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Mon Dec 28 10:33:19 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Thanks Robert for thinking about Emma Bouzek. But we already have her OBIT in the In Privatum. So I am removing the rather long entry from here. Alumni should go to the InPrivatum to read any obits we might have on any alumni/faculty/staff.
Mon Dec 28 07:30:20 2009 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: I'm not too sure if many of you will remember Emma Bouzek. I came across this item while perusing the Courier Press archives. Mrs. Bouzek was a part of Campion for many years.....
Fri Dec 25 17:34:35 2009 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: In the movie "The Bishops Wife", starring Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven, Cary Grant, via his Angelic powers, has the typewriter write the Bishop's (David Niven) midnight sermon at Christmas. It's a powerful message that brings to heart the real reasons for Christmas. Here is the text of that Christmas morning sermon shown at the end of the movie: "The Empty Stocking" "I'd like to tell you the story about the empty stocking. Once upon a midnight clear, there was a child's cry, and a blazing star hung over a stable, and wise men came with birthday gifts. We haven't forgotten that night throughout the centuries; we celebrate it with the sound of bells, and with stars on Christmas trees, and with gifts; but especially with gifts. You give me a tie, I give you a book; Uncle Henry could use a new pipe, and Aunt Martha always wanted an orange squeezer. O we forget no one, and all the stockings are filled. All, that is, except one, and we have even forgotten to hang it up. The stocking for the child born in the manger. It's His birthday were celebrating - let us never forget this. But let us ask ourselves what He would wish for most. And then, let each of us put in our share: warm hearts, loving kindness, and a stretched out hand of tolerance; all the shining gifts that make for peace on earth." Merry Christmas to all Campion Knights everywhere - and of every year - and best wishes for a healthy and happy new year. May God grant blessings and eternal peace to all Knights who departed this past year to their reward and final reunion.
Thu Dec 24 13:26:42 2009 [Fred Nora 1970]: Merry Christmas to all Knights. Thank you Tom for your continued work on this site.
Mon Dec 21 21:50:39 2009 [Tom McKillip 1954]: Tom, thanks for the email bringing me to this site. The Class of '54 held a great reunion in Chicago in September. Where were the rest of my fellow alums? I was the only dayhop there. I lived three blocks north on Minnesota [now Wacouta] Street. Moose Adler,George Braasch, Dick Carey, Dick English and others have been faithful in keeping our class reunion going. George told us about the possibility of setting up a Campion Hall of Fame in PDC. Back in May, my wife, Sue and I attended Tom [54]and Jan Kozelka's 50th wedding anniversary in PDC. Sue is Jan's cousin. We met and were partners in their wedding.
Thu Dec 17 13:09:42 2009 [Mike Horrigan 1954]: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my brother alumni and a special thanks to Tom Olson for another year of his time and effort to keep this site open to all of us
Mon Dec 7 08:32:40 2009 [Tom Olson 1972]: Tom Lochner, thanks for the link to the PdC newspaper article about Campion Hall and discussion of Campion Hall of Fame. The link to that article can be found in the CK interesting links section found on the main page.
Thu Nov 12 17:41:46 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: And for the class of 72 we had 104 senior pics from a total of 197 total including dropouts and transfers.
Thu Nov 12 17:38:48 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Yep, according to our senior class pics page the class of 73 had 85 pictures. If someone is missing let me know.
Thu Nov 12 17:35:23 2009 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: The Class of '73 attained an enrollment through the years of 145 including transfer students in the final 3 years. I believe we graduated with 87 or 60%.
Fri Nov 6 22:48:10 2009 [John Duskey 1963]: Regarding Mike Horrigan's statement: " Tom, From 50' to 54'we did not have organized hazing of one grade against another. You need to hear from someone from the late 50's to early 60's to track down it's origin (especially the 60's ) " I believe one of the promises made in the so-called "sucker book" that Fr. Carey used to present to eighth graders and their families, in order to sell the parents on the idea of sending their son to Campion, was the promise that hazing was forbidden. I do not recall hazing events during my years at Campion (but I do not claim to know about everything that went on). I believe there was a major change in discipline sometime in the late 1960s or early 70s. I do know, from talking with Fr. Carey after 1975, that he made promises to parents that the school, at some point in the sixties, no longer supported. I believe that change was tied to the change from Fr. Kalb to Fr. Hilbert in the office of president. The types of promises I refer to include a promise that there would be no penalties applied on the body of the offending student--such as the use of a paddle. Fr. Carey's displeasure eventually led to his departure from Campion--he had been "on loan" from the Missouri province since the split fo the two provinces in the early fifties. Fr. Carey worked for Rockhurst College in Kansas City for a number of years after leaving Campion. The loss of Fr. Carey led to a lack of confidence in the school from parents with whom Fr. Carey had developed a close relationship. Then the school ended up trying to find new students elsewhere. In the long run, it seems to me that Jesuits who wanted to beat up on the students, and students who wanted to beat up on each other, all played a role in leading the school toward closing.
Fri Nov 6 22:19:32 2009 [John Duskey 1963]: Regarding this statement from Paul McCullough: "In September 1966, the Class of 1970 started with 177 students. In May 1970, 120 graduated, a decrease of 34%. Talk about "get tough or die". Wonder what it was like in earlier classes, or later classes for that matter. I think it was about the same for the Class of 1969...." The numbers you indicated for the class of 1970 were not out of the ordinary for Campion in that era. Class of 63 started out with 167, had 148 at the start of sophomore year and 133 at the start of Junior year. There were 123 graduates. These numbers included the 10 transfer students who joined us at the start of sophomore year, and the 11 who joined us at the start of junior year. There were substantial numbers of students who decided not to return after the each of the first two years. But the nature of the school seemed to change in the seventies, and there may have been different patterns in the last few years of the school.
