or human biology in it (and I don't think he taught any of the plant content in it my frosh year). Believing what I seem to have been told was true, I've always wondered why biology was not required, and whether it really had not been taught as a separate course even as an elective until the mid-'60s. If what I've been told was true, can you shed any light on why? (Please rest assured, Mr. K, that nothing I've said in this message has been an attempt at humor!)
Fri Feb 6 14:26:45 2004 [Bob Schmitz 62]: to Chris Chinn I hear Charlie Congo is dealing black jack at Caesars Palace. If you go in Aug. I bet he is topless
Fri Feb 6 10:14:54 2004 [Bob Bransley 1973]: Bobby Bruchs: Seery where abouts. Any ideas?
Fri Feb 6 10:10:27 2004 [Bob Bransley 1973]: To Matthew Micka: Whoa real deja vu regarding your movie. John Seery, whom I haven't seen in 10 yrs would update some uf us on this movie all the time. Boy, if i knew where he was today i would ask him if he knew what happened to the film. but Matthew thanks for the posting. i'll make some calls to see if i can locate Seery. PS How did the fire start in Kostka? I just don't believe the story about some of the class of 72 were smoking dope on the top floor.Wasn't the top floor off limits? Dumb questions we were all pushing the limits there weren't we?
Fri Feb 6 08:50:42 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: Somewhere in the archeological dig otherwise known as my garage, I have a bunch of good pictures of the Kostka Hall fire. I had a nice quality twin lens reflex and was just beginning to develop an interest in photography. I am somewhat technologically challenged, so I can't offer to scan them, but if there is interest I can try to find them and maybe get them to someone who can scan them and put them on this site. Of course, this assumes that I actually find them.
Fri Feb 6 08:03:56 2004 [Matthew Micka 1974]: I want to check in on a couple things. One, right after New Years, I, a member of the class of ’74, got together with five members of the class of ‘70 --Paul McCullough, Keith Leighty, Chris Lamal, Ed Dudek, and a fifth, who’d been a town student, whose name I can’t recall--along with one member of the ill-fated class of ’77, Joseph Dziwura, in New York, around which we all live. (Ed, actually, came down from Boston!) Given the mathematics, I didn’t overlap at Campion at all with any of them. The ’70 guys left Campion in May 1970, and I arrived that September. And I would have been a senior when Joe was a freshman, but I didn’t get to have a senior year at Campion. Well, I was highly dubious that I’d feel anything besides alienated at such a gathering, but I was completely mistaken. In fact, if anything, I’ll bet the shared memories of students and teachers was at least as interesting, maybe more interesting, than if I’d known these guys while I was at Campion. Because for the ’70 guys, the juniors, sophomores and freshmen of their senior year were the seniors, juniors, and sophomores of my freshman year, and most of the teachers that they’d had, I’d had too. With Joe, my fellow classmates from ’74 were the senior prefects, and other mostly agreeable seniors, that he remembered so well from his first year at Campion, the school’s second-to-last year. So, it turned out there was an incredible amount of Campion overlap between me and these guys, which was gratifying to discover. I’m no golfer, but I’m now definitely an advocate of Campion reunions. (I incidentally saw, thanks to Joe, a copy of the 1974 Campion Yearbook for the first time. I must have had opportunities over the years to look at it, since I’d maintained friendships with several former classmates. I guess I avoided looking, since it represented the year that I was most definitely not there, but had wished to be.) Secondly, I’ve recently obtained two of the most extraordinary old postcards over E-bay, which I intend to scan and enlarge, and which I’ll definitely pass on to the website. The first is an architectural drawing by a Dubuque architect, which represents some overly-ambitious grand vision of what came to be Campion Hall. Campion Hall as we knew it was intended to be but half of a building more than twice its size. The mirror image of Campion Hall, complete with another cupola—by the way, couldn’t someone salvage that cupola that’s leaning up against the defunct fertilizer plant, and rebuild Campion directly underneath it?