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Mon Dec 25 15:34:53 2006 [Jim Williamson 1970]: I just realized, after hitting the "RECORD message" button that I am Campion class of 1970 and Villanova class of 1974. It's a bitch getting older!
Mon Dec 25 15:30:02 2006 [Jim Williamson 1974]: Merry Christmas to all Campion fellows and their families and to all a good Knight!
Mon Dec 25 08:10:56 2006 [Jeff Paunicka 1972]: Merry Christmas to the Knights and families!
Sun Dec 24 13:33:25 2006 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: Here's wishing a very Merry Christmas to all the sons and family of Campion and the very best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous coming new year!
Thu Dec 21 07:54:13 2006 [Clet Althoff 1970]: For all of the Campion "family", I want to be the first to wish you all a very merry Christmas, and all the blessings of the New Year! May all the bells you hear be happy jingle bells, and not those DARN LOUD BELLS that always used to clang and echo throughout the hallways of Campion Hall to signal classes!!! They could drive ya nuts after 4 years.....
Sat Dec 16 13:33:49 2006 [J Chris Chinn '62]: Tom. Glad to hear we're remembered in PdC. If things work out, I plan a driving trip next July that includes PdC. Wish I could make the June reunion/golf date, but I can't be off school at the time. If I get there, it will be my first time back since 1964. Wow!
Fri Dec 15 20:10:58 2006 [Thomas Olson 1972]: There are at least two repositories of Campion Stuff in PdC. One is the PdC library downtown. The other is just a few blocks from there towards campus. It is one of the 'lodges'. I forget which one. Moose, Elks, Masons, Vets, somebody. Perhaps a DS still residing in PdC will chime in. I think it was Tom Rink '64 that told me about it. The last time I was at a golf tour, I spend 5 days scanning stuff at the Library. And the next time I was to check out the 'lodge'. And I vaquely remember somebody saying one of the other 'museums' in town had some paraphernalia.
Fri Dec 15 17:57:05 2006 [J Chris Chinn '62]: Rick S. Great idea to have a Campion museum of sorts in PDC. They must have - or should have - an historical museum. Proud dad note - my daughter - (Amy, University of Detroit '05) is now a Manager of the Detroit Historical Museum (, run by the Detroit Historical Society and no longer by the City of Detroit).
Thu Dec 14 09:48:35 2006 [Ray Hackett 59]: Lawrence class of 57' is having a reunoin at phesant run in july 07' iI am sire they would be interested in stuff - - looked for info on u in phone book no listing
Wed Dec 13 08:22:42 2006 [Rick Schebler 72]: Thank you Lawrence. That's a very generous offer. Perhaps at our upcoming 35th Class reunion, the class of 72 could discuss the possibility of some central location in PD where we could put a collection of Campion memoribilia. A miniature museum so to speak. What do ya think, guys?
Tue Dec 12 11:31:15 2006 [Lawrence Brokamp ]: Dear Campion Alums. I did not attend Campion, My father did, Kenneth brokamp '43, now deceased. I Went to 8th grade weekend and took the admin test in Oct of 74. Was excepted, but you know what happened later. I have some memoribilia that I think you graduates should have rather than myself. I will give it away free. You decide who gets it. all I ask is that someone picks it up. Its VERY breakable. I have a red sweater, medium in great cond I bought at the 8th grade weekend. I have a statue of Edmund Campion about 10-12 inches long. Its painted black, made out of some kind of glass. Its still in the box in great cond. also have some cocktail glasses withthe emblem on it. I live in Hinsdale, Illinois
Sun Dec 3 08:57:28 2006 [Keough '65]: By the way, Chris...Dr. Lou Chiara was the roomie back at Campion
Sun Dec 3 08:56:25 2006 [Keough '65]: Bob Voosen and Chris C(h)inn, sorry for not getting back. Chris, There are a gazillion jobs in Las vegas. You (or your son) will likely find one that underpays but it will get him going while searching for better. Casino jobs generally start as a Systems Op or Techie Desk and then bump up from within. My age and quickly degenerating attitude towards Vegas meant I had no where opportunity to go to a job I would want. They keep pushing for Mgmt or Supervisory jobs & I HATE them. My wife and I became a little tired of the Vegas pace. Infrastructure has not kept pace w/growth. Also, the city's size and anonymity (sp?) unfortunately draws a high number of living-on&over-the-edge critters, and crime & violence was getting out of control. Road rage incedents went from the middle finger to the finger on the trigger. I'd been drawn on 2ce. {When living in Oakland in the early 90s I was actually shot at at 98th & Edes. (Anyone from the area knows that intersection). Bullet went through windshield past nmy left ear, through the headrest , through the back seat out the trunk....nice. I made the mistake of honking at a YBM who sauntered in front of me as I began to accelerate through my green light. Sorry, a**hole, my bad!