Wed Oct 28 15:17:14 2009 [Joe Riley 1969]: Tom Molumby, class of 1969,passed away Friday 10/23/09. Funeral Mass tonight in Leclaire,IA burial tomorrow in West Union,IA. A fair number of our class gathered in PDC for our 40th reunion. We had the good fortune of seeing and being with Tom at that time. Tom was a Campion Man always and many 69ers have expressed how badly they feel at his passing. It was joy to have known him.
Fri Oct 23 10:37:04 2009 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Today, October 23, is National Mole Day - more correctly the time between 6:02 am and 6:02 pm. The day commemorates Avogadro's Number 6.02 x 10 raised to the 23rd power), the number of particles in a mole, a chemical unit. Hence 6:02 10/23. The day was founded by Maurice Oehler, Campion chemistry instructor in the 60's and 70's. High schools frequently set this day aside for projects/presentations designed to increase student interest in chemistry. There certainly must be some interest because on-line searches of Mole Day are Number 4 on Yahoo's Top Ten Search List as of 8:45 EDT today. The number of searches is even greater than that for the NY Yankees (who are currently tied with the CA Angels in the playoffs). Great job, Maury!!! Read about Mole Day at Wikipedia (credits Mr. Oehler) or at its own site. His site is linked to his name in the "Where Has All the Jebbies Gone" section on the main page of this site. I really liked qualitative analysis up there on the fourth floor of Campion Hall...all those pretty colors when you mixed the ingredients.
Tue Oct 20 10:17:55 2009 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Anyone who wants to get an idea of the enormous cost increases that Campion was enduring during the early 1970's need only go to the school's Sales Brochure (locatd in the "Campion Stuff for Sale" file on this website), the Central Heating Plant page, and review the operating costs (fuel, electricity, water/sewer) between 1972-73 and 1974-75. In just two years, the total operating costs rose from $60,200 to $98,900 (a 64% increase). Fuel costs rose from $35,00 to $66,200 (89% increase), electricity $21,300 to $26,200 (23% increase),and water/sewer $3,900 to $6,500 (64% increase). These are just operating costs. There was internet posting that I came across during a Google search of CJHS years ago that noted that Campion was operating with a deficit as early as 1968 - it even gave a breakdown of the deficit amounts which grew each year thereafter. I believe that this posting was removed about 2005; if anyone comes across it, please let me know - I'd like to read it again. Given all of the constraints/issues identified with the decision to close Campion, the real wonder is how Fr. Lucey kept the school open and running for as long as he did.
Tue Oct 20 05:35:19 2009 [John Duskey 1963]: I had a lengthy conversation with Fr. Lucey on the Mothers' Day weekend in 1975, just as the school was closing. It is probable that all the answers suggested played a part in the decision to close the school. Financially, the school had run out of it's line of credit, there were not enough Jesuits interested in teaching there, and the directive to close came from every level of the line of authority. Fundamentally, the election of Fr. Pedro Arrupe as superior general (in the mid 1960s) led to the Jesuits' increased interest in the missions to the disadvantaged and to those in far away places. There was a decreased interest in educating the elite of society (which is exactly what Campion represented). The results of Fr. Hilbert's administration were so negative that few would admit that he was only doing what he was ordered to do, by higher authorities in the Jesuit order. But the Jesuits wanted out of Campion. No doubt there had been anguish and suffering on the part of Fr. Lucey and all the Jesuits who were directly involved with Campion. But the school had been heading toward closing for several years, and the Jesuits saw no way to keep it going. There is a sign in front of the statue of St. Edmund Campion, which now stands at St. Gabe's parish, stating that it is a tribute to the Jesuits' service at Campion School, 1876-1975. But what we need is more than a simple marker, we need a place to go with memorabilia that will help us recall exactly what Campion was like. That's why it looks like a good idea to have a permanent Campion display at the Prairie du Chien museum.
Fri Oct 16 05:13:04 2009 [John Roll 1970]: Follow-up note: Tom Olson and I exchanged a couple emails about the article referenced below and agreed that it deserved a more prominent place on this website. Therefore you can now find it on the homepage in the "Complete History of Campion..." section.
Thu Oct 15 14:24:41 2009 [John Roll 1970]: Seems to me we talked about this a couple years back, but Fr. Lucey's own account of the closing is still a compelling read, especially for those alumni who harbor some feelings of bitterness about the whole thing. You can find it in the Nostalgia Knights section of this on the Father Scott page, then go to the bottom: it's the "50 Years of Education" article. In it Fr. Lucey paints a pretty convincing picture of both the the anguish he went through and the inevitability of the closing. it for yourself and let us know what you think!
Wed Oct 14 14:25:43 2009 [Tom Lochner 1972]: A couple of thoughts Why not place a memorial to the school somewhere in the community where it will be of a pemanent nature such as the proposed memorial park on St Feriole Island? If privatyely funded it could be of any design and not dependant on the state or local government for funding. Second, my understanding is that the Province told Fr. Lucey to shut down Campion. The decision was made by the Province for financial reasons, declining enrollment, lack of public transportaiton in and out of PdC as well as the lack of Jesuits willing or available to staff the facility for it to remain a true Jesuit institution. If you look at the status of Catholic Schools across the country you can see they are suffering as most Catholics have chosen public schools over Catholic School education for their children.
