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Thu Jun 29 08:35:44 2006 [John Roll 1970]: To Jim Wickhem: You won't know or remember me, being two years behind you, but your posting brought back a flood of basketball memories from '67-'68, both good and bad (curse you, Aquinas!), but mostly good. In fact, I checked out your firm's website, and as impressed as I was with your legal accomplishments over the last 35+ years, I was disappointed not to see "great handle" and "killer cross-over dribble" listed! Watching Ryan, Rieckleman, Wetterau, Kaiser, and yourself (pretty good memory, eh? I'm not even looking at a yearbook) was one of the few pleasures of Freshman and Sophomore years. Nice to see you have channeled that same competitive fire into such a distinguished career, and that you have a large and distinguished family as well. Hopefully you have not only instilled great values in your kids and grandkids, but have also taught them an "ankle-breaking" move or two!
Mon Jun 26 14:13:33 2006 [J.D. Wickhem 1968]: Saw postings from '68 by Chapman and Cardle. How are you guys??We are getting weathered and dinged like the furniture was in old Campion Hall.Still remember my black and blue ass from "Duke" because I refused to submit to Piggy Boor..A long, long time ago in a galaxy far far away..I suppose we are all like the play "Spoon River" with some stories to tell. Give me an E-mail at Omalley still around? JD
Fri Jun 23 14:29:53 2006 [Joe Bigane 1965]: In Februrary there were posting from a Dolan re his Dad, Class of 38 and from A Bob Muhs, 38. Just thought that I would mention that your classmates, Joe Bigane, Jr. and Don Carroll both had sons that went to Campion Class of 65. Both Joe Jr. (1975) and Don (2004?) are deceased. Both were successful businessmen in the Chicago area. Happy 50th a couple of years early.
Sun Jun 18 23:35:05 2006 [ROGER CONNOR 1955]: James Riley Manion. I forgot to include my email. RMCAMERICAN@COX.NET Roger Connor
Sun Jun 18 23:33:00 2006 [ROGER CONNOR ]: James Riley Manion (1955?) was my roommate at St Ambrose College in Davenport, Iowa. Where are you now, Jim? We lived on Locust Street just across from the campus. Roger Connor
Tue Jun 13 19:51:06 2006 [Bill Friedrichs 69]: To Joe Scherr- I too remember your father very fondly. My father coached and taught at Campion in the 60's. He and your father were very good friends, in fact he was very close to our entire family. In the 50's Dad coached at Creighton Prep in Omaha where I believe your father was from. I thought your Dad was a scholastic at the time, not a brother. My folks have long passed away, but all of the Friedrichs kids will remember Steve Scherr. Please pass along my regards and many of us would like to hear of his whereabouts. Thank you!
Tue Jun 13 14:11:56 2006 [Ray Hackett 59]: My brother Jim {'58} passed away on June 2 2006
Wed May 24 13:08:11 2006 [David O'Brien 1975]: Hope to hear from all of you.
Tue May 16 04:30:01 2006 [Richard Dungar- ]: Please take a look at the Campion High School article on Wikipedia. I inserted and then deleted references concerning the Diocese of La Crosse in the article. It was a spirited but friendly, cordial discussion. I only wish the individual would register with Wikipedia. This would make the discussion easier. There is a discussion section at the Campion HS article. Thank you-
Sat May 13 09:12:05 2006 [Ray Hackett 59]: My brother Jim class of 1958 has a serious fight with cancer on his hands.please keep him and all Campion people in your prayers.
Thu May 4 08:19:19 2006 [John Roll 1970]: In response to Joe Scherr, your dad was absolutely at Campion during the 1966-67 school year, although I think that was his last year. I was a freshman then and had him for first-year Latin. After having gone on to take a full four years of Latin, I can definitely say that Mr. Scherr was by far my best teacher of that subject. As you no doubt know, he was both physically imposing and no-nonsense in attitude. And...let's just say he was not above a little "corporal discipline" if necessary. I remember one classmate who said something either dense or impertinent, and Mr. Scherr swatted him upside the back of his head hard enough that the unfortunate guy spent the next five minutes on the floor trying to disentangle himself from his desk! Rest assured we learned some Latin that year! Anyway, I don't mean to cast him in too harsh a light...he was an effective communicator and a great teacher. I can still hear him correcting me with a quiet "Come on, Roll", which was about as effective a deterrent as I've ever had. As I recall, he was good friends with Mark Voss, SJ, who was a great math teacher with a similar no-nonsense style. Both, I later heard, left the Jesuits and started families, which I guess typifies the talent drain the Jebs were experiencing even then. Sounds like the Jesuits' loss was your gain, Joe! He won't remember me, but you might let him now that at least one middle-aged Knight remembers him.
