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Sat Dec 31 06:49:09 2005 [Peter (Piggy) Ebeling 74]: Mike A. Grosko, From your description I could tell you knew Joe Miesen. The last few times I spoke with Joe he told me he was on the Atkins diet and lost 85 lbs. He was working out in a gym and was smoking less. He said it was the best he'd ever felt. Then I find out he died from a heart attack. Go figure.
Sun Dec 25 16:46:08 2005 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: A very Merry Christmas to all the sons of Campion and best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous coming new year!
Sun Dec 25 15:17:26 2005 [Hugh Toner 75-76]: Merry Christmas to all Knighrs, their families and loved ones.May you be blessed with health and prosperity in the New Year.
Sun Dec 25 10:33:07 2005 [Keough '65]: Damn! Sorry, Mr. Bruchs...I haven't visited this site in a while. I resigned my position w/MGM Mirage on Nov 1st and since I'm not working I don't find much time to surf (with insincere apologies to my ex-bosses for time "wasted"--and in the last month of my tenure there was a whole sh*tload of wasted time!). We're waiting on a closing date as we speak. Should be on/about 02 Jan and our contingency offer on our AR home expires the 4th! It's gonna' be close but even if we lose that house well go and rent until we find someplace else. Now that we've made the commitment to leave Las Vegas nothing else matters! We be gone! So if our deal falls apart on THIS house, I'll let you know! 4b,2b, huge pool for $294,000 plus a discount for a Campion grad! Hope someone got that '65 ring Please let us know on this site if you know its fate. Merry Christmas (or whatever/however you choose to celebrate)to all of you out there. Hopefully, my next posting will be from Bubba-Land.
Wed Dec 21 19:48:36 2005 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: Peter Ebeling: I remember Joe Miesen as a soft-spoken, big bear of a guy who was quiet but a very deep thinker if you ever talked to him at length. I seem to remember he also smoked (?) Was this the contributing factor to his passing?
Mon Dec 19 01:34:00 2005 [Peter (Piggy) Ebeling 74]: In honor of my best friend since Highschool... You will be missed. Joseph Miesen'74' 1956-2005
Sat Dec 17 16:42:37 2005 [Michael O'Brien 1974]: How is the gang doing, I remember the steam tunnel tours, was kicked out in 1973, ending up graduating from Saint Ignatius, H.S.? Went on to get a B.S. in Biology, followed by a M.S. in Ecology and Environmental Sciences from NIU. Spent six months, on a remote atoll called Glover's Reef, off the coast of Belize researching Black Coral. Got An MPA from IIT. I have been a Pollution Control Officer for the District for the last 16 years. Hope to hear from my fellow comrades. O'B
Thu Dec 15 19:31:16 2005 [john franzen 1971]: One of the books Mr. Rice had us read back in sophomore English was *All Quiet on the Western Front*. That back seemed to establish in our class's hearts the basic presumption against war that everyone ought to have. Admittedly the fact we were reading it against the background of the Vietnam War intensified the message. I wonder whether books having antiwar messages are still taught in high school literature classes. We still need them badly. But then even the heartfelt presumption against war can be overridden, including at times when there has been high level misrepresentation. Happy holidays.
Wed Nov 30 17:05:23 2005 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: To Keough '65, Maybe we should talk about that Vegas house of yours. I've been trying to get back West ever since I moved to the flatland swamps of Florida in 2003 from San Jose. Can I have your old job too? Wife has government tickets (clearances), maybe she could get one of those Area 51 commuter jobs. Lets talk, my email address in the database is current.
Sat Nov 26 13:05:30 2005 [Robert W. Wallace 1965]: If the 1965 class ring is still there, get it. I understand that Greg Green is deceased. Bob Wallace
Thu Nov 24 09:02:43 2005 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Mike, this one is a no-brainer. I wouldn't wait for Campion peeps to check the blog. Bid on the ring. Oh, Happy Thanksgiving.
