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Tue Dec 25 15:54:18 2007 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: Merry Christmas to all Campion Knights everywhere - of every year - along with their family, and best wishes for a healthy and happy new year. May God grant eternal peace to all Knights who departed this past year to their reward and final reunion.
Tue Dec 25 09:30:50 2007 [Hugh Toner 1975]: Merry Christmas to all Knights and their loved ones.May you experience Christ's Peace and God's Blessings through the New Year.
Sun Dec 23 21:35:22 2007 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Merry Christmas to All... To Bill Friedrichs 66-67 & Derick Kelly 2005 (PdC High) - I seem to remember sporting events between Campion and PDC High taking the form of urban cross country obstacle course tryouts. Let me explain. It must have been sometime in '71 or '72. There had been a dance at Campion this particular evening, and I was returning to Campion after having walked my date home. I had made it to within five or six blocks of campus, when a carload of fine young local gentlemen drove up next to me. I felt Judas like as they queried me about the dance at Campion that night. "Did I know anything about the dance?" "Don't you go to Campion?" Fear raced through me. These guys were going to kick my ass. I tried my best to pretend that I was one of them, but I think my vocabulary, full set of teeth, and lack of a toothpick hanging out of my mouth must have given me away. By this time I was sweating fear and the bomber in the front passenger seat had opened his door. I didn't realize that his intentions must have been to kindly escort me back to campus. Instead, I figured that the young local gentlemen just wanted to dole out some whoop ass on this naive Campion student who had the cojones to date one of their women. I remember slamming the door against this gentleman's leg just as his foot hit the pavement. I was off like a bat out of hell. I kept hearing a herd of footsteps close behind me, voices uttering "get the bastard" as I began to cut through yards as I fled. I was fast in my youth. Thank God! I was getting away. I had established a good lead, and had thought I had lost my pursuers. Just when I thought I was safe, it happened. Running at full steam, I ...
Fri Dec 21 16:29:42 2007 [Ray Hackett 59]: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE AS THIS MIGHT BE MY LAST
Sun Dec 9 19:37:04 2007 [Mike Horrigan '54]: Where is everyone ? I've been waiting and no one has come foreward yet so I'll be the first. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Healthy and Happy New Year to all my brother Alumni and their loved ones. A special thanks to Tom for all his work to keep this site open, and to all you Knights who contributed your comments and memories throughout this past year. Thank you
Sat Dec 1 19:04:45 2007 [Ray Hackett 59]: Mike Horrigan -- thanks for the prayers and kind words but Privitum i s closed for now
Wed Nov 28 06:41:53 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: The former President of Mexico Vincente Fox just published a book: 'Revolution of Hope' at least I think that is the title and he did write about being at Campion High School. Also it has been busy at the Aquinas HS archives. There are some interesting items about Campion. Thank you-
Mon Nov 26 22:29:48 2007 [Mike Horrigan '54]: Ray - I certainly will add you to my prayers every day. I was in the shoes that you are in now; but have been cancer free since having a lung cancer operation 10 months ago. So cancer can be beaten. If you feel the need to talk to someone who has been there you can get my contact information both phone and E-Mail through In Privatum. or on the Campion Forever mailing list
Wed Nov 21 17:37:17 2007 [Dennis Mueller 1974]: For those that knew Crawford Allen, Class of 1975, he was killed in an automobile accident this past Monday (November 19th). Funeral arrangements are still pending. More of you may have known his older brother Glen who graduated with the Class of 1972. I hadn't seen Crawford since my high school days, but my folks had mentioned running into him while flying a year or so ago. He had been forced to take permanent disability from the Milwaukee Fire Department several years ago due to a neurological medical condition. He had given up his driver's license a year earlier, but his daughter is quoted as saying that lately he was frustrated with being "cooped up" and had talked about driving again. It was a roll over on an express-way off ramp without his seat belt on.
Sun Nov 18 17:41:08 2007 [J Chris Chinn 62]: Ray - you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Please - keep a positive attitude about all this. Things WILL work out!