Tue May 2 06:38:15 2006 [Richard Dungar ]: Many thanks about the comments concerning Wikipedia. Incidentally, I also started an article about my alma mater Aquinas High School not to mention the one about the Diocese of La Crosse and all the bishops, except for Bishop Burke.I would under:USER RFD. Speaking of Aquinas HS, please feel free to call myself at home concerning the archives. I am still doing inventory. Again, I hope everyone is doing well.
Mon May 1 16:46:23 2006 [Joe Scherr N/A]: I stumbled upon this site when reading a biography of Garry Wills on Wikipedia. My father, who was then Brother Steve Scherr, speaks fondly of his days at Campion. Here's the question: Would he have been at Campion in 1966? I'd like to tell him about this if he was. Thanks, Joe Scherr
Mon May 1 11:25:27 2006 [Richard Dungar- ]: The Aquinas High School archives room is now open; while sorting through 79 years worth of history, I came across some interesting items concerning Campion among them a film of a football game in 1974 between Aquinas and Campion. I also have been writing articles for Wikipedia-the online encyclopedia. I did start one article(before I register) about one on Campion High School. The latest one I started is one about Archbishop Weakland of Milwaukee. Any fellow Wikipedians out there.I hope everyone is doing well.
Sun Apr 23 11:35:55 2006 [Randall Evanson 1951]: Dear Classmates, My wife and I recently spent some time with Fred Basora and his wife in San Juan, P.R. He looks great. It was a nice reunion, first time since I spent a night at his (his parents') home in Santurce in 1956. If anyone wishes to say "hi" to Fred, his e-mail address is
Sat Apr 8 14:25:00 2006 [J Chris Chinn 62]: 2007 (that's already next year) will be 45 years since we graduated (ouch!). I think we definitely should have a reunion. Any thoughts? Contact me - I'll be more than happy to work on the details.
Wed Apr 5 06:07:10 2006 [Tom Lochner DS72]: Rick Schebler I am glad to hear you are so happy and well loved. Congratulations on achieving what we all seek. god be with you
Sun Apr 2 19:31:22 2006 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Thomas, I was unable to order up premium service from my cable provider in time to capture Night People. If you were able to get a copy of it, maybe you can encode the segment where Campion is mentioned and make it available on the site.
Sat Apr 1 10:49:55 2006 [Rick Schebler 1972]: Saturday. April 1st, 2006. Painting my kitchen and decided to walk (surf) the long trail home to Campion. Scrolling the guestbook, and what did I see. I saw names. Names of people I loved 30 sum odd years past. Names of people I still think about now-and-again. Tom Olson, Lockner and Leyden. My friend Joe Williamson. Jeff (Papa) Paunicka, my freshman year roommate. Memories are flooding back, not clouded at all by the mist in my eyes. Many other names which don't appear on the guestbook, but live in my heart none-the less. Friends, teachers and coaches. Jesuits! Men of profound faith, whose influence sculpted who I would become and what I am today. And what is that? I'll tell you. What I am today is "Happy." I love well, and I am a well loved man. It's all I have ever wanted, and God has blessed me. Take care, My Friends.
Fri Mar 31 16:55:57 2006 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I have my recorder set to record "Night People". On the left coast it plays at 4:00AM on Dish Network.
Fri Mar 31 14:30:29 2006 [Keith Rothschild 1957]: I remember when "Night People" was shown in our little campus theater in the basement of old Kostka Hall. When Campion was mentioned it drew a big cheer at the Sunday afternoon performance for Junior Division folks. The cheer drowned out the rest of the remark which I think (remember it's been almost 50 years now) mentioned Prairie du Chien. The Jesuits told us senior division folks not to cheer until later when we saw it at the 7pm showing that Sunday evening. We sure were a happy bunch of campers for the next few days.