Wed Nov 23 21:14:33 2005 [Thomas Olson 1972]: We now have the Eulogy for Ron Henkels '65 posted under
Wed Nov 23 19:16:25 2005 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: TO ANY AND ALL MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1965 (Mr. Keough perhaps?...): As of 11/22/05, someone living in the state of Maine has posted a 1965 Campion class ring up for auction on E-bay. The initials engraved inside are "GCG". Could this have been owned by Gregory C. Green? If so, do any of you Kights of 1965 know his whereabouts or if he is still among us? If he lost it or it was stolen (or pawned perhaps?...) this may be his or his loved one's chance to reclaim the ring! Hurry, before I snatch it!
Sat Nov 19 19:36:17 2005 [Fr. Ed Witt SJ 1966]: I was fortunate to spend time with Fr. John Campbell SJ before he died and privileged to pray with and for him. I will miss him as a fellow Jesuit and sports enthusiast. RIP, Rabbit!
Thu Nov 17 14:47:42 2005 [Keough '65]: You guys had better make your Vegas visits soon. Pam & I have bought a place in NE Arkansas. 3bd, 3bth on 3+ acres for $125,000. Prop taxes are $318 for the year! All we need to do now is sell our Vegas estate; 4bd, 2bth, huge pool w/spa, on 1/5 acre (HUGE by Vegas standards)for only $294,900. Special discount for Knights!
Wed Nov 16 08:13:52 2005 [Michael Doyle 1970]: I wish I could have made the class of 70 reunion. I checked out Chick Foxgrover's pictures and I kept thinking "who are these old guys?" Then I went and looked in the mirror and thought "who the hell is that old guy?" Then I looked in my senior yearbook and found pictures of some guy named Mike Doyle. Skinny, kind of cute, and vaguely familiar.
Thu Nov 10 13:33:46 2005 [Jim Hartigan 1971]: E-Bay currently has 3 postcards and original negatives from the 1940's which might be of interest to alumni and friends.
Thu Nov 10 12:27:34 2005 [John Roll 1970]: Also wanted to reiterate what Fred and Clete said below: Great '70 reunion! Well-organized, well-attended, and an all-around blast. I've promised Tom pictures and contact info for our class, all of which is forthcoming. In the meantime, Chick Foxgrover has set up a CampionPix site at It currently has Chick's reunion pictures and will soon have more...I plan to add mine tomorrow, at the same time I send them to Tom.
Wed Nov 2 16:00:32 2005 [Bob Voosen 1966]: It's official! 40th reunion set for August 11 and 12th at the Palmer house in Chicago. Thank Steve Maras for setting things up. He has negotiated a $139 room rate for the group. Call the hotel at 312-726-7500 for reservations. Tell them you are with Campion reunion group. More info will be posted on the site this week.
Tue Nov 1 09:01:36 2005 [Clet Althoff 1970]: Fred, you are right on! I feel sad for anyone of our class who didn't make it because it was like a huge and wonderful family of brothers. I am ever so proud to know you all. It really was a blast!!!
Mon Oct 31 13:56:14 2005 [Fred Nora 1970]: Class of 70 had a fantastic reunion this past weekend in Chicago. Marty Schultz and Ed Abderholden initiated and coordinated logistics. Steve Bowers and John Roll both did yeoman's work in tracking down classmates. Vince Allegra gave several of us a golfer's fantasy, hosting us at Butler National. Rowley couldn't make it but hosted our central locale at the Union League Club. Paul McCullough served as main Medic and Andy Thon as chaplain. Thanks to all of you and all 65-70 of my classmates who showed up for a highlight of my life. Incidentally I have had a great life AND calling it a highlight of my life is not hyperbole.
Sat Oct 29 13:50:00 2005 [Jim Hartigan 1971]: Up until freshman year I dreaded sciences. However,having been so fortunate to have Fr. Scott as a teacher who made learning a discovery,sciences became a joy. Took a lot of years to realize what a gem he was as a teacher and as a grateful Christian.
Wed Oct 26 11:01:40 2005 [Joe Williamson 1972]: I sent Fr. Scott a letter,back inSummer of 2003,when I discovered he was still alive and living there. I let him know that I thought he was a fascinating teacher and that he left a big impact on many students. He sent back a hand written note of thanks along with a copy of an article he had written titled, 'Vigil with the Stars', which was published in a periodical called,'The Canadian Messenger of the Sacred Heart'. In the article he quotes Abraham Lincoln as saying, 'I can see how it might be possible for a man to look down into the mud and be an atheist, but I cannot conceive how he could look up into the heavens and say there is no God.'He also wrote about stopping on his way from the Dining Hall to Marquette Hall, while at Campion, and just staring up into to sky at the constellation Orion, which may have been his favorite. Anyway, I'm rambling. What a great teacher he was!