Sat Nov 17 13:24:18 2007 [Ray Hackett 59]: Hey guys if you don't mind I would like a prayer or two for me as I have just learned I have CANCER. Thanks
Fri Nov 16 11:12:15 2007 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Can I possibly ask for some help? I'm thinking of doing another little project for this noble site - specifically, presenting the matriculation data (more accurately described as college placements as recorded in the Campion Knight) for the years 1955 to 1964. Hopefully this could be a file alongside the present one containing the data for the classes of 1965 to 1975. It would be interesting view and compare/contrast the college placements for graduates from those years with those of Campion's final decade. So, if any graduates from those years could dig out their old Knights and scan the pages listing seniors' declared college placements and send it along via e-mail, then I'll collate the data and present as was done for the '65 - '75 classes. If, as was the case for the 1973 Knight, there was no page recording college placements in any yearbook, then please let me know. I'd be happy to do it and, if I receive the data reasonably soon, will try to have it available before the Christmas and New Year holidays. Tom, I'm relieved to hear you got through the So Cal fires OK and that the CK site is again up and running. You can get my e-mail address through In Privatum, on the Campion Forever mailing list, or at either of the two Campion group sites on Yahoo. Thanks.
Tue Nov 13 06:58:33 2007 [Hugh Toner 76]: As they say ,it's often that you don't miss something until it's gone. I'm happy to see this site up and running again.I am also glad that you are ok. I appreciate your efforts and if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.
Mon Nov 12 20:20:05 2007 [Bill Friedrichs 66-67]: To: Derick Kelly I grew up in PDC attended Campion for 2 years and observed a few PDC High- Campion match ups throughout those years. I'm sorry to tell you that there really wasn't much of a sports rivalry as I recall. I recall no varsity football match ups and maybe one varsity basketball game a year(usually lopsided). Baseball and track probably happened with little attention. Most of the competition was in the frosh-JV area and there was usually very little competition. Campion would generally have their way in most contests. I'm sure PDCH got their share of the good, local athletes back then but most of the really talented guys went to Campion in my biased opinion. I could name a few of the great ones and after a few beers even more! There was no love lost between the 2 schools either. You wore your red Campion letter jacket to a PDC football game at your own risk in those days. I think it's great that you are interested. Most locals probably drive around the old place and know it only as a prison. Campion High School was a special place in the 60's. I will aways be grateful I had the chance to grow up around the school and attend for a couple of years. Good luck!
Mon Nov 12 11:41:28 2007 [Mike Horrigan '54]: It's really good to see "our" web site up and running again Tom. Hopefully everything is getting somewhat back to normal for you and your family after all that you went through this last month.
Mon Nov 12 06:20:29 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: Glad to see you back on line again Tom. Thanks-
Fri Oct 19 00:58:09 2007 [Derick Kelly 2005 (PdC High)]: Hello all, I am a PdC High '05 Graduate who is interested in any past sporting results between Campion High and PdC High. How heated was the rivalry between the two schools? I've always been interested in how the feeling in PdC was with two high schools. Thanks for any info, Derick Kelly.
Sat Oct 13 11:24:54 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: I got an article started on Wikipedia about John Henebry. Thank you-
Sat Oct 13 10:32:30 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: General John Henebry died. His obituary listed him as graduating from Campion. Thank you-
Fri Sep 21 13:05:27 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: I got the answer to my first question:The Campion Forever website is working just fine. Thank you-
Fri Sep 21 12:48:10 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: Mike Drake is still at Aquinas HS. He did help out with football at Aquinas. Okay 2 questions: 1.- Is the Campion Forever website still in operation? I tried getting it and I just got a blank page. 2.- Is a reception/open house going to be held in Prairie du Chien with the opening the Campion HS exhibit? Kelly Sigman told myself her dad David Krieg is going to loam his items from his Campion HS days for the exhibit. I would to go to the reception and I hope my family will come also since my dad and uncle were Campion graduates. Thank you-
Fri Sep 21 12:38:36 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: To Bill Friedrichs: kelly Sigman told me you can call Dave Polodna at the library.However, he is in the La Crosse phone book.Thank you-
Fri Sep 21 09:56:49 2007 [Matthew MIcka 1974]: Wow! A flurry of interesting exchanges in the website's guestbook in the month of September! As Glenn Campell might say, this website ain't dead yet. Didn't Mike Drake coach something, too?