Wed Oct 14 10:42:34 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: I am pretty sure the final decision to close the school came from Rome. Many classes/alumni despise and blame Fr. Lucey for it, but I believe it was Fr. Hilbert who really started the avalance when he took over after Fr. Kalb. and then dumped it on Fr. Lucey who simply got stuck with the mess. Oh, boy, the flames are going to rise now. Anybody with real information want to expand or shrink this theory is more than welcome to. Keep it civil.
Wed Oct 14 09:34:29 2009 [John Duskey 1963]: We have looked at helping establish such a marker, along with a "Campion Hall of Fame" in Hoffman Hall, as a part of a renovation/upgrade that the city of Prairie du Chien would do. The building needs a lot of work. But the finances don't look favorable. They need over a million dollars and I don't think Campion alumni are going to come up with that kind of money. Even if we did, there might be a better way to use the money. At the present time we are looking at having a permanent display at the museum in Prairie. The former location of Ma's is for sale. We could buy that and make it into a small restaurant with a Campion theme--photos, displays, etc. But, the questions arise: Do we have the money and the energy to take on such a project? Would such a restaurant be profitable, able to sustain itself? And, if we could get the cupola, we could display it there; if not, could we make a duplicate to put on display?
Tue Oct 13 21:37:01 2009 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: Michael O'Brien 1974 - I believe that Fred Gates is in the Washington DC area. My brother keeps in touch with him. James is currently in McLean VA, just down the street from the CIA.
Tue Oct 13 21:19:50 2009 [Robert Bruchs 1973]: I'll probably get flamed for this. But... To Richard Dungar, as I remember the history of the demise of Campion, was it not Fr. Gregory Lucy who was in control and made the fateful decision to close the place circa 1975 or so? If the Campion Hall cupola is still lying around at the feed and grain plant, that might make a fitting marker. (Still a little bitter after all these years that the Wisconsin Province gave up on the place, just shy of 100 years too!) I'll donate towards a marker. Maybe we can get donors names engraved somewhere. If anybody knows how to contact Tom Roach, please let me know.
Mon Oct 12 17:42:54 2009 [John Christopher Chinn 1962]: To All - I'm in as far as any monetary contribution neded for a marker. Hope there are others who feel the same.
Sun Oct 11 06:54:18 2009 [Richard Dungar ]: If you contact the Wisconsin Historical Society they may be helpful. There are markers of several different sizes. One could easily be installed by the prison depending on the size. Maybe Governor Lucey might help-also Fr. Greg Lucey. The first step is to generate some publicity-write a letter to the local newspaper, contact the TV radio stations. Contact the Wisconsin Historical Society would be very helpful also the local historical society, library. It would not be a bad idea to contact the city of Prairie du Chien. I am trying to nudge you gentleman into action. Remember how you guys kicked Aquinas HS's butt in football? I am trying to do the something to get you gentlemen to get the historical marker installed. This Aquinas HS alumnus is trying to kick some Campion HS guys butts to get them angry enough to get the historical marker made, installed and dedicated. Again gentlemen go for it! Get the marker planned, made, installed and dedicated. Thank you- Richard Dungar-Aquinas High School-class of 1969-
Sat Oct 10 16:31:41 2009 [Bill Friedrichs 69]: I can see the beautiful monument already beginning with "Give Campion a boy- Get back a man" I would be happy to support and know that animal Dan Lipke class of 72 would use his great influence and many connections in PDC to gitter done! Jim Wickhem- did you find Clem Massey's info? I ran into Don Gosz at a Bo Ryan function last year and he keeps in touch with Clem out in California. I'll try to locate if you haven't found him. Regards!
Sun Oct 4 18:22:20 2009 [Tom Lochner 1972]: Clete, you are probably right that the city of PdC wouldn't provide funds for a marker but I would have to disagree with the comment about the contribution of the school to the residents. There were and still are an awful lot of alums in town and others who did work there. That aside a monument to the school would have to come from private funds. The city does have a memorial park of some type on St. Feriole Island that would probably be an appropriate site for a monument. The only limit on its size and content would be imagination and funds available. City Attorney Tom Peterson or his cousin Mark might have the information on the monument park.