} Now I hear the shots of deer rifles miles & miles (I HOPE!) away. Hunting is not my cup of tea, either, but its the way of life out here and that's fine....I fish and hunt at Safeway. Anyhow, a younger guy (& family) will enjoy Las Vegas and be able to tolerate its ever quickening pace. Shows, concerts, & restaurants abound but are becoming too pricey for the locals, too. Jimmy Paige and the Black Crowes were $153 per ticket. Before their show they had a huge ego clash, I guess, and their entire remaining tour was cancelled. DAMN! They did tape a show in LA; it's on a 2 CD set ("Live At The Greek"), and it's a rocker! A fairly recent ZZ-Top show started at $150 a tix but in Dallas the same tour started at $40 for the cheap seats. Wow, I guess I'm no longer a Vegas fan, sorry....I do miss the good eats, though. Whenever there, try "Lotus of Siam" for the best Thai food (just off Sahara east of the Strip about a mile)and "India Palace" on Twain near Paradise for great Indian. Neither place is in the choicest of locations but the food & fair prices will more than make up for it.
Fri Nov 24 12:40:20 2006 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Xavier's team name: Knights
Fri Nov 24 09:05:52 2006 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Well, Keith Leighty, I'm sure this year's Thanksgiving was sublime at your home, especially with the result of this year's NYC Turkey Bowl, that annual get together between Forham Prep and Xavier Jesuit HS - kinda like the Campion/Aquinas thing, only it's been going on for a little longer - like, since 1890. Xavier (your son's school) did a job on Fordham Prep (on their home turf), 49 to 27. It was Xavier's first win in this event in eight years. Nice article this am in the NY Post.
Thu Nov 23 08:28:49 2006 [Rick Schebler 72]: Happy Thanksgiving old friends.
Tue Nov 21 06:40:52 2006 [Clet Althoff 1970]: I'd like to mention what a neat place Hoffman Hall was. When I first went to Camp Campion the early 60s, coming out of small town Iowa, this place made the campus seem like a real college. During my sophmore and junior years on swim team I spent many long hours and consumed many gallons of that pool water trying to keep up with the upperclassmen. Our season never seemed to end, and we traveled all over the mid-West every weekend looking for races. We were always the kids arriving late for dinner with red eyes and frozen hair. For many of us, swimming was our only sport, and those guys were really good at it. Our coach, Mr. Friend, had this deep growling voice, and a face chiseled out of gravite. Although he didn't know how to swim, he sure could motivate us. He made me be a much better swimmer than I ever thought I could be. The strength and ability I developed had helped me save lives in water rescues later in life. So, hats off to my fellow swimmers, we were always kind of an unsung sport next to all the others, but we owned the waves of Hoffman Hall! Oh, yeah, if anyone wants to race in breaststroke please let me know....everyone, that is, except Chris Slaughter (70)....I never could beat you.....
Tue Nov 14 14:57:57 2006 [Nathan Zastrow ]: Hello Everyone, I just wanted to say thanks for maintaining such a cool website. I'm a college student now, but in high school I attended Luther Preparatory School in Watertown, the successor of MLPS. Honestly I can't even remember how I got here because I started researching something else! Anyway, I've always been interested in hearing about this campus because all I've ever heard about is how great it was. (I can see that it was!) Never understood why my Synod closed it, but I guess it was just too big for us. (I can also see, now.) Some of the more universal memories of dorm life were fun to read. The Campion-specific ones were quite fun, also, but I'm sure not the same from the outside. THANKS!
Fri Nov 10 10:46:34 2006 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Hey Joe - Please say hello to your brother Rory for me. He and I were really good friends our freshman year and then he didn't come back to school after that. Also, I was just with Tom Donnegan, former Campion Scholastic, who is now a Circuit Judge in Milwaukee. I was also with 'Animal' Dan Lipke who is in town for his National Sales Meeting. We reminded Donnegan that he wrote a letter home to our parents advising them to prevent the two of us from hanging around together. Well, we've been hanging around together ever since!