Tue Oct 25 13:08:19 2005 [Doug Mainor 78]: For any of you that are interested. Fr John M Scott, the greatest Science teacher I have ever had the privledge of learning under is still with us, though I believe well over 90. He is still pecking away at his old typewriter and can be contacted at St. Camillus Jesuit Community 10100 W. Bluemound Road Wauwatosa, WI 53226 Just thought you would like to know.
Tue Oct 25 12:56:22 2005 [Doug Mainor 78]: For any of you that are interested. Fr John M Scott, the greatest Science teacher I have ever had the privledge of learning under is still with us, though I believe well over 90. He is still pecking away at his old typewriter and can be contacted at St. Camillus Jesuit Community 10100 W. Bluemound Road Wauwatosa, WI 53226 Just thought you would like to know.
Tue Oct 18 11:49:33 2005 [Thomas Olson 1972]: At the time of Leo's incident I too did not know he was an alumni. Probably would have made an even more impression at the time. But Leo has been known about since the very early days (98) of this website. He was one of the first people to be listed on our notable alumni list. His classmates made sure of that. If you guys havent' seen our notalbes list you ought to check it out. There are lots of surprises.
Tue Oct 18 10:04:15 2005 [John Roll 1970]: Me, neither...I remember admiring him at the time, or rather being astounded by his guts at even involving himself in something like Jonestown, but was unaware he was a fellow alum...excellent article, and thanks to Mr. Dungar for adding that nugget of information. On another subject, the past few months have seen a blizzard of emails among us '70 alums to organize our 35-year reunion, which will be the weekend after next in Chicago. Actually, it's been an amazing demonstration of the power of email: our ever-expanding "cc" list has allowed 60-70 guys to have instantaneous contact on a daily basis. We've not only worked out reunion details but had a good time catching up with each other and firing reminiscences back and forth (example topic: movie night in Kostka Hall...had no idea guys remembered so many details of so many lame flicks!)The other thing that's interesting is the power of the web to find missing classmates: Using search sites like Intelius and Classmates has allowed us to find almost everybody, unlike past reunions where calling information was about your only option. Anyway, just thought I'd pass these observations on for all other classes planning reunions. Ours should be pretty epic...I've already promised Tom to provide pictures and all the contact info we've accumulated for our class. Go, Knights!
Mon Oct 17 15:27:35 2005 [john franzen 1971]: Wow, I had no idea Representative Leo Ryan (Dem., Calif.) was a Campion grad. He's the only congressperson ever to be voted a Congressional Gold Medal, and probably the only member of Congress ever to be killed in the line of duty. He died a victim of murder, on a legislatively authorized trip to Guyana in the course of a congressional committee investigation of North American religious cults that utilize brainwashing and violence against some of their members. Leo Ryan's martyrdom (1978) called widespread attention to the severity of that problem. He is a true hero for our times, a fighter for justice and human rights. We are honored that he was among us at Campion.
Sat Oct 15 12:34:27 2005 [Bob Voosen 1966]: Note: on some browsers the reunion link comes out a different color. Click the "Interested in a class reunion? New news! " line to get the link.
Sat Oct 15 12:30:49 2005 [Bob Voosen 1966]: Got a chance to do some updates on the site. Added a couple of pictures of the campus taken this summer. Also some news about plans getting started for a renuion for our class some time next year (where did 40 years go?). 66ers stop by and leave a note on the bullitin board (hit the scroll icon). Funny it looks just like this guestbook only much wiser entries. Also, click on the reunion link (blue type in the center of the page) for news.
Tue Oct 11 03:35:37 2005 [Richard Dungar- ]: To Thomas Olson and all you Campion Knights:I started an article about Campion High School on wikipedia website.I hope you guys will expand the article.It took one Aquinas graduate to start it.I got one about Aquinas High School started.Go Bluegolds Go!!!Finally please look at the article about Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke on wikipedia.There are some very interesting articles and letters fron the RIVERFRONT TIMES of St. Louis, Missouri about the former Bishop of the La Crosse Diocese.