Wed Mar 29 09:26:39 2006 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Night People - a 1954 movie starring Gregory Peck and Broderick Crawford dealing with post WWII prisoner exchange, has a mention of Campion College. It airs this Sunday (April 02, 2006) on the FMC (Fox Movie Channel) at 08:00 AM. Check your local listings.
Sun Mar 5 07:18:24 2006 [Tom Lochner DS 72]: Michael Lochner, 1960, passed away early this mormning in Prairie du Chien. Those who participated in the annual golf outing always appreciated the work he did on that committee. He will be missed. Please keep Mike, his wife and family in your prayers.
Wed Mar 1 19:48:20 2006 [Lee Pratsch 66]: The error in the number is my mistake. Sorry. When do we have to make the reservations by in order to get the group rate?
Mon Feb 27 15:10:12 2006 [Lee Pratsch 66]: Hi Bill, Don't blame Voosen: I'm the one who didn't have his bi-focals on. How long do we have to apply for the reduced rates at Paris's place? -Lww
Sun Feb 26 19:43:37 2006 [John F. Ormsby 1971]: To Jake Jakoubek: To find David Spellman do the following: 1. Go to ; 2. Enter the name and the State; 3. In lookng at your responses focus on the age; 3. This should give you the answer. In using zabasearch, you will feel like a spy. It is a very intrusive site.
Fri Feb 24 15:32:48 2006 [Jake Jakoubek 66]: Anyone know where Dave Spellman is at? He was my roommate senior year. Too many David Spellmans in the phone book to call them all ...
Fri Feb 24 07:43:04 2006 [Bill Reiter 66]: Just made my reservations for the Qug reunion; really looking forward to it. Actually found some pictures last week while cleaning out a dresser. By the way, the 800 number for Hilton is 1-800-445-8667, slight typo from what was listed by Bob back in Nov. SEE YOU THERE!
Thu Feb 23 10:05:08 2006 [Bob Muhs 1938]: Tom, Good to hear from you, Tom - I've lost all contact with any of the gang. Last contact was from Dale Scherer '38, back in May of 2000. Since graduation I've only met face to face one grad from Campion - and that was in Hsian, China in late '44 or early '45 in an eight holer. He was driving P-47s around and I was base adjutant. Just saw him that one time and his outfit moved out suddenly - I think they were just TDY at our base at that time. You are correct on the address change - .jdv was sold and still provides some service I understand, but broadband was much more attractive, so I switched to Mediacom ( and have been using it since. In his email ( attached ) he mentioned some of the elder priests that were at Campion at our time. Sometime in the early '50s my wife and I were driving from Minneapolis back home in Chicago and we made a stop at Campion. Mr. Murphy, who had been a prefect in my days, was now the principal of the school - and sadly told of the "kind of students" they were getting now - and really, looking back, was indicating that Campion wouldn't last a whole lot longer. Since WW II we've lived in Chicago, Oregon, California then back to Chicago area and finally to the old family home here in Camanche, Iowa. We overlook the Mississippi River from our house that's been in the family for at least 110 years. (Camanche is just south of Clinton - the fartherest east point in Iowa) I retired from Western Electric ( the old Ma Bell ) in 1980 and have been here since then. Electronics all my career, including some exotic stuff from Bell Labs that's pretty routine now. So that's the quick story - glad we're back in touch! Bob
Wed Feb 22 11:31:53 2006 [Dolan 38]: Does anyone remember my father at Campion class of 1938--Robert Henry Dolan?