Thu Nov 9 10:12:53 2006 [Joe Riley 1969]: Keith Rothschild, I believe my cousin John I. Reilly III, is a member of the class of 1957. John lives in the Pittsburg, CA area. After graduating from Creighton, army service, he worked for the Federal HEW in various places around the country. His last 30 years in California. John has had many health problem over the last couple of years. He has Parkinson's and is confined to a supervisory care home near his wife and 6 children. I can email his address to any one interested. If you remember him and want to send a card. He was the second in our family to become a Campion man, I was the fourth. We both traveled from Tucson,AZ to Campion. He would enjoy the contact. Thanks.
Wed Nov 8 15:27:20 2006 [Keith Rothschild 1957]: Tom: can you please put in the appropriate location on your site a note on our upcoming reunion, which is July 27-30, 2007 at the Pheasant Run resort in St. Charles, IL, the same place it was five years ago. It'll be our 50th of course and we usually invite those from the classes before and after us who are in the area and interested in coming. We're looking for "lost" classmates so if anyone knows where someone from our class is, please contact me. If you want to help find anyone, let me know and I'll tell you who's "lost." Thanks for your help.
Wed Oct 18 15:58:58 2006 [Bob Voosen 1966]: Hey Kevin. Nice to hear from you. Saw your notes in this journal that you were making tracks from that den of sin to god's country. Must be quite a contrast. I have only passed through Little Rock but love Memphis. Hang around Beale and soak in the atmosphere. Summertime. Hot. Muggy. Cold one in hand (from the sidewalk bars) and listen to all the music while people watching. Got to get back there in the summer. Last time I was there was in December and flew in (instead of the motorcycle). Ain't quite the same. I enjoyed our meetups in Vegas (pictures on the website. Too bad the Cow is gone. Great little place. Went by Campion on the way to our 40th reunion this summer (met up with a classmate in MN and rode our bikes down the river road). Maybe get back next year. Keep in touch.
Sun Oct 15 16:33:23 2006 [Ray HACKETT 59]: Jack Downs 49 - - according to Bob Bransley '48 last he knew PECHOUS was still living in Kenosha,wis
Mon Oct 9 22:55:04 2006 [Mike Horrigan 54]: Does anyone have contact with or news of Dave Hoffman class of 54. He is from the northwestern part of Ohio
Sun Oct 8 14:25:13 2006 [J Chris Chinn '62]: Getting so old I can't even spell my own name correctly.
Sun Oct 8 14:24:22 2006 [J Chris Cinn '62]: Mr. Keough - great philosophical writing by you - we're all older than we would like to believe. My son (age 27) is going to Vegas soon for a wedding and will be spending two weeks there. Wants to check out job possibilites. Thoughts/recommendations? He's a senior computer geek for a debt collection company. By the way - who was your roomie who's now a doctor in Detroit?
Sat Oct 7 21:43:31 2006 [Keough '65]: Bob Voosen, I'm sorry we've lost contact. Last Fall, my bank account and my shitty attitude for my suddenly going-nowhere position at MGM Mirage told me that I could (barely) afford retirement if we left Las Vegas; we did. Best move of my life. So tipping a beer together again at the Holy Cow! Brewery (which is no longer there--Vegas "progress") might be difficult unless you have shows in Memphis or Little Rock...or PdC each June where we can once again get together. I'm sorry to hear of your cousin...and you are so very correct; we're running out of years so getting together w/our Campion classmates & their families should become a priority. One of my roommates in Lucey Hall pretty much, by the end of the year, didn't get along very well. He's now a Doctor in Detroit and he and his wonderful wife had a bunch of us up for a reunion and it's like he's my best friend all over again! I always felt that I was the biggest dork in the Class of '65 (I'm sure I will be of that truth by any & all '65ers who read this). But the reunions ('01 was my 1st)that I have attended and even the one- or two-, or however-many-on-one meetings (such as ours just a couple of years ago) have left me with wonderful and positive new memories. Self-Esteem & I had never and still don't date, but with every meeting w/the old Campion mates, even if we didn't hang out together "back then", have been nothing but side splitting laughter & great times. Well, except for Tom Olson because he believes in Unix---heathen. Campion Knights...believe me, no matter your social status during school, each & every PdC golf Tournament will make you feel like you were the guy w/the most friends at school, because now you are that guy. I know this sounds kind of gushy...might be the 14 beers....but as the old adage goes, "The older I get, the better I was." and Campion reunions absolutely are the best! You think politicans lie? Wait until you hear what a great 1) hockey player, 2) rock 'n roll drummer, 3) excellent student, 4) layyyydeeez man I was! The only guys who were bigger & better & smarter & studlier than I was...will be all of you! (Except for Tom Olson because he believes in Unix.) GO TO THE PdC Golf thingies every year from now on. Dammit.