Sat Oct 8 07:41:08 2005 [Richard Dungar ]: This website and the CAMPION FORVER website are now link to the Leo Ryan article on the wikipedia website.I put in a sentence about Leo Ryan graduating from Campion Jesuit High School.The writer of this article needed all the help he could get.This is for one time only.If Governor Patrick Lucey had a entry in wikipedia,I would not do the same thing.Leo Ryan and my dad roomed at Campion and that made the difference.
Thu Oct 6 05:42:55 2005 [Tom Lochner DS 72]: There will be a memorial service for Greg "Howie" Day DS 71 on Saturday October 8 at the Prairie du Chien Country Club. Greg passed away over the Fourth of July holiday.
Thu Oct 6 04:14:36 2005 [Richard Dungar ]: Leo Ryan has an article in the wikipedia free encyclopedia website.I did added a sentence to the article that Leo Ryan graduated from Campion High School in 1943.I did request that this website and that of CAMPION FOREVER be added to the article as external links.I added materials to the article about Archbishop Raymond Burke because of his connections to Aquinas High School in La Crosse.Please look at the Burke&Ryan articles and tell myself what you think.The Leo Ryan article has some interesting external links.Thank you-
Mon Oct 3 11:26:38 2005 [Keough '65]: Hi, Bill Friedrichs! John 'Hoss' Shinners had a home on or near Lake Pontchartrain near NO. I did not get much time to chat w/him about it last week at our reunion in Chicago but I believe I overheard him say that it was heavily damaged in the Katrina/Rita debacle. He was on his way to WI and was only able to join us for the Friday evening party. Had a good time chatting w/LG, Jr.
Tue Sep 27 03:15:47 2005 [Richard Dungar ]: Leonard Chojnacki class of 1969 Campion HS died Sunday September 25,2005.The death notice was in todays paper-LA CROSSE TRIBUNE and there will be a complete obituary in the September 28 TRIBUNE.
Sun Sep 25 18:37:05 2005 [Bill Friedrichs 69]: Kevin Keough- John Shinners is from Hartford, Wi. He was drafted in the first round by the N.O Saints but traded to the Bengals where he started at Guard for Paul Brown for several years. After football, he came back to the Milwaukee area to run the family business, Shinners Publications. I'm not positive but pretty sure he still lives in the Milwaukee area. Regards!
Thu Sep 22 17:38:32 2005 [Keough '65]: Leaving in the morning for the 40th anniversary in Deerfield, IL. Last count was 48 (not inc. spouses, sig-others, pets, barnyard animals, etc.)but 2 are from the New Orleans area and neither have responded to me. Peter Koerber (hope I spelled that right) and some woosy named John ('Hoss') Shinners who played as a cheerleaders' dressing room voyeur (or guard--I keep getting the two positions mixed up) for some NFL team have not been heard from. Please think good thoughts for them. Also, Mr. Olson, I now have that Yahoo IM thing (thanks to Bill Elliott). Your name appeared as a contact but then disappeared and I want to get it back. I'm heading to NE Arkansas after the Chicago thing to check out retirement properties. I'll be back in Vegas on the 29th.
Mon Sep 5 10:34:20 2005 [Keough '65]: 40th Reunion for '65 looks to have 46 class members (not inc. spouses/guests) signed up at this time. One's from New Orelans, though, and we've not had any update from him (Peter Koerber Hopefully, no news is good news. I seem to think John "Hoss" Shinners is from that region, too.
Wed Aug 31 12:13:01 2005 [Mike Kokonas 1977]: This message is for any Class of 1977 members. Please contact me with your e mail address at to touch base with me on connecting with classmates and a Class Reunion. It's time.
Wed Aug 31 06:14:19 2005 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Please pardon my ignorance in the recent message I left concerning the death of my friend, Chuck Ritter. I confused myeloma, which is not skin cancer, with melanoma, which is. Anyway, still a good idea to use the sun screen.
Tue Aug 30 17:02:23 2005 [TS 1974]: Tom... Cleaning house I have come across 3 of my old Campion address books. Years 71-72, 72-73 & 73-74; small in size, red covers. Do you have a use for them? And if so, how do I get them to you?