Wed Sep 19 07:30:59 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: To Bill Friedrichs:Dave Polodna plays in a blues band 20 times a year. If you googled: Dave Polodna music, you should get the website:Mississippi Blues. They been playing since 1994.Thanks-
Tue Sep 18 15:34:43 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: To Bill Friedrichs: I just called the La Crosse public library:Dave Polodna does work at the public library with inter-library loan books. I do not know if he has a band or iis in music.I will check the next time I am at the library. Thanks-
Mon Sep 17 18:48:26 2007 [Bill Friedrichs 1966-67]: To Richard Dunger: Please ask Kelly Kreig if she works with Dave Polodna in the LaCrosse Library system. Dave is a Campion grad, old grade school buddy and awesome musician. Would like to know if he still has a band together. Thanks!
Thu Sep 13 08:47:45 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: To Tom Olson and Joe Williamson: Mike Drake sends his greetings to you guys. I told Mike about the sand burrs incident and he remembers that one. Okay Kelly Sigman told myself yesterday the Campion HS exhibit at the Fort Crawford Medical Museum will be for 2 years.I asked Kelly and Mike if there will be an opening reception/open house at the start of the exhibit.I hope there is enough Latin scholars to translate the poem I came across in the Aquinas News about Campion HS.Thank you-
Wed Sep 12 08:19:11 2007 [John D. Stettler 1952]: I am one of John's son; he died in 1996. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who knew him at Campion. Thank you.
Wed Sep 12 06:36:29 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: Victoria Aquinae Omnes discipuli Aquinae erant laeti et superbi ludi ut in pompa ambulaverent. Pompa erat splendida et pulcherrima. Magno cum gaudio discipuli clamaverunt. "Victoria! Victoria" ploraverunt. Pueri in agro pro victoria magnis cum viribus pugnaverent. Campiones frustra pugverent nam eos superavimus-quattuordecim-nihil! Ludum erat optinum quem umquam vidi. Victoria nostra per Mariam et Christum venit. Agite eis gratias saepe. Dolora Valley-class of 1961, The Aquinas News, Aquinas High School, La Crosse, Wisconsin, November 13, 1958, pg. 8. This was the poem in Latin that I was refering to in a previous post. Serously, I am looking forward to going to Prairie du Chien early next year. History is a communal experience that need to be share- warts and all. We did beat Campion in the fall of 1958 and it was homecoming. Thank you-
Tue Sep 11 09:05:59 2007 [Joe Williamson 72]: Hey Richard - Please extend my greetings to Mike Drake as well. He's a great guy. I had him for French one year and he helped out on our freshmen football team. I remember him telling the story about having to reduce the number of kids trying out for the freshmen football team and they decided to make us do the drill of running in place and then diving on the ground(I'm sure there's a name for it but I can't remember). Well, they made us do it in a field of prickly sand burs and it quickly reduced the number of kids to a more manageable group. Ask him about that and I bet he'll remember.
Mon Sep 10 14:48:11 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: Kelly Krieg Sigman, the director of the La Crosse Public Library, told myself today that there will a major exhibit about Campion High School at the Fort Crawford Medical Museum in Prairie du Chein between January and March, 2008.Kelly's dad David Krieg graduated from Campion HS in 1949.Kelly is from Prairie du Chein and she went to school in Prairie. Thomas-I will send your greetings to Mike Drake.I see him almost everyday at Aquinas HS.I have some interesting items in the Aquinas archives including a poem in Latin that an Aquinas grad wrote about beating Campion in football. Thank you-
Mon Sep 10 12:11:50 2007 [Thomas Olson ]: Ft. Connelly, SJ was the principal for 1968-1969 school year. Fr. Judge was dean of Xavier Hall (seniors) in 1968-69. Mr. Drake was listed as Modern Languages, as was Mr. Wiersgalla. Fr. Warosh was listed as teaching English, although I had him for French class in 71-72. Fr. Warosh is still saying mass at the local PdC Parish.