—is separated from the actually-realized Campion hall by an ornate, two-towered central building component and grand entryway (how’s that for architectural description?) The building is very symmetrical, and every single detail of both “Campion Halls” matches the actually-realized Campion Hall totally. I looked up the architect, whose name I’d been able to make out only with a magnifying glass, since my eyes are old, now. He’s on the internet, and designed many area churches. His father designed Prairie du Chien’s St. Mary’s Academy, which became Wyalusing Academy. In the rendering, banners fly above the cupolas, and above the two towers, like it’s a royal fortress. The second postcard came yesterday. It’s postmarked October 1909, and actually depicts Campion Hall in its final stages of construction. A hard-hatted worker looks into what must have become the library (wasn’t it initially a gym?), and, far off in the corner, again aided with some magnification, this tiny black smudge turns out to be a Jesuit in full-length cassock. (Is that what they called them?) There are boards piled against the front of the building, and overturned wheelbarrows, and some kind of wooden shanty, either an outhouse or storage shed, I guess. I know that I for one couldn’t have cared less about such historiatica--I realize that’s no word!--when I was at Campion, but I cherish it now. Finally, I intend to get a 16mm black & white movie I made just prior to departing from Campion turned into digital media, which I’ll then rework. The film involved an uprising at some kind of reform school run by clerics that look very Jesuitical. None of the participants in the film ever got to see it except for a couple, since I was yanked from the school and never returned with the finished film. Anyway, the film opens up on the roof of Campion Hall, with a Jeb-like guy up in the cupola with a telescope, searching for possible escapees, and climaxes with a chase through the stretch of steam tunnel that connected the chapel to Campion Hall. (I sought authorization for this, was denied it, but then filmed it anyway, Father Strzok, my photography instructor, acting as my mobile cinematographer.) As many of us knew, there was access to the steam tunnels through a hatchway in the floor of one of the “customer” compartments of one of the chapel’s confessionals, so this figures into the “plot.” The confessional, in my film, doubled as an electric chair, but to teach a lesson, not to actually kill outright. The funny thing is that I hadn’t the slightest issue with the Jesuits, despite the appearances! More likely the hard-ass, clerically-garbed jailers represented my father, and the two protagonists who initiate the rebellion, one exuberantly happy-go-lucky, played by John Syrie (’73), the other murderous and vindictive, played by Don Nosbaum (also from class of ‘73), were two sides of myself. And all this just prior to my actual father proceeding to pull the rug out from under me and throwing my seventeen year old life into a rather long tailspin! Coach (Counselor) Fullerton plays the Head-Master, and to great comic effect. Ed Eagan (’74) is the student so hapless as to wind up electrocuted. The study hall is the main arena of action, and the point at which the three sections of the Y-shaped fire escape behind Campion Hall meet is the point where the sadistic Head-Master is captured and killed. I’m not making this up. One more thing. If many of you think the John Franzen postings tiresome, I’m way more tired of the endless “get over its.” It takes two to tango, yes?
Wed Feb 4 20:42:48 2004 [RAY HACKETT 59]: Thanks guys for the info on Fr.Halloran
Wed Feb 4 18:29:19 2004 [Bill Friedrichs 66-67]: To Ray Hackett: Fr. Walt is indeed in Milwaukee residing at St. Camillus. Fr. Dukievich (Duke) is there also. We were planning to see the Marquette/ND B-Ball game with Fr. Walt, Pat Farrell(62) and LG. Friedrichs(65) in Dec. but Fr. Walt came down with severe bronchitis. Will be looking forward to re-newing old ties.
Wed Feb 4 12:43:21 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: I have a size 40 red blazer with the Campion crest over the left breast. Also the 1972-1973 Red Book, yearbooks 1969 through 1973, white paper bags from the Campion Campus Shoppe & Book Store, also a copy of the September 26, 1953 (Campion) 'ette (Volume 39 Number 2) featuring (Editor) Tom Killbridge, (Associates) Dave Love, Dan Fitzgerald, Mike Roberts, Jim Phalen, (Sports) Bill Hoffman, alan Meyer, Ben Hilbert, Maury Coyle, (Writers) Tom Doran, Tony Meyer, Ron Lynch, George Dorsey, Ed Patneaude, Jim Stapelton, Bob Sedlack, Jim Berry, (Circulation) John Wellenhofer, (Photographer) Chuck Conrad. Bye the way, I lost my Campion class ring throwing snowballs at southeastern Massachusetts University in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, let me know if you've found it! Most of the nostalgic Campion items were purchased from Check's Antiques, 115 South Dousman St., PDC 53821 (608) 326-6014 (Check's has (or had) a yearbook that included David Doyle (Bosley in Charlies Angels) and something makes me think they also had a yearbook that included George Wendt) (too much software development makes me put things in parentheses). I also have some original Campion letterhead stationary of the type used by the Jesuits to send numerous letters home to parents (6.5" x 8.25"). Last, but certainly not least, I have video of the Canpion Hall cupola resting sadly against the old feed and fertilizer plant down by the Mississippi taken in 2003.