Sun Oct 4 18:14:05 2009 [Clet Althoff 1970]: I really doubt the city of PDC would construct any marker about the old school. We were there for almost 1oo years, but I don't see where the lives we lived and what we occomplished individualy found any connection with the locals that would prompt them to want to provide either the money or the property to construct any marker that had anything to do with us (the true Knights). A story needs to be told because the history of our lives (those of us who expierenced it) needs to be explained, not only to others, but to ourselves. If an historical marker can remind others that Campion "lives", that would be nice. I have put out bumper stickers, and shirts (at cost) just because I know how much the expierence mattered to me and to so many others. We (we who have walked those halls), hold this connection. We are brother Knights, and we paid the price for it. I would like to see a marker for Campion somewhere...... even if it is on a shirt or on the back of someone's bumper...... PS.... Hey Bill "D", did you get your bumper stickers?........and the class of "70 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
Fri Oct 2 11:23:02 2009 [Richard Dungar ]: To Mike Horrigan-Hi Mike- the Aquinas High School historical marker was put up by the city of La Crosse and is at the corner of 11th Street and Cameron Avenue next to the parking lot. It describe what architectural style the building was constructed in and that Bishop McGavick founded the school and it was opened in 1928. The marker itself is small-it is not like the historical marker in Ferryville in honor of Governor Lucey. I had the honor of meeting Governor Lucey, a kind and compassionate gentleman,-he was quite pleased my dad&uncle went to Campion and he took it in stride that I graduated from Aquinas High School. Maybe the city of Prairie du Chien could help out with a historical marker. Thanks-
Fri Oct 2 10:54:10 2009 [Mike Horrigan 1954]: Richard, The historical marker for Aquinas that you spoke of, can you give us an idea of what it looks like, says on it and where it's located.The idea of a small museum has been suggested by several people over the years but never worked out. I'd think that this idea is the Very Least that all of us remaining alumni could contribute to the memory of Campion. It was 55 years ago that I said my good byes, stood up tall, turned my back and walked off that campus, never to see it again. And for all those 55 years I have carried very deep feelings and memories for all that Campion gave me.In 2006 upon learning on my computer about the closing of Campion I couldn't stop the tears running down my face (My wife just flipped out)because in all our marrage she had never seen me cry and to this day she can't understand my feelings for something that happened half a century ago. Every day I see Campion Blvd. with the overhanging trees ( It's the desktop picture when I turn my computer on) My wife and many others may not understand but you do! If you are a brother alumni you do! We may have different memories of Campion but all of them are cherished memories to each and everyone of us.I agree and support Campion having it's own physical memory of a historical marker or statue. Does anyone else think that this is something that we owe Campion Jesuit High School ?
Fri Oct 2 06:15:35 2009 [Richard Dungar ]: I always thought there should be a historical marker for Campion High School. My dad and uncle were Campion HS alumni and proud of it. Also the City of La Crosse has a historical marker for my alma mater Aquinas High School. Gentlemen go for it! Get the historical marker installed. Thank you
Thu Oct 1 12:50:32 2009 [John Christopher Chinn 1962]: Tom - I agree - there should be a historical marker placed as close as possible to the former campus. I'm sure Gov. Lucey, as well as his brother (whom I knew as 'Mr. Lucy' before he became 'Fr. Lucey'), would also agree. Just don't say "we will all be gone before we know it". I'm 10 years older than you and not planning on going anywhere soon!
Thu Oct 1 11:49:33 2009 [Tom Lochner 1972]: The marker for Gov. Lucey was instigated by members of the Ferryville community to honor him one may have been on his staff but most are recent transplant/retirees form the Madison area. Congratulations to Gov Lucy, a long time friend of my dad, Don Lochner from the class of 1939. Has there been any thought to establishing a permanent marker or memorial to the school in the Prairie du Chein area? We all will be gone before we know it and I think we should let future generations know that the school ws there and the number of men it trained to be part of society.
Tue Sep 29 04:08:19 2009 [Richard Dungar ]: Yesterday a Wisconsin Historical Society marker was dedicated in Ferryville, Wisconsin in honor of former Governor Patrick Lucey. Governor Lucey was there as was his brother Fr. Gregory Lucey SJ. Governor Doyle was there as was former Governor Martin Schreiber. Someone from Governor Lucey's staff spearheaded this. The marker mention he graduated from Campion High School as well as being a justice of the peace in Ferryville and being in the Wisconsin Assembly. There was an article in todays La Crosse Tribune about this. Many thanks-
Wed Sep 23 13:45:19 2009 [Rick Schebler 72]: I thought I had this recorded here already but I guess I was wrong. I wanted to let everyone know that Tom Lundy passed away on September 17th. He was a great guy.
Thu Aug 13 12:33:49 2009 [Tony Wach, SJ 1960]: Just came on this site. Most of you guys are younger, but have you heard that Fr Jim Strzok,SJ '59 and myself --along with many other alumns, esp '60, are starting a "new Campion" in very needy Northern Uganda. But we need & want as many alumns as possible to have the opportunity to help. It's a great project & a chance to "repay the Lord" a bit for your Campion experience. These kids have suffered years of war (many were abducted)& lot of rebuilding to do. Very Catholic area. Primary schools are terrible so we're starting with year of "pre-secondary". This will be first Jeb school in Uganda & we expect it will soon challenge standards in the country. Local people gave us 100 acres (we're looking long-range!)but we need all the help we can get. We start with day students,dorms hopefully by 2011. Also,we will have half girls (& nuns to help us)because here girls are so neglected & they're mostly the ones that improve families & society. For more info, check our website (though economy has made us simplify) Ocer Campion Jesuit College --an anonymous alumn ensured the name Campion. Ocer ("o chayr")means HE IS RISEN (& will raise up His people--Ezech 37:14). (He is also raising up Campion!!) "College" here is a top high school. Questions? e-mail me here in Uganda (home, summer 2010 for my 50th) Donations (tax deductible) through The Jesuit Partnership, 3400 W Wisc Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53208-3841. We'll pray a lot for you! and please spread the word; many alumns still haven't heard. Thanks much! ps.Dave Zamierowski '60 was here in May, Jerry Nora '69 last month. Both were "impressed."
Mon Aug 10 12:19:42 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: We had a mini-reunion out here this last Saturday. In attendance was Tom Philips 53, Mike Horrigan 54, Howard Sachs 64, Pat Mower 64, and Tom Olson 72. We had Rib Eye and Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna), sweet corn and assorted peppers on the barbie. Yummy!
Mon Aug 10 12:13:15 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Joe W. Sorry we pulled your comment to JD. We don't want to provide anybodys email, snailmail address, or phone numbers in the open on these forums. There is just too many trolls out there trying to harvest that information for no good reasons. Spammers, hackers, etc etc. JD received access to our rosters and should be set by now. Thanks for the effort though.