Wed Oct 4 13:32:47 2006 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I just had another thought. How about something completely different. A class meeting in a parking lot somewhere. As in "Tail Gate". Am I weird or what? Actually, how about a fireworks display. Any local Wisconsin Pyro technicians available to fire a legal show for us. I'll help fund and work the show if necessary.
Wed Oct 4 13:30:02 2006 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Joe G. -- We are only a few that is left and all funneling to the pearly gates. Let's not blow a chance to meet the few guys left of our legacy. Trust me, you will appreciate it. Visiting with the elders of our Alma Mater is good for all of our souls.
Wed Oct 4 13:25:29 2006 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Joe G. --- A meeting place just for us on Friday night should be possible. We desperately need help from the locals to arrange such things. Possible nifty places might be at Wyalusing Park (retreat, baseball (NOT)), Effigy mounds (like in 1992), Hoffman Gym, St. Michaels Church (lots of seating and Fr. Warosh). Those places are probably not convenient or comfortable. There are several of the old bars left we could arrange to use. How a about Casino!!
Wed Oct 4 12:40:58 2006 [Joe Gallagher '72]: Hey 72'ers! I strongly feel that our 2007 35th reunion should be in Prairie. I do, however, have some concerns about having it on the June Golf Weekend. Specifically, I don't want to see our event get absorbed into a larger gathering that involves people from other classes that we don't all know. In order to solve this, is there a room or meeting place that we can set aside for just our class to meet on Friday night, and then join the rest of the gang Saturday and Sunday? If not, since the vast majority of us will be flying in via La Crosse, or taking the freeway in that runs through there, perhaps we shoud reserve some nice accomodations and a lounge there for Friday night before heading down on Saturday morning. Let me know if I can be of any help on any of this.
Tue Oct 3 19:53:17 2006 [Jack Downes 1949]: HI Again, Charley Pechous, Campion '48, went to medical school at Loyola in my class, graduating in 1956. I beleive he lives in Kenosha, WI. Anyone in contact - Charley are you there? Jack Downes
Sat Sep 30 10:54:10 2006 [Bob Voosen 1966]: My cousin John Voosen, Campion Class of 1960, passed away of a heart attack 2 weeks ago. He and his wife Debra had just bought a sailboat and were planning on some extensive travel. Enjoy life while you can-you never know.....
Wed Sep 27 23:29:07 2006 [John (Jack) Downes 1949]: Fellow 49'ers: Would love to hear from you - Phil Thoner, Tom Lyons, Mark Monaghan, Frank & Des Ryan, Jack McCurdy, Dan Solon, Bob Fitzgearld, Ron Nasser and all the others - are you there & connected to this site? If so send me an email or letter (1901 Walnut St., Apt. 18 F, Philadelphia, PA 19103). Hope you are all well and enjoying life. JoAnn and I just celebrated our 50th year as teamates - 4 kids and 6 grandkids and we do not know how it all happened so fast. Life has been so good to us. Would love to hear from you. Jack Downes Campion '49
Wed Sep 27 12:57:22 2006 [Thomas Olson ]: Hi Corinne, We're hunting. I'll contact you.