Wed Feb 4 06:09:23 2004 [Thomas O. lson 1972]: He was in San Diego until last year. He is now in Milwaukee. Check with Aaron Hueguenard for current address etc. I don't have it yet.
Tue Feb 3 16:02:59 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Tom, I'll try to get over to Strand's Bookstore in NYC and see if they have a copy of Fr Finn's opus, Cupid at Campion. Have to share that a very close friend of my father who went to Fordham Prep and Fordham Univ way back when (late 1920's, etc) had teased me about this book during eighth grade before matriculation. Having never read it, I'm curious about the book, too.
Tue Feb 3 15:07:12 2004 [Paul McCullough 70]: Anybody have any copies of the newspaper "Prairie Spy"? I don't know the history of this periodical, but it had a good picture of Kostka Hall on 12/14/68 just after the fire broke through the roof. Saw it at the Manhattan reunion last month.
Mon Feb 2 22:22:44 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I have that book. Or I should say a xerox copy of it that one of the local librarians in the PdC valley sent to me a few years back. I've contemplated scanning it and doing the OCR thing on it. But is is a lot there. I'd rather scan the "Cupids of Campion" if I could get my hands on it for a few weeks.
Mon Feb 2 18:48:17 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Regarding Campion memorabilia, a copy of Fr Bowdern's 1937 book, Kilmer and Campion, is available for sale at (just type in Kilmer and Campion in the space for titles). Price: $35.00. The 107 page book apparently is an important reference for study of the relationship bwtween Joyce Kilmer and CHS. Aaron Hugenard has an article in galleys about Kilmer and Campion that may appear in an upcoming Campion Forever issue.
Mon Feb 2 17:05:31 2004 [J Chris Chinn '62]: Great spelling job. Tom - you need to put a spell checker on here!
Mon Feb 2 17:04:20 2004 [J Chris Chinn '62]: Tentatively planning on a trip to Vegas this summer with the wife. Since i've never been there, can someone give me some recommendations as to whci is a good hotl to stay at. Keep in mind I'm just a poor school teacher. Planning on a two nigh stay.
Mon Feb 2 11:49:24 2004 [Keough '65]: Read Aaron Huegenard's (sp?) newsletter (Campion-forever site). In Fr. Eagan's article he mentions the "History of Civilizations" tour in the Summer of '65. I was able to go--my parents said it was a graduation present--I think they wanted me out of the house a little longer-- and Bill Elliott '65 and Dan(?) Klimesch(sp?) of '66 or '67 went, too. Anyone else out there who went w/us? I think that I might still have the group photo taken either on our departure or return. Will have to peel off layers of "stuff" that I have in storeroom. I'll scan it to Mr. Olson if he so desires...
Mon Feb 2 11:38:53 2004 [Keough '65]: Sorry about prev anon. Hit record w/o entering Name..sorry, Tom. -->> Hey, it worked!!<<--
Mon Feb 2 11:37:17 2004 [ ]: The is a test message written in MS Word, then cut & pasted into this site’s message prompt.
Sun Feb 1 21:30:41 2004 [Jim Williamson 1970]: Wow! That was a really screwed up post, but I think you get the gist. At my advanced age it's tough to remember what you wrote when you only have about five inches of space to work with. Tom Olsen, is there any way you can make that 'Message" space bigger?
Sun Feb 1 21:26:54 2004 [Jim Williamson 1970]: Keough '65, I have year books from all four years, class ring, which my wife has, and sports letters. I know that my parents have the tumblers that I got them for a Christmas present that I gave them while I was there and the rest of the good stuff my brother, Joe '72, stole from me over the years, so it is probably at his house.
Sun Feb 1 10:36:52 2004 [Keough '65]: Never saw (or noticed) one of those mugs while I was there. Certainly the colors are right. Anyone have one? What artifacts DO we all have? I have the Campion script patch that goes across the back of the letter jacket and a Campion Zippo lighter, also the red address book from '65 (currently in the hands of Bill Elliott). Yearbooks and other misc were destroyed in the Russian River Flood of '86. Oh, and I have what DID survive that flood (ironically) the '65 Mississippi River Flood booklet from PdC. Class ring was sacrificed to a love interest in '69-ish (no pun intended).