Sun Aug 9 12:49:03 2009 [Dick English 1954]: I would like to write Aaron Huguenard a letter to thank him for his 10 year service to us alumni. His work was a real chore but he did it as so joyfully it must have given him pleasure to keep in touch with us. Please send me his address. Thanks Dick Englsh "54"
Tue Aug 4 10:17:12 2009 [J.D. Wickhem 1968]: I'm looking for Clem Massey's current address, phone..e-mail etc..any help appreciated.
Sat Aug 1 13:00:33 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: We've already got an archive of all the newsletters and other things. Efforts are in the works to keep the Campion Alumni Association and the Campion Forever domain going. Stay tuned.
Sat Jul 25 15:32:42 2009 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: I just received word today that Aaron Huguenard, Class of 1947, will cease publication of the Campion Forever newsletter, due to age and health reasons and also because of the lack of information that is necessary for interesting reading. He will keep the Campion Forever website available until August 31 if you want to reclaim any information or pictures.
Fri Jun 26 18:16:22 2009 [Mike Horrigan 1954]: Tom, From 50' to 54'we did not have organized hazing of one grade against another. You need to hear from someone from the late 50's to early 60's to track down it's origin (especially the 60's )
Tue Jun 23 09:53:26 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: It sure went quiet for some reason. What we need is just info on what grade hazed what grade in the various decades to establish the historical evolution. Don't need details so much, unless it goes to establish the relative level of hazing.
Thu Jun 18 20:51:29 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Paul, it wasn't the "evening" that was spooky. It was the hazing I got in the fist evening. Actually around dusk. While spooky, the event didn't affect me like that. After all it was just being pinned down and verbally abused. I just didn't know where it was headed until it was over. As I recall, I managed to resist repeating what they wanted me to repeat for several minutes. In fact when I finally did submit and repeat it, I preceeded it with something to the affect that I am only saying it to make them happy. So probably, psychologically, I won. I had just finished a book called "Psycho Cybernetics" in 8th grade. So I kind of had a tool for not letting the event get to me in any serious way.
Thu Jun 18 18:58:41 2009 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Tom Olson, sorry to hear that your first day/night at Campion was "spooky" and that you were apparently hazed upon your arrival. But, hey, you survived and prevailed. Keith Leighty relates that an incoming freshman in our class (placed on the first floor of Marquette) started crying immediately after his parents left him off on his first day and continued to cry day and night, so much so that before the end of orientation, his parents were called up and asked to take him home. That was the end of that. With or without hazing, attrition took its toll on class size. In September 1966, the Class of 1970 started with 177 students. In May 1970, 120 graduated, a decrease of 34%. Talk about "get tough or die". Wonder what it was like in earlier classes, or later classes for that matter. I think it was about the same for the Class of 1969......which reminds me: I wonder how their 40th year reunion (as well as the all class golf outing) went last weekend in PDC. No word yet..... Guess it's like the Las Vegas commercial (paraphrasing)...."What happens in PDC, stays in PDC."
Thu Jun 18 17:55:02 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi John Roll, I'm thinking you are right about the relationships and time lines. All I can figure is I was probably in denial over the whole affair for 10 years or more. And somewhere along the line I thought it was sophomores on freshman, but it could well be juniors on sophomores. Makes more sense. I guess I should have taken my nose out of my books and paid more attention to the social affairs going on. The more info I get, the better I can put together the time line. That is why I am interested in other people memories of the events. The whole point is to get a handle on various going ons over the years. My intent is never to dwell on it as a traumatic ordeal. Just want a handle on the historical development and degrees of development purely for curiosity value. All I know for sure is my first evening freshman year was spooky. Hazing at the college level was nothing in comparison to our previous training. After all we went to a college prep school. In college, know guys that were totally upset with the minor hazing we got. I don't think they would have survived "sophomore day" at all. Come on now you older classes. Lay it on us. What happened in your time.
Thu Jun 18 12:54:56 2009 [Paul McCullough 1970 ]: Sacked in the quadrangle about 75-100 ft out the NW door of Lucey Hall....tackled by two took the face, the other down below....not a word was up/collected my books and papers (strewn all over)....don't remember much after that except being afraid to get it again (looked so bad I guess people left me alone)....don't know where I went afterwords, but remained in wet clothes until lock-out from Lucey ended....the thing happened so fast there was time to speak, let alone run....and when they got you down, you aren't getting up.
Thu Jun 18 10:49:28 2009 [John Roll 1970]: Ah yes, I knew the legendary McCullough memory would expand on my meager recollections. The only thing missing, Paul, was your own Sophomore Day story (i.e. when and where did they get you, and what did they do to you). Come on and let it out, Paul...if you don't release those painful memories you'll end up like our old friend Franzen! Seriously, one detail I'd forgotten was Lucey Hall being locked for an hour every afternoon, making me wonder how I managed to stay in my dorm room that day...must have hid in the closet or something. Also, I have to nitpick one other detail: I don't believe Olson is right about seniors protecting freshman. As I recall freshmen were supposedly off limits by Jesuit decree...i.e. upperclassmen would be punished with jugs, probation, etc. if they hazed freshmen. Which is not to say it didn't happen, as both Tom and Clet confirmed, but in general I think Sophomore Day was the first event where the Jesuits said "let's let boys be boys" and looked the other way (lucky us!). It would be interesting, as Tom said, to hear from some previous classes to determine when that so-called "tradition" got started.