Tue Feb 21 10:34:48 2006 [Keith Rothschild 1957]: Our classmate, Fr. Jim Strzok in Kenya, Africa, sent this email to Jim Bayley and me. Thought you might be interested enough to help. Thanks. Dear Keith and Jim, I want you and the Campion Grads know some of the good you have been part of through your contributions. As you are aware of we in east Africa are in a drought-famine situation. It is my front and back yard. Last week I journeyed to northern Kenya where the current drought and famine is hitting very hard. I took some food relief sent by you, my family, some friends here and at home and Jesuits here. I set up logistics to get more food and things there in the future. My contact is the pastor of Our Lady of Good Council with its 18 outer parishes. His name is Joseph Ekalimon, a native Turkana priest and the Dean of the Lodwar Diocese. Much more help is needed in the next three or four month until the April-May rains take hold. It will get worse fast for the famine is just taking hold there. In fact even Nairobi is affected by drought, though not as much as the north and east of Kenya. The next three months before the April-May rains are critical. Maybe you can help again? If you think it's good, send this around to the other Campion grads. It is a good Lenten fast. Prayers are immediate, faster than e-mail. Money can be sent through the Jesuit Partneship, PO Box 080288, Milwaukee, WI 53208-0288. Just tag it for famine relief and my name. God bless us all. Jim, SJ
Tue Feb 14 12:48:16 2006 [Keough '65]: The wife and I are now firmly ensconced on 3 and a half acres in the Ozark Mountain Foothills at the end of a gravel road buried in Northeastern Arkansas. I've received verification that my Yamaha DtXtreme IIS electronic drums are on the way. I purchased a used electric golf cart yesterday for my wife on which I will fashion some sort of Southern-Engineered hand controls (she has MS and has very limited use of her legs) so she can zoom around the property and enjoy our area more fully. I resigned from my Network engineer's job at MGM Mirage over 100 days ago. I haven't cut my hair since before the Class of '65' 40th reunion in September and have not been in the same zip code with a razor for just under 4 weeks. I'm looking like George Carlin when I get out of my morning shower but too much like Gabby Hayes by the end of the day. I'm walking an average of 2 miles a day. I'm down from 222 (20 Nov) to 209 03 Feb). Life is good.
Mon Feb 13 05:07:34 2006 [Dennis O'Toole 1966]: Steve, what a surprise to get an email from you. The reunion sounds like a good time. I look forward to it.
Sat Feb 11 17:24:53 2006 [Keough '65]: Oh, God, things have gone very, very bad for civilization. Mr. Keough has just bought another set of drums.
Thu Feb 9 18:31:37 2006 [James Cardle 1968]: Found this site while surfing the web. The demise of Campion makes me sad - I refuse to ever go near Prairie du Chien because I want to remember Campion as it was. I live in St. Paul and would be pleased to hear from other Campion people. I still try to occasionally keep in touch with Jerry Barnett and Chuck Haskins.
Wed Jan 25 11:32:11 2006 [Jim Williamson 1970]: I regret to inform those of you who knew Mark Lappe '70, that Mark passed away on Wednesday, January 18, 2006. Mark's funeral was on Monday. There were many of his Campion classmates in attendance from the Chicago area as well as other parts of the country. Mark will be sadly missed by his family and friends. May he rest in peace.
Sat Jan 21 14:03:59 2006 [Bob Voosen 1966]: Sayer and McNamara, more information about the 40th class reunion on the web site. More names of our classmates coming in everyweek. For the class of '66 guestbook use the drop down box next to the blue i (help) button and click on the "record" button. Then enter your message in the space at the top (looks just like this page). Also, the rule being broken on the main page is - no contact with your roommate during study hall hours. I had a couple of cold ones with McHugh last fall. He is retired now and even goes out in the evening!
Thu Jan 19 15:08:55 2006 [Sayer 1966]: OK, so I'm a little slow--I just found the web site. Fr. Larry Gillich told me about it last weekend while I was on retreat at the Jesuit Retreat House, Demontreville. I look forward to the reunion--when is it?