Wed Sep 27 10:02:34 2006 [Corinne (Minnaert) Postnikoff ]: Sounds like you all had a great time during your years at Campion College (both on and off campus!!) I know my request for information from the 1920's is way before your time, but I am hoping someone can suggest the person to contact...Archives? to both hopefully locate additonal details about the MUSIC PROGRAM and to pass along the copy of the Concert Sheet that I have from November 1922. Looking forward to a reply.... Thanks. Corinne (Minnaert) Postnikoff
Mon Sep 25 15:24:36 2006 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I think the big thing is to make sure Pete's Hamburgers is notified that we want to swamp his stand. Hopefully, Animal Dan Lipke, Tom Lochner, and Bill Small can coordinate with Mark Peterson, Tom Rink, and Jon Kaber so we can all raid PdC during the June Golf Tournament weekend. Other classes have successfully held there reunion as part of the Golf Tour. In a way it makes a lot of things much simpler. I just want some Pete's Burgers.
Mon Sep 25 14:58:02 2006 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Tom & Rick - I agree 100% that the reunion should be in Prairie. I love going back there! I'm sure that Tom Lochner, Animal Dan Lipke, and Bill Small will volunteer to help with the arrangements, right boys?
Mon Sep 25 14:24:08 2006 [Rick Schebler 72]: I agree, Tom. Prairie! Count me in!
Mon Sep 25 11:41:10 2006 [Thomas Olson ]: No Class of 72 reunion this year. How about next year. And how about stating who is asking? Sounds like someone who wants to volunteer. The rumor mill suggests that we have the 35th reunion in PdC. Personally, I like the Reunions at PdC. It's the spawning grounds afterall. And, I think it would be a hoot to have it at the same time as the Campion All Class PdC Golf Tour/Reunion. That way the old timers can get us drunk and ask some of their pointed questions about life in the transitional years before the school floundered. Let's show up on Friday though.
Sun Sep 24 05:16:59 2006 [ ]: Hey Class of 72 Any plans for a reunion this year?
Thu Sep 21 21:13:25 2006 [Corinne (Minnaert) Postnikoff ]: Hi, Iam hoping someone can assist me in locating additional information about my great-grandfather ACHILLE MARIA JOSEPHUS MINNAERT, who was a Professor in the Music Department in the early 1920's. I have a copy of a Symphony Orchestra Programme, Sunday, November 22, 1922 Campion College Mr. Achille Minnaert, Director. He also played the Piano during the Intermezzo with a Saxaphone Solo by Maurice Murphy. I noticed in the JESUITS, LAY PERSONS, TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATORS section of a Historical account, it says "Outstanding were some of its music professors such as Professors Mayrhofer, Krage, Maganec, Minnaert and Sidney de Ranitz. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated! If you'd like a copy of the Symphony Orchestra Programme, please advise me. Corinne (Minnaert) Postnikoff Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada
Wed Sep 20 10:53:04 2006 [Richard Dungar ]: There will be an article in the September 21, 2006 La Crosse Tribune about the Aquinas High School archives room. And yes, there are a few items about Campion. I hope everyone is doing well. Richard F. Dungar Volunteer Director-Aquinas High School Archives-class of 1969-
Wed Sep 13 09:54:23 2006 [Matthew Micka 1974]: Or is it Campionero-Venezolano? That sounds better, somehow. First things first, right?
Tue Sep 5 14:23:54 2006 [Jim Hartigan 1971]: Any pictures surface from the golf outing or the 1971 reunion?
Thu Aug 31 13:17:13 2006 [Matthew Micka 1974]: John Kunkel! What has become of your brother James (Jim, Jamie), Class of '74? I'd much appreciate being put in touch if possible. From a fellow former Venezolano-Campionero.
Fri Aug 25 08:45:05 2006 [Keough '65]: John Kunkel, you have a somewhat unusual last name so I have to ask there a Russ Kunkel in your family? He's way, way, way up there on my list of the best of the best drummers. krk
Sat Aug 19 09:07:04 2006 [Rick Schebler 72]: Hi, John. Isn't this site a hoot! Each time I visit it the memories flood back. For example ... I recall vividly the first time the snow fell our freshman year. Huge snowflakes falling like tiny parachutes! You and Paul LaForest were standing at a window,in total amaisement, as if the aliens were landing. Having lived near the equator all of your lives, you'd never seen snow fall before. It was so cool! One of God's little miracles and you and Paul were the only ones who understood that, that day.
Sat Aug 19 06:44:55 2006 [John Kunkel 1972]: drop me a note! would love to hear from friends with whom I lost contact long ago....thanks! I'm settled in Greensboro, North Carolina area, married, & enjoying life!