Sat Jun 13 09:52:15 2009 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Believe Tom Olson has it right. Sophomore Day was pretty much an established tradition in the late 1960's. I still don't know why it was tolerated at all. Seniors (and juniors) went after sophomores. As I recall, freshmen were left completely alone. Sophomores really didn't stand a chance because if one recalls the "daily order", they were locked out of Lucey Hall between 3:30 and 4:30 pm. I shudder to think what happened (can't recall if it ever did) if Sophomore Day - the first snowfall of the season - fell over a weekend. About the only thing a soph could do was to make a mad dash to The Kilmer Library, and sit behind that killer librarian, Ms. McGinley (and for Heaven's sake, you didn't screw around while you were in there or she'd throw you out). She was one tough librarian....never raised her voice, but if you crossed her, you were just dead. But juniors/seniors would hang by the library's front door and get their prey. It was like some primitive food chain. Another option was to make a mad (? desparate) dash to The Lounge, but one really didn't stand a chance running to the far end of the quandrangle. There was usually a guantlet established in front of Hoffman Hall. Many crashed and burned. The best sophomore defense was to be in some afternoon activity, or try to make it off campus (say, to Ma's) and basically make oneself disappear. I can recall fellow sophomores planning/devising various avoidance activities in the days prior to the year's first snowfall - made for lively conversation during room rec. Check out pp. 18-19 and 68-69 of the 1970 Knight to see photos of a typical Sophomore Day; if I get a chance, I'll try to scan them - my scanner is currently down. Looking at the photos, I don't think Sophomore Day would be tolerated in the present - participation in it would probably result in a suspension or dismissal, perhaps even a police complaint. This particular Sophomore Day (Tom O. and Tom L.'s sophomore year) was paricularly spooky because it was very foggy; bands of roving boys coming out of this mist......very sinister appearence, indeed. Some guys got it more than once - having been previously cold crotched/snow-faced when being set upon was no protection from receiving the treatment again. But hey, it was supoosed to build character right? (???.....not) Moving right along: yes, Maul Ball was Campion's answer to rugby. One of those spontaeous things... But don't forget "Car Bash".....a great way to vent rage/frustration/tension as well as to raise money, and it was certainly easier on sophomores.
Fri Jun 12 11:41:55 2009 [Tom Lochner 1972]: Clete, we used to call Maul Ball simply Kill the Man With the Ball.
Thu Jun 11 19:33:24 2009 [Clet Althoff 1970]: Here is my input for the record..... I recall that the sophmores were supposed to be the targets for the juniors at the first snow fall (FIRST SNOW FALL....KILL THEM ALL!!!!). I do remember that we, as a freshmen class, came under attack from an ambush one evening while exiting the West exit of Campion Hall from a unit from the sophmore class. Father Aspenlighter exicted first and they let a few more of us walk into the ambush zone, then opened up. As a sophmore, I was a swimmer, and by the time we got done with practice and staggered across the quad there were very few of the enemy from the junior class to bother us. Besides, we didn't make very good prey because we were so tired and burned out that we really didn't care if anyone tried to hassle us. I learned from watching my German Shepard that if you attempt to run you may inspire the natural animal instinct of some preditory animals, besides....if you mess with me I may drown your butt if I find you floating in my pool! I can't remember any Seniors bothering to protect anyone, back then, I think most of them were more concened about getting drafted and had bigger fish to fry. There was a game called "Maul Ball" where a person was given a ball and had to run around the Quad while being chased by a mindless mob until they lost control of the game ball. I never played it, but I did do the rugby thing at the U. of Iowa for two years, until I realized that you could get killed doing that sort of thing (even at the after game party).
Thu Jun 11 14:13:27 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: If I am putting this together right, then it might be that I am right that the senior class was the protectors of the freshman class because the hazing wasn't suppose to start until sophomore year. It does make sense that the juniors would have had better access to the sophomores since we were all stuck in Lucey Hall together. I need more input. Time for the big memory banks to jump in... Perhaps, McCullough 70, Keough 65, Kelley 58, Huegenard 47. Tell us what you recall.
Thu Jun 11 14:05:56 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Anyways, perhaps regardless of what year a given class was initiated, I think we see a trend that it was the previous class that did the deed. Does anyone have details otherwise?
Thu Jun 11 14:02:10 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Also, upon discussing these things with older classes, apparently these extreme hazings didn't occur until the latter 1960's or so. Perhaps we can get some response from the older classes.
Thu Jun 11 14:00:09 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: It seems like the hazing issue always sparks interest when it is brought up. Hi John. I would expect that the class of 69 was your class of 70 tormenters. I know if we ever here from Mr. Fran* again we will hear how the class of 70 killed the class of 71 and in particular himself. I really remember getting hazed as a freshmen by the class of 71. I don't think I ever was hazed by the class of 70. I got nailed the first day freshman after my mom dropped me off. Bates, O'brien, a couple others and I got harassed while we were just sitting around introducing ourselves. I wasn't unpinned from the ground until I came to the realization that I suck farts from dead chickens...... I consider that to be minor harassment compared to the full snuggies and bare as* snow plowing and the involuntary introduction to rugby. You know, stick and stones and all that.