Mon Sep 10 05:37:13 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: I am sending Denise Ring's e-mail address from Aquinas HS concerning the photo.Denise teaches math and computers at Aquinas and has far more experience in sending items via e-mail then I would.Besides I am having problems trying to figure out e-mail.Thank you-
Fri Sep 7 05:39:05 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: I spoke with Michael Drake at Aquinas High School this morning:Mike Drake started teaching at Campion High School in 1968 and continued teaching there until 1975 when Campion High School closed.Then Mike Drake went immediately to Aquinas High School and has been at Aquinas High School since then.Thank you-The Aquinas High School Archives-Aquinas High School, La Crosse, Wisconsin-Richard Dungar-
Thu Sep 6 15:52:48 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: Sgt Ed Zenz was in the photo so was Fr. Warosh and Fr. Frank Judge.Also Fr. Kerrigan was in the photo.Thank you-
Thu Sep 6 14:56:39 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: One of the teachers from Aquinas High School,Denise Ring, is sending a photo of some faculty members from Campion High School.Fr Connelly was the principal at Campion.Okay the Aquinas HS connection:Michael Drake, who teaches French at Aquinas HS,had taught at Campion HS before coming to Aquinas HS.Mike Drake was a new faculty member at Campion HS.I need a year when Mike Drake came to Campion.Leave it to the Old Bullfrog to get a photo about new faculty at Campion HS for the Aquinas HS archives because of Mike Drake's past connections with Campion.Also I told Denise about the fistfight between Aquinas and Campion.Thank you-
Fri Aug 31 20:59:39 2007 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Ray, Good question. I was hoping to get a CD of the golf tour pictures like they sent me a couple years ago. I asked the people in charge if one was made, but haven't heard anything back. I took a couple pictures of some guys coming in on their carts during the lunch hour. But nothing worthy of putting up. We do have a lot of picture of my classes reunion which was the same weekend. You can find those in the usual locations for Reunion Archives. Maybe we need a new venue for all class reunions which doesn't revolve around golf. Just hangin'. There has been some hints that Las Vegas might be the ideal cheap location just to gather and take over the town. But when.
Fri Aug 31 19:52:52 2007 [Ray Hackett 59]: what happened to this site?? how about the 07 golf outing I am sure somebody was there
Thu Aug 2 18:30:15 2007 [Mike Horrigan 54]: Kevin Keough, I just today purchased a 1952 yearbook on E-bay. there also is a 1951 book for sale if anyone is interested.
Tue Jul 31 14:18:43 2007 [Keough '65]: "58 yearbook on Ebay: Item #140120233720
Sun Jun 24 08:34:26 2007 [Rick Schebler 72]: Yes, JCSS! We all attended. Mike Peine and I made all of the props for that production. Even the cross they nailed Larry Dunn to. All of the actors did a wonderful job. I'm sure there are photo's of it in the year book.
Fri Jun 22 10:54:49 2007 [Jesuscrhistsuperstar` 1971]: Did any of you attend the Rock Opera in the Stained Glass Chapel in 1971. Found a book that writes of it. The book is dedicated to Tom Doyle Campion 1971 entitled, "Love Letters to Pope John Paul II" The lives of Tom and his brother, Smokey, are chronicled through this memoir as are all good things about Campion.