Sat Jan 31 14:03:14 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: On e-bay this weekend: Campion glass mug, $9.95 starting bid. Item # 3657078959
Sat Jan 31 12:04:11 2004 [Tom Lochner DS '72]: Amen to Cousin Mike. See you on the 14th of June
Sat Jan 31 11:12:13 2004 [Keough '65]: ...also, is pretty funny, too. Sorry for typos in prev.
Sat Jan 31 11:10:17 2004 [Keough '65]: My favorite timewasting site is called . Over the last 2 days they have posted links to two amazing sites that they joking refer to as "Domain Names of the Year. One is for an Italian power generator manufacturing firm and the 2nd is from the 1st Methodist Church near Atlanta, GA. (I am not making these up.) The power firm is "powergenitalia" and the Church's site name is "cummingfirst". What's more, within THAT site they include a page that details the specications of their new church organ. So, that page is...(drumroll...) "". Didn't anyone notice?? Or DID they.......?
Fri Jan 30 06:25:27 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Be it known that selecting "Refresh" or "Reload" on the browser after posting a message also causes duplicate entries in the Guestbook. At least that is how mine got cloned! Also, I'd love to attend the All Class Reunion in PDC, but the wife is still P.O.'ed that I went to the 30 year Class of '73 reunion last year, sigh.... (I'm a giggling fool)
Thu Jan 29 12:37:35 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I've confirmed the PdC All class reunion and Golf Tournament is in fact June 14. And of course, the social studies are on the 12 and 13. And Tom R email is updated.
Thu Jan 29 11:05:19 2004 [M.Lochner 60]: Also Rink retired from 3M so no longer has that email address. Will ask tonight if he has a new one at home
Thu Jan 29 11:02:39 2004 [M.Lochner 60]: Tom, The golf outing is the 14th. I got the word from Mark Peterson (MFWIC). It has normally been the 1st Monday, but has occasionally been changed for extraordinary circumstances. My understanding is that a number of alum. ( much younger than myself) have a lot of graduations going on that weekend and expressed concern because this is number 10 and promises to be the best yet. I will see the majority of the committee this evening and if anything has changed I will post it, but that was the last word from Mark.
Wed Jan 28 21:28:15 2004 [L. Gillick, S.J. 69]: Bakc again. Clete Alltoff, thanks for your note, when in Omaha, please give me a call at Creighton U.. Joe Hashka, good hearing from you, thank you; your brothers, both Jesuits and both grads of Campion, are great men; greet Criss for me too. Omaha has no Jesuit street names, Creighton Blvd. was named after the Creighton family who banked the beginning of the school in 1878.Blessings all around, great listening to your chatter and banter now and then.
Wed Jan 28 17:59:17 2004 [Thomas Olson ]: Thanks, Bob L. I'll send him a note to his new address.
Wed Jan 28 12:33:16 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hey Tom Rink, my email to you bounced. Can you confirm your email address when you get a chance. More importantly can you confirm the dates for the next June Golf Outing in PdC. Thanks
Wed Jan 28 12:28:18 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Not a problem. It seems like sometimes a carriage return in the message block send the message and other times it don't. So when it does and one doesn't realize it, the RECORD message button essentially sends it again. I've done it myself. But I have the advantage of recalling my mistakes. I know, I know, it's not fair. But tough! Now don't lets have a barage from everybody testing it out.
Wed Jan 28 12:16:19 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: M. Lochner, Is the Golf outing for sure on the 14th. I think I have the dates wrong on my announcement. I'll will change it as soon as I have confirmation. I've been using the 1st weekend in June as my reference. But I am not the organizer so I yield to whoever knows. Thanks.
Mon Jan 26 16:10:29 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: Interesting assertion that the Jesuits have been in control of the Vatican for over 400 years. This is quite different from the history I learned. At least here, the Jesuits didn't name the streets, the City of Los Angeles did. When Westchester was developed, the only two institutions in the area were Loyola University and LAX, so not only are there Jesuit school street names, there are streets named Aviation, Airport, Flight, Boeing, and the like.