Thu Jun 11 12:28:29 2009 [Tom Lochner 1972]: Ah at least I have sparked some discussion. For us Town Bombers we got our "initiation" during the summer when we worked on the summer grounds crew to cover our tuition costs. Freshmen would receive a dreaded pink belly from a sophmore usually, however in my case I remember that a Junior helped out. The seniors on the crew (there were few) usually took great humor at our plight. My special event began with Doug Lipke - he had the best hand speed and then Mark Valley a Junior completed the treatment - he had rather large hands as I recall. I remeber that I ended up with a rather massive patch of blood blister on my stomach which greatly impressed the juniors especially Dick Noggle, Jerry Jackson and Bruce Elvert. and I had not shed a tear. Of course we were then subject to further torments like swirlies and snuggies as time permitted. I know that when we were sophmores we did continue that tradition on the members of the class of 1973 and then after that most of us found other summer employment and didn't work on the crew.
Thu Jun 11 10:44:36 2009 [John Roll 1970]: Actually, Tom, the class of 1969 were the guys who hazed US. The way it worked in our years (and many years prior, from what I understand) was that the freshmen were off-limits for hazing, so the first opportunity to do so was the first snowfall of the second year, the notorious "Sophomore Day". On that dark day, the entire junior class would gather en masse in the quadrangle and wait for sophs to cross to and from Lucey Hall, then run them down mercilessly like a pack of wolves. Those captured (virtually everyone) suffered many physical indignities, the most painful of which was the famous "cold crotch". I remember witnessing this mayhem from my dorm'd see a fellow sophomore try to skirt around the perimeter, then get spotted and take off with "the pack" in hot pursuit. In no time at all the chase would be over, and all you would see was a pile of bodies with snow flying everywhere. I remember blowing off dinner so I could hide out in my room and avoid the treacherous crossing to Loyola Hall. I did successfully avoid hazing that day and thought I was home free, but the following day I was less that 50 feet from Lucey Hall when I heard voices behind me asking "...did we get Roll yesterday?" They caught me about 20 feet shy of the north door and packed my pants so full of snow (paying special attention to the underwear) that I thought my parenting career was over before it began. I don't remember which juniors were involved, but I do remember the ringleader: none other than Jerry Wagner, Class of '69, noted "piggy-boor", and brother of my roommate Paul. I remember limping back to my dorm room afterward and the look on Paul's face when I came through the door...he said I looked like I got mugged by a snowman! My response: "Early Christmas present from Brother Jerry".
Thu Jun 11 08:36:56 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Tom Lochner. NO, the way it worked is the Sophomores hazed the freshman. The seniors protected the Freshman by retaliating on the Sophomores. The Juniors were usually out of the hazing business, but did occasionally continue to haze the sophomores as well. In our case, the class of 69 were our heroes. The class of 72 vowed to not continue the hazing tradition and I hope that can be substantiated by the following classes.
Wed Jun 10 14:17:10 2009 [Tom Lochner 1972]: Hey Joe Williamson aren't the guys from the class of 1969 the ones who hazed us as Freshmen?
Mon Jun 8 19:05:35 2009 [Joe Riley 1969]: The class of 1969 will hold it's 40 year reunion in PDC this week. We expect about 35-40 in attendance, approx. 15 plan to play in the event.
Fri Jun 5 04:57:04 2009 [Tom Lochner 1972]: Anybody out there? Who is going the golf outing next week?
Fri May 15 23:02:23 2009 [David Fisher n/a]: Hi everyone. First I must apologize because I'm not an alumni and I'm not trying to spam but I've come across a mint copy of the 1925 Campion Knight Yearbook. It is literally in mint condition with no writing in it whatsoever. So I apologize again for spamming. I'd hate to see it go to waste. If anyone is interested in this please email me at
Tue May 12 09:39:49 2009 [Maureen Lelinski ]: Hi...I work in the Wisconsin Province Office of the Society of Jesus. We are getting ready for our annual Province Days, and as this year is the last Wisconsin Only event, we are trying to put together a display of our ministries over the years. I am looking for some good pics of Campion HS...something recognizable. Could use several. Can anyone email them to me--soon!? I would be extremely thankful!!!!!!
Thu Apr 16 11:05:57 2009 [Mike Udelhoven 1970]: Paul ... its the Jesse James Complex.
Thu Apr 16 10:18:55 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Thanks Mike Udelhoven for sending in the pic from the April 9 meeting in NYC. I put the picture up on the reunion archive mini-reunion link.
Wed Apr 15 10:16:14 2009 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hey, anybody getting any pictures of these mini-reunions?
Wed Apr 15 08:56:38 2009 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Other recent class of '70 Manhattan sightings during Lent have included Doug Wiley and Mike Udelhoven ("Mac and Noodle, comfort food" - that's pretty funny, Mike). Chris O'Brien was also recently in town. I'm wondering why it is that, when dining out, Campion parties of four or more are usually seated at corner tables (Harvard Club, Old Town Bar, Oyster Bar) or in the back room of Irish bars (Peter McManus's).
Tue Apr 14 22:15:31 2009 [Keith Leighty 1970]: Sighted at a corner table at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station, observing Good Friday, April 10, with fish dishes all around, were Paul Downs, Chick Foxgrover, Chris Lamal, Keith Leighty and Paul McCullough. A small, but sizable considering the distance from Prairie du Chien, gathering of NYC residents, plotting bank heists, nuclear warfare and miscellaneous mayhem in the absence of out-of-towners to reinforce the Midwestern roots and values that have so obviously been lost to the sinful ways of the big city. Help us.
Tue Apr 14 13:06:17 2009 [Fred Nora 1970]: Also...a verified sighting of Mark Wood in southern Georgia. Not by me but by Mark Criqui. By second hand report he is alive and doing well.