Thu Jan 12 09:21:24 2006 [Matthew Micka 1974]: JOE MIESEN Class of ’74 R.I.P. I was way too bummed out about Joe’s death back in April of ’05 to say anything about it in the Guestbook, but now I see he’s being acknowledged by Peter Ebeling, who I somehow seem to have managed never to have known at Campion, and remembered by Mike Grosko, ergo this belated appreciation. Joe and I were assigned as roommates at the beginning of our freshman year in September of 1970, on Marquette Hall’s 2-South, by virtue of our names following each other alphabetically, Miesen and Micka. In no time, however, Joe was bummed out by his arrival at Campion, and was playing, over and over again, the cut “I Am a Rock” on Simon and Garfunkle’s “Sounds of Silence” album. It was the last cut on the second side of the record, and, each time the song ended, Joe had to get up, lift the needle, and place it down again. This sounds straight out of something lon “Seinfeld,” but it’s true. So in no time I was avoiding our room at all costs, and, as soon as I could, on “Change Day,” ceased to room with him! (Joe’s bummed-out arrival at Campion almost culminated in him being asked to leave. When an “agreement” was reached, with the administration and Counselor “Fuzzy” Fullerton, it included that stipulation that Joe surrender his copy of “Sounds of Silence,” and agree to see another “counselor,” once a week in Chicago, over the summer between our freshman and sophomore years.) But then as soon we’d ceased to be roommates, Joe and I became friends. I recruited him to do the titles on the first film I ever made, in Super-8, for Mr. Donnegan’s English class. (The film was called “Al,” and starred Al Kamarowski, who lived by himself in the very corner room that Joe and I had started out sharing.) I missed the first half of our sophomore year, and, when I returned, I’d somehow fallen “out of step” with virtually everyone I’d been friends with freshman year. But not so with Joe. At the end of sophomore year, I actually agreed to room with him junior year, i.e. of my own free will! This too however soon proved to be a disaster! One night I remember him lying on his bed, under his old ratty army blanket, his head covered, just to spite me. He’d been under the blanket for I think several hours, and the next thing I knew, I was wailing away at this amorphous lump, trying to pummel him into returning to “society.” He’d “done it” again, i.e. driven me crazy, and once again I jumped at the chance to quit being his roommate. But just as it had happened freshman year, as soon as we ceased trying to be roommates, we became as good of friends as we’d ever been. I didn’t return senior year, yatayatayata, you’ve perhaps heard me lament this before in the Guestbook. Ten years passed before I re-intersected with Joe, in May of ’83, in Oak Park, Illinois. Joe had meanwhile “come out,” i.e. “come out” as gay. We’d been corresponding prior to getting together, so I knew this already. When we re-intersected in person, Joe had just had his nipples pierced! They were recuperating. This was pretty radical for a straight boy like me, and I prided myself on my capacity to accept Joe for who he truly was. But it went farther than that, for those nipple rings, which he insisted on showing me, well, they suited him, just as his gayness suited him. That “amorphous lump” I’d known and loved at Campion had had something missing from it, and Joe had “filled out” by bringing his gayness fully into his identity. I couldn’t have been more pleased with our re-intersection. Joe later came to my wedding in New York in Feb. ’85. (Actually he missed the wedding but made it to the reception!) He came with the man he’d been living with in Chicago when we’d met up two years before, a very nice older guy who eventually died of AIDS. Then, in 1990, I literally accidentally stumbled upon the fact that Joe was living in Minneapolis. This was an amazing fact, inasmuch as I myself was by then living in St. Paul, Minnapolis’s “twin.” I’d moved there in 1989 and had been out of touch with Joe for the past couple of years. So our friendship resumed. Eventually, in the fall of ’92, I took a trip to the Grand Tetons, and to Yellowstone, with Joe and his partner Gary. On the trip I learned that Gary had AIDS, and Gary too died of it, within a couple of years. But by then I’d returned to New York. I never lost touch with Joe, but about two years ago, we came to be very much back in touch, via frequent email, and occasional phonecalls. The occasion was partially the resuscitation of the 16mm film I’d made in May of ’73, “Be Gone Satan.” (available for download in the In Privatum” on this website). Joe, along with our fellow classmates—and movie “cast members” Mark Gomez, Ed Eagan, and Mike Murray, had contributed $100 to get it digitally transferred. Also, I was writing about Campion, and the long term psychic consequences of having been “aborted” from it twice! Which brings us to March, ’05, not even a year ago. I’d known for the preceding year that my new job was on the same block that my old literary hero from Campion, Kurt Vonnegut, lived on. I’d seen him once on his stoop, and said hi to him, but had gotten the distinct impression that he hadn’t appreciated at all being recognized and so enthusiastically assailed! But in February of ’05, for some reason, I wrote him a letter, telling him of how I remembered