Sat Apr 14 18:46:42 2007 [dan rietz '52]: Recently returned from funeral of classmate don driscoll. What a great guy, and, while at funeral had time to reminisce about Campion days. What a great privilege to have gone there. My mom and dad sacrificed so much for me to have that great education. Was going to Holy Cross, and then, Fr. Reinert called me one day, from Creighton, in Sioux City where I lived, and the next thing I knew I was there. Fr. Norbert Lemke was there, prefect of Freshman hall, and we renewed our friendship from Campion. Taught Political and Moral philosophy in one course and I still have my notes. He recently passed away also. One of the kindest men I have ever met. Fr. Howie Kalb was on the altar at Don's funeral mass, another wonderful example of all the Jesuits that cared so much for all us kids. Would like to hear from any of my classmates that read this. Dan Rietz '52
Sat Mar 24 08:59:36 2007 [Rev. William J. Kelly, S.J. ]: Dear Tom, This is to inform you that the Rev. Donald D. Driscoll, S.J., Campion “52” died at Creighton University. He will be buried from Saint Cecilia Cathedral in Omaha, NE on March 26th, 10 AM. He had taught at Marquette High School and at Creighton University and was much beloved at both institutions. Fr. Bill Kelly. Rev. William J. Kelly, S.J. Jesuit Community--Marquette University
Fri Mar 23 14:57:44 2007 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Four men to a room? Hey, fuhgeddabowdit. Although one got a bigger desk and lived the Xavier Hall "dream" (uh, schedule - what was it in '69 - '70? had to be at your desk for 'check-up study' at 8am, 11am, 7pm and (??) 9 or 10pm, the rest of the time you were on your own as long as you didn't commit a felony) - Xavier rooms seemed pretty small. How close were we sleeping next to each other in Xavier when those famous day beds were pulled out at night? Say, 40 to 48 inches? Nothing like the gulf between beds in the spacious rooms of Lucey Hall, although you got the world's smallest desk, a cork board and a 60 watt light bulb in a lamp with a steel lampshade to study by. (and God, you better have your own stash of light bulbs, 'cuz JVOC frowned when your bulb burned out: "studying after lights out, McCullough" or what are you doing, Mac, eating those light bulbs?" - words to that effects. How many hours were spent throwing a football or other projectile at your roommate as you whiled away room rec
Fri Mar 23 10:18:20 2007 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hey Rick - There has been several stories of the Ghost of Joe Campion roaming around the campus. There was a particularly weird incident at Hoffman Gym a couple years a go too. Comments about it might be in the archives somewhere. But the Ghost of Joe Campion is the theme of the background image of these guestbooks. Joe Campion Lives.
Fri Mar 23 10:13:25 2007 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Hey Rick - I was on the 3rd floor of Marquette Hall as well. Don't remember anything weird going on there. Just Jesuits and Senior Prefects tip toeing around trying to catch us talking after lights out. One of them used to take one shoe off so it would sound like he was walking when he was actually running from one end of the hall to the other.
Fri Mar 23 05:03:33 2007 [Rick Schebler 72]: I find it fascinating that the state of Wisconsin requires razor wire to do the job a couple of dozen "Old World" Jesuits. A few years ago I was talking to one of the Corrections Officers there. He had a very interesting story about Marquette Hall. Something in there scared the heck out of he and another Officer one night. At the time we spoke, many of the guards and all of the inmates believed that the 3rd floor of Marquette Hall was haunted. Guards no longer went in there. I actually watch some inmates leave Lucy Hall and cross the quad to avoid walking past the building. He was shocked to hear that I'd spent my freshman year living on the third floor of Marquette hall. What a Hoot!
Tue Mar 20 15:52:42 2007 [Hugh Toner 1975]: I read the posting of Paul McCullough with some interest. As a criminal defense attorney,I am not suprised at puttny four persons in one of those rooms. As a person who has lived in one,it seems that it would be pretty tight quarters.