Thu Aug 17 19:24:52 2006 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: To Tom Olsen: The youngest of Frank Waickman's sons, Mike, who was in my class, also attended Campion both Freshman and Sophomore years.
Tue Aug 8 14:31:47 2006 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I just learned that Mark Waickman's '72 dad, Frank Waickman, SR passed away on July 26. Frank was a Campion graduate of 1941. His other sons went to Campion as well. Leo 'Tony' '69, Frank 'Joe' JR '74, and Bill '75
Mon Jul 31 07:44:03 2006 [Joe Williamson 1972]: As promised, here's a brief recap on my trip to Prairie du Chien this past weekend. My wife and I hooked up with my good Campion buddy, Dan Lipke, and his lovely and tolerant wife, LuAnn. We went under the pretext of attending the Prairie Dog Blues Festival but we really just wanted to get back to that beautiful part of the state where we spent four memorable years. On the way into town it is very apparant that Prairie has caught up with the rest of the world. Yes, there is a WalMart and an array of fast food joints, but then I spotted the Prairie Motel, which looked very much like it did when my folks would stay there. As we came into town I telephoned 'Animal' Lipke, who was waiting for me at the Sawmill Saloon, and told him I was near so he could get in line at Pete's Hamburgers.(which has been in business since 1909!) We gobbled down the burgers at the Sawmill and then headed for a beautiful cabin overlooking the Mississippi, which 'Animal' had finagled from a friend. We enjoyed a couple of cold ones at the Cabin and then headed for Tom Peterson's(class of 68) cabin cruiser for a boat ride down the Mississippi. Later, we ended up at the Blues Festival and listened to some pretty good tunes but I was made aware that this may have been the last Prairie Dog Blues Festival. We only stayed for a little over an hour because it was HOT!(100 degrees!) The beer was cold, however, so it was bearable. On Sunday morning we went to Jim's bar for the best bloody mary I've ever had and then headed for St. Gabriel's parish picnic. It's at St. Gabriel's where the statue of St. Edmund Campion is kept. While 'Animal' and I were looking at the statue a nice guy came up and asked us if we went to Campion. When we replied in the affirmative he asked us to follow him into the school where there was a storage area. He asked if we would be interested in purchasing some old Campion letterhead, which had been kept in storage for many years. Of course we bought some for a neat memento. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Thu Jul 27 14:56:25 2006 [John Roll 1970]: Mr. Friedrichs, just a minor correction: This will sound sick, because I can't remember what I did yesterday, but somehow I remember that the '66-'67 team started two seniors and Kaiser came off the bench. I was just a freshman, but I remembered the other senior for having an amazing buzz-cut, a real "Curly/Stooge" job that couldn't have been more out of place in that era. My memory sputtered when trying to remember his name, but a quick visit to the senior pictures on this website revealed him to be one Rick Reichle. He was a pretty good shooter, as I recall, though not Mr. Wickhem's equal as ball-handler. Anyhow, I told you this would sound sick! My wife would have a field day with this posting, knowing better than anyone the extent of my absent-mindedness. Guess this qualifies as one of the many "frozen memories" Mr. Wickhem refers to.
Tue Jul 25 14:01:19 2006 [Rick Schebler 72]: Joe Williamson - I was at the 5th reunion. You were still New Porting it back then. Rode up on my motorcycle and camped at Wyalusing. Ah ... those were the days. Didn't find out about our 30th until the day it happened. I won't miss our 35th. Weather permitting, I'll ride my motorcycle to that one too.
Tue Jul 25 07:02:41 2006 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Mr. Keough - I will report on the Prairie Dog Blues Festival after it takes place this coming weekend, July 28-30. We're really looking forward to it and I'm hoping for good weather as I'm sure that will help. Rick Schebler - That would be great if we could hook up in Prairie sometime. I can't remember seeing you at any of our reunions.( Even Warren Lee came to our last one!) I remember the good times we had back in our day. You have the distinction of getting me hooked on New Port ciggies.(I've since quit)I remember you always had a box of them in your freezer. Mr. Day student, Tom Lochner - you have no excuse for not coming to Prairie for the Blues Festival. It's your home town for crying out loud! Don't you ever visit the folks? And finally, Mr. Friedrichs, the last time I was at the Casino in McGregor it was with you on that fateful night you ended up staying at the crowbar hotel. Hey, it's not too late to join us this weekend. Cancel whatever you have planned and come on down, as dangerous as it might be.