Tue Apr 7 14:11:21 2009 [Fred Nora 1970]: I met up with Ed Dudek and Chris O'Brien in Boston a couple of weeks ago. Both look healthy and seem to be doing well. Dudek and I want to see if we can galvanize a few golfers and golfer wannabe's from the Class of 70 to show up this year at the June tournament. Any takers?
Thu Apr 2 11:45:09 2009 [Keough '65]: There are 4 yearbooks on EBay. '51, '66, '67, & '68. The one from '66 is way overpriced due to "Norm", George Wendt. (Nothing personal, George...) Actually, the '51 one is $129! Search using "Campion Jesuit". Also, I've had to cancel our plans for this year's PdC Golf tournament. The greenskeepers can relax. krk
Wed Mar 25 17:26:23 2009 [Rick Schebler 72]: Hey Tom! Check for Bob Mack's e-mail address on the In Privatum Campianum site.
Mon Mar 23 07:52:12 2009 [Mike Horrigan 1954]: Just in case there is anyone out there that might be interested,E-Bay has just listed a 1955 Yearbook that is in good condition and is for sale.
Sat Mar 21 08:55:49 2009 [Tom Freeman 1972]: Great site. Thanks to the many contributors. I am seeking an email or other contact information for Bob Mack '72.
Fri Mar 13 22:58:02 2009 [Michael O'Brien 1974]: Where is Mr. Gates, Dave does not believe you were in the area of Hillside shopping center in the summer of 1973? Prove him wrong!
Wed Mar 11 23:35:10 2009 [Mark Schams 1978]: I don't know exactly what made me start random searches of Campion, former students and teachers. But I do know that the spirit of Campion lives on in my memories. in my thoughts and in my actions. To all Campion Knights ...God Bless all of you and yours
Wed Mar 4 17:44:07 2009 [Clet Althoff 1970]: AMDG was an abbreviation for a Latin phrase that meant "For the greater Glory of God" and the BVMH meant "Blessed Virgin Mary Help us". If I'm wrong......Blessed virgin Mary.....Help me!!!!!
Sat Feb 21 10:42:50 2009 [Rick Schebler 1972]: Does anyone have any idea how I can contact Bob Ewing (class of 72). I've been looking for Bob for years and just can't seem to locate him. Last I heard, he may be out in the Northwest somewhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TNX.
Tue Feb 17 08:19:10 2009 [Michael Doyle 1970]: Christian, look under "Nostalgia Knights" on the main page.
Sun Feb 15 20:40:21 2009 [Christian Dohse 1966]: Before my dad passed on (RichardPDohse66), he gave me his Campion class ring. Engraved on the ring is AMDG/BVMH. Can anyone tell me what this represents? Thank you.
Sun Feb 15 18:46:46 2009 [RIchard Dohse 1966]: My name is Christian Dohse. My father, Richard Dohse, was a 1966 graduate of Campion Jesuit High School. I am saddened to say that Richard passed away on January 26, 2009. Graduating from Campion was one of his most proud momemts in his life.
Tue Feb 10 12:19:50 2009 [J Chris Chinn 1962]: Bob Miles: I'm not exactly in your neck of the woods, but it's nice to see someone from our class is still around. Yea, I'm in Michigan (as I always have been) - teaching special needs kids. Email me and tell me how things are with you - would love to hear.
Mon Jan 26 06:40:05 2009 [Richard Scott Russell 1973(2)]: 26 Jan 2009 Hello to my former classmates and friends, and all who made the Campion experience, and tradition, so unique. As my daughter is finishing her h.s. experience, nostalgia for my own kind of overcame me. This site, and others, helps bring it all back. Campion was a tremendous experience I wish we could somehow contiune for our own kids and others. We had our own blues band, of sorts, junior year...
Thu Jan 15 17:43:14 2009 [Clet Althoff 1970]: Nice to hear about interest concerning a reunion for the class of 1969. As a member of the class of 1970, I can say that we admired your graduation year date. But, since we are SO MUCH younger than you are, and so much more physically disreable then most of the members of your class (who now acient and can officially be considered "Stone Gausters") I would advise that you have nearby medical care units alerted, and on standby, whom can attend to your celebration should any care be needed for such incidents which might occure whenever such aged gentlemen gather together. I would love to be there to see you all! and if it happens in PDC (alright....Prairie Du case you forgot), I will plan to be down there and celebrate with you all. Honestly, you were our "upper classmen" and we admired you (sort of) so I hope that ALL of you who are still above ground can get together and clelebrate, celebrate, dance to the music...(thanks to 3 dog night)
Mon Jan 12 13:20:49 2009 [David Polodna 1969]: Interesting to see Joe Riley's post Christmas note about a '69 Class reunion in PdC. I hope there is further confirmation of this. Also, will the idea of a Campion band reunion also come up again? A great 2009 to all!
Tue Jan 6 12:31:48 2009 [Rick Schebler 72]: Going back a couple of months, as I recall, and may be wrong, it was Fr. McNellis who fought with the 101st at the Battle of the Bulge. One of the hundreds of reasons I admire the man.
Mon Jan 5 13:42:00 2009 [Hugh Toner 75]: Tom I waited until after the holidays to bother you, but I didn't receive the email. I lost the password. If you would send it to me again,I'd be grateful. Keep up the good work and have a great New Year.
Thu Jan 1 10:32:13 2009 [Jeff Paunicka 1972]: Happy New Years!...

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