Sat Mar 17 10:33:16 2007 [Paul McCullough 1970 ]: The PDCI is planning to expand. In a program statement released 9/1/06, the WI Dept. of Corrections is planning a $5.9 million project to renovate Xavier Hall (known at PDCI as the "North Hall") to allow for the housing of an additional 240 male prisoners. This is being done to address the cost of providing additional housing units for projected prison populations, currently provided by contracting beds elsewhere (usually county jails) at $51.46/day (or $4,507,900 annually for 240 beds). The PDCI currently houses approximately 475 offenders. Except for current use as storage space on its first floor, Xavier Hall has remained vacant since the PDCI's inception. The plan is to remodel 30 of the existing rooms on Xavier's second and third floors as offender rooms; the 60 additional units are to house four inmates each, for a total of 240 inmates. Xavier's first floor will have a dining hall (its inmates to eat on site), two classrooms, two day rooms, a visiting area, and a control station to monitor offender movement throught the building. The basement will include space for inmates to work on community service projects, and auxillary laundry. In addition to these changes, a stand alone storage building is to be built next to Xavier Hall to serve as a warehouse for stores, cold storage for food items, and maintainence offices; the existing food preparation area (I gather that's still Loyola Hall) will be expanded, and an additional 20 segregation cells will be built around the campus. A new sallyport (ie, secure entrance to the prison) will be placed next to the storage building. It is anticipated that the additional housing units, program space and support services will result in the need for approximately 65 additional staff. Bids are to be received by March 09, contruction to starts April 09, construction to complete by May 10........
Thu Mar 1 07:54:54 2007 [Richard Dungar ]: The Aquinas High School Archives room is now open in Aquinas High School in La Crosse, Wisconsin. There is some interesting information about Campion High School in the archives. Also there was an article about the archives and myself on the front page of the La Crosse Tribune on September 21, 2006. It is online -The La Crosse Tribune- just typed in my last name and the article will come up. I hope everyone is doing well. I will be undergoing minor surgery for removal of some scar tissue but theywill have to put myself under. Thank you-
Tue Feb 13 14:07:53 2007 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Hugh, I'll email you. This week I am in the Chandler, Oklahoma area until the 17th.
Tue Feb 13 12:59:23 2007 [Hugh Toner 75]: Tom,could you get in touch with me at your leisure. Thanks
Wed Feb 7 11:41:40 2007 [Tom Lochner DS 1972]: Has Dan left the saloon since his bears got whipped on Sunday?
Mon Feb 5 12:54:12 2007 [Rick Schebler 1972]: Hey, Joe? We'll multi-task. Put the shrine in the saloon.
Mon Jan 29 17:12:55 2007 [Joe Williamson 1972]: I'm not helping him. I'll be in the saloon with him!
Sun Jan 28 15:55:48 2007 [Bill Friedrichs 69]: Tom Olson- Regarding old Campion memorabilia, Hoffman Hall continues to be open and operated by the city of PDC. It is managed by an old grade school buddy, Mark McWilliams. Animal Lipke and I ran into him at the Sawmill Saloon on a recent hunting trip. He has a great deal of stuff still at Hoffmann Hall and we talked again about somehow combining everything and having a nice display at Hoffmann Hall. I think Dan Lipke is our man to get this done if you could ever get him out of the saloon. I'm sure Joe Williamson would help him. Regards!
Thu Jan 18 22:50:11 2007 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Class of 72 Reunion. I sent out and email with all the email addresses I had for the class or 72 we could discuss this years reunion(s). The discussion can also occur here under the 1972 guestbook. Just use the drop down selector and press RECORD to select the other guestbooks.
Mon Jan 1 08:45:19 2007 [Keith Rothschild 1957]: For Joe Riley '69: I've been out of town for almost a month and just now saw your note of Nov 9. I certainly do remember your cousin John Reilly III and in fact was friendly with him during our days at Campion. I have an address for him on Springhill Dr. in Pittsburg, CA. Also a phone number and an email at msn. He hasn't answered me the last time I sent him something. I'll try again. You might send me his latest email. I was sorry to hear that he was having health problems. We'll definitely keep him in our prayers. Look forward to hearing from you.

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