Sun Jul 23 09:22:07 2006 [Bill Friedrichs 69]: Jim Wickhem- We ran into each other many years back after a Badger football game and got to reminice a little bit. Some years after that, I spent the day at a Menasha St.Mary Golf re-union and Clem Massey was there. We had such a good time laughing and even some crying about those great years. We talked about the 66-67 team your junior year- you, Kaiser, Wetterau, Rieckelmann all starting juniors and Phil Johnson the only senior. Who could ever forget Johnson's shot at Mary E. Sawyer auditorium? I never will. Glad to see you on the message board! Joe Williamson- stay the hell out of the casino in McGregor. Wish I could have joined you guys.
Sun Jul 23 09:06:53 2006 [Keough '65]: Clarifications...the dry county is the one in which we now live...not Memphis/Beale Street, obviously. Pam uses a scooter not a sccoter.
Sun Jul 23 09:04:34 2006 [Keough '65]: Mr. Williamson, '72...How was the Blues festival? My wife and I recently moved from Las Vegas where we enjoyed "Boulder Blues" nearly every Thursday night. It was a free (not even a drink-minimum! Not that I ever used that perk) blues shows in a wonderful venue in Boulder Station Casino in the east part of Vegas less than 2 miles from our home. We've seen incredible bands there...not local shmoes who are making their first ever public appearances but guys like Walter Trout & the Radicals (ex Mayall & Canned Heat guitarist), John Lee Hooker, Jr., Joe Bonamassa, Kim Wilson, Savoy Brown Blues band, etc., etc. We've moved to NE Arkansas. We are 150 miles from Memphis (Beale Street is a cheesy, tourist rip-off) and in a dry county. We miss our Blues!! Nothing will ever get us out of this beautiful area but the absence of good music (& restaurants that don't have just fried foods---my wife is a vegetarian to boot) does put a dent in our night-out planning. I'm torn between doing the Campion Golf thing next summer (I've been to two--a great time!!) or the Prairie Blues Fest. This time around I'm bringing my wife. We'll then head on up to the Twin Cities to visit her family. Is the Blues Fest in PdC gimp-friendly? Pam needs a wheel chair or electric sccoter to get around...
Fri Jul 21 09:35:36 2006 [Rick Schebler 1972]: Hey Joe! Next time you guys head up to Prairie, drop me an e-mail and I'll ride on up. I'd come up on the 30th but I'll be in Des Moines. Just seeing your names in the guestbook put a big smile on my face, old friend.
Fri Jul 21 09:35:30 2006 [Rick Schebler 1972]: Hey Joe! Next time you guys head up to Prairie, drop me an e-mail and I'll ride on up. I'd come up on the 30th but I'll be in Des Moines. Just seeing your names in the guestbook put a big smile on my face, old friend.
Fri Jul 21 06:08:03 2006 [Tom Lochner DS72]: Hey Joe Williamson - have a great time in the du. Remember to "Think Big and Vote Small".
Thu Jul 20 10:53:10 2006 [Joe Williamson 1972]: 'Animal' Lipke and I are taking our wives and heading to Prairie for the 'Prairie Dog Blues Festival' on July 29-30. Will be stopping at Pete's Hamburger stand and the Sawmill Saloon. Life doesn't get any better than that!! Oh yeah, Billy Small(Vote Big, Vote Small) will be there too! Yea Hooooooo!
Wed Jul 19 13:00:51 2006 [Jim Wickhem 1968]: Thank you John Roll(70)for your kind words..those were the days when a 2 year difference in age was a huge gulf and we all admired the varsity guys ahead of us..for 68ers it was Shinners and Lochner and Friedericks and "Corky Collins" and Brophy 35 years later we are all the same real age and go back to those frozen memories. Now I can barely jump a credit card but keep in shape running 5 Ks and fighting off defense lawyers..I"m going to dig out a yearbook and chase down your photo..see how you looked in 68..Thanks JD
Thu Jul 13 14:23:50 2006 [Dolan 38]: Thank you Joe Bigane class of 65 re the info on the two men from my father's class. My father died in 1981 at the age of 60. He was a farmer most of his life and always remembered Campion fondly.

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