paperback copies of his books stacked high behind the counter of Joyce Kilmer Library, and how I’d read every one, and how I’d spent nearly 25 years “in exile” from my love of his works, just as I’d spent those identical 25 years “in exile” from my spiritual connection to Campion. And this time, Vonnegut wrote me right back, a delightful postcard, with a hook-nosed autobiographical sketch on it, almost identical to the one that now graces the cover of his latest book, “A Man Without a Country.” Well! This I had to report at once to Joe, and to Ed, and to Mike, and to Mark, and also to Randy Hayes, another cast member of “Satan,” with whom I was also back in touch as a result of the digitization of that masterpiece! I sent Joe a copy of the letter I’d sent Vonnegut, and it circulated to Ed, and then on from there, to I’m not sure where! A couple of days later, I ran into Mr. V on the street, and this time, when I said hello, and identified myself as the author of the recent letter to which he’d so generously responded, he was effusive and gracious. What a thrill! So immediately, Joe, et al, were apprized of my in-person meeting with “The Man” himself. I wrote Vonnegut another letter, and speculated on what it must be like to be 82 years old, which was his age then. However, I realized what a spry 82 year old he was, and what’s more, went on to say that, no matter how old one was, we were all of us just one heartbeat away from death, which united all across ages. I at once sent on to Joe a copy of this follow-up letter, with its reference to beating hearts, and the cessation of hearts. As I left work that night, there, again, was Vonnegut, crossing the street in front of me. I didn’t disturb him this time—although I certainly have subsequently, as our paths have crossed—but e-mailed Joe the next morning that I felt like I was suddenly in a Kurt Vonnegut video game, akin to “Where’s Waldo,” except, in this case, it was “Where’s Kurt,” and damned if he wasn’t always somewhere if you just looked hard enough! I was always trying to nudge Joe to come visit me in New York, and, when he expressed interest in the environmental artist Christo’s “Gates” going up in Central Park at right around this time, I’d pressured him to visit. But a trip to the big alien city was right then too much a source of anxiety for him, he frankly confessed. After the last Kurt sighting, I got an e-mail from him asking me to forgive him, telling me that, while he wasn’t comfortable with the idea of visiting New York, he was on the other hand about to embark on a cross-Wisconsin trip, following some remnants of the Grateful Dead. He saw them play in Minneapolis, and then somewhere in Wisconsin, and then again in Chicago, where he was to intersect with Ed Eagan. I had no trouble forgiving him this, and was glad that he had the spunk to hit the road like this as an un-reformed Deadhead, as he approached age 50. Then, from Ed, I learned that Joe’s heart had suddenly stopped beating. Our hero from Campion Days, Kurt Vonnegut, had outlived him, by over 30 years! (Mr. V. turned 83 last November, and last night as I left work I saw him looking out his 3rd floor window!) All of which adds up to what exactly? As Mr. Ebeling says, go figure! So long as we’re alive, we have each other to cherish, and I guess that’s that. That said, I also do hereby found, in Joe’s honor, albeit inevitably retroactively, the Campion Jesuit High School Straight-Gay Alliance, an affiliation that will doubtlessly make many a proud (presumably straight) alum gag, but, on the other hand, is also an affiliation that I’ll bet plenty of alum, straight and gay, would be proud to join! (I can also “just hear” gay Campion alum snickering at the allusion to “gag.”) Here, here, then! We demand space on the website! (Just kidding, Tom!) As these things often go, Joe’s death turned out to be the direct cause for me resuming being friends with Ed Eagan after a 30+ year lapse, and Mike Murray, and Randy Hayes as well. (I’d already resumed a lively e-mail friendship with Mark Gomez, thanks to, of all things, him selling postcards on Ebay!)
Tue Jan 10 09:07:11 2006 [Bill McNamara 66]: Rule breakers are Bill McNamara and Kevin McHugh. Rule broken, ?.
Mon Jan 2 10:56:59 2006 [chapman 68]: Are there any class of '68 mates out there? Tope where are you...Bristol? I was up in Hayward for a week this past summer and couldn't help wondering how you are. Remember the night spent in a tree after the Piggy Boor escape (Jim got away, I got a black & blue ass). How about Jake, Fugger, Tony Horn, C Phee, Chuck Haskins, Rich Birmingham, John Kiernan, Jak Langley, Vruno, the Hoax Oaks, Scott Deveney, Terry Labrecque, Fiddy, George Trautman... Just a moment to say hello and hope all is well.
Mon Jan 2 03:05:56 2006 [Peter (Piggy) Ebeling 74]: So told through the grapevine I was the Last Person to graduate from Campion. I was behind 1 1/4 credits from graduating in 1974. So, I blew off a school year and went to Arizona with Dan Bilger. Jim Bilger was his brother. I went to summer school in 75 and did receive my Campion sheepskin. Thank God.
Mon Jan 2 02:58:13 2006 [Peter (Piggy) Ebeling 74]: Mike A. Grosko, Did you know Paul Plattis'75' aka P-man? He was also a great friend of mine. I was his roomate when he died, I think, in 1981. Damn, time flys.

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