Mon Jan 26 13:14:30 2004 [B. Bransley 1973]: let us not forget that the jebbies have been in control of the vatican for over 400 years. and that the jebbies of USA own lots of land. Therefore it would stand to reason they would name streets after their own. Check it out in cities like Georgetown, Chicago, Omaha, etc.
Mon Jan 26 13:10:27 2004 [Michael Doyle ]: Oh yeah, a Creighton Ave. also.
Mon Jan 26 08:00:52 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: Hi Tom. I don't know exactly how long those Jesuit school street names have been here, but I can estimate. The current campus of Loyola University Los Angeles (now Loyola Marymount since merging with Marymount College in 1973) was started in the early 1930s. Westchester (the area of Los Angeles where the campus is located, just north of LAX) consisted of undeveloped open fields at the time. Westchester was developed in the late 40s so I assume the street names were chosen then. I noticed another street I forgot in my earlier message. There's also a Fordham Road in there.
Sun Jan 25 12:05:58 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Thanks Mr. Lochner. I'll try Marquette and post results here.
Sat Jan 24 17:42:26 2004 [Tom Lochner DS 72]: Robert Bruchs, I beleive all of the records went to Marquette in Milwaukee.
Sat Jan 24 15:36:49 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: On yet another topic... Does anybody know where (or if it is still possible) to get a copy of our Campion transcript?
Sat Jan 24 15:18:03 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Mr. Keough, the only Campion guy I know that hangs around bars as much as Mr. Voosen would be George Wendt (theatrically speaking). No offense to Messrs. Wendt or Voosen.
Sat Jan 24 11:18:52 2004 [Bob Voosen 1966]: The site is back up again. Added a few new items including a class roster. Stop by.
Sat Jan 24 10:28:59 2004 [keough '65]: Please note that the '04 PdC Golf Tournament Bulletin Board is up. For those who are iffy...I went in 2001 and it was the first time I'd seen anyone from Campion since '65. It was a memorable experience. Wonderful seeing friends and those who were at one time not maybe-so-friends. Find a way to attend!! And please let's have more '65ers.
Sat Jan 24 10:21:05 2004 [Keough '65]: Man, this guy Voosen hangs around a lotta' bars! Doesn't sound like any Campion people I know... I was in a bar only once. ...maybe 2ce.
Fri Jan 23 17:30:43 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hey Michael, Any way of finding out how long the roads have had those names. Could be long enough to when they were refering to Campion College way back when.
Fri Jan 23 14:17:50 2004 [Bob Voosen 1966]: I have 2 Campion anecdotes. I was in a bar in Lexington KY. with a business associate and his wife and mentioned some Campion tale. His wife said it sounded familiar- her boss has similar stories. She called him at home and, sure enough, he was a Campion grad. He said he would like to join us but had started drinking Martinis earlier and did not think it wise to drive (he was a lawyer). The other story- in another bar (recurring theme) near my house south of Boston. Sitting at the bar having a quiet drink and a guy walks in with 2 gals and sites down near me. After a few rounds he starts telling boarding school stories to the gals. They sounded familiar so I asked him if the school was in Wisconsin. Sure enough, another Campion alum. Moral of the story? 6 degrees of separation - unless you are a Campion grad and in a bar.
Fri Jan 23 09:57:14 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: Continuing the theme of Campion references: Right around our campus we have streets named Gonzaga, Georgetown, Regis, Holy Cross, Loyola, and (you guessed it) Campion. Interstingly, all except Campion are named after Jesuit colleges. I know there are Loyola High Schools, but since Loyola Blvd ends at Loyola Marymount University, I'm assuming it's named after LMU, which originally was Loyola University LA. So I wonder how a high school name got in there.
Fri Jan 23 06:52:10 2004 [BOB BRANSLEY 1973]: Wow Bobby what did u start here. i talked to my dad and he assures me it is "Night People". let me know if you find a a copy of this movie i would like one. later
Thu Jan 22 19:45:38 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Mr. Franzen, not a problem. I have sent e-mail to 20th Century Fox requesting assistance regarding 'Night People'.
Thu Jan 22 17:53:34 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Mr. Bruchs, this topic is probably better, but hope I didn't blunder too badly in my response on your last one. Thought I should try, since I had introduced that subject and you had empathized.