Tue Aug 30 15:26:38 2005 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Chet, if it was nostalgic for ya, then you did good! The MLPS guestbook would be for stuff specifically between MLPS people. But Nostalgia is pretty general. have fun!
Tue Aug 30 15:18:09 2005 [Chet and Dawn Schnitzler 1996]: Oops, sorry about not seeing that nostalgia was more for the pre MLPS days. Thanks for having such an interesting site, though.
Tue Aug 30 15:14:46 2005 [Chet and Dawn Schnitzler 1996]: While I didn't go to MLPS, Dawn (Schulrud)was a student during the last 3 years of operation as MLPS. Her father was the chief boiler operator and I worked under him in the boiler house. Seeing those pictures really brings back memories. Thank you for posting them.
Tue Aug 30 14:50:55 2005 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Sad to report that fellow classmate, and former roommate of mine, Chuck Ritter passed away earlier this Summer at his home in New Buffalo, MI. He died after a "long and hard struggle with multiple myeloma". Even though Summer is nearing it's end, put on that sunscreen!
Tue Aug 30 10:37:26 2005 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Can somebody scan and send the senior class picture pages from the following yearbooks. 1940 and 1941. We already have the front cover scan but desperately need the senior pics pages. I'll crop. And perhaps while we are begging we also need Front Covers and Senior Pics for 1933,1934, and 1927,1928,1929.
Mon Aug 29 15:40:03 2005 [Chas. Gore 1972]: I understand Dr. Haschka of class of 72 has opened up an on-line sex counselling service for dsyfunctional graduated of Campion. All proceeds go the re-opening of the school.
Sun Aug 28 19:48:13 2005 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Thomas, I've been working at KSC for a while now and was fortunate to get videos of the latest Shuttle crew and launch. I also have a decent video of the Mars Recon Orbiter launch. They don't let me play with the big rockets but sometimes I can get pretty close. Reminds of the days of Estes rockets and climbing trees to retrieve them.
Mon Aug 22 11:45:45 2005 [Keough '65]: I hereby vow to attend the 2006 PdC Golf Joust (barring work schedules, health reasons, wife's "preferences"). Actually, I'm planning to have her join us as I feel it is necessary that she meet the people who have twisted me into the wonderful being that I am. I meant "shaped" me into the wonderful being that I am.
Sun Aug 21 14:29:37 2005 [Keough '65]: Next we'll be getting the El-Dorkos and Dorkettes that use "LOL", "ROFL", and then they insert those horrendous gramiticons such as; ;) and <|:{) . It's a dmamned good thing I'M perfect, right, Tom? :)
Sun Aug 21 14:24:44 2005 [Keough '65]: To the lurker of 15 Aug: YOU YELL TOO MUCH AND DONT USE ANY PUNCTUATION AND HAVE SHEETIE GRAMMAR WHAT AN ASS
Fri Aug 19 12:50:17 2005 [John Clark 69]: Tom, Thanks for putting the photos in the Class of '69 album. I'm quite sure those pictures never made the yearbook. Great website, by the way. Thanks again.
Mon Aug 15 18:28:34 2005 [Joe Williamson 1972]: It sounded so nice I had to say it twice!!
Mon Aug 15 18:27:02 2005 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Tom, I was afraid to write anything else since it's been over a month since someone wrote anything since me. And even then it turns out to some gibberish from a non-alumn! Oh well! - Hey, I'll be with Lipke, Billy Friedrichs, Denny Fuller from the Sawmill Saloon, and others this Saturday in Milwaukee for the Bon Jovi concert at Miller Park. Lipke's got connections! - Keep the messages coming!!!
Mon Aug 15 18:26:00 2005 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Tom, I was afraid to write anything else since it's been over a month since someone wrote anything since me. And even then it turns out to some gibberish from a non-alumn! Oh well! - Hey, I'll be with Lipke, Billy Friedrichs, Denny Fuller from the Sawmill Saloon, and others this Saturday in Milwaukee for the Bon Jovi concert at Miller Park. Lipke's got connections! - Keep the messages coming!!!
Mon Aug 15 17:43:44 2005 [Thomas Olson 1972]: No body is going to tell you what the deal is if you don't sign your messages. It is a shame that a obvious lurker can't at least drum up something intelligent to say to sprout a new conversation with if that lurker apparently is getting bored.

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