Thu Jan 22 17:21:46 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: The other Campion Colleges in the Americas pretty much were started mysteriously aroun the demise of OUR Campion. Some of the overseas Campion were started similiarly. I am pretty sure in the time frame discussed our Campion College is in deed the one referenced. I like to use the Internet Movie DataBase as a starting point for a lot of my searches also. Oh and I believe NightPeople was originally done in 4 channel stereo when mono was pretty much standard.
Thu Jan 22 17:04:49 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: I'm about to look through the alumni lists for Jed Harris and/or Thomas Reed. I have also sent an e-mail to a Jed Harris, who describes himself as the son of Jed Harris, and the grandson of Jed Harris, maybe he'll reply.
Thu Jan 22 16:59:30 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Did I start something here? From my research of today, and with the help of Mr. Bransley, this is what I have found out. 'Night People' was released in 1954 by 20th Century Fox (in color, no less). It stars Gregory Peck, Broderick Crawford, and Jed Clampet ...err I mean Buddy Ebsen. It was directed and produced by Nunnally Johnson. The movie is based on a story by Jed Harris and Thomas Reed (just what story, I can't find out, I'm still looking). I have submitted a query to TV Guide's 'Flick Chick', maybe she'll help. I'm also trying to locate a copy of the screenplay. My wife's aunt, who lived next to Charleton Heston, was a past secretary of the Screen Actors Guild, and I'm going to try to see if she can help. As I remember, the Campion College mentioned in the movie was indeed the PDC institution. My source for most of this information is You can also find the poster for the movie at -- Now, isn't this a better topic for discussion than my previous one ?
Thu Jan 22 16:35:53 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: To clarify, did he actually mention PDC?
Thu Jan 22 16:34:50 2004 [Michael Doyle 70]: Do we know that the reference is to OUR Campion. According to this website, there are a bunch of other "Campions" around the world, including several that are "Campion College."
Thu Jan 22 15:38:27 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: So the real exciting thing here is who decided to put the reference to Campion College in the film and what did he really know about Campion. Is he a lost alumni connection?
Thu Jan 22 15:25:56 2004 [Hugh Toner 1975]: I am not sure about Gentleman's Agreement", but I remember watching" Night People " one summer night on WGN while I was a student at Campion and the definitely had a reference to Campion.
Thu Jan 22 15:12:42 2004 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Mark, Good to see you lurking out there. I searched hi and lo and it appears that NIGHT PEOPLE isn't available on VHS/BETA OR DVD. But Gentlemens Agreement is available. I want a copy of whichever movie has the references to Campion College. Are we firm that it is Gentlemens Agreement.
Thu Jan 22 14:48:33 2004 [Mark Gomez 1974]: The movie you refer to is "Gentlemen's Agreement", starring Gregory Peck, and a classic film on anti-semitism.
Thu Jan 22 09:27:41 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Thanks Bobby! I'll try to check it out.
Thu Jan 22 04:46:28 2004 [Bob Bransley 1973]: Bob I think the movie was "NIGHT PEOPLE" 1954
Thu Jan 22 04:40:51 2004 [Bob Bransley 1973]: I don't recall the name of that movie, but Gregory Peck was the star. it was set in Berlin during the cold war era, and he was talking about the school he went to in PDC Wi. and he did say Campion. Hope this helps you out Bob.
Wed Jan 21 20:00:44 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Ummm, that was I whom posted the request for information about the movie where Campion College was mentioned. Sorry about that !
Wed Jan 21 19:58:21 2004 [ ]: Also...One day, whilst a vintage black & white movie playing on the television was providing background noise during one of my codeing efforts, I heard one of the actors mention Campion College. Something makes me think that it was an early Ronald Reagan flick. Any help would be appreciated.
Wed Jan 21 19:48:16 2004 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Does anybody have any contact information for Mr. Thomas Roach, Campion mathematics instructor & x-country coach circa 1969-1973 ?
Wed Jan 21 15:30:55 2004 [Joe Haschka 70]: Hi Ho Larry Gillick! Great to see your post. You've been a friend of the Haschka family for as long as I can remember. You played proxy for my brothers on my first day at Campion by showing me around the campus. How cool was that! Keep Creighton buttoned down this coming summer as my wild and crazy brother, Jonathan, will be State-side and staying with you during his once-every-three-years break from the Jesuit mission in Tanzania.
Sat Jan 17 18:44:22 2004 [Keough '65]: Herr Voosen, I most certainly hear a beer call...mayhaps more than one. You know where I be... And to Mr. Dudek'70, brother of my friend Dudek'65, thanks for info(Majewski & Hubka). Will attempt to find 'em.
Sat Jan 17 09:19:11 2004 [C.C. Althoff 1970]: To Father (Bro) Gillick; you really had a great influence on all of us. I never had the chance to have class with you but you still inspired me with you kindness and capabilities. My assignments with the Army sometimes allow me to travel down to your location, and I will make it a point to stop by and shake your hand. Thanks again .....from over the years, and God Bless!
Thu Jan 15 19:19:48 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Rev. Gillick: Here I am communicating with my former Communication Arts teacher. I doubt you ever hurt anyone at Campion. Most of your many discussions with students there, formal and informal, had to do with values. There were a number of religious brothers there then, but whenever anybody simply referred to "Bro," we all knew the speaker meant Bro Gillick. Everyone had great respect for you because of how active you managed to be despite your unsighted condition, which I trust you'll forgive me for mentioning. Mike Lochner seems to have told us here that the many-against-one hazings at Campion went back (at least) to the 50s, and I wonder if Ray Hackett wasn't hinting at the same (though if so it appears he would prefer to speak of it by the e-mail channel). So it appears Campion's ethical Achilles' heel can't be blamed on the "crazy sixties." You did not, of course, say it could, but some people do like to rationalize. Good to hear of your ordination, Bro (if I may address you deliberately outdatedly for nostalgia's sake)! I'm sure I speak for many others from the Classes of 1967 thru 1972 when I say it's good to hear from you again. Best wishes.
Wed Jan 14 09:36:50 2004 [larry Gillick, S.J. Marquette High 58]: John Ormnsby invited me into this wonderful place. Who am I? I was at Campion from 66 to 69 and I loved it there. I was a Jesuit Brother then, but got ordained in 72 after studying Theology in Toronto. I have enjoyed listening to the names of men whom I knew; such good people. Others I didn't know then or are grads after I left. I was sad when listening to some of the injuries inflicted by other students and by some Jesuits. As I wrote John, I wish I had been a better presence there then, we younger Jesuits were all still finding our identities in those crazy sixties. I have wonderful memories of so many good students and faculty and parents.If I ever hurt anybody there, I am deeply sorry and ask for forgiveness. Fr. R. O'Conne, S.J. is here at Creighton University, his office is next to mine. He teaches Theology here and does Campus Ministry; he has written many liturgical hymns and made reocrds and disks. His email is Thank you Tom Olson for setting this up and keeping it going. Blessings
Wed Jan 14 09:27:23 2004 [larry Gillick, S.J. Marquette High 58]: hello,
Mon Jan 12 13:07:42 2004 [Dudek '70]: A quick hit to Voosen '66 and Keough '65. There are two '70 grads living in Vegas: Mike Majewski and Brian Hubka. The last I heard they still drink beer if they have money left from plaing the tables.
Sat Jan 10 09:28:51 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Good morning, David. Hope events are going well wherever you are.
Sat Jan 10 07:45:44 2004 [Bob Voosen 1966]: Kev, I'll be back in Vegas for the usual trade show running March 30- April 1. Do I hear a beer call?
Sat Jan 10 02:42:51 2004 [David Foster 1971]: Good night John Franzen...........

Fri Jan 9 19:45:06 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Ed, I couldn't agree with you more about Jan 2 in NYC. It was like room rec, guys dropping in and talking. Fred, the discussion of the Lucey Hall decor occurred within the first 15 minutes of our arrival, so it is doubtful that anyone had a bag on at that time.
Fri Jan 9 16:23:27 2004 [Keough 65]: WOW! I swear I didn't hit 2ce! Have no idea why and I be a pro fesshunnel...
Fri Jan 9 16:22:23 2004 [Keough 65]: Voozer, when are you coming back to Vegas?
Fri Jan 9 16:22:09 2004 [Keough 65]: Voozer, when are you coming back to Vegas?
Fri Jan 9 14:38:27 2004 [Bob Voosen 1966]: FYI. Still having a problem with the website hosting outfit for If they cannot get their act together (watching my language, Tom) soon I will move it somewhere else. PIA. As soon as it is back up I will post here. Happy New Year to all.
Wed Jan 7 15:13:00 2004 [Dudek 70]: Made the mini-reunion in NYC this past weekend. A definite renewal of what Campion meant to me. I'm taking the NE Patriots to go all the way - they don't have to play the Yankees, thank God.
Mon Jan 5 14:55:25 2004 [Keough '65]: To John Roll: I don't know you but I'm w/you on the personal visit to Italy!!
Mon Jan 5 11:06:29 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Fred, before you get too impressed by Paul & Co.'s powers of recall, bear in mind that Leighty has a copy of my 1995 reunion video of Campion, and therefore a visual aid was available to their Tanqueray-fogged minds. Also, I'm impressed that your entry was recorded at 5:38 this morning...doctors' hours obviously start earlier than architects' hours (well, this architect, at least). Joe, thanks for Tom Martin's e-mail address; however, I am now thinking that it might be more "prudent" to visit him personally in Italy. My wife, for some reason, does not share that opinion.
Mon Jan 5 08:55:01 2004 [Michael Doyle 1970]: Happy New Year to all. Hope you all had good holidays. Good news from So Cal: the Trojans stomped Michigan in the Rose Bowl. Spent some good time with my son who's now on his way back to Annapolis. He's in the middle of his junior year and I swear he started college yesterday. Life sure seems to speed up as I get older. The daughter's soccer season ended in overtime in the semifinals. She was the goalie and she cried for at least five minutes after losing. Now basketball season is starting, I'm the coach, and she's the only girl on the team. Went up to visit the snow yesterday, only there was no snow. Oh well, at least the snow never visits me.
Mon Jan 5 08:50:58 2004 [Joe Haschka 70]: John, In case you're confused by my prior message, Tom Martin is in Italy and Tom Veihman is in the Twin Cities.
Mon Jan 5 08:49:34 2004 [Joe Haschka 70]: John Roll, and anyone else who'd like to connect with Tom Martin, '70: Tom's email address is: . Come on up the the Twin Cities some time. We'll break Tom away from his endless coaching duties and have a few.
Mon Jan 5 05:37:08 2004 [Fred Nora 1970]: Paul, were you guys able to remember those color schemes before the Tanqueray or did you confabulate with the help of John Barleycorn?
Sun Jan 4 18:28:08 2004 [john franzen 1971]: It is unfortunate that we Campionites did not stress back in the old days that we constitute a brotherhood. What remains appropriate today is brotherhood, but not pep-rallyism.
Sun Jan 4 17:50:04 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Hoohoo hoohoo.
Sun Jan 4 15:39:20 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: For the record, and I want to be absolutely clear about this: The entry of Sun Jan 4 09:13:51 2004, immediately following my description of the Manhattan Campion reunion on 1/2/04, is not mine.
Sun Jan 4 11:15:14 2004 [john franzen 1971]: (Laughs fraternally.)
Sun Jan 4 11:08:21 2004 [john franzen 1971]: Hoho hoho.
Sun Jan 4 09:13:51 2004 [ ]: Suggested NY Resolution to Mr. Franzen: 25 words or less.
Sat Jan 3 13:33:28 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: OK, OK. I'll be the first to get the word out that all of the Campion brothers who attended the Manhattan reunion last night got out alive, Yes, we cheated death again. Proper decorum was observed, considerable of memorabilia were available to peruse, and Tanqueray and Keitel One, among other poteems and restoratives, flowed liberally. And again, to review for all those who were there, the Lucey Hall color schemes (i.e., wallpaper and floor tile, in addition to the brown beadspeads) was first floor: deep beige, second floor: red-brown; third floor: light green; fourth floor: a rather dark blue. Yes, John, we missed you.
Fri Jan 2 15:08:56 2004 [John Roll 1970]: Happy New Year to all Knights everywhere! To Keith Leighty, Chris Lamal, and Paul McCullough, I wish I was getting together with you guys in NYC tonight....down one or two or six for me! Joe Haschka, can you give me Tom Martin's address (e-mail or otherwise) in Italy? I'd appreciate it...hope all is well in the Twin Cities...I'd love to see Viehman again....and son! Tom Olson, thanks again for the great website. I have it bookmarked and check in all the time....however, It's been awhile since I've recorded a message and I hereby resolve to do so with greater frequency in 2004!

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